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Oshkosh Daily Northwestern Newspaper Archives Jun 18 1953, Page 40

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Oshkosh Daily Northwestern (Newspaper) - June 18, 1953, Oshkosh, WisconsinFri., june 19, 1953 Osh cosh daily 4 county s second courthouse razed in 1939 discussed by the Board of super-1house still gleams in its newness million Dollar courthouse completed in 1939 present courthouse is third in county history first was tiny Frame building erected in 1847 j visors. The Board named a com Mittee to investigate the matter. Months stretched into years before constant maintenance prevents the building from assuming the Dusty Dingness characteristic of so the problems of site financing and Many government buildings. An planning were resolved. Eye pleasing sight is the color i one color color scheme. Exact Date of completion of the county s original courthouse is lost in the Haze of time but. It was comparatively Short time for ii years 1878 were added on either Side. The second completed enough to hold a term courthouse never was a very in of court there april 9. The posing Structure nor very efficient Frame Structure lasted a planned and county officers to c full be Niuro it was Down in abandoned it without when to i order of the Oshkosh com they moved into the present court and soul do 8rou.ps tour Cornerstone for the present scheme of the offices painted in on thursday soft shades which vary from room july 29 1937. Almost a Vear to to room to prevent a monotonous the Day later on july 27, the present modern imposing Structure was dedicated. Its total Cost was an impressive Limestone and Marble building the new court House has six floor first second third and fourth floors and the Winnebago county jail at the fifth level. The building itself is impressive in its architectural simplicity. Wide vistas of White surfaces obtained by piling huge matched Limestone blocks five stories High reflect the Beauty and tiny Frame building was first courthouse the exterior. Jackson drive. It has four a the building is located on wide double walk Lead Broad Triangle framed by the the intersection to the main Fergence of Algoma Boulevard and i Entrance two Shorter approaches on the Algoma Boulevard and Jackson drive sides and an in trance in the rear of the building where the parking lot is located. And visitors children Chil Dren modern Structure Cost nearly million i in turn a livery stable Blacksmith visibility of erecting a now court a Ishop and warehouse. When the for county was1 already years old the court second courthouse was completed Winnebago county s modern Mil Jit was moved to land of the mar lion Dollar courthouse located it quart Millwork company on Cape Jackson drive and Algoma Boule i Street. It spent its last Days next Vard. Is the third courthouse build a to the present City Hall Annex on ing since the county was created in Cape Street. Before it was finally 1843 by an act of the Wisconsin j demolished in 1949. An attempt legislature. It was dedicated in was made to preserve it is an 1938. Object of historical interest but the county s first and second the try failed. Courthouses were located in and the two Story Structure area bounded by court Cape and a courtroom on the second floor j Otter streets where a municipal and apparently the first floor had i parking lot is located today. J the offices of Register of deeds and Precour firm s expansion rapid the first courthouse did t take much space and land for it was. In effect acquired As a gift. The original land conveyance for the county clerk. The first floor was formed in 1947 but dates Back to 1930 of two Levels such the Twu i trial plants., Etc. Its sales during the last year were approximately treble the volume As an incorporated concern the chalked up in the first year of stage floors in some modern Homes. Precour construction company to j operations. A Wood burning stove heated Thoj rated at 1117 Bowen St., dates Back amour the Precour construction this is How Oshkosh crossed the River in 1905 when main Street Bridge was being built site of the first courthouse american style Wood Frame to 1947, but the origins of the firm j company s Many outstanding pro Given april 1, 1847. For donors were Lucas m. Miller. Samuel h. Building. As the county s population grow year. Can be traced to a considerably injects have been the new Home of the Oshkosh savings loan Asso Farnsworth and Sewall a. Wolcott so did its governing body. K. A. Precour founder and presi citation a men s residence Hall at in 1854 a second building was i courthouse became too Small and dont of the