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Orange Leader Newspaper Archives Jan 13 1992, Page 11

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Orange Leader, The (Newspaper) - January 13, 1992, Orange, Texas January 1992 the Orange Leader Texas digest children found Houston a Houston children taken from their Mother More than seven years ago have been found Safe in Mexico and were scheduled to be turned Over to the Ameri can embassy in Mexico City to the woman attorney their Charles William Chuck Smith son of for Mer Spring car dealer Charles Chick Smith was being held in according to reports in the Houston chronicle and the Houston Carolyn Shaffer the Mother of the was awarded million in damages in a 1985 lawsuit against her cd husbands father and other the jury said she had been wronged in a conspiracy among her former husbands relatives to abduct the the award was the first in Texas under a the new stale Domestic kidnapping the Charles William Smith now and Christo Pher Jason Are in Good health and Randy the attorney for the childrens told the Money earmarked Dallas a a National moderate Southern Baptist group has earmarked nearly for a theology school in Switzerland whose funding had been Cut off by the More conservative Southern Baptist the executive Board of the cooperative Baptist Fellowship made its decision to provide the funding in a meeting in Dallas that ended the Atlan abased Fellowship was organized last year after fundamentalists took Over the 15 million member moderates in the group say they Felt left out of leadership roles in the denomination and its the fellowships 82member Board reported its missions in come for 1991 was More than the group set aside for the Baptist theological Seminary at rus the Southern Baptist Conven Tion Cut off funding for the nary in although conservatives have dominated the leadership of the Southern Baptist convention for More than a moderates continue to hold key positions in suite including the Baptist general convention of sentences stiff Wichita Falls a Reed Reynolds didst even have a traffic ticket on his record when a North Texas jury slammed him with 99 years and a Fine for manufacturing that Cooke county Case exemplifies what Law officials Call a Little mercy stance by juries against drug there fed up with people Selling drugs and getting away with and Treyve been getting away with it for a Long said Dan Mike District attorney of Wilbarger and hard Emari were putting this in the hands of the and there taking care of Bird reforms failed Houston a some Houston officials Are calling for the reopening of an investigation into the City pension saying Little has been done to implement recommended re a newspaper has Council woman Christin har who led efforts last year to Reform the pension said she was dismayed and frustrated to learn that Board members have implemented Only a fraction of the councils i think we need to recon Vene the City Council audit committee to see what our options Hartung told the Houston Post in a copyright Story in sundays and if we dont see some positive changes on that Board within the next several months i think we should Call for some mass she 3b Edwards snakes it party time in Louisiana from Leader wire reports the prime rib has been pushed the toothpicks the silk Sui Coats parted for breathing the governors boys Settle Back at a Corner table in the elegant a sly faculty club and pick their Teeth in unison its time for Edwin Edwards to make them Edwin Washington Edwards fast the cajun Prince or just Ewe rhymes with Peewee Doest hell his unprecedented fourth term As which will commence with today inaugural is a remarkable comeback hell the Vic tory int tainted because the widely reviled David Duke was his but enough about right Edwards would rather talk about cat the is 50s sheriff of Landry which had More brothels per capita than any other Parish in in his singsong cajun Edwards cells How the sheriff rented vans and staged a c of an Pony show for reporters to prove that his Parish was t As filthy As critics noticing no brothels on the one reporter asked the sheriff what he was going to do about so sheriff he a Little p never Hurt no put that in your Damn the Corner table rocks with fast eddies Back in like old Edwards is feeling Sassy these Why else would a Man who been tred twice on racketeering charges take a Post election Hunting trip with Wayne a former aide who was sentenced to four years in jail for extorting thousands from companies doing business with the state Why else would he give two notorious friends prominent roles on his transition team the co chairman was Andrew who nos signed from the state Mineral Board amid an ethics commission the Legal counsel was William a former Edwards Law partner who profited handsomely from state contracts under the governor and la Ter As a sailing buddy of Gary Hart and Donna Rice aboard the Monkey and Why else would Edwards ring in the be w rear amid the glitter and fast Felt action of Lis Dice where his pile of chips at Caesars Palace reportedly reached can a Leopard change its spots i Dort think says one Louisiana government offi Cial and Veteran Edwards i think he s More like an he can t stay away fro n what he in too Loyal to my its my biggest political flaw and greatest Hui Edwin Edwards