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Oil City Derrick Newspaper Archives Nov 24 1920, Page 1

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Oil City Derrick (Newspaper) - November 24, 1920, Oil City, Pennsylvania R the Oil City derkic1 irn established in 18 71. No. 15.080.wednesday morning. November 24. 1920. To covenant of iea0ue planned Balfour suggests it is too Early to form any ideas on subject. Scandinavians Are outvoted on Issue South americans believe changes should await United states action. Courts martial gave 32 death sentences. We Hogton. Nev six thirty two Persona in the army were a lanced to death by court martial during the ast decal year but in no Case Wath a it nce carried into a feet. Rays major Central r. H Crowder judge advocate general. In i annual report mad Public today two of the death sentence were disapproved ii reduced to imprisonment ranging from life term to be Yare and Many marines in Haiti Are now sick of Job both pre port a Prince. Haiti. Nor. La there la no doubt of the fact that wants contribution to make Ihu by ,,7.%\� up deficit. The Job they want to go Home or somewhere Al it i a hard life for youngster who a sent into one Cawa. Pending on review i 500 000 now sought mourn in Quot of in a North when the report a . W i a a Alaraj Lla Jav of uni Peak a High a Denver. Often Only nine of this be were for military offence eight were found guilty of Misbehaviour in the face of the enemy and one a sea Tensed a a spy. Trial for Aper tion were slightly less numerous than for the two preceding year but the comparative number a larger. Confinement for life a impeded in 4j Ca r la of the Amie Nee being approved two disapproved eight in Ligated to aborted term. One pending await final action in Al ill officer were sentenced to after court martial of the. 111 Aen enc were approved the total nun Ber of general Cour they Are away from poet for Turk. Nov. 3-an Appeal Ith. For contribution to make up a de f a huh a i. I if in. In licit of approximately ll.sou.00 in1? of Quot Hatch a pack. F. A. The Campaign fund it the he puh Whert hem National committee Wae i Quot a. Out by will h Hay it chairman j place the Arete a on of the a the Appeal addressed to the a a of inquiry at washing a Are Publ Ane of the country and All Tho who aided called attention to the report of the committee treasurer filed yesterday in Washington pointing out that a1 though the buying Power of the Dollar a materially Lee than in till the Uso Campaign had a or the pro a it Geneva nov 23�?there will beit of More offence a tit am Nam it to the covenant of u ret 7.8 Quot i conviction being of the league of nation at this tamed a Ion of the Assembly of the de-1 a. Pieton of committee no in that Orji Ity Timmi r in r general Organ Mil Ion which a of in c a i is Republican during the Campaign a a. A. ,. it it i in i in Miu i of Suvi re Han v a a or. I a til it. A a a v i approved in full see # Wheeling w a nov. about ,96 to the Arthur j Balfour chairman of the police of this City announced fund he Aid. Tonight that they Are guarding Anith presidential Campaign thi automobile left in a w heeling Gar year coat approximately for repair bearing the Benn 666 exclusive of pre convention Sylvania Mene number 123-266. Expenditure. Or Hay wrote which they mid. To Ile with the j leaving a net deficit of nearly la ton the Marine have been hearing from Home Folk anxious to know of they Are taking part in Quot incl Elm int killing Quot thi charge drat made by Barnett for Kier commandant of the Marine corp and then Eor-1_____ j reeled by him a gone eventually been conduced at in exp where Marine a Ert. Dec Darlng lie Nee than the Hughes Campaign i hat the drat statement a never four year ago been overtaken by the correction or. Hava a ump cd h a plea. Hit week # Steamer brought Hind for further fund by an exp cation reds of letter All seeking the of highest prs Lee for the air it of truth about condition the a Ripe contend that they a on rough duty and then Are held up at Home a rough men with the gun. Major general Neville a member of the naval Board of inquiry inspected every part of the fighting Plant her and found Many thing to commend but declared it a not property equipped. Thi he found a particularly True a to Hospital facilities there is not an a Ray machine on the Island and naval doctor in charge a Eert they cannot provide adequate service for the sick. Appeals for help Are said to have brought the answer there were no fund Haiti is not health resort and there much disease. General Neville inspected Kitchen built of bit of Board from packing Box there a no Way to keep out the file in such a Structure Field Kitchen a in use generally. A Tut in a requisition immediately for a new cooking outfit Quot said the Genera Quot of Wear to be her to or is years a might at East have proper the committee Sugi in it tee meeting the Early to draw Eon the working of the form an idea As to in Are May be Mpr pm cd that the coir mend the appoint or my mitts to com ated in com i it a toe i in. Ors Asta Tow the o so he p i it fee rec no t of a let pro it to the mild warn Greece round up him debate held in Paris. Cordon is tightened Price three cents Kenik Fields Western sections report Large producers. Says germans gave Hoti Loans to publisher a j h u of u Oulu Central West news up cd Corr a pop to be to the Derrick s Findlay of nov 22.