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Clipped from CA, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Winnipeg Free Press , February 1, 2006

Man succumbs to workplace burn injuriesBy Keiin Ro llasonA Winnipeg worker ?h: was set ablaze and covered with molten steel during a December industrial accident has died of his injuries.Jane sNicholson,S4, dkdFriday after f ghtingtr survive for more than a mi nth since the accident at Griffin Canada on Dec. 19.We were toping for the be st, but unfortunate!/, that didn't happen, Scott McLaren, of the Canadian Auto Wariers, said ye sterday.It's rerytragic for the family. All of our triers are really feeling it.It's never a good feeling when a worlrer dies. Our wi shes are with the family.McLaren said the province's Workplace Safety and Health Divi son i s oontnuing to in ve stigate the accident and he doesn't know when a report 'nil be issued.It was an injury up until Friday and now it’s a death, he said.Nicholson wa soperating a propane forklift to liftmaterial s into a furnace at about 3 p.m. on Eke. 19, 'Then he was hit by the molten metal and set ablaze.Nicholson fellow workers quickly ru sled to his aid, but one said he was a man on fire... we 'Trapped him in a blanket light away, butthere were burns all over.Nicholson was a longtime employee at Griffin Canada.a company that manufactures wheels for train s, at 2330 Day St. He al so was a member of its safety#irst aid team.He was a leader there, McLaren said.Don Hurst, assistant deputy minister of workplace safetyandheahh, said the investigation 'rill take months because investigators are looking at everything connected with the accident.Hurst said there was a stop-work order initially put on tie area 'There the accident took place, but it ha s since been lifted with re striction s added.He said he oouldn ‘t say what the re striction sane.Nicholson's funeral sendees 'rill be held today. He leaves a wife, Kelly, and daughter, Caroline.D k«i*.riltM»a-(KHBBSs.*ba