company operated and Ripon College Ripon a dormitory unincorporated construction Busi Jat Whitewater state College the Ness from Rich until the Iricorpor-1 lutheran memorial Hospital. Bos built near the courthouse to House in a committee was appointed county offices and records to re Lieve crowding in the courthouse itself. In 1859 a contract was let for Winnebago county s second courthouse which was built at the Cape Street site. The original courthouse was moved off the lot and relegated to the status of a livery stable Blacksmith shop warehouse and just an empty building with a lot of memories for the remainder of its existence. The second courthouse eventually became too Small and wings added in 1878 to meet the needs of Ever expanding govern ment. The second courthouse with its two wings was torn Down in 1939, the year after the present courthouse began operation. To plan for increasing space for county offices. The committee duly examined the matter and suggested a three room fireproof Brick building 2 1 Bym feet and 15 feet High. The building completed in 1854, was located at court and Otter streets As a separate Addi Tion to the original courthouse. Ii Cost and held the offices of the Register of deeds clerk of courts sheriff treasurer and Elerk of the Board of supervisors. Second rated in i the county s original courthouse action 17 years later. The business which in the construction of smaller of Homes Liaci first Headquarters on Sterling Street. Or. Pre Cobel the Ripon Hospital a High school at Fox Asne of the most exceptional schools n Wisconsin Trinity lutheran Church. Waupaca and a number com can lie said to have grown j of warehouses in Oshkosh and oth up r in the building and construe or parts of the state. The local lion Industry his father been a Carpenter. Towards the id of 1947. I having concern carries on operations in All parts of Wisconsin. The concern s facilities include n Precour interested a group of Osh modern Millwork shop which does 1853 1953 Kosh businessmen in forming Airall of Precour s own Millwork. Corporation which was to become the present i recur construction outlasted the second courthouse. Company. The new was which was erected at. The Cape incorporated oct. 1. 19-17. Turning out items for use in the company projects. Present officers in addition to or. Precour As president and Street site in 1859 and which Wasj a. Precour was elected presi treasurer include Ralph Klieforth. Torn Down in 1939. The second Idem and treasurer of the budding j vice president Eugene g. Wil courthouse was erected at a Cost. Concern during the first meeting i hams Secretary and Merlin p i of it was outgrown in a the incorporator. First officers turn Verein set social pattern in Oshkosh during 1880 a 7890 s even today it is not uncommon to hear some of the older peo ple speak of armory b and the Turner Hall. Most of the younger generation have no idea of what is meant by Turners or turn erf 400. Among the leaders of the South group were John Saft. Wil Liam d a u a Joseph Farber. Charles Joachim Louis Lang Wil Liam Manthe. Herb ale Williams. E. S. Ostertag Casper Pfeiffer. Van Dyke executive Secretary. To Gether with Arthur h. Gabbert and other officers named at that Louis Carpenter they also Corn time were Ralph Klieforth. Directors president and Eugene g. Key personnel Liams. Secretary. The first Board j key personnel includes Frank a. Of directors was made up of the j Drexler. Estimator a member of officers together with Arthur ii. Gabbert and Les Chelstrom. All were local men except for or. The concern since its incorporation Elwyn k. Nelson and h. Harvey Hunt registered engineers both of Verein and few give a second Weide Schumann and Frank Stop thought but at one time the turn per. A new building was built in Al cars were very potent Force j 1886 at the Corner of South us. i during 1948. The company s first Aiu Ticu Kinin. Supi i inti lulciu.-. Of cars in the City. Chelstrom who was of Green Lake whom joined in Spring of 1950 the company s present Large. I ores Lindloff superintendent in modern building was put. Under j charge of the Millwork shop and construction oct. 7, 19-17. And was area construction a pc about feb. 15 of the Fol-1 four staff lie fore the in corporation Ami Hoy Johnson and and 10th streets. There were to i in of Tom ration the firm Corn construction outside Oshkosh the name Turner is derived meeting rooms a Large p in the Precour both have been the scr from the German turn Verein Tonus a Large stage located South of 1 its Inco . 