Other Articles Clipping from Athens Messenger and Herald, Thu, Feb 14, 1895.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Athens, Athens Messenger and Herald, February 14, 1895

Feb-the• ar-intli theusual?vot-ven-MlSftlress ami tiaile II as t andwasthe ruc-The 510,-zens ; the that not re is re is mer and ing8tate.henWnolesale Jail Delivery.Abont fonr o’clock Monday morning ; Ti ten of the thirteen prisoners confined j h 0f in the county jail escaped by boring! M out a section of the panel of the outside j^ly door. John (ioens, who is under m-dictmeut for assault and disturbing a j Jatio religious meeting, was one of the number who escaped but instead of leaving town with the others he went to the residence of Prosecutor Wood and. reported the escape. Sheriff Riley, Deputy Edwards and Marshal Dean were aroused and preparatious for pursuit were at once made. An east bound freight on the Baltimore A Ohio Sonth-tion. i western passed soon after the escape with | and suspecting that some of the pris-Miss oners might have taken that means of aud | escape the officers sent a telegram of inquiry to Engineer Clark at Parkersburg who replied that five men had boarded his train here and had gotten off at Bel-prc and crossed the Ohio river on the ice. Sheriff Riley aud ex-Deputy C. H.Porter started at once in pursuit. John Rasmusson, Frank Conroy and William Nelson were captured near Kanawha Station, West Virginia. Sheriff Riley reached here Wednesday morning1 with Rasmusson, Conroy and Nelson.*Isaiah Koon and Jacob Bowen were arrested by Marshal Hardgrove near Nel-sonville Tuesday afternoon and were returned here Tuesday evening. Bui one is now at large about whose capture the officers are concerned, and that is. Joseph Richardson, who has escaped into the West Virginia mountains. Ex-Deputy Porter is in pursuit of Richardson. James Qualls escaped but came back soon after and gave himself up.Six of the ten who escaped are under indictment for felonies.No possible blame for the escape of the prisoners attaches to Sheriff Riley.The fact is the jail has never been secure, and “deliveries” have been of frequent occurrence.eld, lays ,e in nta, urs ;s of for ost, who who iter-and TheSnail Wo Have a Fire Company?Pursuant to advertised call a large number of citizens met in the mayor’sbecujtldnpilbltaincourOliicfor asaidsiresthe icaseis tin fortl All causlt; bv h nn tu her i erati any lt;of mlt; persisums sons his 1 prior1HW-'famll»u—-wan189VVotfie1891—;ISiKMfittni10M-41894-11H8V4llOil« 1891-4 clot I 1891-1 189 VIkind189 V 4 189;)-4 1891—* 1891-’ good 189 V 4-for f189V4-I89V4-1894—: 18#3—(forf;18WI—'for I1894 —!faml18*1—11891—1189)4—1fannlHtV| — 1faml