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Oil City Derrick Newspaper Archives Nov 24 1920, Page 2

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Oil City Derrick (Newspaper) - November 24, 1920, Oil City, Pennsylvania A or on. Or non int to Monpat atm Tyg Corr Man 4. Two r Iser to Teh in buy the sort of clothes today tor 7omorrow that will be with you the Day Atter any cult you buy today will look Good tomorrow when you Art Ell shaved up and Dreutz up but what about Christmas new year and Washington birthday it the Barber should be on a strike any overcoat you put on new tomorrow noon will feel Good tomorrow night but what about those bitter nights in january when you Are going to be out later at the office the Point i that you Are going to be Here the Day after tomorrow and that we Are Bere today with the Quality of fresh thanksgiving Sutta and overcoat that won t lot their shape when the Turkey loses his and Price Are Down to bed Rock a you can buy Adier Roche ter and society Brand overcoat and suit at $40, $45 and $50 that were Twenty dollars higher. Eugenia Wilbur returns after service in Siberia. Conditions described new jewelry c. P. Smith sons co. On City a greatest store new neckwear suits coals wraps dresses and fur Coats at prices based on new Low Market conditions after having serve.1 for More than s year with the red Crow i Force in Siberia m is Eugenis Wilbur has returned to ii City and i the guest of her father s e Wilbur 111 Central a miss Wilbur left or franc a or her War to Siberia in May 1919, travelling by Way of Japan on her return trip so boarded the president Grant att american transport at Vladivostok on August 24, 22. Thle it Errit a any others of the America ferries waa engaged in carry a Creeh troop or a part of their return trip these coach Soldier War taken to Trieste in Italy. A a result of the route of by a w Burns re turn trip he has travelled practically All around the world. The voyage to Siberia a made or the Pacific Ocean the return was Mads by Way of the sue canal and the Atlantic Ocean muss Wilbur we stationed in oat of the time that she a in Sib a a with the red pm at a Hospital in be Rahni la Ltd no by. So was that from August i. Isis until the evacuation in january i the pm a in z to m j., a. The Alop Ness of railway travel in Siberia it illustrated by the fact that it took a month for my Wilbur to reach the coast after he had left be Rahni 1�?~dinaky the a am distance in could he traversed or. A few do it Kir and Aston j class c s firs were provided for the red pm worker. A the d. it travel were Antn tamed mates Wilbur ult a that there la a great Deal of typhus fever in Siber and claim that there alway wjl2 be a life in that country Ieth cheapest thing therefore the russians car to learn Little about the prevent a a cur of this ailment and what the do lur1 they not prec Vee condition Alang the e ast mar Vuai a tit to Anat in the Vicinity of to h mph there so wag stoned Pic Heath not very Bright a not crib ical in any by. There que a Quantity of prs cd m Evv Ibur so a be should it a it Nam for it take Little to d a to a to Eon Digior it the m a Wilbur it re the known Ever to he ruse until Augustie Enni 0 mibs a dresses Lor women and misses the Best values of the season charming afternoon and Street Dreeana beautifully tailored of Tai Otine. Silk due Eton Satin silk Mignonette Wool Jersey charmeuse. Serge and crepe Satin. Including the famous Rosemary and Peggy Paige styles. Women a dresses at $19.75 end $29.75 those Drca acs Are smartly tailored of Serge Jersey and latin in p. By Black and Brown color the Aire Are for women and misses those that a now priced $19.75 Are value up to $27,75, dresses that Are now priced $29,75 Are values up to $ it 50. Come Early for these a they Are exceptional value women a dresses at $35.00 these dresses Are selected dresses that were formerly priced up to $4$ 50. Featured Are the latest styles material and colourings these Are not dresses bought for special Sale i. Poes but High Grade models from our regular Arock. Women a dresses at $55 of the stamp of food taste i undeniable in the new fashion they Are tailored of tri Cotine velvet Satin lace and main err inst on and include Many Model from Peggy Paige and Roe Mary. Women a dresses now priced at $79 50 la Jaivon new models of to come. Chiffon velvet due Eton Itin and use combinations these Are one of the kind and Are of rare value As their former Price was from $85 00 to Coats for women and misses refreshing new models at tempting prices Winter it Here with it Crisp cold Day that Call for these Trepa. We have anticipated my lady t demand with this up ply of Beautiful a Well As serviceable and attractive Coats. $24.75 to $29.75 new Winter Coats now priced $16.75 Good looking Coats of velour and mixtures some full lined Tome half lined featured Are Large cloth collars others Shaw Collar of fur the coat color Are Navy Copen and Brown. $35 of and $39 50 new Winter Coats now priced $25.00 a variety of new fall style All selected from our regular Atoka Plain and fur trimmed models beautifully silk lined in Navy Black and Brown. $45.00 Winter Coats