Other Articles Clipping from Logansport Pharos Tribune, Tue, Apr 6, 1897.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Logansport, Logansport Pharos Tribune, April 6, 1897

FETTERS’ MURDER.Man Charged with the Same Now on Trial.50YEL lEATUEES 01 THE CEIKE,Buried Under th* Cnrpue or » Male—Fiatl-. injr of a Jury in » Cai*lt;j of Damages for » Strange Accident—Viotim Gel* tout Must Fight an Ajpw*J— Evansville Curried by the Democrats—State News Item*.Plymouth, Ind., April 6,-The case against William Sutherlin for murder, brought here on change of venue from Starke county, was called for trial yesterday morning in the Marshal) circuit court, Sutherlin is charged with having killed Edwin Fetters, who had been his friend and business partner, on or about Nov. 16. 1.S9C, near what is known as election school house.’ The state claims to be able to show that immediately after the murder was committed Sutherlin placed the body of his victim in a wagon, hauled it a mile or more to the residence of Daniel If oh re r, front whom he purchased an old mule, which he led behind his wagon, driving two or three miles further to the banks of J£agJe lake. It is claimed that he stopped there and buried the body of Fetters eight feet deep, face downward, in the sand. Then the carcass of the mule, which had been killed and skinned, was put into the grave, and the hole was filled up-Where thw Murderer Wa« Mistaken. The murderer evidently believed that if any one dug into the grave he would be satisfied on finding the carcass of the mule. The trappers who discovered the body kept on digging as long as the earth was loose, and they found the man's body. There were several bullet holes in the head, and the jaw was broken. A few weeks previous to the discovery of the body the defendant and Fetters had been In Knox drinking together, and later they had been seen together near where the murder was committed. Suspicion at once pointed to Sutherlin as the perpetrator of the deed. He was indicted by the Knox county grand jury and arrested, and will be tried here this week. Some years ago he was tried in Kosciusko county with several others for the murder of one William Hull, a citizen of Warsaw, which occurred in a free-for-all fight at a dance. In that case hewas acquitted.* Vl'll ( Dl An.l T null nf Atll'A.