Other Articles Clipping from Baltimore Sun, Sun, Dec 25, 1904.

Clipped from US, Maryland, Baltimore, Baltimore Sun, December 25, 1904

»]ne*r»onrderIddew~ayononQgupta-letillDgedrfaxdr11-LB*he*r-IB-* hn«hertrdoontMURDER IS SUSPECTEDJames B. Harrell Disappears PromHertford, N. O,HIS PAPERS FOUNDBloodstains All«grd To H«ve Bppii Dlicovrrpd Aid A Nfro Thought To Be Tlie Murderer. 'I.[Special Dispatch to the Baltimore Sun.)Suffolk, Va., Dec. 24.—What is aeemJug-ly another mysterious murder and which may rival In Interest the Xell Cropsey case, has beeu brought to light at Hertford, N.C., where Jim Wilcox, suspected of killingthe Cropsey girl, had his second trial.Though he has beeu mlsklng since Wednesday night and some of his papers and clothing have been found, despite the organized efforts of officers nud civilians the mystery la unsolved. Police ChiefO. F. Sumner, of Hertford, aald this evening that there was no trace of James K. Harrell’s body, which is belleVed to be weighted down in the turbid waters of Perqulman'a river, which flows by thetowu. Harrell waa a district collector foran Kdenton Installment house nod arrived at Hertford Wednesday evening. He told Landlord Floyd not to lock him out, for he would le engaged until late collec ting in a disreputable part of the town. Falling to return, a search next day revealed article* of clothing and some business papers.A gentleman who left Hertford this morning says a negro Is suspected of killing Harrell, and that condition# arc rife for a lynching. The same man aald bloodstains had been seen along the roadway. There is nothing In the Unsocial or domestic relations of Harrell, who Is a young married man, to warrant the assumption of voluntary disappearance. Bloodhoundshave been wired for.tlttwolVttoldlhiudlcittLinttslt;Stinttttolhiclt;rlt;hdUsitlsiOlcI