Other Articles Clipping from Winnipeg Free Press, Tue, Dec 4, 1883.

Clipped from CA, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Winnipeg Free Press, December 4, 1883

The citizen* of Itafc Portage moot bmorrow cloning to Lvkoupthe question of fire protection.A St. A'i'nsw’s • Society has been formed in Rat Portage, with W. H. Lyon as president. ^The annual general meeting of the St.Gcode’s Society will bo hold at the St,Nicholas Hotel oil Friday evening...........The regular montldy meeting of thlt; St. Andrew's Society takes place this evening in the rooms of the society.The new Methodist Church atMauituu will bo dedicated on Sunday uoxt.iDco— «■» ■■-■ •A largo number of horses ar.d mule belonging to MeTver Bro3. of 3”onewall passed through the city on Saturday 01 route to Port Arthur.. ——**- ——Mu. Alfred Pearson baa retired froiithe Aldonnanie contest in Ward Two His reasons for so doing will bo found h another coll.mil.Thf. meeting of the St. Bonifaeo Snov Shoe Club, which was to have been hellt; last night, fins been postponed till Wodnes evening, at eight o'clock, in he office o Lc Manitoba.The St. Andrew's Society of Rn Portage had a very successful banquet 01 tlu evening of St. Andrew’s Hay. Air Charles Tift ey, late of this city, cot ora for the occasion.A —— — *A be ah, weighing two hundred pounds was shot yesterday within half a mile o Bagot station. After the first shot bruii became tierce and it was not witaout ox treme caution that Messrs. Muir am Thompson succeed in despatching him. -►--——The next meeting of the Temporary Association of Bethel M. E. Church.wd bo held this evening. Mr. How den, th President, will take the chair at 8 o’uloc! and present a good programme. An in terostiug time is expected.— ■ -*^p- « «— •■■ ■The mass meeting of farmers in South eru Manitoba takes place at Alaniton tc morrow, and promises to bo laigely at tended. The C. P. R. deputation wi! report, aiul final organization will bo com pie tod.„ ■ —-The Manitoba jail lias boon ro fitted i grand stylo if the Rat Portage Prugres can be believed. The reception room has been carpeted, (Brussels) a silver-plated stove replaces the old wreck and a new cloth covers the table of justice.— — -The members of the Church of England congregation at Rat Portage, oxpuct to have a, building of their own next summer in which to worship. Thoro is a good clioir in connection with the church.At a meeting of the Manitoba Presbytery at Nelson on the 22nd ult, Rov. D. G. Cameron was inducted into the pastorate of St. Andrew's Church, Nelson. During the day the sum of 8550 was raised to pay ofF iv part of tho church debt.PKKMtfXAli.Col. Walker, of this city, and Col. Butler, of 11 Great Lone Land” fame, have arrived in London, Ont.Mr. Hugh MacMahon, Q. 0., leaves to-day fur Toronto.Sheri IT Temple and Mr, F. B, Edge-comho. of Fredericton, N. B., have returned to the city, after a trip to the Rockies, and will leave tonight for Kansas City.Messrs. Patuilo and McKay, of Rat Portage, have gone to Toronto.Mr, P. L. Knappen, who has been in England on a mining mission, has returned to tho city.HP Kill l11 t Vtflia IT THI^ITV