Other Articles Clipping from Abilene Daily Reporter, Thu, Aug 21, 1913.

Clipped from US, Texas, Abilene, Abilene Daily Reporter, August 21, 1913

»w County ( rentedThe Pat Dunn county bill was finally passed after every parliamentary ’ ’actio for delay had been tried. It passed finally over the combined opposition of the opponents of the bill. The final passage and signing of the small measures took up much time, , while various members voiced their ’ sentiments and views of the legisla- t ‘ure. The clock had been stopped at 10:45 and efforts to call speeches out of order were ruled down by the chair.The legislature adjourned after asuccessful session. The appropriation bill was passed, penitentiary legislation effected, a “blue sky law sent to the governor and direct election of Cnited States senators made possible. The iwo liquor measures, the Alison bill relative to interstate shipment md the civil 9:30 closing bill also were sent to the governor.