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Oil City Derrick Newspaper Archives Nov 24 1920, Page 4

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Oil City Derrick (Newspaper) - November 24, 1920, Oil City, Pennsylvania R four to Erri Rorr Derrick wednesday a Ormo son Meh is. To the Oil City Derrick member of the Tymi talk Lye. And v n. C a ii thi of ii it Kru k ii or at r. At the Recto by a. Int car. A a _ a. Cut msu.1 j Mumm dab by no a car treed a . Of t to i by Tut i it Aoa hindi Jim in awake att. Derrick publishing comps no Ohio. Kentucky Indi. Unm it a i ate. A. Who Sty .-.tohdn. Of Ohta Hui. I aunt sons. Good paying investment Pennsylvania production. Whole or fractional interest. Rut Robert e. Kinter p. A boy pr�t4bt j n. A Rrue in j id try. K. R i a Ltd a it a a a j a pm w. Orr. Editor turns or it Auu Rue i Ltd Jam Rucj Tyr tie. Of 0 a do or i in Tut Chi. Thud a Rich to. Of. 0. Via a fart Worth p. U Moor he ton to. St. U via he. Siepert. A. Oui a and Emily t Pat a a or by a w j enlist Salli it month. Amer rate b parlor. , who re a a thru month i Allf Orala. 0�t Wyto �4bcnb�r within a a by of uha. H . County Par re a. A Mellen. A to Kiy 0�trich. It or. To a Orff b a Dos in Oil City Franklin an Athar fitly j a Hor a to try la mad the rata will a a cents or aet. Room 325 i. O. O. F. Old. Ii. Pro hts listed an advertising counsel ii sold. Itt. Park fan la. Tin lion a. Theodor it. Cassel of main it enlisted in the v. S. Marine through the local office and will to a a ave the morning for Pittsburgh. On he hot part of the j Ney to Tampico port Kaya n c t win a. A Latham. , Nett Teek. I Miel he so Covey left on toe. A nerd Hau or or Quot tort City Day for Buffalo n. A a a As a Dele the. Only adult Rte if a drum Cesarin National capital. Ref t m the of Cit chapter of the to a Oil a holism. C k. Pm a w a.hltt�te�, d c the hash. To a a la. A convention. A too Redict Tlouga for serious Dis a a. A Cushion. Some however May inc Paios arc made adopted and the country commit Hal ted to vast expenditure which it operations resumed. Cannot afford. For example local owing to the breaking Down of fits engine in the Power station f the Oil Well Supply Plant in be in operation the a morning. Tabit plaits. With the return of the Republican to take charge of the government the Tariff comes to the front Aff sin but tit a different attitude from that with which it has been handled by the democrats. The present leaders of the nest Contr Ess Are agreed in revising the Tariff upward to the Point where it will yield it.609,000.009 a year in Revenue according to or Curt in. Of areas. Republican whip of the Senate. This would necessitate greatly curtailing the free list As Welt As advancing the existing rates upon dutiable Goose the project pm _ in it has however the practical a Dan a Tage that it May be supported by j this league expenses. Republicans upon the theory of among important items under Protection to american industries d Lac ii n by the a seem my at Lien. Bodice Ere being requested to put in hand extensive nor of various kinds not because they Are necessary. But merely to provide employment. This kind of thing involves unprofitable spending schemes and does not go to the Root of the evil. There need be no unemployment today but Industry to Prosper must be on an economic Bass and it is not at the present the tenth Ward on tuesday after by imling no. 2, one of the be shops was closed at i and by democrats upon the theory f a Revenue tar. On both counts it to Likely to a peal strongly to Treasury atau Atica ports Ere Macreas greater rate than foreshadows the America s balance two or three a popular favor show that in Nget