Other Articles Clipping from Athens Messenger and Herald, Thu, Feb 13, 1902.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Athens, Athens Messenger and Herald, February 13, 1902

........rPEACH RIDGE LIBRARYBooks Bought from Proceedsof Peach Crop.years ago vrli Ridsre werefor building a school house therethere was some objection to the proposition on account of the fact thathere were too many peach orchards nearby and the pupils would probably rob the trees of the fruit as rapidly as it ripened. It was the plan ofotne that the school house should bebuilt as far as possible from theorchards, so that the children wouldnot be tempted in purloining thelucions fruit, it was said that thechildren in helping themselves to thefruit of the large orchards nearbywould cause considerable financialgrow era.Among those who wauted the schoolhouse built where it now stands wasA. H. Sim* of Peach Ridge, and hevery generously came forward witha proposition that would prevent thefruit-growers suffering loss from thedaily raids of the children on theorchards bending with ripe, red fruit.Mr. Simms agreed to plant a numberof peach trees near the school housefor the express use of the pupils.propositiongoodout of the dilemma, and the trees were accordingly planted. The trees |grew*, flourished and produced* Iautly. Not only were the schoolchildren supplied with all the fruitthey wanted, but there was a surplus.The surplus was picked and marketedbv Mr. Sims, and In two seasonspeaches to the amount of f^H) wensold. The proceeds were used in purchasing a library. With that sumnmt hundred annronriate looks wet*bought and installed in the PeachRidge school.The profits hereafter arising fromthe sale of peaches will be appliedfor similar purposes. The thoughtfulness of Mr. Hims has been thegood booksthe reach of all tho children of thatdistrict.