Other Articles Clipping from Winnipeg Free Press, Thu, Feb 4, 1892.

Clipped from CA, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Winnipeg Free Press, February 4, 1892

RE-NAMING RAT PORTAGETb* OrtJtoui Want to Givis tlie Fsroaporous Town a Hlgli Soaodilng Name.Mr. J. W. Oolcleugh, of U. M. cgatoma,Rat Porbagp, who haa been ipeading a coupleof day a in the city, re bur nod home laet evening.Mr. Ooicleugh expects that Rab Portage willbe made an independent porli of entry nextyear. He gays oluyb the absorbing' topio at RatPortage is the proposaHor incorporation andthe adoption of a new naaie for the town. Inthis connection it may be abated bbab the place whioh the Indians named Rat Portage ie~now occupied by the town of Keewatm. The place now known as Rab Porbago wap, during the construction of bhe 0. P R., known as the Post, because of1 bhe H. B. company having a abore there, but through force of ; local usage the uatne of Rat Portage was sub pequenbly adopted without _ questioning. There ia now a disposition bo give bhe place a name more in keeping with its growing importance.