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Clipped from US, Ohio, Athens, Athens Messenger and Herald , February 6, 1902

POSTOFFICERECEIPTS.giviug them the beat possible mailfacilities.r, :■KniKWBlllllllSteady Increase in the Businessmparison of the receipt* of the during 1897, Postmaster Gistfind rear * administration. withfJgPpr1receipt#Iin Athens During the PastFour YearsANNUALRECEIPTS $11,009of the gradual growth of tiie businessof the office. Burins? 1897 thoDuring 1897 the receipts were a* follow#:JnmiarvFebruary$Gfl2,85 780. 49March0*4A pri i820Past Year Worked «n Epooh in the Post-office Here Alt Night Service, Rural Delivery, Routes and Free Delivery Under Postmaster Gist.MayJune510.85July715 946S ORTho pa-«t year ha* marked an epoch I in the Athena postoffice and Postmaster Gist is to tie congratulated in theAtlg USfc781.54September717.48October998.47November«08great improvement# in the service andthe substantialincreasereipts of the office. Withiniu tho reDecembermo9Total9,097.95.The reciept# of the office during thoyear 1901, were a* follow#:thepreceding twelverural free deliveries h*.v«tAtheushundredmail daily, while tho number of pa irons accommodated will r«achFirst quarterW, 745. 3ftSecond uqarter2,57 8. 59Third quarter2,740.94Fourth quarter8,080.95......—intothe thousands. All night service ha#aII u«t»bltnSiisu MiniTotal•j154.85annual increasemail received atany hour of the night i* at once dis-tributed.Matter mailed at any houris scut on it# deviation on the firsttraiu out of Athens, thus adding eon*aiderahly to the excellent facilitiesreewipia of tne office of approxtmateiy $500 during each year of Postmaster Glut’# administration. Fro#delivery is firmly established and the citlsens of Atheus are enjoying theconvenience. To faciliatc theprevioualy in operation. The latest *le« the resident# shouldmailenswaa the establishment of free delivery for the city which was putill oneration Htsrdftv with mostoperation Saturday with gratifyiug results.’he free mail delivery which wontthat all their correspondentsand OMitorequestaddressThisthem by street andwill assist the carriers in makingdeliveries.free deliverySaturday is provingno one cent postage goes. Every droponea greater convenience than the eiti*zon# of Athens at first believed. Two j deliveries are made daily, once iu thefore noon and once iu the afternoon.door neighbor, must have a twoemit. Otherwise the recipientstamp on it. will be oomoplled to pay extra post*accomodate those who aro expectimiMirtant mailbeen mad© in the afternoonPost mast* r Gift lias providedU enable pa-receive mailafter the regular deliveries. Thiswindow will be open from fi ;H07clock each evening, so that noregularimportant mailageOing morning 3?8aturdayimorning the carriers, Olade Logan and Frank Dean, appeared at the office reedy tfl make tfcffirst free mail delivery in Athens.mail bags werefirstpeople*and theft rat ttaie the convenience of havingtheir*iuail delivered at their dcorv. Carriers Logan and Dean had a hard day of it, for ifjthe weather man hadtried toake a rougher day i uauguratum of freewouldt bedelivery hehave utterly failed. Pedestriausloadsitvery difficult to get along the streets on account of the exasperating slush.the emergency andequal tomadedeliveries on schedule time bringingasPimissive# of gladne## to Athens dents. The carriers have hadAHridisagreeable weather sinceJsbegunthougltryingsoGstorms and tin1ly streets with impunity. Logan delivers over routeembracing the territory along Court street nnd all east of that street.Carrier Dean delivers on route No, 2,andwest ofcovers the territorystreet, including the territory of tint south bridge and th«ate hospital.There are fourteen collection boxesr*mlocated convenUThelias not beenrsoonnewsmoothThe growth of the business of theiv*Clious postoffice, though not rapid been gradual and substantialf* •PI 1. *mortcatyear there is no danger of a retrogradefree delivery whichand%was established Haturday clt;tinned for all time. The ambition1PostmasterHIiibliTOsi0IVinagurat«d during hi# administrhas been realised and lie is j elated over the success. His.IapIpoint in cut recently as postmatsereperiod of four year# is a high cc mendation of the efficiency w which the office lias been conducAAand the re-appointment come# as a reward for meritorious managementaffairs.carp#assisted as he is by of worker*, thenri«® , citizen# of Athens are to be coincide reddj out officeixurtmexit so cm of ally nod systamatuconducted, and with the vitt;-