now priced $35.00 Many attractive styles beautifully tailored of Fine Wool velour with linings of Rich silk Many of three have been in Stock but just a few Days. They come in Plain and fur trimmed a Tyler a women a and misses Aire Beautiful Winter Coats and wraps now priced at $55 of f in this assortment Are coat that Are valued up to $79.50, the assortment in unusually Large and in composed of the Moat favored Afie and material. Each garment is fully silk lined in bight Rich color while the coat themselves Are Plain or fur trimmed. Winter Coats and wraps now priced at $79 so Coats of Crystal Cord Silver tip Bolivia velour Eha moisten and Plush that were formerly priced at $65.00 and $95.00, beautifully milk lined with Collar of fur. New bedding supplies at prices that represent a saving of practically half bleached sheets regular $3.00 value ties re Altit inches of the Fine Quality of bleach cd Muslin. Free from dressing special in priced $1.95 Good 3ed spreads at $1.95 we let in it it on Hundred full exp a bed Eprea de of crocheted Quality fully Hie Chad that a very Good vain to will he sold quickly a it i the frat tim in Many a Day that a have had anything like the to offer $4.50 spreads full tied bad acres a in Fin crocheted duality. Their regular value has been $4 60, specially priced today $2.95 75c Pillow cases 46x3 Inch and 42x3 inches of the beat Grad of bleached Muslin for from drawing specially priced at 50c Winter coat Ings have the Call. E mans Stoke 41-43 Seneca St. m �?Tw�rmp1 in Radiator covers f or f Oros e. M. Bowen prop. 9-11-13 East first Street suits Coats dresses 2nd floor c. H. Smith sons co. Phonographs 3rd floor refinery club at game dinner the fir Annua Gane off who consider child welfare it a a Unior the women were to the of Mer Aion a Lim of Graven a East Amon children and a eng Deal Ciencia in their i makeup it la a , fact that Toh id suffering from adenoid malt Mullen or affection of the Lon a ear or Nasa a can a expo and to be a Bright Quot Pupil impaired hearing. H Hab not Usi it on rated. A for the child in at Lent inn to imparted and f Ai litre to Benefit Holmes i Edwards silverware Tiu tame a dung in a intently to the Dicy of offering Only that it act Ltd a i tint hate run d worthy by to of unto Holton m id a re Sijo crw Are a met that test today you will and i by on. Us us a diver in Honto where Good Taal to handed Dot a through no kit in a Edward a Silver la certain of a Welcome in your own bom i it a to i tim a gift Dull i anti a Harvey Fritz jeweler . The hallmark store by he ,. 0 Al. Of to it f in a in <4lcinr Given the Aam a Igister j mfg in in a a Aach 41a Iron coming frn a h bid i butty. To of w i Community and fee Quot a the red. At would declare of a a be lifts it if Hix City a agreed f of City arg in a through pm. J f Strayer county a heir health the. Be. They j a exam Are to it a of a Only a my x to Sutaj sponsor tar a three Day a a co an the Examina Tlona t he in i m until welfare week. A i t proved the Nec Kimii ugh the Ila la Ltd Hartai of in h Parish in aaa Aion by mean of t a. Wattage porn Ann thar Aday a or i 9 Ai emerita t of Dak a on the r Cit Etruria of Par a to tvs or. In r cd the he in a at the me a ii i the to Illy pm for the to i lie it in if Hart i but i Wuu do for n Tamn Sty Good. Dry have or Edwin Bijj arg. H##�1 of the ate department of Hith. A one f Thap Aker and there will int her Aho Are a11 qua fled by ape Rient and research to give Here tot vary a i a i information har i in chef i Hurt i expected to apply other sing of by cd or. Martin and or Strayer to the i hop Alae to Indue experts front j roat a Philadelphia to add at least j u a the j one of the meeting a he the teach Lam nut to achoo in any the informed hand that thae remarkable for i comforting by taken belief a or the achoo it of correcting t i a and with minor operator for adenoid ton and other Phi Ca Delirant a a that am Damal at the tim but which with a few year neglect Aud have Heron chronic and up turd the child of it right and Hope of arriving at maturity up to a physical Standard t for a flt ency for War think it Over. An office that handle three workmen # compensation claim notice every two Day i Likely to know something about what to do in your emergency. Phone in the Story we do a the at. Thai traveler compensation policy. A., m wan word i for i j liar Louis a r v Kissel motor car Ltd Quot in and of a Rich Ditrih Vittor for Venango county. Lieu i Ion a i a no asst a. To. Sho a Petroleum i Tel. Presage Recs the a i pm my a heart i of former ties ended Aith thi Arkose in flu near Sand work have no by their c. L Suhr. Piny a Pok in apr Royalty and he dirty i employee and the pm. A tithing in ail by Moyar pank on acted a tos Atmaa ii the i it railed in it a Moat Wing the i tory of i of the company rebut to the Worth ate m to aet it the rat be it in St n. a fed pc a highly Hunter Sling talk regard Hunt in Canada tor a Fine watch tor his Gilt where is there a Man who would not accept a Quality watch a a gift it about a useful a piece of jewelry As any Man would care to possess. We want you to see our present selection which for Choice is the largest and most Beautiful in our history. Elgin watches gifts that last. Life time jewelry store of. I. 0. 