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Ohio Xenia Daily Gazette Newspaper Archives Dec 19 1970, Page 2

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Daily Gazette (Newspaper) - December 19, 1970, Xenia, Ohio Editorial Page of the Xenia daily Gazette Jeffrey Hart Page pour saturday december 19, 1970 Are shared obligation College professors views limited to narrow Field this is the season for Hie twanging of Heartstrings. Newspapers All Over the country willingly perform the humane service of alerting the pub lic to cases of greatest need. One reads of a family living in a filthy trailer the water turned off for Lack of payment hunger a constant companion of fatherless children huddled in a cold tenement of ill jobless parents seeking to hold a fam ily together while they await help that never comes. One of the most heartening tilings about the Holiday season is the Man net1 in which Good people respond when they learn of such cases. Often there is an outpouring of help food better housing Job of fers. The Christmas spirit is most warmly manifested in such ways. The sad things As has so often been observed is that the Christmas spirit wanes with the season but the cruelly urgent need of men women and Chil Dren battered by life goes on the year round. The sudden largesse in re spouse to appeals is like a godsend but much of what is Given is soon gone. Perhaps it is wrong to introduce this melancholy chill the glow of charitable satisfaction with a reminder that when the Holiday outpouring is used up the wolves of need will again snuffle at the door of trailer and tenement and Tarpa per Shack. We think not it is a re minder we believe that men and women of Good will cannot fail to accept in Good part. All of us share an merely at Christ Mas time but All the do what we can for those who have been cruelly used by life. In a previous column 1 pointed out that the trouble some situation on the Campus is connected with Hie develop ment of a much More instrumental relationship Between student and institution. Very Inch More than in the past the student uses the institution the degree gains him Entrance to the meritocracy. Fuch less to Day does lie identify himself with the institution and make it a component of his sense of self. But this profound social fact Long in the making does not explain Why some issues and not others move the student to action and to disruption. Why Given a predisposition to use the University does he select just these issues his Selec Tion of issues there is no doubt is determined by the o v e r whelming by Liberal character of the american University especially the so called elite schools suit As Lite Ivy league Berkeley and the first line state universities. At Princeton which was not Long ago a very bastion of social privilege and then in important ways actually a South Ern school the year 1968 found some 80 per cent of the faculty supporting Hubert Humphrey while Nixon and Dick Gregory evenly split the remainder. That Nixon and Dick Gregory s Rad ical Black each got about 10 per cent at Princeton s u g gets How aberrant a phenom Enon this faculty is within its american context. The summer 1s70 Issue of the quarterly Magazine of the political science association extends this impression with some immensely revealing figures. A i Alit Mulde Survey of faculty members showed or example Fiat in the social sciences and. The Liberal arts some 70 per cent of the faculty approved of the emergence of Radical student activism As against 30 per cent who disapproved. The same proportions yield when they were asked to Label themselves politically. Left and Liberal Drew about 70 per cent Middle of the Road 20 per cent conservative 10 per cent in a recent Gallup poll on the other hand More than 50 per cent of americans generally designated themselves As conservative on Vietnam to choose two representative de prognostic a Tor from Gazette files 20 years ago today u. S. Third division troops backed into an escape pocket As the revitalized North korean army announced it would Cross the 38th parallel. President tru Man said today american troops will be sent to Europe Back anti communist defense forces under Gen. Dwight d. Eisenhower Greene county was highest percentage Wise m the state in housing construction in the last decade county officials have turned Cracker barrel theater Guild dispossessed probably led to demise by Ray Higgins Kich adar is a Little miffed and justifiably so. No mention of the Little theater Guild performance in which he made a kid appear Ance has appeared in this series. His debut before was in mis Nelly of w production of the i934fl935 season. No program is available. The next year 1936 the opera House was closed and the Guild bad to move its activities. And a program preserved by mrs. Jessie Bryson for Maude Fulton s the brat do est t say where it was staged. The Guild tried the Jean b. Elwell auditorium at what nov is Cen trial Junior High school and the school auditorium at the Osso Home. Neither proved satisfactory for Guild purposes and loss of the opera May have contributed to the of the Guild. Herman Pfuhl of Dayton directed the in which Batty Venable had the title role. The other players wore mrs j u a n i Tase a 11, Robert and Donald chew1, Archer Maxwell mrs. Corinne Mason Barbara Jean Mason i Patricia Farrell Mary w a d die. Glen Mcfaddon and Janet Frazer. Upper room prayer the greatest demonstration of god s love or us has been his sending his Only son intr the world to give us life through him. 1 John Phillips translation prayer dear father we thank Liee for Thil Ive press Fiti in Christ. Help us in this season to remember