�?the first real Tate of Winter weather prevailed in portion of the Central West Field during the week especially in Indiana and Ohio where six inches of Snow was almost Universal. Reports from Kentucky arc that the Road Are still in Good shape and upon the condition of the Highway hinge the development work during the Winter and Spring season in Many part of Kentucky during the wet season it Kentucky during the wet season it a Quot a j a a a a Ltd it Oey Louic is in most impossible to move the "l.f?"h�,1�ver he my fit drilling machine and material. A a a a arranged ail the new York nov 23.�?loan aggregating More than $800.cud, furnished by Hermann Sielcken i american Coffee King were and Vance through the German fiscal agent in ibis to or. Edward a. Homely then publisher of the evening mail. Walter 8. Kauf i Mann attorney testified today All the trial in which he i Law part-1 Ner and i it a. Pm Neil Are charged w Ith concealing True ownership of the paper from the Aden property further testimony Given at custodian. 1 Biel Ken. At that time was a resident of Germany i testified and the loan were made in interest of the German govern i ment e desire to sequin in the _ United slates. A newspaper Unterm yer clashes a through which to expound the True a Shonto German viewpoint a or. Rums obtained the first loan 1750,806, when he was heavily in debt the a advanced $75 Uoo Hiuer wind witne88e8 claim punishment or. Hugely. He continued Gav it his note for the loan with a understanding that they would n Price filing Filo is Hul probe of alleged a a building with commissioner was meted out to some Low bidders description of the car owned by iss ooh this a declared. He a _ a. _ Herr t f Reet a it hoped might be part Quot a n % in up Premier Siyi government total arrests by British pedal dead Munday morning in Folia Del Iby popular a Tubac Ripton big of 4 Phi amounts Leas than the 11,968 limit j a a a the the Rte g of the Tea Tiffin a a Gates thei Legates on ted u pox estate in of a to Ord but the the kit h espied or the re Tore ire of the a according to a statement Given set during the Campaign out by the police the Pierce a j Quot it is my firm belief thai the it i Mobil carrying two men and a Campaign in the last Day of the had a woman arrived Here last hat and the 11.699 Lim it night and a taken to a garage of tor repairs the owner of the will protect return of emf Cong Tanting. Forces in Dublin said to be huge. But thi i not the Ca in the Quot Cid 1,1,isl data of la r nac to Arou i Bowling Green a tit it of a a a 4. 1�?~ to the Highway a Macadam ised Aud work will continue at an Active Pace during the Winter. Ohio and Indiana Are both Well equipped with Good Highway and Little trouble i had in the moving of material. There to no doubt but what the coming of Spring will show a heavy development in the territory below the Mason and Dixon line As Kentucky i at present the Moat Active Field East of the new York nov Simony of the met. _ contractor a Quot co opera be turned Over to Siewit Ken. A Lions Quot in alleged fix the German fiscal agent or and punishment mete Heinrich Albert he said was being i Funi in Quot Vvhs so Cooee in watched by agents 0fjvlol.j for other foreign Power that they i Quot Quot 5�?T,v�?~ Vav decided to employ a a silent work-if.v.1&Quot, f or Quot to carry out subsequent trap#-1 a budding Titi actions at or. Albert a urges a working of the it lion. He added he procured the Reau of tin conc service of Walter Lyon member Wert King firm of Renn Korff afternoon a Aesio Easton it orig further or of Price i out to of who iou old a vexation s rules v e hearing of the committee invest York s alleged e in of the is Gar any the they were a american or Balfour aul readily Bec a Pinion that the covenant should Awa a finn that a expected t fruited 8ta-w after Fredld Harding consult actors subject they declared it we old be entirely out of order to revise the covenant in the absence of one of the Moat important a on of the world the Eom Nalette on the court decided to Send a letter of Hank and congrats alone to Elihu Root and other a Era of the Hague conference this in a far As they have got to their. A a a a. I. Ider Way then to the North Coral. nov or Dublin. Nov St a the vigorous the of Michigan while 126 have finally placed that tie. When he appeared tonight a Tivin of the authorities leave up to now nothing thu can be. It pm collection of a Ducal the chamber of deputies in vat a Little doubt that determined and called a paying producer has been 7k v of. J on m pro not n<1 certainly a Iran debate announced the gov concerted Effort or being made found in the Southern Section of it unit the fit t u re. M4mc a it or All rement a intent in to a when he inspected the car he dim very anxious that the. Become an warning to Greece against the re Vered that the License plate con a comp i he feet Quot Aid mrha # turn of former King Constantine i Reed no editors of rep Uhli eth debate a not finished and a Lyons Lyons a paid is of. Mid continent country and he j he a of Quot i Between,1 Uteri us Wells Are under Way in i 11____ while Alabama. Florida. 