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Clipped from US, New York, New York, New York Times , April 2, 1911

uoa^:u vv aj/puiuv an icountant.ROLLER SKATING CARNIVAL.Friday Evening Class Appeared InPicturesque Costumes.The carnival of the Friday Evening Roller Skating Class brought out attractive costumes on Friday night at the Metropolitan Rink. Miss Caro Brown was a Siamese girl, Miss Doris Bissell went as Maud Muller, Miss Charlotte Delafleld was a French peasant, and Miss AdaBryce-Gray wore a cowboy costume. Miss Mildred Gillet was a Spanish lady, Miss Beryl Kane was in an Oriental costume. Dorothea Fitch went as the Duchess of Devonshire, Miss Georgia Owen was a witch, Miss Genevieve Sanford was a chocolate girl, Miss Eva Purdy wore a Norwegian peasant costume, and Miss Katherine Mackenzie was a Sultana.Langdon Gillett was an Italian organ grinder, Edward Smedley a sailor boy. Vivien Palmieri an Irish jockey, and William C. Orr went as an Indian a’ 1 F. B. I. Palmieri was a Spanish cavalier.The patronesses of the class are Mrs. Donald Cammann, Mrs. Howland H. Pell. Mrs. James Harper Poor, Mrs. Robert Appleton, and Mrs. Joseph R. Guernsey.Among the girls and men at the carnival were the Misses Dorothy Baldwin, Ruth Ashmore, Estelle Cammann, Madeleine and Katherine Force, Harriet Glover, Lilia Gilbert, Mariam Gheen, Gertrude Hoyt, Alice Harriman, Muriel Kelley,Helen Langdon, Dolly La Montagne, Ma-tilde Pillot, Eva Purdy, Jeannie Thompson, Henrietta Thaw, and Viola Towns-