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Ohio Xenia Daily Gazette Newspaper Archives May 11 1968, Page 5

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Daily Gazette (Newspaper) - May 11, 1968, Xenia, Ohio As others see it Dearest mama mine editor Dearest mama mine it took a Heap of working in our House to make it Home a Heap of Lively stepping til some times we d hear her groan. But before she d tackle All the jobs that would loom be fore her eyes like dispatch the dust and ashes before she d bake the pies. It took a Heap of toiling just to keep the pot a boiling to feed us hungry youngsters for we were always empty to our toes. There was a Heap of wants aled and treated As an inferior by the principal of the school who is White. I have been treated As a child when in fact i am a woman. 1 have suffered Many embarrassments As the principal attempted to cover up Tor the Many wrong doings of a White teacher. As a result of these wrong doings by this teacher i received All the repercussions and was requested by the principal of Transfer to another school her excuse being that i could not get along with this particular teacher. She had to attend a Heap bumps she had to mend of of kissing hurts to make them Well and listening to our childhood woes. But every pleasure has its Price on this terrestrial sphere and it s the care she brought us that makes her so near and dear. So when All is said and finished and considering every thing she Means More to All of us than a Palace or a King. So if kids would think in such a Short time they would look Back and proudly say Dearest mama mine. Mrs. Raymond Griffith route Cedarville. People rights editor it s Small wonder so Many people Are seeking to function outside of and rebelling against the establishment. On the saturday before easter the writer lost a License plate 1968, on a trip to Cam Bridge. There the Deputy registrar stated we should proceed on Home and write to Columbus for a duplicate. When the state patrol Posl was notified of this loss they said Good a Green form was executed the registration paper enclosed along with ?1.50, and sent out by mail of or about april 16. Nothing has happened. Two let ters Haye been sent As. Follow . The local Deputy Charity setup has refused to the state patrol female voice at the Xenia Post had Only to Sug Gest we go up in person or Call on the phone. But we cannot use the now How does one proc e e d sans an attorney Why should one need one the establishment fails too frequently. No wonder groups take arms and stage sit ins etc., Elc. Whenever we begin to see people As human beings with from observation i see thai his Leacher is doing nothing to create a Good self image in hese White teachers Are getting away with the same thing. I have also been accused of caching Blaek Power. If leading Black children the truth about their heritage can b e construed As Black Power then i m leaching Black pow the boy who went Home and old his parents i was teaching Black Power did so because i spent a whole half Day talk no about or. Martin Lut he r b. Ray principal Spring Hill school Xenia. Heritage and proceeded to Plain Why. Whereupon i signed reports on such famous Slack people As or. Ralph Bunche Fredrick Douglas mar Ian Anderson Paul Lawrence Dunbar and George Washington Carver. We discussed these peo ple in detail. I explained the importance of Black people stick ing together and that above All they had to get a Good Educa p Tion. I told them to talk tall and think Lall and that to be Black is to be Beautiful. Parents should in fact Settle Down from their emotions in depth Anc understand the difficult philosophical connotations of w h Ai Black Power Means and adopt the one of Pride. Also it was alleged in Xenia and Dayton Laught the pupils a act. Truer words were never spoken. The White Man has exploited the Black Man for a Long time iut it s time we All woke up. Rue educators should be con evened with the education o 11 children no Mailer Olor they Are but someone must look out for our Black Hildren. I can understand How he children at Highview fee when they walk up to the office and see thai everyone working herein is White. This shows hem that Only while people Are of running things am making rules for them to follow then they walk Down the Hal and see three Black janitors who work in menial and then they go Home and see Lack parents who Are soil iving As second class citizens that is this doing for their image there Are Many educators in the Dayton school system who Are both capable and dedicated of the principle of a compleat education for All children Thi includes Black children i am one of those teachers. Mrs. Gretchen e Garland 845 Tremont re. Xena what of image editor i would like to make a position statement in reference to Ai article which appeared in the Xenia Gazette and the Dayton journal Herald concerning