1 and Georgia will come in for Al f Limi v Ati. Numb r of test. Eastern Arkansas giving of Dot Points and Southeastern arc Atlantic Cliv n j nor reported to have tet already in reunion to Ellmona sup concerted Effort Are Wing made to round up every Republican suspected of being Active in outrage. The military Force a tightening the cordon about Dublin and Grad a cad Man h m Antonio hone chilean delegation and cd of the commit on adm la Mew member told the aes prese today that i con already warn hard at for Hopes to make As Early re new of the application o for membership in the or he a league of nation leak d out j a a Day. No information whatever was through is Given on the subject by the or Lent that tart at of the Lea Rue this eleventh hour application necessarily will Corno up on it floor of a he lushly before being referred to red to the one mentioned in j the Philadelphia disc Hee can newspapers he declare that a adjourned until thursday a Dju Jay working in toward the Plant communicated with thu n%u0tl%l commatas would have lit it understood that the Premier Wor Imp re a Estig Nuon. By. Fane a to pm a sch a to raise Alt the Money jul a i it is reached respect hic necessary by the Small gift method a Ranee # representation at the vat this. However was hardly to Bejoian expected a thi a been the fire m league. Iff a King tor a Post real Effort in that direction Jun Mem of further enter Pella c. A Tribuson which might be go. So that he night be free to considered in re Light of a a said a thanksgiving offering for the re Quot francs does not wish to inter Tarn to a certainly Safe sane. Con-1&Quot a it a Greece foreign affairs. Smut tonal Prog a emcee go#orn-1after a War which Inper tried in a concluded be civilisation if a Poi or put at it sent to Fred w of Ham. To a a re head a Sovereign who showed j or a atom o i Lair or a a Cere let no a and constant Host lilt it Ward the allies and had been the i 2 defective quarters of the cast i a 4 permit. A Grant Dju a Quot to i7.1 Aston pile of our Clancy and two nth Western Union t a a Quot 1 May to tag Cert a Leer j of jag inv the a logo # the two men and the w Ald non who Cam to whig in this machine. Permission for Cable revoked i Chi Chang Gari. Still there Are Hope of a e. For Tho production hardly Slop off Short at the state line As the second Well of the Livingstone Oil a co. I to than half a mile from the state lip and has All the earmarks of a paying pumper real jul re Hooka Orinin. At tast it Bowling Green the Headquarters of the be Tern Kentucky Field will have refinery several have already been built there on paper hut non actually but h Erss a done during the easter rebellion of us. It is believed a number of Republican Leader in the province finding the Pursuit too hot. Have taken Refuge in Dublin the total arrest to Date a understood to be hinge but the gov refuses to divulge the Fig thing have changed As equipment urn Dublin can the authorities f or the refinery of the Western and however admit the prison Are so Kentucky Pip urn Frodo my Adbi full that it a become necessary j refining co is beginning to aril utilise the psst itself and that rite in Bowling Green and i Ting by of roofers related at the by Roswell of tor Rooks of y Bureau comprising 14 contracting firms also were surrendered to the committee by Mica Elioff both of de a. Stenographer. Earlier the Hen ring was marked by a Sharp clash Between humus untermyer committee counsel and and Grover Whalen commissioner of plants and structures formerly mawr Fly Ian private Secretary during Hie examination regarding adopted today by the Asem a ted a added tvs join ump of former magistrate Frankie o Reich of it Rook Ivy. And two attaches of tile fifth District mag Strate court concerning Quot More i or less clo relation Quot Between ism mayor and commissioner of i accounts Hirsh Fie i. As Law Pratl a Toner there with John t. He trick. Who w As court monograph 23.