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Ohio Cincinnati Weekly Times Newspaper Archives Mar 20 1884, Page 1

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Cincinnati Weekly Times (Newspaper) - March 20, 1884, Cincinnati, Ohio Vol. XLI.—^TVo. IS.OITSOIXX^TI, THTJirSOXY, 3XXHOII SO, 1884. $ 1 l^er Year. Hoiie’fi 8on)cr. Tlic poMrn droanu of «uuth AMMiine H piiise of trutli Which I f • kocjm never, For Hope’» voice tingeth over, youth iinil eti'ung uiiilcuvor. Cun will the highest good forever.” Ixvc's Aiibtle intnitiou Divine» lire'» ghid fruition, Distrusting never; And sweetly hope sinjr» ever, **True iove and sweet cndoiivor bhtill hold the highest goo<l forever.” Love’s sacred tryst is iirokea, lleiirthreaking wurdnarc spoken Her IkiikIb to sever; But still hojic slinrcf h ever, •‘Brave heart and sir ng emlcaver Uiut find tlic higlicfet good forever.” Pale hands arc crossed in death; Loiic is the quivering breath; And still a low voice never Sto| sechoing, echoing ever, “Brave heart uiid strong ende.avor Have won Hie highest good forever.” -[Helen M. Wiualow. NCW8 AMD KUTE8. in THE CHURCH FESTIVAL. Tliorc «re thirt)-nine English tailors Paris. Heavy late suppers are fashionable in London. Knee breeches are again advocated by certain Loudon men. Mary Anderson often visits localities dc> scribed in Dickens’ novels. It Is estimated that .1,000,000 horse-power Is going to waste at Niagara Falls. Diamond and pearl drop earrings are replacing tlie buttons in Paris ladies* ears. llie Princess Victoria of Hesse is to be married in an Irish Poidin wedding dress. The Albany Argus says that the ice is ten feet thick in the Hudson Diver just below that city. Dr. Hammond, the well-known New York physiciaii, is uliout to build a $50,000 bouse 1b Washington. Seven political State conventions have aireiidy lieen called to be held on Wednesday, April <M). Th3 British training ship Warsplte has roscnetl 50,400 children frmn poverty and degradation and trained tiiom for the sea. New York 8])orts are busier than ever over prise fights, cocking mains and dog tiglils. The iKvliuo seem to wink at them. The nmnageinent of the Old Soldiers’ Home at Newark, N. J., is such that^ the cost for each veteran is only thirty cents per day. Acconling to the Hahnemnnian Monthly thirty-live new midioal journals were st-irted in    It considers this a high birth-rate in .Medical journulism. M. de Ia)Hbe|>« api>ears to keep a ninnlng account with nature. He often sleeps for twenty-four liuurs or more at a stretch, and then goes a whole week without even a moment’s dbaiiif. Of the seeds ^iit out by tho Department of Agriculture 1,884,514 packages are vegetable setHl, 233,440 puckagi s are flow or seed, and there ure large quMiitilies of wheat, oats, com, biirlev, potatoes, turnips, sugar beet, ouuon, jute, etc. Tlie toui nuniber of Journals published in Ureat Britain is 2,01.’), and the total number of magn/.ines 1,200. Of the journals, London has 401, iho provinces 1,177, Wales 80. Scotland 181, Ireland 150 and the Channel Lluinls uiid Mau 20 According to nnutiicr clussiiicatiou, 179 of them arc dailies. Of Hie inagMzines, 332 have a religious eliuracter. Tbc following are said to Ik) the sixteen Amoricun inventions of world-wide adoption: The cotton gin, the planing ins-chino, the er iss mower and reaper, the rotary iirinting press, steam navigation, the hot-air mschine, the sewing machine, the India luiiWr industry, the machiue nniuurncture of horsesiiof's, tlie sand blast fl>r grav ing. tlio gauge lathe, the grain elevator, iirtillciiil ice mnkiiig on a large scale, the electro-niagnet in ita practical opplicutiu!: and tlie telephoiiu. Tlie Progrcs Medical, referring to tho onor-moiisly increased consumption ofdrugs used in nervous nfleetions, says; “In the central hospital pliarmucv of Paris the amount of bromiiio of )Mitasxium sold in 1855 w as hut three kilos: in IHTO it liiid iiiureiised to 889 kilos; in 1.875 to 73D kilos, and for tlie past ten years had liiereasoil all over Parts in like proiMirtioiiH. Quiniiic, iDor)ihlnc, and bronitdo arc snid to w tlio three great popular 'drugs ol civilization.’” Prince BlMuarck tci'e a story of the Duke de Moray, w lm made a very good thing out of ills r.mlmsssdorlal prlvilegee. When he went to 81. Petersburg as Ambaeendor from NH))olcon III., he Dsik with biro wsgon Inails of l)o\cii and packing casos contiiiu-ing laccK, silks and other dutiable articles. Ik’iiig the “pubonal lugaage” of an Aiii-bassaitor, cvi'rytliiug paxi-ed tlio Uiisslan frontier uiicxaiiiim»!!. Once in St. IVtors-burg, liovvcver, tbc Duke de .Momy sold hi)-Bilk); ami laceó at a net protil ol 800,000 rouiilcH. The course of churcli affairs, like the course of true love, seems destined not to run smoothly at Willowbrook. A new complication has arisen since our memorable donation