Other Articles Clipping from New York Times, Wed, Aug 18, 1909.

Clipped from US, New York, New York, New York Times, August 18, 1909

BULLDOG RUNS AMUCK.It Bites Four Dogs and Many Cows Before It Is Shot by a Farmer.Special to* The New York Times.PENNINGTON, Aug. 17.—A female brindle bulldog, supposed to have beenmad, ran amuck in the placid little hamlet of Ilarbourton, near here, yesterday. After it was finally killed its route could be traced for miles by the cattle and dogs it had bitten in the farm yards and pastures.It first appeared in the yard of Nathaniel Woodward, a farmer, where it bit three cows. Then it continued to Eugene Van Dyke’s place, biting Van Dyke'sdog.. In the yard of Samuel Hixon, it attacked not oniy a valuable bird dog, bgt several cattle which were grazing near some recently burned barns. It bit five cows belonging to Ira Bainbridge, and, reaching the estate of Jesse Atchley, three valuable registered cattle.It returned to Woodward’s place and bit his collie. Then it dashed back to Atch-ley’s place and bit his bird dog. Before it could get away again, however, Atcli-ley got his shotgun and emptied both barrels into it.The dog’s head has been sent to theState Laboratory, and if it shows any trace of rabies, all the cattle and dogs it has bitten will be killed. The neighborhood’s loss m that event would be about $1,000. A man is said to have been bitten, too. The dog’s owner is thought to be Wesley Brady, who lives near here. It is supposed to have caught rabies from a Lambertville dog, which ran mad here last June, and bit several animals.CAT AND DOG BATTLETO DEATH ON A ROOFBrindle Bull and Plucky Angorain Deadly Embrace, Falland Are Killed.CROWD SEES THE STRUGGLEBuster Gives Antagonist Its DeathShake After Falling and Then DropsLifeless Beside His Enemy.. . * |His devotion to duty cost the life yesterday of Buster, a valuable brindle bull- | dog belonging to John Teal of 115 Lenox J Avenue, Buster’s duty as he saw it beingthe annihilation of all cats. jBuster, with his master, went to visit a friend in the four-story apartment house at 119 Lenox Avenue, and in them •*. •hallway encountered an Angora cat. Heaccepted the challenge which the cat’s failure to run implied, and presently he and the cat had fought their way up thesclt;