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Oil City Derrick Newspaper Archives Nov 24 1920, Page 3

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Oil City Derrick (Newspaper) - November 24, 1920, Oil City, Pennsylvania Money quickly doubles a we have been talking much about the Pilgrim fathers lately. If when they arrived one of them had put $100,00 at compound interest for the Benefit of a child to be born in 1920, that child would have inherited a Fortune at his birth of $13, 000.000, and that same $13,Ock too would become $26,000,000 when that child was i a i years old that is 17/> years from today. Four per cent on savings ii etto Trust jump Stu a to Titi Reo Cross Orive final Appeal to those who have not contributed. Rn.�?T1�?T fro a t i t end Man the proper shoes for baby mtw1 Itu of Ira Tab so a Wigt a i Are Bora have perv t foot Thrif la no no Why. Barring idral Tho la gum not go i Honish life with perfect feet the Only Loop sip that Iller Arter know foot trouble la to be rare that they Hare the Profyr Aho our Aho will null their Fen aright through All their growing team for Terrry it bans it ruled for la Nuth lug three he for children finn re it rvs of a hah it,3. . I a i St. Up Ami Violet Heel in ran hid i a hem a Tuc Oil pm but Day Morsf of business women give a a Jap cabaret party. Nov rpm a ism a f age thai ft1 we 116 Center sued oort a. A the Hom or Good who a club it Agency july lug not with the room decorated in teal japanese Sty Ieth performers in appropriate a in refresh met no in keeping with Theca it son the japanese cabaret party raised by the by month women club of tuesday vening a one of the Moat pleasing furs Tlona staged by the organization in Many months. The entertainment was some thing different from that usually Busy Shehi and it delighted the members of the club. The decoration in i la Large dining room where the with the majority of the a t party a staged. Included Japan i Dent at la. A la i the. A Gad Ai k a i of f to Era a Well a Large couches that gave an attractive touch to the affair the program included a dance by air Charles Hubbard a companies by id in Medora Weaver piano acini turns by or. Alice Kane songs by or Helen Montgomery accompanied by i Opal Kline solos by Mies Grace Middleton accompanied by mias Mary j Mcmahon two play lets Quot year a i Suppi and Aid a by miss i Merit cowrie m Al Alldre i Berry and or a h Turner. Is girl. Meter smart. Leona Nash Dwetty Messer Blear it or in by. Virginia Brown and Norma Porterfield formed an ukulele orchestra. In addition to the program the Reni Bens a it re entertained with a Star performer for and other even s that a the affair so Vucic aliment were served a a of the event w a s do s at the committe it is wands Bowen. Of this City did much a affair euro Ful by a number of embroil red Mali re Frei or t in hundreds hear test of Edison in Wand vie for thanksgiving Tkv a to Bee Max Lewis Cash store last nights audience mystified by phonograph hears famous Soprano compares voice with re creation by Edison a new phonograph. Madame Odette be Fontenay. The famous operatic Soprano gave an extraordinary recital last night at Junior High school. She walked on to the stage and stood beside a stately Cabinet. She began to Uig the the audience immediately yielded to the spell of her Beautiful voice. Then suddenly there was a stir a subdued murmur of surprised and a perplexed rubbing of eyes. The voice continued to fill the auditorium with undiminished sweetness your eyes were proof of that but her lips had become absolutely silent your eyes told you that. A what wizardry was this j it was the test of direct companion with the living artist which Thomas a. Edison has developed to demonstrate that toe official Laboratory Model of his new phonograph will sing any song exactly As it was Sung by the artist and that hit re creation of a Singer s voice As it comes from his wonderful new phonograph positively t Annot be distinguished from the Singer s in Tual voice when both Are heard in direct it on Panson. Madame a Fontenay made repeated com pardons always with the same result. It w is truly wonderful. Fins mister achievement of the great wizard. Edison Marks a new epoch in music. Nils with is i it a c. B. Shop a land slide i m by re Ali in i i la us i it ring a ism late tit it pkg i it by a go 111 ii ii of a cum a in s Quot a it a Dit nil. Or Ca is i Gas i closes v a luge Fin Quot i Imit Pete fur a Oft Mac it Lttie a in use a it ilk i w. Vir la to tvs la Quot. Us i bps ii a i i in no >l4et% la six Itu isl i bion Milfs a 1,1 Tbs re Oil Rill i Rte of Aii. Wee tis it in s Lunet stiff a Are i in of til a Iak la at thi 12 Iii i ii a Ai aass die la the new Edison �?o7ae phonograph with a soul f having one of these Edison will bring to your Home to entertain you the Best artists of the country. Come to our store select one As a Xmas