Other Articles Clipping from New York Times, Fri, Aug 17, 1906.

Clipped from US, New York, New York, New York Times, August 17, 1906

Their bodies^ave peen recoverwSCARED TO DEATH BY DOGuaAnother Victim, Badly Bitten, Is Inthe Hospital.One man died from fright and anotner •was severely bitten by a bpll terrier dog in a saloon In Chinatown last night. The owner of the dog disappeared and the police of the Elizabeth Street Station arelooking for him.Shortly before 7 o’clock Hugh Leonard of 10 Bowery was carried into the drug etore at 6 Bowery, where he died while waiting for the arrival of an ambulance.CvIa*tbaPtsbIotttIIsai:IIaftTcJerDr. Williams said the man naa prooa-bly died from heart disease. At the same time, however, the Hudson Street Hospital was visited by Martin Donovan, a janitor, of 8 Bowery, who exhibited wounds in tho bckf s,bdonicnf xifjht and left legs, which he said had been inflictedby-a dog. ... „Donovan was accompanied by George W. Blair, and both men said that they had been set upon by the dog at the instance of an intoxicated man while they were in a saloon in Chinatown. Leonard, whom they knew intimately, had run out of the saloon in fear, they said, when the dog ran at him. Leonard, they added. had long been a sufferer from heartDonovan said that If 3 could not remember the exact location of the saloon. The police visited several places, and later arrested August Marcella, an Italian bar-tender at 9 Pell Street. He was locked up j * at the Elizabeth Street Station on a j charge of felonious assault. „He denies owning the dog, and says he did not know that there was a dog in the saloon at the time Donovan was bitten.Donovan, who is still in the hospital, is in a serious condition.ttii£1£Ii1