Article written by Pond. 1910

Clipped from US, Indiana, Montpelier, Montpelier Evening Herald, April 5, 1910

I VOTES FOR WOMEN?-Montpelier SufferQette Makes Personal Appeal Through Columnsof Herald*-iEditor Montpelier Herald: jSir: Ab a reader of the Herald I noticed an article in its columns some days ago concerning a petition having been circulated in the city tobe presented to the legislature at the next seeeion asking for woman suffrage,I have deferred writing on this matter thinking that those who have charge of the petition would reply to the article referred to.As they have not done so, I as a member of the state organization for Woman Suffrage, wish to say. Unit the women who are demanding the right of suffrage are not a lot of “giddy girts”; neither are w*e a few“old women” who are “dreaming.” No sir, we are practical women, women who are not swept off our feet by fashion and folly.We are mothers, sisters, wives and widowrs and many of us ore tax payers. There is not an honest intelligent, thinking man today who does not think that his mother, if she could have voted would have cast her ballot for principle and for laws that would protect her home morally, industrially and financially,I have never heard an argument against suffrage that was not * an insult to the intelligence of a ten* year-old boy. TAs a suffragist I ask all voters who do not wish to see their mothers, sis ters, wives and daughters placed in the same category as the criminal, th idiot and the insane to demand of the candidates to make plain their attitude toward the suffrage %question as I do not know of any political party in Indiana that is pledged to vote for the extension of the suffragewithout regard to sex.Your Respectfully,Jane Pond.A Tax Payer.