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Ohio Xenia Daily Gazette Newspaper Archives Oct 10 1970, Page 2

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Daily Gazette (Newspaper) - October 10, 1970, Xenia, Ohio Editorial Page of the Xenia daily Gazette Page four saturday october 10, 1970 the vice presidency a Washington columnist recently addressed himself to an interesting Point about vice presidents they Don t spend much time on Homework designed to prepare them to. Grasp the reins of government should the number one Man collapse or die. To illustrate the Point it was noted that while president Nixon was abroad and official Washington was in a Flap Over the Middle East crisis occasioned by Nasser s death vice president Agnew was campaigning for a senatorial candidate in North Dakota. It can be argued that under some circumstances the vice president s time would be very Well spent on the hustings whether in North Dakota or some other state. The Success of an administration in achieving what it considers important May hinge in Large measure on changing the con Gressional balance of Power. It also can be argued More Persua sively that the vice president could do More for the general welfare by zealously under studying the presi Dent. This is no More True of Agnew than of any other vice president in any applies to All who hold office. One need not defend the proposition that the vice presidency is a Peculiar office. Since the earliest Days of the Republic it has been characterized by its holders and by others As just not much of a much. In the last few administrations there has been some Effort to give the vice president a Little something significant to do but at Best the office is not a challenging one. It is hard to find tasks the vice president could undertake without infringing on the decision making Power of the chief executive. To the greatest extent possible though this ought to be done. We should not forget the salient fact that the vice president is As the now trite saying goes Only a heartbeat away from the presidency. His term in office should be designed to prepare him to assume the Mantle should the need arise. Colleges today Don t inspire Ujj Community sense despite adj that s been old and written about the Campus during the past cannot understand go ing on unless you grasp the key difference Between the current generation of students and those of 15 or 20 years ago. The operative difference has nothing to do with idealism or political and so Forth. Those Are merely sur face Phenomena. At a College like and this is. Surely True at other colleges. Across the country Alghini of the thirties and the forties return with their families for a football game or for their class re unions they Wear their blazers they drop1 in at their fraternities they have Tail Gale Par ties some of hem get smashed the whole thing has a color Ful Quality arid this is a clue to something important. Until sometime around the late 1940s, the undergraduate experience was a holi Day a hiatus before going out into business or one of the professions. You like to. , but except to a few grades weren t All that important. It was t a 5bad Situa Tion at All even from an intellectual standpoint. If you found that you really liked Faulkner w e Lar you could read him All Day and Settle for c in geology. The College was very much up in non academic ways with mid dle and upper class life. Many students attended the Sahie col Leges their fathers had gone to joined the same fraternities. In ways that were often Subtle both the various colleges and the various fraternities conferred different kinds of status and had distinctive identities. The social life of the College had links with prep school and with corporate and suburban life. All of this gave to the life of the College a certain density of texture and both the students and alumni Felt that they were related to the colleges by ties of tradition and affection. All this has now been trans formed. College is no longer a kind of Holiday no longer a hiatus Between childhood and the adult world. R today s student perceives it As part of a continuity. Grades Are grimly important to Back from Gazette files 20 years ago today president Truman and Gen. Douglas Macarthur will meet somewhere in the Pacific on the coming weekend South Korea forces captured the big East coast port of won san in North Horea today about Loyal republicans braved rain and cold to attend a party rally and of roast at the fair grounds Casey Stengel signed a new two year con tract to manage the new York Yankees a Xenia Post office Rural route will be reduced oct. 16 when 150 mail patrons Are transferred to Dayton Rural routes a damage suit against a state patrolman ended of the second Day of trial Here with a settlement Cracker barrel variety of entertainment tenanted opera House stage by Ray Higgins the remodeler c i f y Hall contained offices for the mayor and City auditor a meet ing room for Council police Headquarters and City jail All on the first floor. While pest Ferous malefactors were being rugged in t h e lockup by police chief de skip Smith or his handful of officers Many distinguished in the performing arts were receiving applause in the opera House above. Except on Hose inevitable occasions when the noise of a train on the Detroit St. Right of Way of the p e n n s y Railroad drowned out the players As it chugged on its Way to or from Springfield. This was a Handi