gift for the entire family. Prices Range from $95.00 to $295.00 period Devon up to $500,00 try our budget plan easy payments r. G. Koch exclusive Edison dealer m meat men Mew i Mon to Al it of men Tous Iliff 35 ass a i is 3lv 3s< Siss a ii is is a ii Caffrey amp Bardsley absolutely Correct for men Oil City a k if min a. It Wain Oil vie. Lie flail Olive i stuffed Olive. J lie in Ain Olive j mar shr Cream 3 i it f lobster. I it. i it it at Aln Mech and Jai a purity bread 2lffl� oct Loave Slu Ili in a i Kilt to emf i Al is #5 Tiff get to i lion Fulton fruit Market sit a Al met. In a. Clint 25111, ski Iii Sci i a growth its the beet of Btl for growing old div a Ive i hem plenty of in i it Chi i Hiu i and Rolls a the loaf Mist by tiffs Murff a Taiwan bodies. Y t he off Bakie i in ski it is Spring m order your thanksgiving poultry Early w we furry she uni Complete i in at varsity i vegt Sac to Mil a Lem Tiit of Pitts Margir both ton to had in us Gold. White Gold or i w \ Quot Xiv the Kennedy g optical company ill. Optical specialists set Aini floor Levi Nills. J a Bolti Ftp pics in v. A a 1-= Edw. Roesse la Motter a Ross Transfer storage packing Long distance hauling moving pet phone 11460 frn Victor dry cleaning repairing and pressing sri it it a like sew fur. By Hilt take to i of off just rail air i a it will i it. Lie rest. I lev vis a i lamp standards Ano shades tor every room in the Home no r tall attention to our i inti exclusive creations in Parchment Shade it Hen be a i Imp or you Home let us show you something differed and away Fror tile Ordinary May we h v the pleasure of serving 4d$ti.�ft�� to the Chol ret of is Sod a vegetable re. A in it Bik i i s it it a rills w i i k Kummu it rolled Oats Quot to i. F i he i a u i to Tai i it in starch. I att a sos nip raked rest i f St 3 until mar Rahina to i or r i is let Boul Maraschino Cher Ries. So a Bettie f of a a a. I ii bottle fat of .<1 30c a to or of stuffed Tivee Betti. Of is lad dressing a it a package a a cd a Lei a a in bottle preserved or pickled Fig. He Cen of to Las,#., lit can of Moines can Rice of hawaiian Pines up. An per i is. N i ii i s a he a a .5 Usa pineapples. A per iroinis3 50 j or of Peanut flutter.,. I 7 Jar of of Anut butt. 2 in a i k to medal flour is to res k Gold my Tai a it 4t> pure Flavouring extract 110 c it Popcorn. Of Fackas of data. 2.t� Cabin syrup. Ant log Cabin syrup., the Ora a a vie Nae us i Ella eni a of Hor Val i fuss s#5b a it a a a j9 a a a. A a to be be of fruit it in Vesta lit the Rke to affords foe than Klut of to it plug eng Day phone orders will re i Cefus our prompt and careful at Small fire in Derrick i i office employee Hurt a Story thai cried to hid or teal.ttvincent Lewis. Off a s its laughter and laughs to in to i i hand. Gloves neckwear hosiery store with a con is ence Henry j. Mc6r,y distinctive garment Fattor the distinctive Gray shop on the Cerner Priscilla Dean Tams suede like ail colors a thanksgiving millinery Sale seasons newest styles at $7.50, $10.00, $12.50 Choice june of children a Beaver hats at $s.i0 every move in this business is made for the purpose of serving our customers interests. A Tiff i m Lio o n til re it a. A. I is no in i of the wit1 Tow Alffa flock tuesday site or. The papers which were pit a window he were ignited in so unknown null r who n Hie Meby 1> a of the it Iff were out for to Rich the Ila in is were it Ltd a by miss Mary Dwyer in the Elfise of the Dwyer 5gen, y Iii the National transit i uhf liar across the Street it he no tin i Xvi is Egan in the let i Nee Oft a of the i Morrii k and tit f t department a called wit ii the burning paper no Oft the a y la i a i r of mph f Quot up Quot has a i r in of Citi i u e ii a window it i in wit slightly Barrad. This a ext aul Ell of by the be of a Che Micky the firs men. Hide its tears that so a humoresque coming to the theatre with appropriate musical setting cd blk Bale. Jit Tholos registered and High Public at Rosier h a a a a amp Jere a cattle some freehand from Diamond in Iton , fresh a Oon tuberculin tested and november or Isho. T in a Gnu marked let it listing Anocia tion re few and Grain end is lords j j St Fred w. Brown m. D. I k Iesta i you Nilon mental and vet tons diseases Trust to in Kaka line. Be Mark Down Sale Hundred of new fashions rom every division of our stocks. Suits. Coats. Dresses skirts waists and petticoats remarkable values and lower prices j a Mucial Tiedt c to it a also # Nething extra on us baby of to percent on All photographs phut Graphe Mads before Chr kit i Thart a Murrau studio ame. Call pet phone 8b8-x. Rem is mn1 lift i 1s20.1 Il-13-i0t i Quot. S. Comp Wien i. T. C. A a the Best dividend earning Indue Geow you the propose Tina. J t trial Stock in to. S. A. Sells its Ftp Cut Tail rare Arlington hotel per share All Cora Moil. Earns Over 1-21 -25-2,

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