a much i exports which a re wiping out Chi j of Trade with tie tremendous Tariff revenues increased bees i St end the year of opera a been Tariff be-1 d Taw became j lifts into the i valued St in h in Iii is it i Ihm eve Are the first three budgets of the league of nations the first and second it. S of the budget run from May amp lilt when the preliminary organisation of the secretariat was authorised by the conferee be to the end of to. The third budget constitute an Advance estimate of what the league will require for is tar. It us activities during the gear 1921 it is therefore no possible to form some estimate of what the world will have to pay for the new form of sett g a the l the pm Cee of the ared in in a tic a of the Lull. A t of Iii Vii t of first Bya 142 win of it get Iii dont Couch the violent paroxysms of coughing econ eased by or. A King a new discovery. Fifty years a a Amia re remedy for co is. I children like in no harmful drugs j but just Good Medicine. At your druggists 60c and $1.20 a bottle. For colds and cough ? Nev discovery mums ear. In i Ivy a a a a add Stanton s i l a Dow n Tost of living three Days More cohns removal Sale ii rec shipment of Indian River Sweet oranges arrived this week tor Holiday Trade these Are the finest of the Ste a Mvi hmm Olari Date. Malaga grapes Large soft sip la it Al Init t rather rfcs Home grown lot tiv Ami celery. St Inton s i iry St twin St Fet i tiv it i Lio spec . Loc oranges at Loc. 0c oranges 70c. �0c oranges 60c, 30c dromedary dates Ile. 20c coconuts Lac. 1.23 hex Cli m is Candy 1,00, a be nut Cindy ,0c. 50c mix Candy 40c. 35c Batty cake flour s9e, 4ic Swan s Down cake flour. 47c he package pastry and cake flour. 4�c. 30c chocolate 23e� 35c package Sun maid Raisin. Sec. He package Jette tic. Ile package ice Cream powder i so. 15c ran milk Cocos i so. �?�0� can apricots. 4ic. To insure we stage cutting Down Stock to the limit Oil City s greatest bargain Days wednesday Friday saturday Der. J Joe bottle spy App per by Large Bur is kill cd t pow. 55c. La a i p for Creamery end count i butter. Lit of High Grade Oleo. Delivery to Iii parts of City. Lazy people Lazy Bowel. It Miry f Ike Rey Lect the Fieri u .4 i of r a tip fit in. It under i -4 i 1\t a a the , takes Ell vim oui j a a of t of you. Or. King in ills will in is Hie mar r in. Rate theft Toinby i in i 111 i la i ii 1 i Amei f a. A i or get a v i i i i i i a i v. I Civ of d prompt wont c rip i skins pile Hup p \ suits at clearance prices Coats at a e plan not to move on suit to our new store. $5 5.00 suits at. $b5.00 suits at. $75.00 Cutts at. $89.50 suits at. $99 50 suits at. $149.50 suits at. $31.00 $41.00 $51.00 $61.00 $71.00 $91,00 end of Beason dresses at less than Cost of prices j making and right when you buy your Chat now need them $29.50 Oats at $49.50 Coa is at. 9.50 Coats at $69.50 Coats at $85.00 Coats at i $99.50 Coats at Val $16.00 $28.00 $38.00 $46.00 $58,00 $68.00 $29.50 ski 2v7 a a i $15.00 $39.50 Difasi s at $18.00 $49.50 presses at $26.00 $59.50 dresses Al $36.00 $75.00 dress 1.8 Al $48.00 materiale�?7 nicotine \ flour. Dynes. Cham Oistine. Duvet de i Aine a a the new to 8ty, of fhe Gefon and Serge. In Navy Brough. Malay. In Wool velour. Co Dyline Veldyne deep be and Taupe Plain fur and Bolivia. Some fur trimmed others trimmed or embroidered. Self trimmed in every wanted color. Materials of sateen. Taffeta c Hur Metis Duvetine f Ricote and Serpe and lace combinations. Suitable for Street afternoon and evening Wear in colors Navy i an. Brown Black and i Hupe. Odd suits at less than half Price Odd Coats less than half Price about 32 suits v Alues to $ 39.50 at about 28 suns values to $45.00 at