�? discount to retailers the object of which it a announced was to reduce prices and at Mulat Buvin veer Dree industries of a nun convention Here the re of ution pointed out that the Dis count allowed by manufacturer to retailer amount to about 146, 060.000 a year and that this Sun would be Given to the Public ii cheaper clothing. Another Resolution adopted org cd the retailer to reduce Price Quot not Only that the Public cond Dence May a restored and con Turner buying be re established of a Normal degree but that Trad Ini to May be aged and steady Bor employed to near to a As improved r in i there Mettrick now is a Central figure in the Quot building As opera it r of a Voce of practice Quot among too master plumber and plumbing contractor throughout the City. I will Judith to aah a in a lumber room or be be Bay. Mian. A issued by or at Jacksn Bill f d tie office. Stork the Republican Natl at the commit a West 4 4th a. New Quot further hearings on. Pictures world at a abyss of calamity a disorders in Mingo strike zone continued 11 Appeal for children chit Soled i. The Ann Lowed however to new York tor if it Carlton president i Union cd that i i not. Pc in rights a a to a Al Gill the War departs of Europe is made 7 n nov j j a a i Ulpa flt it a is thur children of egg Europe a voiced her tonight Fey i hot pert Hoover wha a named j chairman of the european a 1. Round formed today in new York j or Hoover speaking to iou Chi-1 a Ca Goary at a dinner Given by How i a re b Jackson formerly a a pro Dent of the United bum Grain corporation told of that Fly anon of even american Relief Gilic Tetras. And continued a this Council after Ful station a decided that priority should it Given i lean Relief in Bur Oun foment ill f a a s tement in we c i by it Tomb of a win Fie Ujj. Muted by act Jar in Perm imps of to world j added the. T a i a ton nov i a British ii nil Kaun do re states pictured or a the Abys of Calami i the War a plunged i r to the colonial society made Public today the Amar great Britain and inset a Peoples he said Power ought to fee warned thai yesterday she can no longer have our to of a Erat Iob nor expect the Aam be Trig from to a formerly. Quot further than that the give my the right As a protecting j to proffer we foun t read Hia Blest n w Val v 23 i put Ltd la Gravity of an act a disorder in the Mingo county Bryce. Which might in and Cut a a Coal strike son continued tonight i to in Ramon to intervene dare rely or incl carding to report to state att Wigt Rii i re to y in Orient affair Short to Here. The latest outbreak into the Premier uld he wished announced on tried Quot in co be Der a definite course in la Kermit. Mingo county us of this matter in Complete Accord with Gas Case announced Plant by Beer Progre Rig rapidly Harrisburg. Nov. 2.1 a protest two old Brick budding foundation entered by the City of Easton la a Quot a a Btl u11 a being put caused the Public service commis Engineer have Fin Aion to announce further Healing Survey of the three upon the application of the Penn it track Sylvania a association support in i App form. It i june 24. I i the master Leas i a irk Ere As Socie tip add into the proof Ern social to shit i it of 12 firm we members of Trad a pm plovers it was agreed rads so will in do Cert nay of m a f if r part in or mrs Eltray by it Ngi Ift of than pm hit tip a Ahsa Ortra til hut to thin Dmytr v v v y pre War prices for live hogs general i claimed new York vow. 21.�? a come atrium pre Lent of the Western bion a St declared Tosh hat i company a general i Hority under an get of Congress Lay cables m ail a Gable Wati to the l a Tate an i Teci fic permit from he secreted War Laird b lick i Ary i grim invest i it meet Amar-1 support i j.566 606 children who have. Sin. # Tho get Thistle Ben do tile. Off i american Charity until the Chil Down a cur Over the Winter Quot a or Carlton in a formal ju#4 in com a App Ticak n i a tie distr r 0t com a Plant a fro a a no to ars so re my to in Bur assertion me which he n with i co in the court for by for an la Lafram the acre Ary i from interfering with i it i end it Telegraph Miami to Miami but i dam Chicago nov. 21 a pre War ii fun j Price for live hogs bees in Gen Seral today throughout the United express Rig rec Septa from the farm a a in the Jappe red to he the immediate # a intr cause the total Supply of hogs on cd the ter of today at the 19 principal or no of the to Bein a rimmed at 12,660 head As a mat 124.966 a week a Al it a Tsumi a it xxv a a a a 1 or Chicago the Market fica. At Iti will 4 Khz Iti. I or b Hora of the Lay the Bim him i it Fiu i \ West # o e in f us a 16, is met of at of a nov. 23 the state land at an average drop of la a of will co operate bund red weight a compared with with Rev estate Man and investors yesterday. The practical lop Ai in obtain i Laws betterment Libs Finch Waho a Hundred of housing Consttina de Cirard weight whereas on july Jiuu party of u0 unidentified men attacked a number of Miner employed by burning greek goal co i hit Ai i of the fight were meagre hut author Toni Ward they were cer lain hat while Wev Arai men were injured there w Ere no fatalities the tight St Kermit woe the second disorder in the strike Region today the drat occurred on a Norfolk Ai Western Irwin near Chi. Tansy when Ervin Elkin a shot end killed and i Broth r Joe wounded Taylor mum. Quot Butch Quot float and Henry Sneed a it re by stat trooper in connection with the shooting Flat it it it in a Early officer announced that a hey were a arching for j>-�#��8, who they said was wanted in connection with the fight on the train report to authorities her or the disorder at Kermit wry to the f Lay is expected to begin a econ a Crew can is obtained. Four boiler were received a few Day ago and company officials say the other refinery equipment and Machler it a Linen loaded on car at East by Louie and shipment a now it it to the Cumberland dip Dine co run from the various Section therefor the a foil he Concrete Tine Bureau. 