that giving is not always Lightf t cry. H it May Call for sacrifice. Amen. Music was provided by an or Chestra directed by Harold prof Seall and the staging staff included Dorothy Mccoy is prompter Stanley Chilly As head usher Dorothy Armstrong Mary Catherine Max Well and Josephine Wolf in charge of properties Regina Kundert and Mary. Katherine Maxwell make up. Ii o d u c. Y Meyer set design Richard Mcclelland electrician and. Mil dred Mason Florence Raeh Ford Kathleen Doro thy Armstrong publicity. The Guild officers that season were Fred t. Flynn president m r s. Lawrence s Fields first vice president in Len Little second vice pres ident i. M. Hyman third vice president Mildred w. Tio2, Secretary and Harry a. Higgins treasurer. The program for the brat gave a list of Guild performances up it that year from its Start in 192b-m when t i e group placed Craig s wife t free one actors Colum Bine in business and whose Money to the ladies and in the next room. The Complete list for succeeding season Tea f o r three three one act plays the old lady shows her med als so a you old antique Dulcy and miss Lulu Belt 1330-31 Hay fever the Swan t h e Dover Road and vast Lynn 1931-32 Adam and Eva the Cradle Green stockings and cock Robin 1032-33 Michael and Mary the first year one actors the twelve i fund Ixion if men play nil cards As women do and Holiday 1933-1934 the Kim mrs. Frs or Sun up ice bound and a Prince there was 1934-35 the Isle Chris lop Ier bean mis Nelly of is Orleans nne act Manikin and Minikin the stranger and Wertzl a Lum mrry and the Ivory 3fi inter Madame Forest by Chi Antioch play Bird in hand and another language 193037 accent in youth children of the Moon. Gold in the Hills and Hin Graphy 1937 3r Post Road joyous season Candle Light and divine d Mage iwi939-Nighi Musi Kail outward bound Susan Hopley and the ural. New policy underway. Washington aim Secre Lary of defense Melvin a Laird has decreed thai mangers in his department must meet numerical goals and timetables to increase hiring o Blacks and other minorities this new requirement included in a tougher defense an to discrimination policy Laid Down by Laird thursday. To common pleas court in the absence of adequate to determine Legal procedures in the operation of Greene memo rial Hospital Gen. Dwight d. Eisenhower s new military command will not disqualify him from he Republican presidential nomination now being boosted a cold front swept As far South As Florida today dropping the temperature at Tallahassee to 25 degrees the Edgar l. Johns announce the birth of a daughter Laura Darlene at Miami Valley hos Pital gov. Frank j. Lausche said he had Given Little thought to suggestions seek to become baseball commissioner Jack Hosket yellow Springs was elected Caplain of the Wittenberg College swim Ming team Leigh Ferguson of near Clifton has contracted to buy the Cedarville College farm for today in Bob Considine Hie Iwa Ediwn no Pun intended went tills Way not counting no sociology. Immediately with draw encourage coalition government 49.8 reduce commitment but prevent communist takeover 11.8 defeat communists whatever Cost 1.3. English immediate with draw 31.3 encourage Coa Lollon government 4b.5 reduce com Init sent but prevent communist takeover 16.9 defeat communists whatever Cost 2.8. In this nationwide faculty Survey 65 per cent voted for Humphrey 15 per cent for Nixon 5 per cent for other candidates excluding Wallace who gut about while the rest a rather Large percentage did t vote. Again the Liber Al left percentage hovers around 70 per cent. Thus the atmosphere in he Campus is startlingly More Liberal than it is in the surround ing society in which More Over As the election results and other1 figures show Strong moderate conservative cur rents Are lowing. Under these circumstances tension even conflict Between the Campus and the surrounding society is perfectly predictable. But Why the logical next question is faculty sentiment so Liberal left not at All in my View because College faculties Are especially intelligent or unusually Well informed though that would be their answer. As a matter of fact most col lege professors while perfectly competent specialists in their academic Fields Are by no Means especially intelligent much less Well informed on a wide Range of subjects. The answer in my View is that individuals who already Are left or Liberal tend to choose academic careers they choose precisely against that surrounding society. The Choice is As much not to become a businessman a general con Gressman or a lawyer As it is a Choice in favor of special izing in slake spare or Struc tural1 linguistics. Given this kind of self selection the Aber rant results in the above statistics Are scarcely surprising. Nor is the behaviour we have become accustomed to on the College Campus. History today is the 81st anniversary of the enactment in North Dakota of the first Law in the United Stales prohibiting alcoholic liquors. The Law was enacted on dec. 19, 1889. The Xenia daily Gazette pubs Hal every exc fit Sedav at . by the Chew publishing company. 