Cap thai lived Long in the Mem Ory of the great tragedian Frederick Viarde Anil for which he never forgot Xenia the great Adelina 1 Atti is said to have warbled there and in a later Era Cecil Fannin appeared in concert. It would be profitable to have a Dollar for each time the dramatization of Harriet Beecher shows s immortal Uncle Tom s Cabin vis Ileri the theater. Toward the end these performances became ridiculous As impresario tried to outdo each other by doubling the Ca s i so that Therp were two Little evas two Lizas Uncle Toms and Simon be graces and a Pas Sel of bloodhounds that would curdle your blood. But there were first rate performances too. Cecil Leen and Cleo Mayfield h e 1 d up a packed House while stage car Penters tried to accommodate their sets to the inadequate stage. The great Miller and Lyles were visitors As Well As Chariot s revue both Broad Way calibre performances. Band Leader Noble sisal Nephew of the late or. H. R. Hawkins appeared. Coburn s minstrels a n d to gel s minstrels the latter Fea Turing Daylon s slim Vermont were popular before ethical humor became taboo. The Long running Abie s Irish robs was a visitor. Billy link was a regular and met and married one of Bill Charters talented daughters. In the Early Days Carrie nation Hatchel woman of t h e anti Saloon movement lectured Here. And John l. Sullivan t h e boxing Champion kept Mes sengers Busy carrying liquid refreshments from the bar of the St. George hotel across the Street to stimulate his performance. A favorite of children was Kellogg the Bird Man w h o could imitate wild fowl in every Way except laying an egg. But actually there were some whop Ping eggs Laid in the old place. Perennial favorite was 1 h e Shannon Stock co., an Ohio that had its own pit band heralded its arrival with a Street Parade and played rep Eloire for three nights on each visit. The last Shannon Harry jr., died recently in Wapakoneta recalling memories of the splendid Little company and of his Mother wife of Harry sr., slopping the stage action to lec Ture a loud or unruly audience. But Best of All were the Amateur performances to which the opera House extended warm hospitality Over the years. Upper room prayer for he moment All discipline seems painful rather than pleasant later it yields peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it. Rev prayer help us 0 god to realize that Hough our prob lems Are painful to us they Are the spurs to growth. In seek ing answers we yield our. Solves o thee shedding t h c narrow Jimis of self. Amen. Russia charged today that two american Jet fighters strafed a soviet Airport near Vladivostok the government prepared to impose curbs on housing credit in the fight against inflation a Force of French troops is reported trapped on the Chi Nese communist indo China Border an engineering study for rebuilding slate route 42 from Lebanon Cedarville will be ready soon Royal electric co. Of Jamestown announced an defense con tract negro Republican clubs Are planning a rally at Kil Kare Park. Tell it like it is Bob Considine school grades for College Entrance College grades for graduate school admission. In an increasingly specialized and technological environment these grades have become so important that spasmodic attempts occur to abolish them usually in the interest of some even worse system. But the Point is that now As v8ry much a part of the adult world the colleges neither in spire the affection nor create the sense of Community they once did. The College years Are just like any other. This loss of Community and shared meaning is especially noticeable at the so called elite colleges which once look a Good Many of their Stu dents from the great prep schools and also had a substantial number alumni sous these colleges Are now draw ing mostly on the vast miscellaneous meritocracy of the High schools. Grades Are what pay off and a student goes to a particular College merely be cause he happened to get into there is Little then to mod Ify a purely instrumental Atti tude toward the College. Every one has noticed thai the traditional College spirit has More or less evaporated. Significantly enough at Darl Mouth Petty theft of Library books personal property and so is a growing problem. In this circumstance where the student is merely using the College to get a Good Job later on in he meritocracy he might As Well also use it even at Fack it or damage it in any Way calculated to serve some other purpose ending the Viet namese War expressing anger influencing Public policy. He has much less reason not to do so than he once had. But Edmund Burke tells us what inevitably must happen. In institutions As in society it self when informal restraints disappear Exter Rhal and formal restraints must be devised. And if the students now fear As they claim Well they have excellent Rea son for doing so. Citizens for Community concern favors a seven member City commission but does not favor any candidate for the additional two seats it proposes. Sort of like putting the horse before the cart. The Xenia daily Gazette published every Day except Sun Day Xenia. Ohio by the Chew publishing company. 51 South de troit s Ceel. Xenia. Greene co Only. Ohio 4538y phones 372.4444 and 426-m44. Second class postage paid Al Xenia. Ohio originally entered As second class matter november 23, 18ftl, at Post Olyce of Xenia. Ohio under he Art of Congress of March 8. 