6, grew from of Cement i Urill it Exon Crete fire with member ii individually the building Voci Atio along the 12 i fit d to per Ike their est Hie on All proposals then to per tit. Ivas added to the estimate by overhead charge the contractor of the Bureau 2 h mint net then at it air the Bureau in i among Thun cars proportion i hers. Bhat in to the Bureau to n the i be Suo by dlr d the awful of Tho of the Bldr putt it nor Kallvy cd by the India of is a of Spanle operating in i the ail parts of Pennsylvania for permits to decrease the Thermal unit in the state Gas Standard to a monthly average of 500 and Ajeil d1,, to or to minimum of 4mb a oat Wilt he six burned to death get for further hearings in the matter the commission also announced that it a without Juria a Teflon in the petition of Philadel Irto system re Ched Hla to take action in regard to k were from districts the Candle Power of Gas i i d of Gilmour of Newark. A Arr and la. J Baker of Thia Ltd had. Jarge of the a Send the. Ii in 111 in Bawd who in fire at mine Jasper ala., nov 23 a six men were burned to death today in a Tiro at the Parrish mine of the railway fuel Conine Miles South of Jasper following a a explosion in the mine. Ten other were injured six of them seriously and Isumi a a a heard in support of four of them died tonight a. I it application several men of a according to Miner who escaped a prominence in Tho Gas Nisi injury 28 men went into the mine Kreinest. Among them j it. Kiu Tnp Rhia morning v Hen operation were i n is j Newark who declared increasing j resumed following a shut Down of a c ult it or Fri Ollre and in More than a week and when the it i be wig Coe of material had first squad of Yokinen had pro i mad the reduction a conservation arts de at Mut half a Mil within i 4? i measure and that a a a leaner Gas the Drift a terrific blast occurred. A of would make is much dirt and rescuing i in were immediately if the d by f parts the two soil temp Hyld in Fox Kutlov with of at car Bale. Nov is in. Julian he War or Wery is years old we shot Anft a ton instantly killed in her Home Here for moot last night. A the result of an irs j Vesliga goo the do tract attorn of Cumberland county i holding two soldiers from the Field service Triton Here on suspicion of feeling irn pm to rated in her death when last Wen alive or. Drew j Ary a entertaining two Soldier Ilc latinos on the Quot second floor of the House heard a shot fired and found her lifeless body on the floor two men were heard running from the House. The Soldier a Floyd a Waller. J who i Home is said to is at h it a ugh the Bury pa., and Jacob Psi cd i Quot a have made repeated renter a. Waller is charged wit i to the Fiat a part men killing the woman and pack to held As a witness. I Simrin a i other pure. The would obtain Fig 11�i? t attention of governor Whin c Sprotti it thut n rotifer Fie with a i it a Foj Feker of 41� y Jand in Forf for re mph u1#iphla. I Pittsburgh Sud other place the hat an a cd the Onque gov Telegraph com let a sgt it. In fur approval a of gut. Official Nln fld of j among the suggestion mad up per ment a for a limited per a. _ i of of new building from Tats of the work by Don. Appointment of a commit Titi a w4 j be try the realty a tuition a / standardisation of value a fed in to Quot to i. »k11 a that will place realty to quo loins tin a with farm Loans in he and modification of income i us a exempt realty loan permitting oui Ding and loan association loan up to value of half of paid in Stock instead of on fourth a now required repeal of the 4 Mill to t on mortgages licensing of realty broker. Increase of the inter rat to 7 and s percent at certain period and in emerged he is comm fitted 123 it the Pinnacle Point on record Ftp Jean before the current pric was i 56 effect that the bum inn greek a a a a a is were attacked a. They emerged its Mil ii ii from the mines after the Day s work rom no completed the assailant ii. I it Siskin so so clubs. Elt be and other in Sally a. I to sinking ii a few hots were fired the re Quot port mid. Quot Sions Rufh the Prog or be of Arm a cab a Laid the apartment would j it it. We Are inform action a taken As thi ii state department Tat department a \ on whatever Over the f the Telegram system Quot a heir made Del gent Inqui furing the last eight month in an Tut Eavor to ascertain what Objet on there a to our proceeding a Ork and although Jcj str Anress we have j i met Only with the repeated Ria Quot Lee f that Der it it s pm Hal i opinion again it labor Button nov. 23.