0. F. Bldg. Sings Dent us and Ante iss Hireen big Gam. Insurance fur . A Cavanaugh expressed the thought that such Yah Togo the 1 Qatar figs Nath when App tec on of the instructor there wit Alert he a aerie of entertain want a and a a no i i attraction will a shown motion a hire of Cal welfare in eluded in the programs for each of Ihu a Estyna. Or fit Rayer pre a a the by j Lief that with the i too to i iss i by of Wom of of of City and Vicinity who i be a re member of the federation i j 0 irk of the important humane com work. The Campaign for the im-1 f ? he j prove in cot of the physical Eondi-8 a of lion of the Ai or than s,8�0 rail j ii Oti dry a of i Bool agh a who a j j rom Oiwa and of in flt for Many a or to com. Through thi meeting or Strayer expect that people without or with children will arrive at a knowledge of them port Anc of the physical examination of growing children. Such examination car a red on in a email Way in the pub Tjho achoo her have already been in greatly beneficial it a p Fouty b a Fhy. Is Spring St. T target your Sweet Cream for thanksgiving extra i do mils fruit cake 48c Sparta i Vav do Eddy and saturday retain i tread and coff Cag closed a in bar j s. It j vol be read Quot it. a Xiv to in the i s comp i t. Co earn Over 11-2 26-27 Ion read the want Ada wednesday dinner Fri ii Fried fro a Lake Trout. Veal Stew. Pineapple fritter Vav her and saner Kraut tonal veal and Drc Aeling Iton of Fork and Apple i Neltah beef pot i vat Maal Tod and so of in or Tatloc. V each Ahles. Sci lion of Ninda. Home Lade pm a a and ice vein menu Thurig d for a Pijar. H. Yamada manager Seneca St y. M. C. A. Cafeteria attention \ Victrola owners right now before the Christmas Rush is the time to get your Victrola keyed up. In order that you May get the Best reproduction from your records your motor should run smoothly and steadily. Just phone us to look Over your Victrola to Oil and grease it and Bey it up and get ready for a hard Winters work entertaining you and your friends. Call on us at this time we will gladly do our part. Delahoyde amp Wuller v it Rolas Levi Bloch Victor records. Both phones. I Dion of comradeship and fraternity that Many so called a shark Wurdy re expressed to the living and n to children were a furring for Quot to phyla a reserved for ulog a for a dead it defect th.-., of the >�?�.throat, i War Good things for All concerned Lear or no predominating. Com Iii also Eta ted that he top by. His a a Rae Antov or. St had adopted pier whereby Rimaur Prei Jad a a cell Day welfare inca ranging from 7 a it to of a or Gic . The i and i Een prov lied for employee pour a end the Ltd us Tont g Tod a i without fret to the in Urcil the matter of much pleated to him a amount being base on the length i the member of the Community of tim the policyholder a been in thac Vloe of the company l. D. Fulton spoke on Quot Frater ,�?� m a Brewster on Quot accounting a regards the refining Busine Quot and r c Rrene Esq. Talked n a humorous vein. J v. Our Fri i who Wax the Only not a a of Theiu told a Story instead of giving a talk of i own the Acop of the want in no vast lat when you insert a Little inc Malva want and you a cot pay ing out your Mon a for a Roaal to but for a reality of a vice. Want and user say it can be done. Matrimonial Hugh a slut of or. Mew Evelyn Chaffer daughter of or and or. H. L Shaffer and Dana i Hugh non of or and or to. A Hughe both of Salina Ware married at Erie on tuesday morning they will a turn �0 Riina today and a wedding dinner will to carved at the Home of the hide e Parent. Both Voung Popi Are Waii known in this City. Or. Hughes is employed a a Piniat by the Joseph Reid gang a co. Ruud the want Ada regularly. Insurance office moved to room is Lamberton building fire automobile plate Glass sick and Accident workmen compensation Bonds and new York life. Your patronage solicited phone 979-l be. Re. Phone 2371-g pet. Join our Xmas phonograph club Brunswick phonographs play All makes of records at their Best. $25.00 Worth of Pathe records absolutely free if you select your Pathe phonograph now a sold on easy credit terms Murray Brumbaugh co. Amazingly Low prices on our Hart Schaffner amp Marx and Sam Peck boys clothes $25.co and $27.50 suits now.$20.00 $20.00 and $22.50 suit now.$15.00 $15.00 and $18.00 Suita now. $13.50 $15.00 Suita two pair of Pantie now. $12.oo a big reduction on All boys overcoats and Mackinaw. There # not very much profit in it at these figures for anybody but you that a the situation. Our big Stock of boys clothes was bought when prices were High they still Are High at wholesale because it costs just As much in labor and material to make clothes As it did a few months ago. But we done to care about that we be forgotten the costs and have reduced the Price arbitrarily for your Benefit because people want Low prices. Max Jacobs Home of Hart Schaffner a Marx clothes 233 Seneca Street the War,1 ire aready reference Board Rene an alway Bast .lftu�ai4tiajyte�ujj� uhf a oppo.ruani.4h

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