even though Edwards was acquitted in fed eral court for allegedly netting 32 million As part of a conspiracy to obtain and sell Hospital and nursing Home his trials in 1985 and 1986 tarred him As a pc son who acted like he was we had to fight him a Little bit sometimes because Hes Bright enough to think Hes smar Ter than the people Hes says remembering his clients sarcasm under Cross the trial Hurt him gutted says Bob a longtime Friend who was Edwards executive assistant from 1983 to while the governor was c racking bitter jokes for reporters at the Louisiana was a laser photo reviews details with John daughter Anne this was supposed to be a different Edw id at grayer and he to Louisiana voters that he was Wiser and Ower than the riverboat Gambler they Remer that Edwin Edwards seemed to unite the to threads of Louisiana political crazy outside the he invoked Earl songs strippers straitjacket Odyssey be trickled Down enough riches to rival Broth or Luey the last Edwards practically begged for a c Hance to redeem his tarnished name by pulling the states woeful Economy out of the 1 Here would be no More no More win i in quips about life As an incorrigible no More Riding a horse and buggy to the court he gets in trouble because he has an agile mind that comes up with these says Jim the celebrated Tennessee trial lawyer who defended Edwards at his first which ended in a Hung he was acquitted the Sec Ond time he May walk too close to the but i dont think hed do anything that he believed in his heart was Edwin is really a Slick Hes got More substance than the quips Edwards would agree with in Hes puzzled Overall the talk about a new Edwin one of the dichotomies people make about my life which i find amazing is that i have All this ability to govern and have done great but then they say 1 Hope he Doest do it the Way Hes done just once id like to hear someone say i Hope the son of a Bitch stays the despite his High rolling Edwards does have a record of accomplishment in Loui Siana rivalled Only by Huey beginning in when he was elected to the City Council in Edwards has won 19 victories out of 20 attempts for that includes seven years in his Vita is dotted with in he be came Louisiana first Chajim governor this Cen the first roman Catholic governor in More than 100 the first French speaking governor of the modern he did it by promising populist reforms and by overtly courting the Black vote the first time that had been done in a statewide race in he also won by cutting a monumental Back room Edwards and Bennett now a faced each other in a Runoff after besting a 17candidate which included Gillis Long Huey Cousin and former Jimmie Davis of country music Fame Are my Edwards assured Victory in his closest race by agreeing to retire Longs As he did during his 1985 racketeering Campaign draw a congressional District 1 t p invt inv Nyrl in neg dial to illustrate the slow wheels of no More testimony about Why he kept in a personal signed gambling markers wit i a cases such As nuff and Muffuletto Aid was visited by Casino couriers with suit c uses full of business leaders and Good government types were so horrified by the though a Klansman governor that they fretful bed aboard the Edwards bandwagon am returned him to vote for the its Rea bumper underlining the shaky True his newfound that roguish though understand Sells Edwards friends and enemies 1 he is As talented and capable a governor As have Ever the Only question May be in character and the people he surrounds self says Steve director of Thi Lake Pontchartrain Basin foundation and former chief of staff for buddy we o Defeated Edwards in Larouche removed from Texas primary ballot Houston a the Texas democratic party has removed fringe candidate Lyndon Larouche from the presidential primary Larouche has no Legal right to be on the Texas ballot this Bob state party told the state democratic executive he is a convicted and a co evicted Felon is not allowed to run gone to Market lots of new stuff on the Way including for him and provide Campaign jobs to his any suspicion that Edwards populism was just a ploy to get elected was dispelled when he took the oath of office in both English and French and eloquently declared that racial separatism in Louisiana was Over to the the the the thousands of Black louisianans who have not yet enjoyed the full Bounty of the american we extend not a Palm with but the hand of like the politician he admires Lyndon Edwards was poised to use Power to get things like a politician he under Richard he knew that things can get that breaking watergate was Good he but when they got All he had to do was admit it and hed still be during the first two Edwards adm Nistra minorities were appointed to government a modern Constitution was written and adopted against heavy and state coffers overflowed when the method for taxing Oil was changed from a Flat per barrel rate to a percentage of Edwards came by his populism his family was poor and sharecropper other peo Ples farms in the Central Louisiana Countryside near they didst have lights until As a read a How to Book and wired the Home even his lifelong dream of becoming a la Wyer was realized after a stint in the naval air corps during world War Edwards earned bachelors and Law degrees at then took a bus to new Orleans for the bar