Other Articles Clipping from Athens Messenger and Herald, Thu, Aug 13, 1896.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Athens, Athens Messenger and Herald, August 13, 1896

ikv-aikj an uistock was saved.Mrs. Klliott was in Cincinnati at the time, but her rooms were occupied by Miss Kosa Light of Guysville, who is attending the teachers’ institute and her sister Miss Nora Light who is the clerkin the Recorder’s office. Frank Black-^toneami and Harry Laird were sleepingin the upper story of the building and it was with great difficulty that they werearoused in time to escape from the tiames.Mrs. Blackstone’s house and furniture as probably damaged to the extent of and neither upon the house nor the intents was their any insurance.^hat added to the confusion and ex-a“tement lt;f Monday morning’s blaze was fact that two alarms were sent in. announc*ing that there were two lires in-' i tp one. No sooner had the tire de-reached the tire on Main street l,lan :hen* was heard the cry that houses u: i.a* s. ah bridge were burning. This I,r,i’d to he correct, and there was a ^ scramble to the tire across the j t r I he people in the eastern part of•in in-ved there was hut one tire and *1 * Main street, and those in the vi- I u the south bridge believed at |t ! ‘Ma : o was lt;n!v one blaze and that^ ' ,!m‘ river; and when it became‘ v! that there were two blazes in-\i,! ' u\ rnanv with more excitementthan dij ! Hon starti d thecry, the whole Ail lire. In an incredibly short*v,w _reets were thronged with peo-‘ ,,i‘ iMned bent ongoing some plateill .. 41,1 thei: actions one would infer*aid. 1 1 didn't exactly know or canIwhere. But while thevi4c,fhv from a safe distance and J, ** Hre to another to no notice- I \f fire company was working j j•i icklv. When the Main i a-put under control, atten I.. given to the building across .'St? r i - . _ *Ik.MAPtiro plug to the burning j thundred yards away« oa ! I1 of tin* river, and when the % vonnd and attached, it Ii ti» the s.»uth end of the r*4*». * Umes eouhl not I* rem lied \i *- tno* and then a ten mtn v v 4% atcrmitxtid in pro* tiring fc;rv lb this time the buhhflgsharr. ng half an hoar or mere. *