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Clipped from CA, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Winnipeg Free Press , February 5, 1937

JL. t #Story of Gobbling Up Rail-_ * m 9rt Refuses to'SwallowYou Guilty, Lif unblemished rectitude wasn’t tyior believe his story of a stolen rtiich vanished down his gullet juad walked in and as a result two charges of selling narcoticTWO PLEAD GUILTYTO NARCOTIC DRUGCHARGE THURSDAYPosner Admits Illegal Possession, and Smith Confesses toSellingAaron “Butch” Posner pleadedguilty to two charges of havingnarcotic drugs in his possession andj! was remanded until Friday morningI for sentence by Mr. Justice Taylor,i Thursday morning. George A.| “Blackie” Smith entered a guilty : plea to one charge of selling drugs ; and was also remanded for sen-i tence,i ‘‘This is not a case for leniency, your lordship, and I ask that an exemplary sentence be imposed ( upon the accused,” A. M. Shinbane, j K.C., told the court when speaking to the sentence of Posner,Posner, he said, had been watched for some time on the evening of Oct. 9, 1936, by city police officers on Carlton street. He made several quick trips between,the Bettes block and the Spoon cafe, then up and down the lane between the buildings and when the police arrested him they found a box with 34 capsules hidden in the block.He was, Mr. Shinbane continued, released on heavy bail and was again arrested with heroin* in his possession on Dec, 7. The only logical conclusion from the man’s movements and the amount of dope he had was that he was trafficking• i .in narcotics. .While the court might be dis: posed to impose a minimum sentence of six months and a fine of $200 on relatively harmless Chinese opium smokers or first-offence addicts, he pressed for a much heavier sentence in this case, he said.S, Hart Green, K.C., w;ho appeared as a friend of Posner’s family, said that the accused had had the drugs for his own use and asked that, as he had no previousr record, the minimum sentence be imposed.While Smith pleaded guilty to the charge of selling drugs, Mr. Shinbane said that he had only been a look-out man for Li Kaw Wo, convicted Wednesday, and»as he had given evidence for the crown against the latter, suggested that the minimum sentence be imposed in his case. Smith was not represented by counsel.Two confessed dope addicts, George A. ■•Blackie Smith, left, and Aaron “Butch^ Posner, shield their, faces as they leave the courthouse, Thursday, following conviction before Mr, Justice , Taylor, of .infractions of the Opium and Narcotic Drugs act, A second after this picture was t a ken, the .cameraman had;- « •« A I 1 V 1 t -mi i • I i. 1 f r “ _ A —* t i. 1 J a J , W-+ * * 1 1 X______A A vv A(fX. I X ^ J I 1 A X C- VI 4 1 4 9 ~ ^ ^ ^ W ^ ^ \ m\* ' m *• 9 * Ito leap backwards to dodge a lustily kicked boot aimed at him by Posner. Smith,pleaded guilty to one charge of selling heroin, and Posner to two of having heroin in his possession.!CCIrbECONDEMNS BIG NICKEDPort Arthur Ont., Feb. 5.(Special) — Speaking Wednes-at thp annual meet-