Clipped from US, Ohio, Athens, Athens Messenger and Herald, April 3, 1902

CYCLONE ONbe inconveniencedman vweek?, but will manage to get out(RAMPAGEpressMessenger and Herald. The demolished building was an addition whichkStrikes Athens Journal Officewas built a few years ago to the Hoyt residence, and which was made intoSunday Morning and Oemolishes Buildinga newspaper office. The proi erty was purchased a fbw weeks ago by Dr. W. N. Alderman and W. B. Lawrence.i\As reon as possible the building will be rebuilt.election tickets ruined. j Though the damage in Athens was■confined principally to the demolitionPresses and Other Machinery Badly Damaged Narrow Escape from Building—Much Damage Done m the Town.of the Journal office, there was muchof a minor nature throughouttown.vA large quantity of the tin roofing was blown from the Newassumedportions visited Athens and vicinityshortly before 10 o’clock Sundaymorning, and within two seconds theoffice of the Athens Journal was compietely demolished, presses broken,hundreds of pounds of typo pied,Hotel Athens, owned by A. M. Lewis. The unroofed porticu was thrownopen to the mercy of the storm andmuch damage was done to the hotelfurniture and other fixtures.aMrs. Morris Ferriter, liviug in theKoachstreet,escapedthousandselect! on tickets wereruined, and the equipments of thescatteredresembling the devastation wroughtKansasThewind was accompanied by rain andassistedWhile standing in front of her homeIttree was blows o1•aI of the smallerf£struck her, though not injuring betito any extent. A second would have beeni)fatally crushed, stacks at the Athens brio!1plant dry kilns were blown down, andage 10 the loss sustained from the eyclone. Two men at work in the office,Law head and Edson Cooleyowe smoke stack at the Hudson factory was hurled to the grt uud. A p r* tion of the slate roof on the residencei!narrowly escapedfrom the demolished building withtheir lives. Thestorm was genercountv. bandtthe severest loss was sustained by theproprietors of the Journal.As usual the storm came up tmox*Easter moraine dawnedpectedly. Easter morningwith a reasonable assuranceof J. W. Earich on High street was blown off. Slate was blown from theIHroof of Frank Hall’s residence ’onDean avenue. A considerable portionnpackingtof W. J. Craig Co., was blown off.HPriceDeanunroof lt;*dthe school house yard. Some tin roof-1IregulatorIdbe fairly tolerable. By 8 o’clock,ing wasjdowu from the Arcade buildhowever, the dark Jstorra clouds had concealed the sky and rain ft*'I inter initfantiy. The wind was blowinging. The Masonic awning was dilapidated bv the wind.The gas house on Mill street was demolished, andaJa moderate gale, but there was nothmorethe fear that anything the usual severe windthe engine standing in it was considerably damaged. The large barn c f1seasonbefore 10 o’clockoccur, onoriiy storm clouds became blacker and theresidences made it nece. *Suddenly thewind increased its % force as it came from the west, and hail and rainJ. Frame on Sunnyside was tw'st-e i out of shape by the force of the wind. Limbs of trees were scatteredin all parts of town, and numeious chimneys were toppled oyer.I11came down in sheets. Oneastward the wind caught up ug found loose and the airdebris. Theflyingand fury of the gale was reachalongstreet, and as it reachedseemedto the north. Directly in the path ofbuildingwas the low, one story brickthe Athens Journal. Forinstant the wind appeared to sparand then a secondaot(KV\f\NPAc;KTCroof, with the raftersgas andfixturesmoorings and then ^thrownThetogether in one worthless mass, roof and all the material attached toitcarriedfeet to thenorth arid as it fell the thick, heavybrick wall on the north side of thebuildingcrumbled down. TheIi©11A■A1Journal hasbadly demolishedcost in getting the brokendamaged jiart* rojiaired will reach iThe job presses were Imdlarge sum.hundreds of poundsof type was pied and practically ruined. The forms from which lastweek’s Journalwas printed, werestill on the stones, and most of thean the floor.type was piled together All the printing office furniture and fixtures were throwu together in confusion. It will lieIt will w many nay* exact extent of the loss cantermined. while the inconveniencehardly be computed.lossience was caused by the damaging thousands of election tickets wliI.CIIAbrpressandelections in Athens county next Monday.They were torn and ruined by the debris and rain, and thousandsi oofliad to be reprinted. As the rafters were lifted from tho brickwalls,Lawhead and Mr. Cooleyfrom the building andilttabnplace of safetyimilding which front* on Court street.escapee,rushed through the doormain building the demolishedpart crushed down juatLawhead wback byPC1Jbkhe flying debris, but was uot injuredseriously.When the storm had somewhat abatarticlesmoved from the wrecked buildiug to other rooms to prevent anyreartH loss by rain. The JournalCP9B