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Ohio Xenia Daily Gazette Newspaper Archives May 11 1968, Page 4

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Daily Gazette (Newspaper) - May 11, 1968, Xenia, Ohio Editorial Page of the Xenia daily Gazette Page four saturday May 11, 1968 uranium Rush recurring remember Back in the 1950s when the uranium Rush was when a few instant millionaires resulted from Lucky finds the excitement died Down late in that decade when the atomic Energy commission put the Kibosh on prospecting with its announcement that it had enough uranium for the time being thank you. Now it seems the search for uranium Lias been renewed. The big reason this time around is an up surge in plans to build nuclear powered electrical generating plants. After rather a disappointing Start this form of Energy has now become economically competitive with conventional Fossil fuels. It is estimated that whereas nuclear Power today accounts for less than 1 per cent of from Gazette files electrical output in this country the figure will reach about 20 per cent within a decade. That puts a Premium on uranium. Present Low Cost reserves Are expected to run out by the mid-70s, and it is thought that half a million additional tons will be required by 1980 to Supply nuclear Power plants now proposed. Most of the prospecting doubtless will continue to be done by geologists using sophisticated techniques including planes equipped with highly sensitive detection devices. It is a reasonable guess however that amateurs with a thirst for both adventure and a Quick Fortune will have a go at it. We May be in for another uranium Rush As big As the one that tapered off a decade ago. 20 years ago today president Truman said t h e views in a note to soviet rus Sia did not depart from current policy although leading to a russian agreement for peace talks the nation s rail roads were running normally under army supervision but Union leaders reiterated de mands for higher Wager and better working conditions Southern democrats were ready to hold their own Convent i o n in Birmingham ala., if the National party adopts a civil rights platform by o n d e belly Hamner of Portsmouth reigned As May Queen at Ohio state University City traffic signals we r e gelling a new look As cily Crews were painting them Yel Low Over the former aluminium color. Three carloads of Wil Mington College students left for Washington to protest i h e new draft Bill Hamilton county common pleas judg e Cracker barrel Mother sharpened Irish wit on Novvie in new garment by Ray Higgins someone has said not in truthfully that an irishman s idea of wit is sarcasm. The redeeming thought is that while they could Lay it on they also could take it. And rarely did the insult result in a Donny Brook. The Little girl who came Over Here from Ireland in a sailing vessel seasick in Hie Steerage every Day a motion illness she never softened her Sharpness Wilh a smile and never invited ill will. Lacking much of a formal education in the old country she improved her mind by Reading. She was familiar with t h e Large print brass cleared Bible an Illus rated history of h or Homeland and with Gen. La w. Wallace s Ben Hur which she brought out every chrism a s or a rereading of the opening chapters. But she leavened the heavier tomes Wilh such lighter Reading As mrs. Wiggs of the cabbage in which she expert looking Back by the associated press today is saturday May 11, the 132nd Day of 1968. There Are 234 Days in the year. Today s highlight in history on this Date in 1867, the Trca to of London was signed guaranteeing Luxembourg s Neutral Ity. On this Date in 1647, Peter Stuyvesant be came governor of new Amster dam. In 1846, president James Polk sent a near message to Congress calling for military action against Mexico. In 1858, Minnesota became the 32nd stale. In 1910, Glacier National Park in Montana was created by presidential proclamation. In 1943, american forces landed on Allu Island in the aleutians. It was the first Amori an territory regained from the Jap anese in world War ii. In 1949, Israel was admitted to the United nations. Ten years ago the United slates hailed a soviet agreement to discuss detection of nuclear tests As a possible slip toward disarmament. Five years ago h was announced thai Canada had agreed to accept nuclear warheads for . Missiles installed in Canada. One year ago . Secre tary general u Thant said lie feared the initial phase of world War tit was being fought in Vietnam. Ended enduring Delight. One of the family cals Forsooth was named Atlanta for one of the animal characters in this once volume. This was the woman who be came my sainted Mother who switched my Bare legs for disciplinary infractions who routed me out of a warm Feather Ted for the snowy trek to Early Christmas mass who pursued me Halfway to school to see that i did t Cany out a threat to shed my new overcoat in the nearest Stream or empty lot. There was nothing wrong Wilh Hie overcoat. But i had some obsession about it becom ing an insurmountable Handicap in event of having 10 de fend myself in a Street Brawl with other urchins when i needed to be free for action in fisticuffs or Snow Balling. She was the woman who suing up the Telephone in exasperation if the caller said a u e s s who this having Little patience with such useless Persi Flage. She was the woman who turned. Out to Cool on saturdays those Mouth watering loaves if homemade bread one always baked in a round pan the rest in Standard rectangular shape. She was the one who w o u id whack off a still warm s 1 i be and spread it with Apple butter or just Plain Butler a mighty fortress against the agony of hunger. If she was in the mood there would be a pan of Parker House Rolls also or perhaps a mess of Large Scallop edged Ginger cookies. She was the one who when presented myself for her inspection in a new Over o at when going out on a Dale gave the classic riposte to my Assurance that the coat was i e latest thing her reply in Subtle you re the at Cal. Thing Mil. On this Mother had a pet word that defies definition and requires a guess at the spelling nov that s what it sounded like and it could mean anything from a inn of affection to Sar Castic ridicule. Since tomorrow is Mother s Day 1 think she would enjoy this piece from one who liked to think Hal for him a Novio was a term of love. I of today mom the upper room

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