the controversy at Highview elementary school in West Daylon is which i spoke Oul again certain practices of a while teacher. First of All i am an educator in this predominantly Black school 90 per cent plus negro and it just so happens that 1 an Black also. The administrative Power Structure is Ihl per Cen while. During this school year Hava been cons ally Hamill thanks of firemen editor the members of the Xenia cily fire division wish to Lake his Opportunity to thank Anc recognize each and every one of the Fine Public spirited Citi helped us during Thi ire in downtown Xenia la night of april 22. In fighting a fire of these por portions there Are Many thing Ireman must consider. Firs and Foremost is Rescue and a or thai sizing up the situation Low much manpower is aval Able where to place Hose lines where to Lay Supply lines when to place apparatus soil can b used most effectively where t ventilate the buildings in Orde to release the build up of Hea pressure and smoke and seen singly All or these things mus be considered simultaneous a tie re is no time for s e c o n guessing if we Are to be Success Ful. We think As do some other whose expert judgment Rea 11 counts Hal we did a cred Itab Job. More than Ever we wish i thank the Fellows on the fire d1 Palm cats of Xenia North Ai Xenia South and Clinton county editor s note a Tom with umm addresses it bushed. Taftt reserved reject Brevity earns priority. Incorporated into All of the b elementary schools but nothing h can be truly evaluated on the s Tor tymm it reproduction of articles. Deadline on one Experiment. 11 a it Mai Center opened its door in o my 1966 and one of its goals p was to evaluate the 1ta initial u teaching it was pm c played discussed and Evalu during the school year 1966 c did you know that on then on one year s Examina i Tif t in the Center involving a .5 Juji fit one class of children new Alpha bet has been instituted into of the other Public schools does or. Hill intend to abandon our Standard alphabet this coming fall experimental schools the country have Al e studied the merits and Jack of this new alphabet. U we were a Little late because s of those same schools a election More than five years o Worth of statistics and have h As our county grows and increasing numbers this method sadly lacking p and have discontinued its use eople Bechie voters the problems mount and More made the More decisions reverting Back to our tried u and True Abc s. F More ballots arid suddenly All of us Are inundated Terhune Pueblo dr., t that was tuesday s situation with the it ballots nine in Xenia City creating logjam voters leading into an overwhelming countdown doubtless will Takle its future toll among precinct workers who vowed never so let s face it. Automation is Here. It s past Ime to get Jjack. Into exploration of providing voting turnouts such a s last should be encouraged Long lines and procedures but. Beyond control just can t be tolerated 1101 _ i m sorry that the majority of citizens in Xenia who voted May definitely let the prejudiced opinions of Man and his so called cil j w committee win out Over 1 per cent income lax. As indicated i had special concern with chances or electorate approval of Xenia City s 12-Mill school i feared for it As Well As for the spill off effects on the fractional levies in behalf of Happy Ime retarded children s school and Greene joint vocational school while the of Stamps Given weren t overwhelming one vote to the Good is equal to a million though continue to be proud of our Community As it husband and i Are t h e j parents of five pro 3 Viding for us lakes a or e at j amount of the salary he makes which in t much but we were i willing to pay taxes on the 1 r Ier cent income tax because e j we wanted to see and have a land in part of the Progress g to the system s legitimate demands could make. There Are some people who likewise such a. Mandate doubtless has and expect a lot but Are r our administrative team in the school system should Lave pleased our faculties and must have been to put out anything y o get it. This is sad. C wonderfully satisfying experience for the Many Many who campaigned hard and faithfully for passage. Now i think everyone j knows of the benefits the 1 per j income tax would have on the other hand think on death and this what would happen this combination is the most difficult to sell ask teachers who must try to Comfort and explain the ormer and Public officials who. Must perform through Means of the latter. Xenia s municipal income tax has been All the cily employees went on an indefinite strike at the same time who would put out the sires who would run City Hall who would give us police in half and the margin was sufficient to convince me the general intent was exhibited that the wording on the ballot May have confused some but not maybe the citizens who opposed the 1 per cent income j