Cyclone Hits Athens pt1

Clipped from US, Ohio, Athens, Athens Messenger and Herald, April 3, 1902

CYCLONE ONwill be inconvenienced for manyIRAMPAGE.week^, but will manage to get ont their pajier by using the press of the Messenger and Herald. The demolished building was an addition whichStrikes Athens Journal Officetwas built a few years ago to the Hoyt residence, and which was made intoSunday Morning and Oemolishes Building.-a.a newspaper office. The proi erty was purchased a few weeks ago by Dr. W. N. Alderman and W. R. Lawrence.As snon as possible the building willbe rebuilt.election tickets ruined. j Though the damage in Athens wasPresses and Other Machinery BadlyDamaged Narrow Escape from Building—Much DamageDone in the Town.—A storm that assumed cyclonic proportions visited Athens and vicinityshortly before 10 o’clock Sundaymorning, and within two seconds theoffice of the Athens Journal was completely demolished, presses broken,liundreds of pounds of type pied,thousands of election tickets wereined. and the equipments of theoffice were scattered in all directions, resembling the devastation wroughtTheby a genuine Kansas tornado, wind w as accompanied by rain andhail and these assisted in adding damage to the loss sustained from the cy-Two men at w’ork in the office,clone.A. T. Law head and Edsou Cooley, ou the election tickets narrowly escaped from the demolished building withtheir lives. The storm was generalthroughout the town and comity, butthe severest loss was sustained by theproprietors of the Journal.As usual the storm came up unex-Eaater moraine dawnedpectedly. Easter morningwith a reasonable assurance from theweather regulator that the day would be fairly tolerable. By 8 o’clock,however, the dark 'storm clouds hailconcealed the sky and rain fe’l inter-mitfantly. The wind was blowinga moderate gale, but there was nothing to arouse the fear that anything than more the usual severe windstorm at this season of the year wouldShortly before 10 o’clock tl eoccur,storm clouds became blacker and theconfined principally to the demolitionof the Journal office, there was muchof a minor natnre throughout thetown. A largo quantity of the tinroofing was blown from the New Hotel Athens, owned Ly A. M. Lewis. The unroofed porticu W’as thrownopen to the mercy of the storm andmuch damage was done to the hotelfurniture and other fixture*.Mrs. Morris Ferriter, liviug in theH . M. Roach pro]crty on East Statestreet, narrowly escaped fatal injury.While standing in front of her homea large maple tree was blown over and as it fell several of the smaller limbsstruck her, though not injuring her to nnv extent. A second later and shewould have been fatally crushed.Two smoke stacks at, the Athens brickplant dry kilns were blown down, and one smoke stack at the Hudson factory was hurled to the gri und. A p r-tion of the slate roof on the residenceof J. W. Earich on High street was blown off. Slate was blown from theroof of Frank Hall’s residence ‘on*Dean avenue. A considerable portionof tliet in roof at the packing house*of W. ,T. Craig Co., was blown off.Part of the Price property on Deanavenue was unroofed and carried intothe school house yard. Some tin roofing wasjdown from the Arcade building. The Masonic awning was dilapidated bv the wind. The gas house on Mill street was demolished, and the engine standing in it was consid-The large barn cforably damaged.AJ. Frame on Hunnyside was tw st-the force of thee i out of shape by wind. Limbs of trees were scattered in all parts of town, and ui meiouschimneys were toppled over.A aii r4MIt