Other Articles Clipping from Athens Messenger and Herald, Thu, Aug 6, 1896.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Athens, Athens Messenger and Herald, August 6, 1896

TIP \T1IKN* MKSSKXCiKR. |T,,‘\ob. I-UI. NO- 3*. Ivrii i: x srnmore lt;.j■ lamaged.t M ** * r' i ♦' v * v C.. t v i. t , » *av;ng iiigaA Storm is Sent and Sweeping Overthe barnGlouster Leaves Death andRuin Behind.nado passei- to Main, strikingW. Jones, * ■mpletelv de-m'v**hn:- A large p-~t: .. the i - f mi, u-as carried three hundred teet away to tae opji. 111 ■ -ideof the street striking the small dwelling of Paddy Burns, crushing !-- i V, tlle as }f tne’ were egg-shells. 'j i, D.tiiirluTty was Struck by a Sertion of nled nv i ? ' ”'tal*e ’,vus nearl-v t0P‘- —• ..... .. p-eu u ‘!;e ground: sections of the tin T!*roof were torn away as smoothly as if done by the tinner, while other parts j - were twisted in every conceivable shape, jThe first cyclone in the history of the side o''dTT * reyaence °n tne‘Wsite s .ralav t'reek valley visited the citv of ' was C* wass,trucK; the Kitchen(iioaster on Wednesday evening of last ^w \ 8CaRtlin** i •U When the storm had subsided J. j °, Was shot ! TL. Daugherty was a corpse, and half an ; the sMe ^ J* :?J;a,U10? bali' throu£hI Jhaur later -Mrs. James Smith who had j ehimnev - t *\ ^ an 0Ugh the kbeen lying ill. passed away and her death , CeT a ha trT'^ ^ ^ 1was no doubt hastened by the fright re- I ^sidewalk and Killed.—Building* Wire tnroofed* Barns and Houses Blown Down.3aestro.veu. ie.ucm.ca imneu nom j wrenched t0m its to—d,;,eir f,™motions. window, and door, siderablv ,i„maKed it ,i were crushed in. roofs were carried awav. the city dailief that aand small ont-buildings were annihilated. ! t*rom ' r:'This briefly tells the story of the storm of This wJ-!, ^ ^, .u . , inis' however, is err.pia in ttheVirtheleftlt;elml. Houses and barns were entirely jieaiden^destroyed, ree.dence, were moved from lvrenchwi {r()m .lt;s a«was reporter! to babe was blown arms and killed.death and destruction which in the twink. o'C™' ?' ls c‘ ™'01,a' n- '• »« da* an eye turned Glouster into a town K''n /T TOef mourning for the untimely loss of. her : *or e\ *• \ I Vn!*!''s aUl werec ti/.ens. As is usually the case not a sec- j anf f ‘ 1 7 I ,* Y C°Ua?!’sed'omi s warning was given the inhabitants j liat . *0 , ltresetnbIe,i a tiiiaP':'Utllcu yil‘ lt;N no V Mirni't ” *Llt;)i ueci wot stnthbsen t h a is a frorprevious had been visited by violent thun- i • ^ ^i 4-v • \ \ -4. iii' v mto *^Ir; ihng- wood. There are sever. ' or tderstorms, and the inhabitants had be* u a svVvn• persons in the Mot1 p ’nml -n ( hicome somewhat accustomed to the dailv i ‘ Ul ■ a“ °ami nightly war of the elements. Kain I.\\rlhad been falling in torrents, lightning' a noaom were in the building at this time. |i,asid the most remarkable thing is that • ;v*lf| not one was injured, notwithstandinghad been getting in its destructive work ,u..,in the surrounding countrv. but Glouster ! ‘ ,i0wtl into an aiiey and. ,c . .. . , , i the house crushed Over tneir heads. Theto the house of W. H. 1 . • I 1 m I v4 0v^ V i Ci ** Cuptot a ..me had c,ca„c,l cxcc,,, per- j kitcholl anadle,,haps a little damage bv the rising of Sun- i o..... ? a i i i s was t r rca rrTcon1foreday Creek. The people of Glouster had 1 u ^ ^ Yrn.^',a^‘ ^Ie ilouse was j Lra*• - - i bauiv w racKed, while some of the clothing i tiedbegun to think that they were especially ^mieor uieciotmngfortunate, and that the seasons of vioient j S?.?* t0,the famfIy, ,was bknvu f'JUr storms would passs without serious dam-1 * V.° vlAa? 1 *‘dged in a tree.storms would passs without serious damage.VAll day Wednesday down-pours of rain I C.TT^ . iutien| i he son of Mr. Baiiiss was thrown down iSt. ias a Inj stairs and covered with debris, but fortu- said wereof intermittent visitation. Murky nate': _ua*s h,)t ihe three-year-old i diceclouds would for a time obscure the sun.was not hart.son of John Morris was struck by a piece 1 saidanil then after heavy precipitations, would i ° l10ken ^4dSS anci X *ie en 1 °r ,iis nose_ nomThe I CUt - Alex. Nelson, clerk in it »thman*s j roadfadeaway as quickly as they came. auu.