1, a t first Otho pair and Fimano Fine parties were held Here i a which was at first an athletic line Partie social organization organized in the North Side Hall. Germany in the mid-19th Century i noted for masquerades East new York Avenue and East i of the Chicago Northwestern s a counter action to the oppress the Turners in the 1880 s and Railroad right of Way. Of the famous 1848 revolt 1890 s noted for their big Tion. It soon had political Over i masquerades. The organization tones and the Basic philosophy was exclusive. If a person that area one of the most up to Date and attractive residential sections of the City of Oshkosh the promotion of individual free d d have an invitation he could i the promotion or Iret sales during the first year of bus Dom through culture and not buy a ticket and this led to a of classic works of literature great Deal of social climbing but and Art. Formed Here in 1869 pulling for these parties were the social events of the year. Elaborate invitations were produced i brought to America in the mid and engraved in Many col die part of the 19th Century the ors in Tiu s90 s the physical Cul flourished in Mil Ulle part of the Turner program and the Eastern smrt of died out and the social state. The turn Verein was political events kept up for the company Felt the desire for further expansion and growth. To accomplish that it was necessary to seek other Fields of operations to note that them Ragi of times have changed key staff member.-, arc rather less than usual in the construction Industry. The Precour construction com Pany is a member of the associated general contractors of America the nation s Only organization of the sort. About 30 persons were employed by the Precour Corpora Tion at the outset but the pay Roll averaged about 90 last year. Today the concern looks for a nixed in Oshkosh in the Lite ,1, r a now does Virv Little Home construct Ganiea in us Kos in me u some time. With the coming of the Tho formal t Ion i i Tion except for unusually Lagic or i Bow s. Me Lorman 01 automobile the organization began took Olar inn s 1rr9 the Proi a i .1 a Leleh orate residences. Look place Jan. O. Joob. I be then faster breakup Aho it 100 the All 1 of which prompted the Precour con Ward to considerably More growth Striction company to enter ii in-1 and expansion in the future and dust rial commercial and Public buildings business. The concern now does Virv Little Home construct numbered about 100 members. The lip coming of War 1 first officers were e. Pros turn Orein disappeared in str. Ident a. Fugleberg. Vice v Covvin a reams Are a few Dent c. Schun treasurer Vav. In the minds of some of Pueppke Secretary and John ok1or Heiss turning master. Meetings were held the first and third wednesdays of the month in a Hall at 154 main St. By 1876 there Wen Over 200 in the membership in later years a wooden Structure stood on the site of what is the armory a thus giving Rise to the name Turner South Side in 1885 j among the physical culture instructors on the North Side Turners was Heman instructor in fencing at West his successors Charles Ost Eriech. Charles Weisenbach Henry Leom Huis. The three German new spa i Permen were also very Active in i the Rose in a Kohlmann and Charles Tom South Side turn Verein was organized in 1885 and held its first meetings in Neffs Han at the of South main and seventh a popular group its total v in Sfa Pestl r c h1v e ils plans arc geared to that expectation. Precour officials Point out that Oshkosh. A Wisconsin construction Center is fortunate in having an unusually Large number of out standing progressive construction companies. They add that the con traction Industry has contributed pos of much to the economic Progress hospitals schools churches Indus ind the Fame of this City. I since its inception As a Corpora Ion the Precour concern has had wide a penance in the construe struck Ion of All typos of much 35 5. My my and so has the decoration of our Homes gone is the heavy handed lavish Over adorned decoration of yesteryear. Gone is the Drudgery of the housework that was necessary to keep up these interiors. Today s decoration is keyed for living. Our colors Are Bright and Gay. Our furniture is smart simple and functional and minimum care is stressed throughout the House. You can rest assured we will continue to keep abreast of the times and continue to help you plan interiors for liable Homes. Agrell Brueske Interior decorators construction company 74 main Stonley 441 found to 1925 a ins if in for to cd Kotte with for r to the n into Bron Guari the i with is Loc Back a i 8 if ers. City ing t Indus sets the 1 sters Are i not i child a Hind 7.ines of re the 1 limes 000 in Siti Stree View cheap cite i

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