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Oshkosh Daily Northwestern Newspaper Archives Jun 18 1953, Page 38

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Oshkosh Daily Northwestern (Newspaper) - June 18, 1953, Oshkosh, WisconsinTwo types of government Mark Century in Oshkosh first mayor to head new Badger City of the three types of cite eminent Sene rail found acceptable Jay Urban people a Kukosh in its 100-Vear history has tiled two and b number of variations despite the proud boast that wire Connovia Tive that wont Woik Here Mavor Edward Eastman had six from the new s wards to Aid him in Thi Fust business of the Back in 1853 when the first thai tet was granted fort two Vecais and 28 4nayors later the cite voted for a sep Mission form of government chose John Mulva to head it Jis Mavor for a six Vear term he previously held the Post of Shavor from 1900 to 1w4 a Levoid for continuous service at that time Lin its Early Oshkosh rectors those new Mavors fair with each annual elec Tion although George Pratt had spree years in office and several mayors stayed for two or were be elected later in 1924 Oshkosh added three to the 13 which had grown Keshena of chief Oshkosh from gradually and Henry was elec which the it takes its name the Ted major for a term. Oshkosh department . Order m Oshkosh the ruler of the Mavor John Banderob took office Ter became staff Law Wisconsin Jyi Okosh daily 2 on i to and Doo Industry m 1905 for three terms during Avenue brute. Bush 1939 f j 1953 10000 by 1898 i mayors now served two year which the main Street Bridge was Oshkosh had 30 000 people during terms under the charter of 1891 opened Ana a House numbering War face War problems declared in 1941 the pc last of a Senes who. O never determined panting out alleged errors a judg. Suggest my remedies m Oshkosh had 30 000 people urn Erms uner e i Ion fairly equally James h Meinell was mayor in Tern adopted. Wells in the City were year the City purchased a Fust Over the Rijh of Wood 1899 and 1900 when Brick paving declared 90 percent unfit for Snow loader and workers involved in the famous was Laid on Algoma Boulevard ing purposes John c. Voss Fath and women joined the armed in of 1898 which closed the from Mam to Broad Mulva s Ader of the City s present Mavor was forces the City struggled with Gas merest. S Woodwork plants for ministration saw the Dedi elected in 1909 and was in office rationing tire inspections Priori inspector joined the months Tore bloodshed state i located and opened a 1900 and the when ornamental lighting was in is and civilian defense attempts department staff in 1949 to and hunger resolved the dim High school Burn the following stalled on a and tax acis to establish the most efficient administer a new meat Slaughter Street Deaumente possible and hunger Rosove e i efficient a and workmen went Back year Asphalt Topping finished irate Over a tax rate Street Dep aument possible to their jobs in a depression year Gorna Boulevard from Bond to i his coun operations at City Hall were Jackson drive a Fine run for Council ruled were a must from then three a conducted by 26 aldermen from automobiles which began Banderob was in again the growing City. Three riving m the City m 1903 when from 1911 to 1912 when Oshkosh of the six school Board celebrated its Golden and electors in a dose fought were Suu appointed by the mavor1 Versari the cite adopted a build december election adopted a com my a police Forte of 14 men kept ing _ c ode in form of government commission form tried in search for efficiency foremen being made mayor John c. Voss Ted for a r. Continued to 1911 to abolished that year and minor and Council solved the troublesome i the commission form continued pro Jim of new fancied sewers Jintil 1933 when Public opinion is Ettig the wards stand the i x forced re adoption of the Alder of installation and main ten tool the next Dav he was at work the City for a re build my Job in Brick the most Lommon fuel roof Maneual available he served another term As mayor in 1881 major Anidow Haben headed the newly built City in 1876 and 1877 form and George f. Oaks of a wooden sewer system a ical estate Man he later be y elected to his first Teim four in Jelly the ally Buird taking ears later he was returned to the of a mentally ill Wom being re elected every two run there in october the until 1946, longer than and a Chicago and Northwestern rate has held the Post Road ran its first train into the Spring