about 25 coat s blues to $16.75 at. $18.45 t hoi to Quot it it it 18 Oats i Evv values to $24 75 at $ 7.50 $10.00 Odd dresses at less than half Price about 35 dresses in broken sizes i Aff Etas Satin jerseys and Serge. V Alues to $22.50 $10.00 rated a Enmark Jugo Slagt of a Cree the is ours stat h Sam Perkins to a b j , pm he v s would Dens i in por i pro Ahly Pix re on. The he by lories in the your portrait As an Xmas gift will prompt Many recollections of enjoyed companionship. Next Are giving the following great reductions on All photo graph till now 25th�?io per cent. From nov. 26th to nov. 30th �?5 per cent. The vicious Circle in a refer to sue to dry re of Lee or. Keg be wed to circulated Trad j i in the world had Rome ii my comment on the Btry Arth if win for 4 in. It wed that the club tuition pay the trav. R up is a of the the United fits it would this year a above for rid about Taic that \ real bully sort of american lad. Gives everything taker Mything is a confirmed Goat likes if. T re p r full h cd he shr from inconspicuous la of la u of in a int no Icie to t. It Rolt tii Aff a a to to mob dad by this a a ready i Winter. To tack it Moodi ugh hut by today secure a Annot no must the luxury w 111 if he Oon Ducioa. Tny sed Ai Merit during and that this a of wanting the go to were wanted r not at the figure of in in Amulace Ort reasonable profit. It a profit it is i Stop Trad la be 4rn and to a mar a. A to As the record a Tbs at Price must coma Down re. Guinea Acme boldness in thee Day. By in the View of Many Well informed Diler in the world of Commerce that is the Bent cure for Here of c Ira Wear up against what la termed the vicious Circle Price go up because wages Are High and wage Are High because Price have gone up what now needs to be emphasized a that the Converse is tru if wage fall Price of Low moreover of prices fail. Do. In and will promptly Pere there will be plentiful employ men Here the trouble arise in in settling which shall come Down feet wage or prices. Looking at All the far fairly it seem to he most Likely that wage will have to make the initial move. The manufacturer Cost Irma lower prices ult in labor Conte decline an Ini r eased turnover would re to in heavier loser labor on the other a id. Would gain at ones of lower rage promptly led to increased Piermont. The temporary Sac would be Worth while on the i Dpi that half a loaf la Hefter to n no bread and the sacrifice c lid Only be temporary because foyer Cost of production would \ y have the effect of bringing Flanger a the advocate in minuses to Rel Iava in. -j5 cd. Several proposals have i Forward a Ai a of which i lids the in Pennsylvania stat College that every continent in the la represented among it and there Are seven Hale represented beside the of Pennsylvania nativity Tho student body one of St dive rail a Ever enrolled at the College there Are students from nearly each on of the United fit a fee Europe in represents by on French Girt Asia by Ficu chinese boy Africa by one la Herian Houth America by a native of Gene sue a. And thera Are six from Porto Hico and one from the philippine this diversified representation indicate it h go standing of our state s farm ctr a a Polly and her Palow the comic which appears daily exclusively in the Art studio 21 n Ucer St., Oil City pet. Plum 102-0 for your thanksgiving dinner we Lune outline pig that a tim for run Ming. Aimi Turki pm a Duck and a i Ken. I lib k its -4�� a Quot be. Gome of the i men who invade Kentucky find holes have already been drilled for them in the Olden Days and need Only to be uncovered cleaned oui and put to pumping there Are not Many of i he find but several Are report to