Other Articles Clipping from Winnipeg Free Press, Wed, Dec 10, 1890.

Clipped from CA, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Winnipeg Free Press, December 10, 1890

j CAPTURED AT RAT PORTAGE.Th^ Ro^nrn; Horae Th(ef Arrested oft Klit WayThe young man Hubert Gardner* who rjfcole 4 team of boraes from bis einpioyer, a lattnnr named*Lay, living near Realmrn, ww^wrted UWnight at Raft Portage, while on his fvay east, and is now in custody there awaiting orders from Winnipeg. It appear* that Gardner, _ besides stealing the horses, appropriated a bag of Mr. Jjay’w flour, which he sold to a resident of Reaburn. He then drove east towards Winnipeg and when abone ten mile* out traded oS the horses for a yoke of oxen, getting a silver watch and #20 to boot On his arrival hero ho sold the oxen for $59, and started via the O.F, It for thf*. oast, The puhc^, however,traced Mr. Gardner, and wired Rat Portage to arrest him.