tax would take care of these Many. No one Force was really responsible some of he accompaniments should frighten us All As a service to the z Community for in the i future when the demands for if inference As effective As 1 fear it was both if Dayton where a Chi mention Center tax then our populace is subject to a manipulation which could erode n t s Aren t met i think the Community will realize the mistake they be made by j cutting the 1 per cent inc o m e i have Little the no to one half of 1 per cent. L mandate if that be it it behoves us All Irene Corbett 3e sure we know what we re talking about e. Market st., Here is a message in the vote for City Hall Ion at All finally a up Jay Burnett who can take credit for getting up income tax matter on the ballot if nothing smilingly complained he was being blamed for criminal act recently from a break in at the up fix up. For what i manager s residence to downtown clean paint and fix because the City s tax records were near by. Our Homes when Day after i can hardly agree with his ridiculous filthy dirt and grit pours statement terminology that the voters of Xenia Are masters of their tax destiny and not the the Xenia foundry. The grit Burns into paint on our of any elected slaves Don t enjoy the freedoms that and cars pits the aluminium storm windows and the has used he then should enjoy the witticism of _ soils carpeting drapes local pundit who remarked upon Reading of the City s selection of a second fire station site near that we hang on t h e clothes lines and undoes a 1 1 Bowling alleys in which Burnett has interest if the Bowling alleys Ever catch on fire you bet the firemen will be glad to put out cleaning and fixing we do. Our children going to and from school get the dirt in their of 1 per cent of the Blaze the smell goes into our just thought he d like to know he s living on 1 and school rooms. We could go on and on with in legend. List of complaints but air Force base for a Job corrected quickly so As you get me idea. What we want to know is one. Also our sheer est our is mayor Huston going to deepest thanks to those persons along the teenagers Hill director of the Xenia Center for educational about her brother s dirt editor s note Xenia foundry griped Man Hose lines Lay Hose lines into the Home has served As curriculum coordinator for All Tom Huston is nol related to mayor we re bldg., and just "helped1 in ways we still Don t thanks to the persons who furnished and carried in food and rink and for the Aid from the american red Cross schools this ast year being responsible for these to important positions sinful a Neoushy cannot help but creat a conflict of inheres is. As of cleaning painting and fixing up for nothing. Where is the filtering system or. Huston said he was going to put in last fall where is the smokestack which would at of Scep or. Hill eliminate the smell and to All who have been mentioned and to anyone we have of undying Gratis Ude and inks from us statistics to proper la evaluate new leaching methods employed at the Conler. How can these statistics be the dirt and grit away from the immediate there Are Many Days when the limn As valid when or. You. Just thought we should let sets up the curriculum ant teaching methods for the us your i savings Center mow. William t. South president local 698, Xenia fire our Public schools it was generally under Sloop that methods that Farmers traders Bank Jamestown value in inc Conler were to _ a Garrera attorney re opening and re location of his Law our schools Are not i 1 v Ivi Iii my wish is nol to Point fingers Only to arouse the int Crest and concern of All parents and anyone else who May be of l i lil lot across from the Xenia National Bank Xenia phone 372-4431 Daylon phone i understand that we have several turnovers in school wish in thank All those who assisted in my hour of ministration in recent years were Many and greatly appreciated. I wish would be impossible As Well to any client who has been unable o reach unfair to Center the blame wish to assure you that from a review of the our problems on any individual person or appears that All clients records were saved. Think you one. Nil however it is entirely a. Carrara Alloney no sible and oven vital thai e. Main st., Xci in Tain fallacies and be Noin led Oul so that they Blue smoke is so thick y o u can j hardly see across he Street. The . Dep a r t m e n t of health the stale department j of health and the county department of health All Tell us that it is up to the City to take care of this problem. All right then mayor Huston clean up time is Here. Help make Xenia More Beautiful How about it or. And mrs. Paul Blanton 343 n. West st., Xenia gratified at vote editor we were gratified to have the tremendous Community response in support of the Xenia school Levy Issue. During times of stress it is reassuring to have our citizens give such