another change in to Ltd and followed it with an sex government Cut the common Sion to Chicago which ended in ear and work continued on the City sewage system begun in 1932 unemployment compensation for City employees spa projects visual Aid and Craft shop enterprises brought Money and goods into the City but added to the work of the comptroller s and treasurer s offices. Charles a Weicherng was May or for two terms from 1935 to 1938 when the sewerage commission was formed and work begun on the sewage treatment Plant. Jackson Duve was paved from the River to Marion Street and the plumbing agent in 1932 As Public works pro acts boomed restless and troubled in a world where dollars were suddenly a scarce commodity Oshkosh people voted a i turn to the Aldermam form of government and in 1932 major Carleton Foster looked ame a time Job in 1886 May code revised in 1929, amended. The tag end of the greatest de Lewert elected in 1947 Ernest r Siewert Defeated May or Oaks in 1947 As City and Federal housing projects were begun to meet a housing shortage develop ment of the Post War world Oregon Street was widened paved and lighted in j948 and the City moved to protect itself from a growth of trailer Homes sprung up in violation of the zoning Ordi Nance sub Standard housing Bual on Sawyer Avenue in 1946 was be ing used As dwellings As were two Federal housing projects known As the Barracks and the Quon sets in 1950 the City took Over management of the Federal projects City planning was again a Topi of interest m Oshkosh 1949 a pression Ever to hit the City women s clubs and men s Servic about been reached Oaks was returned to office in 1939. The first of an eight year administration that was to include a second world War. Members of the Board of Public works choose a Street superintendent from their ranks and City treasurer Harvey Galow initiated a four payment tax plan which la Orga rations made a plea for a City planning department As an efficiency measure a planning Engineer was added to the City Engineer s department in 1949 Anc abandoned in 1951 when the incumbent Vernon Irish was forced t resign by aldermen indignant Ove an Anonymous letter penned by Irish. The Irish letter to the Alder finance and oh1o Street was paved and Orna t y lighted the next year. The ii Rary Entrance was changed to Al of widening of Washington Boule Ard ending an argument of Sev ral year s standing. Oshkosh men entered the korean War i 1950 and the common Council went on he air Over the local radio Sta Ion m biweekly broadcasts of Council proceedings an air poll Ion ordinance added another m Pector to the health department with removal of the smoke nuisance meters new schools parking meters and new schools were news in 1952 when Paulus Quarry was filled the South a lighted softball Field and a Park shelter and the Council adopted a Grade a milk ordinance tax delinquency was a Mere 1 14 per cent and the Council voted a 14 budget for general and school operation. Early this year a program of school building pro posed by the Board of education was partially approved by Council and a million and a half Dollar Bond Issue voted m the Spring to provide a new East Unior High school and a new elementary school. Plans were or a Complete rebuilding of the entire City school system including a new High school Over a 20 year period were formulated by the Doard of education and awaiting Council confirmation Oshkosh electors voted another change in City government in 1952. Providing for a 16-member com Mon Council to replace the cumbersome dual representation from each Ward John c Voss the City 35th mayor took office in april this year with his new streamlined Council the Street superintendent was Given jurisdiction Over this three District foremen formerly appointed by the mayor. Administration of the City s Parks was undertaken by the Board of Public works when no new Board was appointed a milk sanitarian was added to the City family. Prices in some typical prices in 1848 and 1849 included butter 25 cents a Pound eggs dozen 16 cents potatoes Bushel 25 cents cheese seven cents Pound flour barrel 25, Corn meal 100 pounds 50 Oats Bushel 25 cents pork 100 pounds and beef 100 pounds a Bone of Contention for 16 Flie Vars the meet a Ailway ran state it was Hung in the dome of first noise c an 1882 during Mav have pm Oshkosh 4he Maiki Block and rang thelnor w. Pratt s admin set a lu7t.ns tax Ives but nogo Jearm for the fire of 1859 before us nations