Other Articles Clipping from Pittsburgh Mystery, Wed, Apr 16, 1845.

Clipped from US, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Mystery, April 16, 1845

i. U V!cavI llJtisl k'VIt has been somewhat correctly reportj led, that .Mr. Joseph Mahoney Sr. residing on Cod Lane, is nowlyingin prison lor stolen goods found in his house, takenfat the great lire. This we are fully au*| | tnoriacd'by Ida buy to say is unfounded, \ j ja-nd utterly false, Mr* Mahoney being j 11 now down the river on lr^'dvswhere he 1 4 has been for three weeks ••fiMand limb* * A . . A.rii f f 'Itis***- »•:. v-S, if■ wIhTl:S-:at-IMahoney ’a. w |»ieh by some Iisfsoa?, e*rrielt;i to the .-.^M.tfte New- Court Souse. expe*e«j^p5B».j, and re-!i (iirtiAtl it, %M*a a ilw .1 . . Iher lod-1a8'uij turned to Mrs. Anderson Uginga ai Mrs. Mahoney9**%This report, wo ere informed, was raised by tomo treacherous person,who informed die oflpry l® searchingihe house, the* aurfLMiJ^dre to befound on Mr. M a betjte-fWwMn i »es, notA # '..... 4; home,—Such persons, must n*eIves,or they would notjLoslfo'