have been found profitable if is an easy Way to get production. Coming and going an i Mia Ada Evelyn Greenfield Lef tuesday for Buffalo where he will join her aunt and Uncle Genet and or of d. Jewett and the will spend the Winter in 8t Petersburg Fla miss Josephine Kirk Eai Ruoai City. And miss Hose reek. Of St. Josephus Academy Tiu Villa will be the guest of the min schiffers no. 51 main St. The pathos of a the Motif in master the humor of a Potash and Perlmutterr i that a Quot a Tell your of other f Kempis Bai Sam will atop Bat con ii Cill. My Mother gives it to me when i get a cough Ami Yea done to hear a coughing Allne humoresque3�?T Choice turkeys. Ducks and chickens for thanksgiving dinner canned goods smoked hams fresh meat and Bacon at same Low prices Beans Elm St. Market pet. Phone 480-x a $3 98 mohair Petti coat All color at. $2.19 $7.50 slip on sweaters. All color at. $4.35 $2.98 children sweater at ,. $1.98 $3,95 sweater Aiea 2 to 6. At $2.98 $ 1.00 Gale Hoar at .59c $2 of silk Hose at .98c slightly imperfect Black. White and Brown. $ i 4 Corset at. .$1.29 $3.00 Corset at $1.59 broken ize and discontinued style. $2.48 Flannelette gown at.$1.79 $2.98 gowns at. $2.19 Georgette Waist a $12.50. $1 1.95. $10.50 value at. $4.95 Georgette Waist a $8 50, $6.50, $5.75 value at. $3.95 89c Gingham Fie aprons about 20 dozen in the lot at 59c $ i 0.50 Hildren a f or set slightly soiled at. $4.98 $ 3.95 lingerie Waist slightly counter soiled at .$2.35 $8.95 children s Coats at.$4.95 $10.73 children Coats at. $7.95 $ i 5.00 children s Oats at. �?z$10.75 $10.95 plaid skirt. $7.98 $ i 6 95 Serge skirt pleated models. $12.48 slightly counter dolled Gingham House dresses $3.98 dresses at .$1.98 $2.50 infants Quot bonnets slightly soiled. At. 69c $2.48 infants White dresses at. $1.79 $3.48 children s Gingham dresses at .$2.98 $4.95 children s dresses at. $3.50 69c children s bloomers goof Quality Black sateen sizes 2 to to. 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Arm chair and 5 Side hairs $518.00 Sale Price $362.00 bargains like this Are offered once in a life time if butter special Fine Sweet june q storage lbs it j c fresh poultry a pm legs Doz Bine Quality apr storage , Doz fresh 7 us f a Creamery. La Doc Margarine special 80c 65c Hoffman nut 3 lbs. Goody nut 3 lbs. Chamberlain amp Pressey a just Aero the Creek from High Price a 95c 95c milk i Oakwood la. 38c 4-c Brand. I lbs 7p 5 la pail $1.85 / do special spec a i Gold cross�?2 cans 25c see and hear our Bestone phonograph Only $65.00 Oil City a. Hoffman a 203 Sycamore Street coming to the suy Temple theatre with appropriate musical letting j do you want Good work we do dry Elk Aning ing and remodelling. Come to us. Pressing. Dye Quot on work is the talk of the Central tailors no. 2 Well front St., Oil City a. L or a weak mourn. Ii. J after supper for to few Day. It win if you have a weak stomach you improve your Dis eation and insure should eat sparingly of meats and a in a in it of your Bowel these should be careful to Mast Cate your Tai Heta contain no pepsin by. Food thoroughly a digestion begin strengthen the stomach and enable. In the Mouth then take Ona of it to perform it functions Tiu tur Herf Ilmet aft Way 1 lumber Lin a tablets immediately your thanksgiving Silver the proper Silver will help to make should lie my looted Here. Jour Hillier a Sui it a. With tim Purchase of Jour a a Iller attended ii undivided attention to the other details thin Muk a real thanksgivings do. A you can a to b. Rosenberg jeweler spurt \ Ltd to o o a it s a sit a it of tells 21 Seneca Street have you read the classified ads

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