ltr to editor #1, Free Press 2002 (clip)

Clipped from CA, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Winnipeg Free Press, August 7, 2002

OK to use foul means. Well, wait and see, we've got fouler means than anyone else. Bring out the biological and nuclear stuff and bring back the really painful chlorine gas.”How can you equate using “foul means” with democracy and the rule of law? If you are going to use foul means, why be so dumb as to advertise the fact. Don’t count on me for support, especially if your “foul means means laying down landmines.I hope it was a lapsis linguae.PETER WARNER WinnipegHealth-care workers just want to liveSo much for the wonderful world of mediation.After more than two months of stalled contract talks with the healthcare support workers, the government decided to call in a mediator.The government's previous final offer was 7.4 per cent over three years. Finally, almost three weeks after the mediator was appointed, it comes up with an offer of 12 per cent, Sounds good, right? But wait — here’s the catch — the government’s offer comes with an extra year added to the contract, so instead of 12 per cent over three years (which would have been very acceptable), the offer now stands at 12 per cent over four years! Never mind the fact that in more than 20 years, we have never had a contract that had to wait four years to be renegotiated. Taking the previous 7.4 per cent offer and extrapolating it toa four-year contract would have meant 10 per cent over four years; thus the government has managed to give in and offer a fantastic average increase of 0.5 per cent per year over its previous offer. Wow!Plus, throw in the fact that it haswaited until the middle of the summer to arrange for the members to vote on this latest offer; realizing, of course, ' that many members are on vacation * and won’t be able to vote. Those who •' are out of the Country won't even hear about it until it’s too late! Many of the members of this union are highly skilled individuals with alot of education; nevertheless, skilled or unskilled, we still have families to support and mortgages, rents, utility . bills, etc. that are constantly increasing. We deserve the same consideration that the government shows to its nurses, physicians, judges, politicians, etc. in determining wage increases. We don’t expect our salaries to equal theirs; we merely expect them to rise on a level that will allow us to keep up with our increasing financial responsibilities.LORI MCNIVENWinnipegPapal cartoon offensiveYour cartoon of Pope John Paul with acheap dime store lampshade on his head and Let There Be Light” in the July 26 edition is so offensive and in such bad taste. My wife and I are former Winnipeg residents, in our 70s,who are now U.S. citizens who live in• . •McKinney, Tex. We spend our summers at our cottage here. We watched on TV the Pope’s visit and it was a moving experience, which we as Christians (United Presbyterians) found to be inspiring and it certainly was uplifting to Canadians and therest of the world. ■Regardless of the church’s currentproblems; you should be ashamed at this cheap and offensive method of expressing editorial views.ART SUFFR0N Grand Beach