Other Articles Clipping from New York Times, Mon, Dec 31, 1906.

Clipped from US, New York, New York, New York Times, December 31, 1906

NUT CHOKES BABY TO DEATH.Sticks in His Throat at Christmas Party—Doctor Couldn't Save Him.With her dying baby boy in her arms, Mrs. Charles Muller of 191 Rutledge Street, Brooklyn, ran from her home to the drug store of Dr. Nelson S. Kirk, at Lee Avenue and Rutledge Street, last night. The little bey, who was just over two years old, had swallowed on almond nut, which had lodged in his windpipe, and he was choking to death.Dr. Kirk did everything he could think | of to relieve the baby, but he was unable to dislodge the nut. Then Mrs. Muller snatched the child out of Dr. Kirk’s arms and ran out of the store screaming for help. Dr. Kirk telephoned the Eastern District Hospital to send an ambulance to the Muller residence. Dr. Pietz made a J ! record run, but the boy was dead when i the surgeon reached the Muller home.I Only a few weeks ago Mrs. Muller lost■ her other little boy, and she was frantic| with grief. Dr. Pietz had to administer i : opiates to quiet her. Last night she was [ said to be in a serious condition. The boywas the last of her children.The Muller child had a Christmas tree yesterday afternoon and had invited all of his boy and girl friends to join him in| the celebration. One of his presents on • j Christmas was a toy automobile, and he |■ was driving it around the room showing I! his friends how to run it. In his mouth | 1 he had an almond. As he was circling i j the room about the tenth time .he lost j f control of the auto and it ran into thej wrall, throwing him out. i The boy struggled to his feet. He tried to say something, but was unable to do : so. Then his playmates began to scream j and his mother rushed Into the room. She-saw that her child was choking to death, and snatching him up ran -with him to Dr. Kirk’s drug store.