once the test was he cashed in his return ticket and hitchhiked Kevin a former legislator Edwards has appointed economic development secret credits the governor with using his political skills to help the less in the he cements political As he did with Reilly in 1976 when his Baton Rouge District needed a Hospital outreach program for an impoverished he never forgets Reilly i caught him one Day and told him i needed to get health services to the he said he the next time i it was already but what about the governors character or the characters surrounding him even Edwards in too Loyal to my its my biggest political flaw and great est human Harry sheriff of Jefferson Parish and a close Friend of says that to attack the governors friendships is to attack the essence of the the electorate pick his if he goes Hunting with Wayne is that Cour age or Folly As Long As the Good times were rolling in it was easy to Overlook Edwards cronies and Admire his Charm and Natty when it was revealed that South korean lobbyist ton Sun Park had Given the governors wife a Edwards said that want much of a bribe for a Man of his when he was questioned about his image As a Woma he laughed it when eyebrows were raised Over his gambling treks to he said not to he was a big after serving the two consecutive terms Al Lowed by the Constitution he helped Edwards left office in still wildly he saw it As a sabbatical hed be but this time trouble was the third term began in typical Ewe in january Edwards chartered a Boeing 747 and took More than 200 of his supporters to fast Eddie some chanted As the governor made his Way through the Monte Carlo at a candlelight dinner in the Hall of mirrors at Edwards said i understand Louis Xvi gave such big parties Here that he came to a bad but i think we can get away with he did and he going to Oil and Gas r meted and the state was in ready had rammed a through the to percent in popularity Between the Economy an was a Ripe target for Rome whose father had served in nitration and been co most observers think the Al doing did in but h insisting that he to touchable without the Oil o their As in they Vot Ever the the floating Edwards administration is skyscraper Capitol that he during the past two Mon vision Al government of based in Edwards Home a Rouge Home the governo Eleone hotel in new Orlean room on a recent aft Emoo took appointments with Sta backers such As Harry con District the seen wards up to a dozen men had Plum Edwards Al lion tax increase no a stunning 20 the Edwards a Young reformer he Edwards Admi cited of nations of wrong s Loath to concede id have been in voters Vole their whal rap game that is an Oming Back to the y Long the pro Wisiana has been from his Baton s suite at the Mon Here in the bed the cajun Prince senators and Loyal Orleans Parish was Vintage de Langing filling the air with chatter about gut s and jewelry and occasional arguments about who was owed what in Way of Hes trying to be the Nev old friends wont let moaned As raised voices wer Hind the bedroom h slate around and Clear his but he Doest like telling people Only once did anything Corum break and that w Edwards nursing appeared in emerging for a soda he Doest drink for a minute to and his do Mcourt by heard arguing be to turn this approaching de when Candy i 27yearold leu Ith shopping bags from the meeting stopped they Haven posted to r Grade he told pointing to a Mckinl detail who had been sent to before ducking Back a drawn de time to talk about his a next r of his Security the University to nto his in Edwards had cited last now that Hes divorced Fror Hes certain the womanizing Are no longer he resolved to be part of my Mola Morphosis years out of office was Wrell it was Wise to Rush out boldly he wants to keep his they have used me and the Quick Tongue we my Best about right there businessmen waiting in the s his wife of 40 t stories about titillating to the More cautious Over no with whether and stake a Posi friends in Check this is my in going to do 11 mexican Ting room to talk about locating their Trade association offices in new while rail governor elect about which the horses he should Blai Edwards breathed a que Pasa the once and greeted his word i know is Lovely Ewe was Back in Busin propped the gentlemen were Ket with Enthus energizing future governor he Only Spanish i Iky my 2482 King 8860111 on the primary ballot in Slagle said saturday in the executive committee cast Larou he off the ballot on a voice an was Senten de to 15 years in prison in 1989 o i mail and tax fraud the frequent presidential candidate was accused of bilking supporters out of 3 30 we have moved to Northway 0 shopping Center 0 1 s it16rl6 Noryll fans v c m e t i c s 7 u d i 0 s we i Tow How Beautiful you can 9 a the executive committee on saturday accepted the candidacies of 10 other democratic presidential red peppers chinese restaurant monday thru thursdays pm to 9 pm dinner special ors arable includes egg Roll Fried Texas Bridge City 7357334 6 reasons to see a chiropractor Back pain headaches whiplash arthritis nervousness your Well being is our main concern serving Orange since 1948 burgers 1 2 Rudeseal chiropractic clinic 1312 Park 8833942 i open til 28o5 Macart Orange 88 be Flat 9pm self a or 57331

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