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William Lennox, a notea roxernauau** authority, who will jud«©, ia maMn# trip from Parts specially to officiate this show. He will have the distin of judging the first three champion. matches when he passes upon Mrs.dnst the uet This------------_f match-________champion Ripp Rui-nart, owned by C. H. SmithMon., against champion Noswat Nahop*This is for $250 and a trophy. Then foUlows a three-cornered match for between Nellcote Gamin, owned b dy Brothers; champion Isoswaland The Dollar Princess, owned by Marv Wlnthrop Turner. This trio at the Boston show recently under t noted judge, James Mortimer, who award-ed the championship to The Dollar PrtoThis most Interesting competition irllltake place immediately after lunch when every one of note in the do| worlfl wiu be present. Samuel L. Goldenberg, Free* ldent of the Societie Canine de Sovle, one of the most prominent associations ox Europe, who judged the last annual show here, and Mrs. S. L. Goldenberg, former, ly the President of the Toy Span el Club of America, will be here especially witness this judging.