%, - . ,*an for an hour or more would send forth j \ ° !sl,)re was^ iia‘r Pushed and half ! mak fc sweltering’ rays, making breathing « carrK- lhe wind a hundred feet lt;.r j thaalmost impossible, and a^ain clouds wouldI more, and when he stopped he was none ! frorrappear above the horizon, rapidly spread ing over the entire heavens. The damp dank atmosphere seemed laden with heat, and as the sun sank behind the western wooded hills, every breath of air diedthe worse tor his short but rapid journey, vent Part of the roof on the planing mill an.l'a J ers, portion of that on the Welch Baptist j ted i church were carried away, while the I pUrsspire on the Methodist church was twist- i anyhed as if it had been wire, A now bu^vv ! *rr oaway. The ni-ht came on ; gay. buoyant ! 'r ^.4i 4\uau l/^u wire A riew phat .... /, . I standing in an alley and belonging to T. Se\vlt;people thfonged the streets as was their } . .. , -wout: countless lights were lit, and from I a ia^e' uai UiriM^up the street and j era lt;utterly demolished. A large part of the ! wasthe surrounding hills, Glouster presented 'V,, . , s:'A iar^e part of the I wasthe appearance of a pler.saut valley be- i °lay hlU hnd** ',vas cut avva’ Js nice!-v as Thi gemmed with twinkling stars. Mothers ' J carI)Cnt^r co;:Ia ,io th- work. The exac1 . V i • \ 4 4 .t « A. t « ...kling^a* m their cozy homes humming lullabys £,i their oahes, and fathers conversedmorning after the storm a wagcui load ofbeendebris was found on the Blackwood farm the x a mile and a hal: east of town. Four! meeticheerfully with their neighbors; the oc- * . ' ...... — jcasional note of the guitar floated out I Ca?W| cars with their l,reaks set* standing !°n the heavy air, and the constant swish. , . .: moved five feet up the track. At No. 0 1 to b. ion tlie sidetrack at Palmer's mine were j ventsuishut the waters in Sunday Creek re- Ij mine Paddy Dir. v hlt;nine was wronclied ! chaiiminded all o{ tije preceding stormsI) , , . ; from its foundation, and J.din Crawford’s I seer*Wiring this tune a tornado was brew- was likewbe dain:ufelt;1 „ ,..„Jin«»* ipiri. . • , , , , , i i At tiie same mitteZtZTT cl;’'ls hf Kath.-'-.-.i 1iace tll. resialt;.n,,. ,Vm M„rrfa w„ i s„ C(,usl ■‘b,,ve lhe »-e.tem horizon. I tiinieJ „vcr Sl.vl.ra, Wi.re ;The \.T # I ------------- v % » * V. 1 c. . U.; ynm upuUy up the sky: zig-zag ■ in the bilildia(fi h.lt ail miraculons!y es-! of Attivuks ij i.ghtniiigshot almost incessant- nil(jIt* fr . % I V 4l|n. !J(• r'! oc* murky mass, and buried them-i )apkI Vrr)resolibv W. wereThe smoko-stacks of the minesselves in o, , were caught by the wind and carried huri-breezi- h ' T‘' R 1 dreds of feet away A!thlt;*ugh the dam-■ r bl°W ani1 thC heoi,le ! age done to propertybreathed v.ith less difficulty. Cor a mo-. nightb urna.Jo! p ' n„ta lt;h ud calm came, bat it was only wo-.,ld sl;ipos,.t'on inn*1 ,heah‘ agUin 'aS in m°‘ 1 reach «8JNhl.**ugo scattering droim of rain be- - , , . ,,Then as if the elements had °n 1h»r^ay p...ow.ng the st rm. itgathered ai 1 their force for the first and f ^ported that a sconu cyclone was | 'the storm at eight -,’dock M',1e,luK‘,i J° »as’ ,,v,?l the Mimiay Creek |•r*'k,‘ loose in its vci,,nic furv ,... \ valley, and the exo.o-cnce of the citizens P lulutby Wednesday u great as one ( loss will probably j teeimof cot» ilist itf»» to fall torrents, inrid lightning u. | ™ado any atory cie,iibie: and when the!•severe storm Thursdav afternoon came.kminater;n 'l :Uo kdoomy dome, luaven’s ar- j ., ... . , * I vi*ror«Uherv ccli.w.a ....i __. they believed the pr**pln.