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Clipped from US, New York, New York, New York Times , December 25, 1908

Mullen noticed that the flames were i shooting out of the windows on the third j floor and told Lawler to go back down j and get ready to catch him, for he would most likely have to slide for it. Mrs. Looker had fallen back into her apartments when Mullen reached the window, and her clothes were on fire.The crowd below saw the fireman go in over the window sill, and it held itsbreath. Presently he appeared with MrsLooker in his arms. He had wrapped j his overcoat around her. He looked down and saw that the flames were licking out (of the. windows on the third and foiJrth|floors and around the rungs of the lad- jcIgi*Holding the woman in his arms, and wrapping his legs around the s^esofthe ladder, Mullen shot down the ladder, landing safely with his burden For an f instant the throng stood mute, then broke ^into mad cheers. _ _Mrs. Looker was so badly burned that she was taken to the Harlem Hospital. It was thought for a time that she could not live, but she was resting easily last night, and there were good chances forher recovery, it was stated FiremanMullen also was burned about the hands and face. He was attended, and re-turrted to his auarters.Charles and Harrison Looker, sons ofMrs. Looker, tried to get into her room when they were first awakened, but finally gave up the attempt to reach it. Charles worker his way down the rear fire escape, his face and hards beJ*S burned so badly that he was sent to the Harlem Hospital. Harrison went up to the roof of the house, and thus escaped with only some slight burns on the hands.The one person killed by the fire was found in one of the hallways on the top floor The body was burned almost beyond recognition, but the police were sure it was that of Frizzell, who boarded jwith the Lookers. iA rescue that fell little short of Mullen s .was made by Benjamin Doughty, who ,lives on one of the upper floors of the house at No. 124. Just across the narrow airshaft from him. livedmother-in-law, Mrs. n*va lerzi. ouchad not been awakened by all the clamor ( nnuehtv broke out the windows of herapartment, aroused the old woman andhis four-year-old son ^ho was sleepingwith her, and led them in sarery aownt0Th?flimes destroyed the interior of the whole five floors. Three alarms were rung in and a hard fight was made before the flames were extinguished. The fact that some of the tenants on theStSer floors had left open their doors andwindows when they fled helped along the fire by creating a draught.