Other Articles Clipping from Winnipeg Free Press, Sat, Apr 3, 1897.

Clipped from CA, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Winnipeg Free Press, April 3, 1897

Great ValueINMINING PROPERTIES ALSO-CHOICE TOWN LOTS,Wrilo ii3 for Particulars*ROBINS BURDENRat Portage and Toronto.GOLD MINES.♦ ♦WANTEDlion) 17 prospects in Wubigrxm district-* pt* S150 each. This is hard times price with pr130 ............... r_____ ______profile ctirs and your oppoituuiiy to gut iu un tho 5munci floor,CROTTY CROSS.Mining Bpokera, 615 Main St.$tRAT PORTAGETOO MANY LABORERS IN THET H. G. N. lt;TOWN AT PRESENT*SKILLED MEN NEEDED.ilx Weeks Before Work on the Mines can too Gone on With—Machinery for the Mikado—Reports From the Sweden—Post Office Enlargement Required—'The New Opera House-General News.BlBBRat Portage, April 2— By nn un-rtimate nids'uiiderstandlng I appear , have (given you the impression mt labor is scarce in Rat Portage, lie direct contrary is the case, and id crowds dolly arriving can at pre-find little else to do than par-up one siclo of - Main stroot and wn the other. Moreover men are thing in from the lumber and tie nips. The roads between the town d mines are to a great extent im-ssable, the lake is covered with iter, no prospoctiing can - he done at least a month; and there will no opening up or new propertiessix weeks at least. Good minors J tlic only individuals who should iture into Rat Pofftage at present.unskilled \ labor tlicre is any tount. Of lawyers, doctors, survey-i, assayors there arc too many. In month from now navigation will open. The seeker for work will,I have before po-’inted out, be able live under .canvas, and keep liim-f Tor a moiith upon what he now mds in a week. I am writing this request for the purpose of pre-ntimg the arrival or unskilled or Llled labor, for which at prcsen at tst, thero 1b no outlet. Any one wevcr, who has witnessed the open-» up of anew country will rcaiize fertility of attempting 'to pre-„ tlic crowding of useless mater-to the front. Hero am I warning outsider not to como here for six is at least. The outsider reads warning and makes up his mi id come immediately in order ‘'to the rush.” So it always has since the beginning, so it willto the end.notber lot of machinery has rencL here for the Mikado mine, bu thelost unprecedented warm weather made it impossible to move it to the mine before the opening navigation. Manager Breidenbachi been in town arranging for its jisportatLott.omcthing will have to be done towide accommodation for those ning in, as the hotels are altogotli-ur qual to the demands upon un It Is said tliat three new mscs will be granted in the town ;1 if such is tlic case lb is to bepeel that those affording the best amplest accommodation will be considered.□ a consequence of the late rich ikes in La Mascott mine, the stock 3 gone up to thirty cents.fr. Wm. Clouglier ifs lierc, the ini-womentis in hi# erstwhile ‘•block ■ still going on.Ir. Rogers, of the Ingorsoli Sar-it Drill company, is visiting tlic trict. Mr. Rogers’ company has oadv placed plants in operation oi . famous Foley and Regina minedintimated in my last letter a body or ore has, been touched m Sweden mine at a depth of nine-six feet. For tho present, howi* r and pending the arrival ol thesting apparatus, wprk In the{Shaft cease. Mi-. Herman, the mana-lias decided Ju ttie meantime to roughly prospect the other veins tlie property, in order to ascertainIr value.[r. Saunders, surveyor and mining •inter of Fort Arthur, « has lust urned to Rat Fortago after a ee weeks’ cxperionco in tlie coun-around Lake Mianietaklo, winch north of Wnbigoon. He pi onounccs to be a very difficult country to n^poct on account of tho thick nsliieii covers the ground every’- here, to its value for mining purposes ho ,s unable to give an opinion on ai mt of tlie quantities or snow which .f fallen during the winter.'ho opera house iu nearing eompic-n so Tar as tlie wood work is eon-■lied; and promises to bo a veryndsome building of its kind. Tlie mt poi ion is to he, run as an hotel; d’ it is eaid tliat' it is to be. fittedmost gorgeously..7]it- question of a new post office Is 11 agitating our busiucs# men, mi town Jias completely outgrown 3 capacity of the present building. . Scovi; has granted a cite m the wr. for the erection of a now pub-building, as it was announced atBBNx:ITALlt;DiTIiiItime that a building would inprobability be erected by the gov-meiit ir a suitable site was seem-by the town. Tho lined fnr^ tlie [! has been in Ottawa about two rs I think, and Di\ Scovil has demined to withdraw It, if somc-iu' is Dot done lu the matter nt Tlie price of real estate a a-