�?vice breasted Fleet Coolidge speaking of rat ghz before a group of Roxton business men asserted that in the last election that a entry had cd pressed opinion against org in Quot a Tabor a u had a few year ago against Organ lie j capital and warned against the danger that labor might be divorced from a part in the government just As or a nixed capital had been divorced. The Issue of the league of nations. Governor Coolidge a d had not been dec Del by the pen pie. World record 18 made in m t a i in Ani ing Williamsport. Nov 23 a when whiff Mayport today ended a drive tor 145 1.006 for a new building with 145 in raised a new world record was established in v m cd a. Financing no City of it la Ever having raised an equal amount for a inks purple according to general Secretary f a. Messier supported by Campaign director c f. Fought of inter National y. Al. C. A. Headquarter. Mph Iii h negro. To Artoe n. Mise Nev 23. Harry Jacobs negro while on trial her today tor an assault or White woman a taken from the court room and lynched by a mob w hich gained Access by breaking the wit two doors to reach the court they would in or straighten the matter the governor called in a Prean of la banking labor and a a Industry and Legal departments. We in i in the dark months Ane exc it the know that the Power of the armed Force of he United states a been used to prevent the lawful carrying nut of work which was authorised i Gay an act of Congress a it t. Because of this action that we Are now a a a eking the Protection of the courts in in Effort to Saver. Ain whether autocratic method ran be wed to prevent he needed Extension of telegraphic service to meet the demands of the Public Quot a completely it were ugh Bayo held iou robbery of Bank Apter Battle Pitt Ahugh Nev 23�?two in who according to police official a newer the description of two of three Bandit who yesterday robbed a Branch of the metropolitan trus co. Her of 11.750. Are arrested in the Wood run Section tonight after a pistol Battle with patrolmen european Relief Corn a ii a. Sri uni d at in a York Oil Concession eight of the Large to Relief organise Bon to the country was established Here today to co ordinate child Relief in Eastern and Centra Korop Herbert Hoover a chosen chairman of the Council and i ran Kiln k Lane treasurer its the Hague Nev 21 by term of the Bill introduced in the dutch parliament today a subsidiary of the Batavia Oil co which to one fit the Royal dutch group would gain an sex naive conceit Fin to the Moat valuable Oil Dapo stash the dutch Baal. Indies in which american interest have Long sought a share the conf i in la tor the Djamil Field which already have been am what Dev Cpd but which according to dutch All men will be one of the highest producing area in the world when the Royal dutch group operate it along the line already Laid out the company has Only been await log the approval of the Concession. Menifee. Of u k in a a f >11 a or or i to Rte of Prmt. A a i a a it i i or Les a to i would Lull Kentucky Mac ii in Wayne county the new Domain Oil a a co a no. 2 Burnett heir i dry Budd Oil a gasoline co a no la h. C Coffey Dit c k. Daugherty and other no. I Catron heirs to bbl k. R. For ter my others no. 3 coopt heir i with adjustment would be a ser a o viewable it present Ogden hew lilt id Toronto who gave British i a it Bijj fid Canadian experience f. C it is a Freeman Providence la i a d a Raj Antrim i . And prof. I Ajo Vav a r d w e 11. Of Seattle who gave j a or it or of investigation on the 4 it a Gyc coast. I m Iii All held the reduction of units his had not caused increase of plaint a i c. B Jenkins chief Engineer of a a a Quot the a Massachusett utilities rom Mia ton. After giving Tequita of i a Perl menus said no complaint hat could be justly Laid to the red Ion of unit had been found and that a Roo unit Gas could be a a serviceable be one of 606. Try be to provide fund for 3.500.006 starving and diseased children and to administer thu Relief economically. The Emmet Cokelet of the american Relief administration american red Cross american Friend service committee Quaker jewish joint distribution committee Federal Council of la churches of Christ in America Knight of Columbus. Y m c y and y. A c a Avii i ask m Amun a i Ann to Hill Imi ice Mina Imit us it let of Geneva. Nov 23.�?the Council of the league of nations has decided to invite the scandinavian countries to participate in policing nun tries to participate in policing by Tach a ending 106 men there it la announced from a i of ii isl ensure that it i nearly certain that Bulgaria. Austria Albania. Finland and Luxemburg will be tri Mil run resigns. Belgrade. Jugo Hlava. Nov. 53 a a Anton thumb fee h resigned the ministry of foreign affair today. He will be succeed a by or. Muen to k. Veen itch former Jugo ski Avail a Maist to franc 1 says Soi a Kavin a nor la i la Atia e in sin exp new a Ork nor 23 a declaring he a Quot up against it because saving Wiuli a not a lucrative Busine Quot Rev Robert rein 8. Street evangelist today Adver Laad in a Jamaica newspaper for a any kind of hone work to tide Over a period of Slack rein who has a wife and child a i been preaching to Street audience in Jamaica