1rj8. As a August in. 1h6r tha Gazelle became a Wjt i the Xenia torchlight and Xenia Republican arid is Xenia a oldest continuous Enterprise. Subscription Rales 60 cent per week by newspaper Bav or to. Lor route by mail s28 per year in Ohio out of Sale mail subscriptions not accepted in territory covered by newspaper boys or motor routes. Member of the associated press which is entitled exclusively in the use for publication of All local news printed in the newspaper As Well As All a news soviet journalist Given View of american life As seen by lords a i Assoc a advert sinc of newspaper advert Isle association onion mfr. Tiff great of cont Trence v a Wall Oil editorial 5il.2j a Tina Lorial manager. Association internally. Lion promotion Wii Shannon member read daily by families average paid Clr fir lev period March 31, 1970 new York when a so Viet reporter is assigned to a Story in the u. S. He will often do what american reporters do when browsing for news in the user he will logic for a flaw in our system As we Fer ret out flaws in his own. And now and then what he finds is jarring. For example. Genrikh Boro Vik a reporter for Moscow s Litera Turnay recently did a piece about new York a Ming it was picked up by Atlas october Atlas Combs the newspapers and monitors the radios and televisions of the world culling foreign impressions of life in he u. S. Borovik Lelis me Sorne Ulings i be never read about the puerto rican group that seems Able to seize entire ghetto., hospitals and hold them in Ransom like a Jet transport. Borovik wrote somewhere above 100th St., Madison ave. Stops looking like itself. Where Are All the picture galleries All the doormen with the dignified air of Kings in exile where Are All the studiously casual bars where not a soul turns his head to look even if Jackie Onassis walks in Fps door suddenly _ filth broken windows whole ground floors used As garbage dumps. No Stu Dious neglect just poverty and Tirl. Those who live Here ignore the Street signs that continue to proclaim the Avenue people today in history on oct. 10, 1912, Alexis Carrel was presented with the Nobel prize in medi Cine and physiology in recognition of his work on vascular suture and the transplantation of blood vessels arid just say i live in East har Lem this is where the Young lords live Between 110 h and ult streets can i help asks the dark Hairetis Young Secretary As pleasantly As if she were sifting in an advertising Agency 50 blocks Down the Street. I have been permitted to accompany the lords on their to i replied. Of you re the soviet journalist i was admitted to a Back room where some 20 peo ple were standing sitting even lying on he floor listening to a Chap with and a Hairdo called the Black Sun explaining How to administer the tuberculosis test without hurting the there Are children pres ent always Start with the he said. Let the kids see it does t Hurt. Tell them Well be Back in three Days to see the reaction and re member we Are not a Hospital. We could t help everybody even if we wanted to. This is not Charity it is a political action. Explain that to is a social disease a Dis ease of the poor who Lack food and medical care. The people must understand what kind of society surrounds them Why to fight it. Hiebl we Aren t fighting just to we re fighting the system.1 the russian reporter accompanied a group named Carl s team As it made i i s rounds of the neighbourhood where puerto rican unemployment and poverty Are even worse than that of the Black residents. Carl knocked gently on doors so As not to frighten any one. From behind door came a voice who is he explained the lords business. The voice asked How it s said Carl. There was Joy amazement and fear in that exclamation. Carl told me that everyone in this part of new York was afraid afraid of be ing robbed or taken and mainly afraid of the unknown and the unexpected. The Middle aged lady on the fourth floor had several Small children and a new baby. She gladly submit Ted o the test and Hen it was administered to All the children except the baby. Belter than said Miriam Carl s huge eyed Carl later told the russian reporter the Young lords Are a political organization. Our task is revolution in the what Borovik asked. Socialist of what do you mean by so what do you Call for there not to be what we have seen Borovik wrote that he told Carl there was much Loo much talk of revolution in the u. S. Today. Carl said there was not enough. I did not argue with he concluded. That was not part of my intention. Besides that is not the business of a Cor damned Good correspondent i d say. Bennett Cerf Rake original or. Hen Peck came Home unexpectedly. J one afternoon and found his amazonian in the arms of another. In an uncharacteristic display of. Righteous indignation he seized the intruder s umbrella and banged it Down on the Marble Coffee table breaking it squarely in two. He cried triumphantly now i Only Hope it Rains on your i you think that Beautiful Jane Fonda and her brother Pete Are outspoken about the be assured that they come by All their rebellious moods naturally. Their father Henry Fonda is John Spring in his Book about the Fonda clan was quite a of Ycilla Henry s Fathor did t speak it to i j he of College to play Ono e a comfy Morton of the movies Ono Tho an philosopher is Worth pondering were Given imagination to compensate for what no. And a Jenin of humor to us for what Art c 1910, by Bunett dtaldta.i.4 by fwd uni

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