Reasons listed for suing thompson for divorce

Clipped from US, New York, New York, New York Times, December 3, 1911

iuNG4or-ng-heyshi-sitcliedanytheanttheivalthezedat-leseees,red1 toici-thetlc-of» a olsen-ihaJonnrasny.—avepor-ele-afttohis ton , isJewish mass meMing here, for tardiness*n not relenting- the insults which heasserted Russia- was heaping on. the United States in refusing to honor passports of American Jews.“ Both political ■ parties promised,” hesaid. “ before the last general election to prevent this injustice. -What President* Taft’s reasons for* 'inaction are it would be difficult to surmise.”r«f.theall-layAMENTO, Cal„ , Tac,‘ 2.—A demand that Congress insist upon the ful-llment by the Russian Government of e tfertns of the.treaty with the United tates, providing for the entry and passage of American citizens bearing proper passports through Russian territory, was sror adopted by the State Senate here today.%fA• tideAr-by red Da-ofMABEL TALIAFERRO SUES. IcCharges Her Husband, Fred Thomp-mson, with Cruelty In Divorce Action.1nilt;tISpecial to Tin New York Times.CHICAGO. HI.. Dec. Mrs. Mabel Taliaferro Thompson, known on the stage i as Miss Mabel Taliaferro, began proceed* * j ings for divorce in the Superior Court here to-day against Frederic Thompson, the well-known theatrical producer, alleging extreme and repeated cruelty.The Thompsons, It is stated in the petition, were married in.November, 1906,and now the tiny star alleges four | E charges of cruelty dating from August, 1909.tliThe allegations set forth are: In August,' 1900, Mr. Thompson took hold of her and shook her violently.The following January he struck herwithout reasbn.tlt;aitly iIn-1 During the early part of June, 1910, lia* I k0 attacked her and violently took her the i by the shoulders so that her skin was bruised and discolored.siplt;Sept. 22, 1910, he again took hold oftlher with such force that she suffered great pain.Miss Taliaferro was married to Mr.gitiivrel j Thompson after a courtship of two weeks.She was 20 years old, and was fresh hlt;aihSlt;ifwfrom her greatest triumph as ” Lovey Mary ” in “ Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage } a: Patch.” After her marriage she made a sporadic success as “ Polly of the Circus,” but her succeeding vehicle, Spring-* timer-* failed.iaC(wtlMfca(Frederic Thompson could not be found at his office or at his home last night.It was recalled, however, that on a previous-occasion, when he was questioned concerning rumors that his wife was seeking a divorce, he denied the fact. His wife was then living in Chicago, while he remained in New York, . but Mr, Thompson insisted that they were on the best of terms, and that Mrs. Thompson merely preferred to spend much of her time with a dear womanfriend in Chicago.Mr. Thompson, Soon after his marriage in 1906, starred his wife in Polly of the Circus.” Mrs. Thompson, who was Mabel Taliaferro, has been on the stage since childhood, first appearing at theage of rjlne years in one of Chauncey Olcott’s plays. Mr. Thompson came towreutsoA:MNew York to study architecture years ago. He obtained amusement concessions at the Buffalo Pan-American Exposition, | w forming a partnership with the late Mr. Dundy. Later Thompson Dundy built Luna Park, following that venture with the building of the New York Hippodrome.tudiw