for several month also substituting for Minuter on vacation end occasionally officiating at marriages and funeral. The source of income have diminished he wrote in explanation of i advertisement that ii a fore. I to give up an apart Menand move with his family in to a single room the worn a h. Tender in a chairs Kitchen Quot on the bowery and Alan a concert Hall Leger before he became a convert to Chris Lia nity 31 year ago Rothii buoy Dir Toi for state is named. Washington Nev 23 the Bureau of internal Revenue today announced he appointment of arthurm Quot Ken. A Federal prohibition director for Pennsylvania succeeding vow Hindman reclined ago Whf i in the room of a admitted to the league on the top a hand. It i said that the com Mission deem it better at present not to admit Eta formerly forming e part of Russia and which have not yet been officially recon nixed. Wood Bun boarding House the police a Iid the suspect put up a fight but War finally arrested they were placed in a patrol Van. And according to the report of Pone official one of the men or a pistol and fired a number of a hot at the Wagon men. The off cer then subdued the Primmer and brought them to the police Elution where they gave the names of Matthew Hardy of Pittsburgh. And Thomas Hutchinson of Massillon Ohio publishing problems will by con hid Fred Harrisburg nov. .3 a the executive co Milt be of the Pennsylvania associated Dalle at a meeting Here today made plan for a loins meeting of the organisation the Pennsylvania editorial association and the Pennsylvania associated weeklies in the City Early in january. The Price of new print and other publishing problem will be taken up. Hotel director Dies. Los Angeles nov. 23 a George e Cotton of Bouton capitalist and director of a Chain of Eastern resort hotels died today in a los Angeles hotel. He was 68 Yeara old. Ile arrived Here five Lay to fight appointments made by president Washington nov. 23.�?announcement that he would oppose confirmation of All appointments to the shipping bord mad by president Wilson was made Todge by senator Jones of Washington chairman of the penal Commerce committee. To meet Beret a by. Washington nov 23 the subcommittee of United mine work Ere attempting to negotiate a new Anthracite wage agreement will Confer with Secretary Wilson of the labor department tomorrow Thomas Kennedy of tax Seton pa., Hal Man of the miners delegation announced tonight. Glass plants to merge. Kane. Nov. 23.�?a merger of 15 Glass plants of Western Pennsylvania. Caveat Virginia Ohio and Oklahoma was announced Here today by a. H. Calderwood an official of the new concern which will be known a the intestate a Vandow co., inc pack a gym sit Soldier Washington to in. 23.�?new Liml Stion on the weight and size of Christmas packages for Soldier stationed in Germany Porto Hico and the Panama canal zone were fixed today by the Quarter master Gen ral. Packages for Porto Rico must not weigh More than 50 pounds or have a combined length and Girth of More than 84 inches package for Panama must not exp ted 72 inches in length and Girth and package for the army in Germany unlit not weigh More than 38 pounds or have a combined length and Girth of Mort than m inches. In i formed men Burn Creamery in Ireland London. Nov 23 a a Creamery at Darrow. Near Nenagh. County tipperary. Ireland was burned to Day by uniformed men say a Central news dispatch police and military officer searched residence and the court House at Nenagh and arrested two officers it la said. At Al Lone armed military forces visited the houses of i Iron Bein sympathiser and mad numerous arrest us Allende Dei in ski Halifax n 8nov. 23�?owner# of the Canadian Schooner Dela Wana announced Here tonight thu the or Challenge for an International Schooner race had been declined by la owner of he Gloucester Schooner esperanto which recently Defeated the Canadian vessel. They were informed that another ran Between the two yachts next year for the Halifax Herald cup would be welcomed. In Estill county smiler and nth Ere no. I j s Roan and no. I Nannie Kelley both dry. In Lee county the Ohio fuel ii co # no. 53, 58 arum 6ft j. D 8mythe, reported at to to and 5 bbl., respectively. In Allen county unknown ties drilled Whit is rate at 56 bbl on Tho Pearson. In Warren county Noble l Wood no. J on the de Willoughby it Quot showing for a very Light Well with no. 3 drilling the Eastern Gulf Oil co no i John Wheeler is reported dry. Stewart Oil co a us. 1 a fir a Villa it ugh by reported 25 bbl it. E. Anderson and others no. I Van meter i is hid unknown parties reported Well on the Frank Fox around is bbl the big Marron Oil nos. 4 and 5 i Anders Are Light and no 6 a said to make 60 bbl the Lusk Roy Al y c a quotn�?T0 2 8k i in Bro. Is to bbl the White Oak fuel a a Kucher is 25 bbl. The l lat ii corp a no 4 Ora Davenport la 90 bbl and the Texas 011 cwt no j 00 bal Midland Oil a refining co nos 2 and 3 Potter 30 bbl each in Simpson county c. H upper and others no. I George Slat i around 50 bbl. The Ohio Oil a re i ni1 3 used rare Ca Well. Re Tidewater Oil co so 5 a and 7 Heeder Are 25 bbl each the twin Lake petrol urn co 25 he Overall and Fin i to n j a Quot Hunt Iri a and is 11, l a a a in on to bbl each and the Seaboard Oil co no i Roark reported worthless. Continued on Page file. One killed. Taa ill it a almshouse inmate Paterson. N. A. Nov. 23.