Other Articles Clipping from Winnipeg Free Press, Tue, Aug 8, 1899.

Clipped from CA, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Winnipeg Free Press, August 8, 1899

theioasituretlirs Holy r anilf Mr. Mi*sTo Entertain Winnipeg Caterers* -Sale ttf Sultana nine Confirm*• ■ • : ' • . if • ' ■ ■ed—Rich Regina Strike.low-Hiual•otli-imp-thsami-iRat Portage, Aug, 5.—The Rowing*T\ ai1lt;* tllC t5un C,Ui ar° ^av5n 110fj stono unturned to make the vteit of 1 - the excursionists from Winnipeg onThursday next enjoyatte and they tlltlJJ have gone to a large expense in yre-’ paring a list of attractions ior the visitors* In order to make eomieti* tion *een in the different events tuul provkie good sport the committees in eaarge have made the events open to ail comers. The clubs are not alone in their erforts* but the citizens generally aVo taking a deep interest and will extend a warm welcome to the thousands expected from the Prairie City, following is the programme of the* day’s events.Single seuu, one mile with turn, Win*)r a nipeg vs. Rat Portage; prize, gokl n ; Joeket.uy j Walking greasy pole; prize, silver watch. ( ; , ' .. iSwimming race, lOO yards; prize, gold chain.Four-oared shell race, one mile with turn, Winnipeg vs. Itnt Portage ; prize four gold rings.Indian camx* race, four bucks In a canoe, prize valued at .?•!. oat- j Indian canoe race, four squaws in hut j a canoe; prize valued at ling ! cluL double eeuJI race, one mite with turn, prize, four cuff links.Donnie eklff race, one mile with turn, boys ; Ifct prize valued at $3 each, fchul prize valued at $1.50 each.Don hie eeull Tace, one mile with turn, Winuipeg vs. Jtat Portage; pipe, two fobs with elm ins.Club four-oared shell raccf; prize, four pewters.The steamers Keenora, City of Al-bcrton, Rambler and Balmoral willleave Mam, Second and Water street wharie*? at a. m. and make frequent trip* during the day among the islands. The Iieenora and Phanton will run at short intervals to Coney Island beach, vvhtfre dancing mid otlier amnkuueiitH will be afforded. A string band from Winnipeg will furnish the music. |*e The aquatic sports commence at2.HO p. m. The Onn club shoot will take place on the club grounds on Coney Island, commencing at 2 p. m. J v Entries taken on the ground* from imembers of gun club** in good stand* nittleThebadan urn-ci lotilactemmol«nt n a theathetherer-laitiad n ail. no ?: of ive ken for Ids 'iii-fngIn-ar-fortj ing. The steamer Clipper will leave Jemsing tlx* ea-I ms ph-its,uli-ionAthe Fort 6treet wharf at 2.30 p, m. s and will follow all the races. A limited I k number of tickets will be sold for this a boat. bOn Thursday evening a blaze .started U in Hemmmg’s restaurant between the] b ceiling or the first story and the lloor of the second. It is thought that the electric lighting wires started the* fire. Through the negligence ofHI someone the fire brigade was not call-hithisSliceOUilg-ndmg*ol-or,ier.an:hcntlotada.inherid3irhyiirlovencllicetens□-Y,s-B-*■eti lor some fifteen minutes aft?r the fire was discovered, although. Mr. Hemming sent a boy to give the alarm. When the brigade arrived the flames were under control. 'Air, Hemming's loss is uot very heavy, although quite a lot of stock was damaged by water, Mr. Muivey, under whose room the fire originated, lost a lot of valuable books, m fact everything in his room was destroyed. He Had no insurance. Hetnramg’6 loss was covered by insurance m the Alliance and Guardian.Mr. Arthur Mason, ot Winnipeg, who Is Kuiumermg here with his family, has a beautiful gasoline launch ready for the water. She is 25 feet over all, and 35 feet 0 inches beam. Her engine Is a 4 horse power, and her estimated speed is seven miles her hour. The boat was built by Air. Neil Bronson, and is one of the neatest models turned out hero yet. It wi;i be launched on Monday or Tuesday.W, R, Geary, contractor, got into an uncomfortable position on Friday and he will not soon forget his experience. He Is putting water services into his houses on North Main street ajndf he got down into the trench to examine it, when about six feet of earth caved m upon him. Ho was covered about three feet deep with sand and had not the workmen been close at hand to relieve him be would soon have smothered. He was soon dug out little the worse for his mishap.IMr. iTohn F. Caldwell, who has been In England since March, reached town on Friday morning. He confirms the report of the sale of his mine, but has little to say; regarding the deal.Professors Goodwin and NicoF, of the Kingston School of 'Mines, have opened a prospectors class In the town hall. The fiTSt sessions were fairly well at-ctended, Tbe class! meets at 3.30 a. in. and 6 p. m. 1Tbe Keenora carried a goodly nnra-Der of excursionists to the Regina mine to-day, and the trip was greatly enjoyed by all on board. Upon arriving at the • mine the party was taken in hand by Manager Melville and conducted down the shaft and through the various drifts. After the ini-ne had 'been thoroughly inspected the excursionists returned to the surface, where light refreshments were served. Every otic present was (oud in praise of the Hospitality of Manager Melville and his staff.Excursionists to the Ilegfma mime today, confirm the reports of the very rich strike made this week at a depth of 485. The mine has been closed down until word can be sent to England concerning' the strifee. A. runner who was'riiaphnViriifl f mine hue in Ik.',a discharged from the mice has in Hi* possession a sample exceeding in richness that famous ore taken from Hie-Mikado last wiiiter,and he claims there a re tons of it where he took his piece from. The Regina has pasied through many vicissitudes, but it is hoped thfit It Is fit- Inst In a position to repay the, stockholders the money they put init. xMr. John L. Moryison.ofthe Duluth Evening Herald .is fab town to. the In-terestfe of his paper. { *The Ancient Order- oE Foresters held a very successful excursion per steamy er Keenora last evening* to KeenbrAEear.li, where danciixg Tyafi hidulged \nx fqlr an hoar or so. 1 The anhml meeting df thtf Ratny River Hold Alxufeig and development Co., will be held oa Tuesday next at their office here. * ?; A. largo number of- Whuup^gers ar-j rived by ;this evening's; express trato^ Quite a tew went up tte Jake on the Keenora^^ We^otheiS 5 Afew days on Coney IsImiI6teOilTaiPmLaiVacDonCanLakLakLakStiMonNunNew»t.St. JNewSt.SoutWe*KeiuNooiGemToutBritUmbLucaCai0PW£ liltSte Pm point at » tiie 3APIway