37 South it Iroini sited. Xenia Greene a Flunky Ohio 4ssb5 phones 372-1444 and 426-6444. Second class postage pair at Xoma Ohio. Originally pm real As second class mater 21, if fun. At Post of fire of x e n j a Ohio under the a or Congress of March Al. I raft. As a u Eric la in i fragile h pc a me a of i 1 y in if full w a merged with the Xoma Terr he Ehl a it d the or la Republican and u a Sola s nil firme mystery Man Howard Hughes is so secluded he won t deny falsehoods subscription Rale i i ppr week by n . Motor route by mall per year in Ohio out subscriptions a territory covered by or motor my mfr of the Arso Mfd per in is int Llam to 1he a Frk publication of All local or in i erf in thin Nowon Spur a a urls a All a . Aut if Yurcan of Cir ii Minns Ohio Lin i r u r r u of of Ana Nova Snapir advert sir 1 1 n a Asior Mahon r affiliate of Vional Fortl Torwal a circulation managers no Snaper promotion Ai Shannon Cullen member attic Mon founded 1bss rend daily by families Cir dilation filed with Tiptn Lori in a Rutlt Tadad 4 a it. 30, 070. New York Howard Hughes the Best known non person in the world with the possible exception of Nikita Khrushchev the Loch Ness monster and the abominable snowman declined today to answer my simple request for an exclusive interview. Pretty Cheeky of him Wol i explained to the Nassau Bellhop who answered the phone that there was nothing in it for me except perhaps a Little old pulitzer prize which is not lockable. But the kid still claimed up. Big Man who lives upstairs Ain t he said. Everybody Ever a s s o c i ated with Hughes has been struck dumb by the experience. And that fact it seems to me is the most remarkable thing of All about the Enigma of the Odd billionaire. Who enforces this Rule of silence How can a trusted employee and confidant let s say his father s old Friend and Howard s comptroller Noah Dietrich or an sex wife Jean Peters or the chief of Hughus Nevada operations former Fri Man Bab Marcu or even one of Hughes mormon male nurses secretaries body guards and chauffeurs not yield to what must be colossal offers for their stories. Every thing that has been written about Hughes for years has been pure speculation or outrageous fiction because there was no Way to Contact the Man no Way to derive any information from persons who presumably were close to him. We have been assured that he is disfigured and docs not wish be seen that he i a s become so gorm conscious that he walked around h i s a Ascot inn Las vegas pent Houst with his shoes in cased in empty kleenex boxes won t Lei anybody use his expensive Aero a executive plane because it has Here however Are four True Hughes stories item no. 1 one Day at his foot Jet rep at Culver City calif., waiting for a Hughes plane to Fly us to Palm Springs i noticed a parked executive b-25 and asked whose in was. Noah a Hughes Man said dropping his voice. Bui they broke up , did t that s he said and or. Hughes has Given us instructions to let the plane just sit there until it three or four years Laler i was at the strip to take a lest ride in a great Little helicopter the Hughes engineers or perhaps Hughes himself had developed. And there Sal the re Mains of Dietrich s plane. Us tires were Flat its sleek fuselage was Rusty and a cheap hit of cheesecloth fluttered Over its dirty Windshield. Item no. Jim Austin the president of Norl Heas air lines a company Hughes courted after Selling his Twa Stock for million got a Call one Day from a stranger who said Howard Hughes wants to talk to you by phone. Naturally he can t speak through your switchboard. What is your private Jim said he did t have a Pri vate phone. In 20 minutes a Hall a dozen men marched in and Tell it like it is when is eggnog not eggnog consumer reports Magazine re ports thai in at Icsel 20 Stales tie product apparently need not contain an egg. Gunzel Teglund s motor route country installed one. Hughes whose investments made Austin a millionaire never called. Item no. 3 a writer Friend of mine in los Angeles dropped Hughes a note stating that he had been offered by a Magazine if he could get an with Hughes. Hughes wrote him a letter saying in effect i Don l want any pub he enclosed a Check for hem no. 4 i thought not Long ago that my 22-year quest for an interview had finally been Maheu called me at the Sands hotel in vegas and invited me to lunch at the Hughes executive office. I was picked up by a somber Young mormon in a somber Sedan. In route he asked me what i d have for lunch. In my confusion i said a Ham on he picked up a car phone and said "lx-9, this is m4c. The individual who is coming for lunch will have a Ham on then he Hong up. Or Mahue was most suave As he led me from his own of fice into a magnificent private office with a desk shaped like a soaring Wing. As we had a drink he kept looking Over my shoulder at the door behind me. Suddenly i heard the door open and i trembled As Maheu jumped up and smiled. I lumbered to my feet and found my Knees shaking As i turned to mesh what i was sure would be the world s richest and most mysterious Man. It was t Howard Hughes. He never showed. It was a Jap anese waiter with my Lousy Ham Sandwich. Bennett Cerf Billy Wilder was in the Middle of shooting a big motion picture abroad when a sudden uprising of the natives made the Backer in Hollywood suddenly fearful that his entire investment would be lost. He cabled Wilder is it Safe for you All to remain or should. You get out while the get Ting out is Wilder cabled Back Don t worry. Nobody s shooting including a conscientious food a Pictor walked at the re quest of a big poultry Raiser to permit Chicken ingredients added to the lint of approved con tents of but finally agreed to and out to me How Hoo group the ally i population Felt about the Lif Ccu re Palm on Tho whole Wero definitely antagonize. One Man wrote. Meat in Tho hot at our Hall Park i bad enough without no Chat Skoti to make it and a decisive female proclaimed. A Don t eat Feather Moat of no Kindl Selby culpa ppr who runs the in a manner of speaking in Ono of Tho Small Cost Lowonn in. Against that the Lulea Man in the county i klan Man named will Knott. No Damn Eon. 1uo, Cut Pilaf Luud by

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