�?John Deblock #0. Was tilled and two other elderly inmate of the Passaic county almshouse Here were injured today during a violent outbreak by Victor Oddy 75. Eddy who was admitted to the institution yesterday attacked them with a Metal bucket he was committed without Ball to await the action of the grand jury. The victims were attacked while they w re asleep. Isaac list and Hivery Retro both about 80 year old who were injured a re expected to recover. I nits of Araia led Basi All Aoi i la a i Gia i n i p Harbin. Manchuria nov. 23 unit of general Semenoff anti bolshevik army have surrendered to the soviet Force. If is reported that these unit which made up a considerable portion of the Force commanded by Genera scene Noel killed their officer. Many of the men escaped into Mongolia. Manchuria station on the Railroad Between Harbin and Chita and situated near the siberian Frontier has turn occupied by the bolshevik the chinese Are preparing to resist any attempt to invade Manchuria. Imports and exports of Gold m Ade pm blk aah aah Wigton. Nov. 21.�?-Gold import during the first to dais of november amounted to in sir.-217 compared with exports of $12.-037,619, according to a statement issued today by the Federal Reserve Board. From january i to november to Gold imports totalled $333.-836.963, while Export were $297.-300.783. Silver imports during the 10-Day period were $1,446,790, while Export were $663,93# Europe sent $15,973,370 in Gold during Thio Dave South America sent $r96.s10, and Canada and other North american countries $789,983, but there were no import from Asia. 15 denied citizenship. Scranton. Pa., nov. 28. Fifteen aliens were denied citizenship by judge aah Ilmer in naturalisation court her today on the grounds that they would not make Good citizen. All had claimed exemption from military service during the War and for that reason were refused. They were Given permission to apply once More after a seven year interval. Admiral of Fleet Dies. London nov. 23.�?sir George Astley Callaghan an Admiral of the Fleet since 1917, died in London today. At the beginning of the War he was command r in chief f the Home Fleet. From 1915 to Isis he we commander in the nor at the Mouth of Tho Thame. He a Ivorn in 1852, and fought their Way nto the wrecked mine removing the dead and injured. The eau of the explosion a not Besa the Ermine. To act on addition kor Erie armory Hai lbs a. Nov 23.�?the tata Moory Board ordered an inspection of Sites offered for armoires at Lancaster and Avila Escarre and plane mad for an addition to the Erie armory. Award of contracts for lockers were referred to the Western Pennsylvania member and the Board will meet again next month. Alli i s a Lidi i i Nike. Bradford. Pa., nov. 23.�? Spe Cia a a. In Reed of Lewi ran employed at the Plant of the i ure gasoline co., died in the Bradford Hospital at 9 of clock from a wound inflated on monday night by George Durkis Atwo of Lewis run formerly of Bradford. Derke who surrendered himself to the Bradford police soon after the shooting declared that he had fired the shot in self defense with a revolver of heavy calibre the Bullet entered the Back of Reed and passed Forward through his intestines. It is said that Reed had been annoying mrs. Darkie by unwell onto attention. On tuesday night Aho went to the Home of mrs. Gilmore to spend she night her husband who works at night As Engineer in a brisk making Plant accompanying her there. When Der i came from i he Gilmer residence he say he Cav Reed peering in one of she window. As heed no later than la saturday had mad threat of killing Der i the latter was carrying the revolver and promptly used it on Reed then surrendered himself. Held for rond the Ket. New York. Nov. 23.�?harry a. Rodgers Bond Salesman for Hollister amp White of Springfield. Mass a arrested Here tonight charged with the theft of Bond valued at $27,000 from his employer he also a charged with passing a worthies Check for $40 at the hotel Woodward Here. In a company it amp at d. New York nov. 23.�?the Dupont securities co. A incorporated today in Delaware with an authorized capital of $7,000,099 of cumulative preferred Stock and 100,000 share of no value common Stock for he purpose of acquiring shares of general motors corporation Oom non Stock from a. A Durant to Aid Bugar pm wit in Havana nov 23�?the National City Hank of new York has notified us Havana Branch to place $10.-000,000 at the disposal of cuban sugar planters la order to enable them to prepare for the coming crop. It became known Here to to i Ghl _ the weather. Cloudy wed neatest Ami ilium Dav. No change in temperature

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