sup port to education. We will do All we can to live up to a Community vote of com Tidence and to a common i t y which has expressed a desire to want a belter education for its children. Frank c. Mayer superintendent Ray Kline Board president Xenia City schools. The Xinh daily Gazette saturday May 11, 1968 night for workers editor plans Are being made for a comm n i t y appreciate o n night tuesday from to 30 . At the Xenia High school cafeteria. We want to invite All the citizens who worked for the pro motion of the three school lev ies. To the voters of the Xenia school District i want to say thank you for proving you Are interested in the education of our children. It s people like you who make it so easy to say it s great to live in Xen mrs. Wayne Cozad chairman Xenia schools citizens committee 250 Helen ave. Xenia. Great Man has fallen editor we can surely say a great Man was he he did so much in Man was he he did so much in so Short a while. He was one of god s chosen leaders. A Moses in our Day. God made Al men in his own image to serve him but so Many would not obey his command. When he called Martin Luther King to go and preacly his gospel he answered the Call. Or. King was an intelligent educator with love for All races. Although he was Misander Ood and misjudged by Many just kept on doing what god a handed him to do. He lived Faith and prayer they both satan trembles Len he sees the weakest Saint Pon la s Knees. Or. King could e the people As they were he in t want violence. Hie peo e were just like sheep some Ould follow and some would in away. Thank god he in t give up until he reached e top of the Mountain. He uld see Hie lights of the City could see the lights of Home ome would have stopped at the of of the Mountain Martin St kept on praising god. Some will try to destroy what is Good Man has built up but e Bible plainly says Uch not mine anointed nor do y prophets yes there Are others w h o 11 try to live on and live so Ace will come to this Trou de world so Lov Cwill dwell in e hearts of men. His work is listed but his prayers i 1 e answered. Let us Wake up and walk by Faith and prayer s or. King did. He fought a we fight he finished his course and lie kept the Faith. He cached the top of the Moun in. E reached the top of the Moun Nin. He Loo k e d Over in t he promised land e could see the lights from the City while god had hold of his hand of yes his labor is ended his work has not been vain e preached he prayed and fasted sometimes suffered pain e loved All the races he tried to do his Best of picked him from the other Flowers and took him Home to rest. Mrs. Jessie Liggins route Xonia. Go essays thank you editor in behalf of the Givs Board t education staff and students be wish to express our deep appreciation to All of those who assisted in the passage of the additional millage for the Greene joint vocational school n order to provide More oppor Unity to the boys and girls of 3rcene county. Our special thanks to the Xenia daily Gazelle and the Campaign chairmen in each of he participate n g school d i finds. It is very Gratifying to this Vole of Confidence and we Trust that those who Vork at Givs will Mainla i n our continued support through staff efforts by providing qual tied candidates for the j o b opportunities in our business Community. Administrative staff the Greene joint vocational school. To save a family editor we represent a new program .0 give Aid to starving families in India. We Are a group of volunteers of All religious faiths who have banded together to promote save a family plan. It might be of interest to your readers to know that we Are the Only Branch of the Canad Ian based organization in the United Stales. Ii is hard Lorea Lize that for Only a month an american family can adopt a destitute family in India and provide Lliam Wilh enough food keep them from starving thus making it possible for their children to attend school a n d eventually become self sup porting. We feel that our Story might be of interest to your readers and possibly some of them might want to participate in our efforts. It you would like move information about our program please write to save a family plan Box 1900, far Hills Branch Daylon mrs. Robert. Swadner Daylon. First pentecostal Church 287 Stilton Road where Christ is preached the same yesterday today and Sunder school Aii mini Litt sunday 661 1 buy Ali service i i of in Sun. . Wed., Sil. So lots . Soni Fol 2nd Saint ill Eichi month . Fret Dill 372-2110 Rev. And mrs. Bruce Brooks pastors the end of Roub search for t of Rienour Church Why horse around head for the trousers sucks cleaning special 3 for save 45% you must be satisfied or there is no charge cleaning care cleaning store hours 9 . To i . Daily 9 . To 9 . Fridays phone 372-0861 in Kennedy formerly occupied by fold Bond Stamps v

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