Cyclone Hits Athens pt2

Clipped from US, Ohio, Athens, Athens Messenger and Herald, April 3, 1902

storm at this reason of the year would j, occur. Shortly before 10 o’clock tl e c] storm clouds became blacker and the idoom iu the residence® made it necc* %sary to light the gas. Suddenly theincreased its % force as it camefrom the west, and hail and raicame down in sheets. Onoljourney eastward the wind caught up(Neverything found loose and the air yflying debris. The ..flight and fury of the gale was reach- ^ ©d as the wind howled along Washstreet, and as it reached the pseemed to turn suddenly .to the north. Directly in the path of Gwas the low, one story brick p building of the Athens Journal. For T instant the wind appeared to spar ^and then a secondthe tin roof, with the rafters, ceiling, y gas and water fixtures were lifted ^ from their moorings and then ^thrown ^ together in one worthless mass. The ^ roof and all the material attached to ^ it was carried several feet to the ^ north and as it fell the thick, heavy ^ brick wall on the north side of thebuilding was crumbled down. The large cress on which the Journal hasVbadly demolishedcost in getting the broken anddamaged parts retired will reachVlarge sum. The job presses were lad-. l.v broken, while hundreds of pounds 1and oracticallyted. The forms from which last week's Journal was printed, were • still on the stones, and most of thetype was piled together on the floor.All the nrintiiur office furniture andtAwere thrown togetherfusion. It will be manybexact extent of the loss amrmined. while the inconveniencecaused can hardly be computed.Vn♦erious loss and incouveu-caused by the damaging ofthousands of election tickets whichn run from the press toto win-hip and municijAthens county next Mon- htilay. They were torn and ruined by (he debris and rain, and thousands »lad to be reprinted. As the ioof and brafters were lifted from tho brick nsails, Mr. Law head and Mr. Cooley P an from the building and sought a *1place of safety in the two story brick building which fronts on Court street. hescape was in the nick of timerushed through the doorvmain building the demolishedpart crushed down just behind them. Law head was struck on the back byhe flying debris, but was not injured Cseriously. pWhen the storm had somewhat a bat- p d all articles tnat could be found 13moved from the wrecked build- niug to other rooms to prevent any reefer loss by rain. The Journal