‘sy was correct | Kbecame excited, and* u,M|d and re-echoed constantly , r|natnoiu* the bin. -.nii..;. ii . • 1 » he citizens at onceu . iUlls*und w ind began to blow in | . „ . .itsdein nii. ....... f: i.. .*■ , ’n less time than loqtun dto write it.only vbut lit''hl*!' slrongth. Lights wei esnufledUk- ^iiuiows and lioors were blown in.ac,i the ,Apif(,i ....... • i • friglitened people«xi.!telt;l citizens ran into their 1the mines and cellars were crowded withfact hThe storm passed I *is 1»lt;■,. vaimy ,n,i„av„rllll. «•«»•*lt; **wnours belr'»id ♦»...».» on , , , , damage, although two houses were struckuiem. lhe cyclone lasted ^hoasi*scarcely a him-o.. onll # *’ , , ' hy lightning at Mud fork, a place a milea u.aiute. and before anyone could \ ' .... 1^o.Mrichjs bewilderment, the destruc-4‘ Lad Llt;wrought and the howlingllorm was passimta.stufan!Tvi therapidly away to the1 ac: iu! currents of air, one from Cij A‘ v‘ tl’d one from the southwest, ‘ ‘ Lsditectly over the northernwest of Glouster.j Friday there vv» r • two funerals in Glouster, that of Mrs. diaries Smith and that of J. L. Daugherty. Mr. Daugherty had for many year* been a resident of Glouster and had been successfully engaged in the mercantile business. HeSide Dtwas respected by all who knew him and he was a prominent Mason ami (kid Fe! n M i;l f low, under whose auspices he was buried.*mun stieet. Huge trees on the ! -_ , l he funeral tj.. ; , ,u ,!,vvn. and swooping down from v ; !west, began wrecking the•Wes i, • ■t*i.. niii ... . i ■ .1 me iuru*rai servic.■■ were condm ttMl bvmil were brtiken off bke weeds 1*nt' hurled nnnv . .. . J VV. Atkins..a, ami the remains*’*rs.au-tun..s ,,iil fr * S, ^ IKn.S’ i | were interred in tlu-Mountvillecenietery.th, nmth m 'i' S.VVT\ CiUS 1M ! The funeral -vas lurgelv attende.1 by sym-1'hern end of High street ! ,. . . . .st«r-. a i ip, * .11 * , patiu/mg friends,tu 1' Daughertv is located on i*W.V;’ 'l,h‘ 01 ,H«h street’ withl“ » ' The rain storms in Athens county havelllM lt‘v* ,,f Sunday Creek, and while j bee ui« severest . xpen. nceil for year-fl‘linv it ’ . j . . I and they invariabh have been accompaK »* front of his place of business, j aml ,lu’.v invariahlv liave been accompa d M 0-.,, of tht. |)lank sldewalk was nied hy a great atm.unt of lightning andha 1 ' .tlu’ vv*'id. and hurled against unusually high wind 1 h” ,l 'rnntr‘“CTiish . . ” ’J nr*a ujH’it nim, * - , . rapiuiyl •*» the earth, breaking his i ^ vall?y» will teach hum tet sot to1 own th;/ bnj^m him fearfully about the lars* Rallniad» have been comnlerably j•“ i Ul Hiring him internailv. Will. Jamaged, while acres of corn and hay ,, .1 lit* h..dv' plank fell ujhui him,The damage in the Hocking, Monday creek and Sundayof Sen thirt v and hi; the An“I d Freisnsaid thform, i adoptelt;too, \v they vm*rn, ihea re Dei thing eI K*m«)ci fotds ofwhich for yeaVelected right w they tel men, thrapidlyI hand. *l*,n internally. Will.■tvr i \ ,u to *ibs re8CUe immediately, ‘ b*‘ was unconscious. rFhe I**8ai.i never regained conscious‘ o’clock Wednesday nightat,u- vv;u blownhave been ruined.Brvaniveil dertais be!Important to Peach GrowersMessrs. Crippen and Means have recent- tinelme a stCr*• and with-H, Hugh Gorinley’s | ly perfected one of the most unique peach town into Sunday j gradern that has ev« t boon placed on the* Tw„..^ , T-. r- ■ v . -wwit two buggies and a sur-! market. It excels in that it is simple innothinggive asm^iu Uh vehicles were recovered i wus trnct ion, per feet fch ( |f 0,10 was not found until! be furnished to jieach growers at alsmtb * -* quarters of a mile below, IC!1 VI*.* vMlu” *nti4fitinone-fourth the prit % fronts i»f iM*s Antle s graders of equal m« *’hd Garretts restaurant on exhibition at th« while all the buildings in tag Company's plantoperation aiul can ^o to soPopulisually charged for audiencThe machine is go t,» jip|M n ManufactureAgents are wanted! ‘ d of High street were Is every locall yIyou'll dia Deai smiddle