Other Articles Clipping from Athens Messenger and Herald, Thu, Dec 3, 1896.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Athens, Athens Messenger and Herald, December 3, 1896

vrnKNs MKssK\«a:it.lB\ol„ mi. NO. 49.MINE ON F1HE.Vo.,10 Shaft Near Glouster BurningFiercely and Tipple WasDestroyed.[• jirt* Started in rump House* at t he ISottoin. Tliirtv-eifcht Horses bliiirty'i'iKht Horses IVrished, him! I'lireo Hundred !!en Thrown Out of Kmploymnit.Amine disaster greater than that at Oakdale three months aj.ro occurred at nl|rie Xo. 10, one mile west of Glouster, Tuesday noon. The pump house at the Bottom caught lire and the (lames spread*ir r rapidly to the other parts of the mine. a|l of the timbers were swept away. The solid wall of timbers in the hoisting shaft caught tire and within half an hour after the lire was discovered roaring flames sM ft many feet from the mouth of j» 4* ■ * »•the shaft. But a few minutes were required to ignite the tipple and in an incredibly short time it was reduced to ashes. As he timbers were burned away they fell to the ground like flaming* meteors, send-inir myriads of sparks into tin* wintry air. ; One of the cages which was suspended at the top of the shaft, was loosened from:ts fastening and fell with a fearful crash to the bottom of the shaft, nearly a hundred feet, while the destructive flames dr an instant shot a hundred feet high. Two dozen loaded bank ears which were Mantling on the tipple were thrown to-: *ether in inextricable confusion with the hent. broken and twisted machinery of the hoppers. Thirty-eight horses which wore in the mine could not be gotten out and as the air has been shut off. they no doubt have perished. Fortunately all the men in the mine escaped, though several had very narrow calls.The mine was set on fire through thecarelessness of one of the employes. Just i before noon the man who had charge ofthe pump-house at the bottom of the shaft, built a lire around a frozen pipe tothaw it out. He then went negligently to he top of the shaft to eat dinner with iome of his friends. In the meantime the )uinp-house caught hre, and was nearly •lt;m mined before the flames were discov- i ‘red. The flames had mad** such rapid Iiregress that it was nearly impossible to heck them in anyway. The pump bouse s located near the bottom of the shaft j ind it was not long before the (lames eachod the wooded walls of the mainwit About seventy men were located at' . . . he foot of the mine eating their dinner ivlu r. the lire started, and as there waslunger of their being shut oh. they madeheir escape up the* hoisting shaft. Ow-ii hundred men were in the several en-■aies ptobablv a mile from the mouth of ;• * 1* shaft, and they were in imminent larger of being shut off entirely trom ‘scape, as thev knew induing of tin* lire j4 ■■ “ -W' 'hat was raging. One lt;*t t.he employes j‘ ill mine went down the ah Tiatt how j ‘Ve;. . nd notified the nun. that e\a ry ■ n ti. fortunately, made hi * m ape.The mine is a complete w reck and tin*■ es t the men will be great The hop-•v; • a ith all the machinery, many bank I :!o* large black unitIs *h »p werelady cunsnim d. There vva - ir ios**ib!e ■via' the thirty eight head of hors si a h* taken from tlie mine and they no! have perished Th..*» mine wav d and operated by th * Sunday Greek j company and was one of the largest • valley. .The capacity of the mine about eighty car a day, ami nearly j hundred nu n were employed. The j was running steadily., but the nitre-| rative wages receive*, bv the men it impossible for them to make morein a mere living. As it will be difficult | obtain employment elsewhere, many ot j* families will be in destitute circum*lin es soon. KVenif the hopper.*are relit and the mine opened again it will he least six months before any coal can Ik* ipped. The loss of the mine is a severe ;and it is pur ha pa the greatest dis- jr that has befallen Trimble township.«