Julius Stallknecht attempted rescue

Clipped from US, Maryland, Baltimore, Baltimore Sun , August 5, 1899

DROWNED IN BUSH RIVERJames Brown Loses Ills Life WhileOn A Fishina Trip.James Brown, a saloonkeeper at 1701 North Bond street, was drowned about 11 o'clock yesterday morning In Bush river, near the Pennsylvania Railroadbridge.In company with companions named Julius C. Stallknecht, a barber, and George 1 F Swelter, ft clgnrmaker, Mr. Brown went on a flshiug trip to Bush river early yesterday morning While rowing In a boat It was tilted over, It Is said, by one of the party sitting on the side. Mr. | Brown was thrown Into the water. Stallknecht nude strenuoys efforts to rescue hla companion, but was unable to reach him before he went down for the last time.The body has not been recovered. Brownwn*. about years old and leaves a widow.