Clipped from US, Ohio, Athens, Athens Messenger and Herald, April 9, 1896

ROBATE NOTICE.Notice 1 s hereby plven tint Hie Mliv*inf account* and vouchers have been hied In tn?«r‘* bate court o£ Athens county, Ohio, lur.-eUis-merit, viz:Jacob H. Cuckler. executor of tlie estatewSarah J. Cuckler, final account. Joseph 11. Sampson, administrator lt;;« tb' «*• late of Mary Stunp»ou deceased, socam ana mm**D°wl'cornoll one of the exoen'ors oft bo r^-tate of Edward Bean. 11 mil account.Oliver K. Davis, administrator of the estate nOlive c. Atkinson, first and tin id account.said accounts are set brta»(ihitr »April is, imtti. A. S. BETH EL, Probate •!Uthfe..March SB to April 10, iMM-mnH-wi.