Other Articles Clipping from New York Times, Wed, Aug 18, 1909.

Clipped from US, New York, New York, New York Times, August 18, 1909

CAT AND DOG BATTLEITO DEATH OH A ROOF• * iBrindle Bull and Plucky Angorain Deadly Embrace, Falland Are Killed.CROWD SEES THE STRUGGLEBuster Gives Antagonist Its DeathShake After Falling and Then DropsLifeless Beside His Enemy.i4 IHis devotion to duty cost the life yesterday of Buster, a valuable brindle bull- ' log belonging to John Teal of 115 Lenox J Avenue, Buster’s duty as he saw it being Lhe annihilation of all cats. jBuster, with his master, went to visit a. friend in the four-story apartmentiouse at 119 Lenox Avenue, and in the lallw'ay encountered an Angora cat. He iccepted the challenge which the cat’s 'ailure to run implied, and presently he md the cat had fought their way up the remaining flights of stairs and out on to ihe roof through the door left open by some laundress.Teal followed the animals at full speed, jut Buster and the Angara kept about wo jumps ahead, and when Teal reached he roof the cat and the dog were just lisappearing over the edge. They fell !ifteen feet on to the roof of the Mutual Uliance Bank Building, at the northwest •orner of 116th Street and Lenox Avenue, vhich is only a little more than two sto-Vies high.Teal peered over the roof's edge exacting at least that Buster would have een disabled by the fall. Apparently he iad not. He and the cat were wrapped in a dose embrace, and they wrere snarling andj j nting each other. On the top floor of the j ank building are clubrooms of a social rganization, and in them were many foung men playing pool and pinochle. Hiey heard the row on the roof, as, in j act, did many people in the street, and 1 jresently there was a crowd of interestedspectators on the roof, and a crowd alsofathered in the street.Some of the men on the roof tried to stop the fight, but after one or two had een scratched and bitten, they gave it ip and contented themselves with look-lg on. Meantime the crowd in the street ad become so dense that Policeman Mar-im of the West 125th Street Station tried j, drive it away. He couldn’t do it hile the fight lasted, and apparently theglit was to last as long as did the livesI the combatants. ■ »Marron called Policeman Truman to his id, but both officers together could ot start the,interested crowd until of audden there was a scattering from the xt of the bank building wall. On theleer edge of the roof hung Buster and is prey. Back and forth they rolled un-1 at last they pitched over the edge. Neither released its grip on the others they tumbled through the air and theyruck the ground with legs entwined, he shock sturfned both for an instantnd Marron was just about to drag them I part when Buster revived, gave his[J CL L U VV iIC.Il * v . * . v/v, D— _ . Iiemy one last shake and staggered tn- ( t____A.1__AUt fallmphantly to his feet as the cat fell dead. ; The bulldog tried to wag his tail and |■ied to bark. But the tail only moved igiitly and the noise that came from uster’s throat sounded like a rattle. As ruman stepped toward him his eyes iazed and Buster fell dead beside the cat. No one knows who owned the Angora, ut Teal was heartbroken over the loss E Buster, which, he said, had been ex-•emely valuable besides being very wisend knowing.