Foi a City in sawdust a City of the privately owned both Des a works Ana in 1913 built West build my collapsed in flames Eastman and his six Al w g Gumaer Manoah both sides of the Street Seth woman Bart re Proton Andre and Abel Neff superintendent Harvey Sci in the Job of Iii neg the new City by City clerk William Tuscher treasurer Walter h Marshall Edwin m Neff and Cas lights cite for to school supt e r Baldwin Tho Mas 18m Whon 1 h Poiter was in 1867 is in 18c.9 Paik for recreation in a Busy would near the close of mayor e e Stevens Dammi station How Ever he negotiated the Mchase of what is now Denommee Park m Miller for what det Artois called the Mon wardens Andisi veg his to r m of Aid the Justice and Constable elected were proud la from Miles Ward cite gov i Ament a w a by Tho cite is of Oshkosh lion of tween the who delighted in no spa Strous puce of 000 located a plumbing ordinance in 1916. Or Henry elected in 1918 in 1918 c Mchenry took of fice As Mavor and the City s fire fighters lode m mechanized equip ment Oregon Street Bridge was in placed with the present Structure in the cite planning commis ing is Soi once i i m of r i in Iii. Me i us planning cumin is 1 he 17 lamps on him my foot of j cent St be much into b and the pres the Ana v in s Low i v my s w amp build Lar code adopted each Ard a motored equipment was added of. C 0nce the Slatino v que and Lor tie tines the aldermen a 181.9 and then to Ollie five Mill tax Lew to i pan Tiv the follow if m Ai Oshkosh i streets the Binning of proud of its nut Hinh is Hool dui Boitet depart mint Andin Klavis Adt Nisu Tiou Tion the cite knows o he department As its m a or us i is but 1 Matt a looted me for la had 192 i to Hen ule Lomm Ismon employed Leonard Smith Bmat Isitt of Wisconsin a que the Battle Foi a i it Park prepare a cite plan and Osl Kush uti inuit Piatt ordinance to promote a a m it Washman to look for the Oshkosh yacht club Dull to the Mavoi s flu e Alt Hoith he More Beautiful in a postwar further binding the Thrif my of the s my Ali adv Statt Matoi whole my Kiev was plentiful wards n to cite Thev families was 01 d in 1879 Diu nun named William duh Mannl three wards Votre added to the chased a plow Anri so a per and ing Mavor Joseph Sti in Ham s and Lounel and it was i cite in 1924 the v eat major Hen lol deed the n v s edit Foi Mai Stalion and the Normal who part sided Over Many of the re kh7 took office. That year too. ?00 to Dormit ions Mion of the school came to Oshkosh in 1871 length councils scions needed to the Public museum opened in the Chicago North Besoin Das do my Mavor Janus v of me a new c to Chaite which 5--Clgar Sav Jer Manson after court As Oshkosh item of office Janus Jenkins was wry to a t the Council up As a litigation had Stab shed the City s in giving joins making body out Vav Ith Nghil to the saw or gift. Spurred in ther and Aldo Manu by the state the finally took m Jones took m bosom of nun or Job Vas the action to provide sanitary sewers t b h Noher a number m n re an to is with an ordinance Pior bit in hindu she the dry sum Tiv of Pess and Publ a serve map of the on wooden of the in Dorhmann was the first was Draun and a program o Satu div Mph with to under the treatment of waste materials ers Given thine in the r of River n Ltd a prohibit unless Don a posed condition no s n de City lot and b Litho firs House was the v s Sec a Mavor and to again 1857 during Fust for minis a three Emht 000 and the Conn pad has never Vot failed in a smile at and oto2on cil appropriated Tho Lom Amder to Tho firm advertised m Algoma to Tho City broke out at Jackson and Oregon cil appropriated total of 8000 population streets and wiped out an Aroa from m to Tho institution Tate in the now Oitt was to River to Washington a a m i it cation Over to 1 apr div Goma a swoon i Leht and Rowan Harv gift and Tho troublous Span in k m hav was n Offero Mavor Straham Ramod ican at period a void i Famois Oshkosh Boll foil out Aux liar fire police and All Iho lot of a Vor b Ido son to to ferry sowl fire of available equipment the Tamo lumber compant Sor rotary real to Side druggist. Jitter the death were brought under Street cars began to run Kansas Street. Hol and s Oshkosh Oitt director a of Assn Tho sold in Oshkosh ,1 rtt run a Rotor nor Tho hoc Kwh Ith hoi so and d m Skaug Lincoln tile linoleum Woll covering carpets window floor coming 272 main strict phone ilk. 9021 a paper Itaspa Pukl

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