Other Articles Clipping from Winnipeg Free Press, Wed, Apr 21, 1937.

Clipped from CA, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Winnipeg Free Press, April 21, 1937

ARCTIC CRACK-UPPlaneience m Is Related by Bishop Breynati.’Hi{.: Aeraek-up on*a desolate;lake: hundreds of miles from eivih-j: zatiou■ after! blind flying for! hours 70 feet above ground in at vain attempt to! locate an isolated mission post on the Arctic^ coast was the nerve racking experience of Rt* Rev. G. Breynat, j of Mackenzie. Bishop Breynat arrived in Winnipeg Mondays mght, :.and left ..Tuesday for New York and Rome. jIntervi ewed at the: Juniorat, Pro-vencher avenue, St. Boniface, the smiling bearded bishop , was at first nor anxious, to discuss- his 4,900-mile- ’trip through Arctic- wastes to visit his far flung diocese and tryout the advantages of * a plane for that purpose.Using ..a -machine lent .by the Miva society, Bishop Breynat left at CJiristmas for Aklayik* Prom there,: piloted by Louis Bisson, the party;. travelled , to Letty • harbor and Coppermine along the coast, a trip; never before. made • by plane. Badweather dogged this section of the journey - and tlieir machineManager of Bankr rbugged the ground to avoid fogi never rising beyond 100 feet.Earth, sea and sky melted into, each other, commented the bishop, j imd it was impossible to see where* one begun and the other ended. ■Finally they spotted signs of a, Wishing party on a small lake below and guessed they must be somewhere near the post. In land-' mg.the plane the ski was damaged. ^ .“Jfo one was hurt, however, and the pilot managed to get in touch with Aklavik, which radioed back to the mission.The plane was fixed up and they continued Ihcir journey to Coppermine, Burnside river. Bear Lake-,Slave Lake, Athabaska and so back to Edmonton.