party—a complication which bids fair to end ill the withdrawal of the new minister, Mr. Ormsby’s successor, a staid baoJielor of doubtful ajrc. It had been decided that the churcli needed painting, and to this end a peach festival was suggested and agreed upon with great unanimity. Much to my own regret, I was absent from the village at the time of tho festival, so as soon as possible after my return I ran over to sec Miss Melissa, feeling confident that I should find her, as usual, a faithful chronicler, nor was I disappointed. A few r|ucstious soon brought out the whole stoiy. “It was too bad, as you sav’, Miss Harwood, that you couldn't have been here, but law! the festival was a terrible disap vointment, after all, for we didn't make anytliing to signify. 1 could liave told ’em so bcforeliand, for I knew just how it would turn out when those girls took the maiiagc-mciit instead of lettin’ Aunt Betsy and me be at the head, as w e’d always been used to doin’. “It’s no wonder we felt kinder hurt alwut it, for I don’t remember a death or a weddiii’ or a christenin’ in the village that we hadn’t had our say about in time past, and to sec ourselves made ot no account in that way was enough to prevoke a saint . “Of course I knew it was all done for Mr. Allen’s sake—tliat comes of having a bacheler for a minister, Miss Harwood—though why girls should want to set their caps for a man old enough to be their father I can’t uii-dci*stand. If Mr. Allen wanted a wife (and it’s my opinion that every minister does want a wife to look after him) he ought to have had a chance to choose for himself among those that was suitable, and jjoiHlncss knows there ain’t many to pick from in this vlllagcl But instid of Icttlu’ the man alone those girls have acted shameful from the very firstr-goin’ rcg’lar to Sunday-school and siugiu’ class and what’ not, and stoppin’ every day to a.sk about Miss Bnico’s aick child jest bi'CAUse the minister was lioardin’ there—no, 1 never saw sccli forwardness in my life. And be (men is such fools) took it all for pure goo<l-iiess! DiduH I hear him a t^kiii’ one night at I>eaeoii Stiles’ about‘the sympalliies of young hearts,’ and ‘the sweet mission of the fair comforters,’ and all the time I was sciidin’ jelly and soft custard to the house, and Miss Bruce too ungrateful to meutiou it again! “But this ain’t neither here nor there, 80 I must jest git back to the peach festival. It was mostljr settled before you went away, Miss Harwood, that we was to hold it in the schoollionse, because some of us thought that mebbc it wasn’t solemn enough to hold in the church, but af-tei^vards we had a meetin’, and agreed to take up the carpets and take out the |>e\v cushions, and so have it in the ohnreh after all. “It was held on tho last Thurstlay in August, you know, and cveiy one was to send a cake or ice cream or peaches, aecordlu’ to their ability, and we kalkilafed to make considerable on the sclliu’, as we should, if Aunt Betsey and me liad been let uluiic. “But when 1 went over to the church that Thursday moriiiii’ to go to work, there was Sally Stiles, and Lyddy Hall, and the two Davis girls, and tiiat rcd-hcadcd ’Miry Junes and her cousin Maiidy all there ahead of me swcepin’ and dustin, and moviii’ things round as if they was tho head of the church ihcryselvcs. Wlisa 1 began to tell ’em wliut to do, Lyddy Hall jest laughs and says, says she; ‘You iiecdu't trouble yourself, Miss Melissa, we young folks will take charge and let the old folks rest a spell.’ (That girl thinks everyboily’s old but herself!) Sure enough, they wouldn’t let me have a thing to say about settiu’tho talile, and they each had a big rosctlu made to pin on their shoulders! (ireatinan agin’ they made, to be sure. How ever, I made ’em know 1 wouldn't give up the lea and coffee, so Lyddy saya; ‘Well, tlien, you can help un pack the disltes if you like, and Aunt Betsy may dust ’em o(f.’ That to me! “Just then Aunt Betsy come in, and I can tell you, Misi llarwuiHl, it wa alt that we couhl do to keep thiiigx and began to t.alk eo fast|that no one the little finger of his left hand with else could get in a word edgcwavs.! ivs teeth. There has lieen considcra- get But when Mandy and ’Miry Jones and Lyddy Hall jined in I jest told ’em their reom was Ixittcr than their company, thinkiii’ they'd take the hint. Now you’d hardly guess what they did-—they wCnt and sot on the platlorm in front of the pulpit, takin’ the minister with ’em of course, and there they kept up«uch a laughin’ and a chatterin’as you never saw, pretendin’ to wait on Mr. Allen, bringin’ him plates of peaches and icc cream, cnimblin’ up good slices of cake and wastin’em,until I could have slapped every one of the six. “I got so nervous at last, wat chin’ their doiii’s, that I i>oured tea and cofi'ec into the same cup, and when our big dog. Growler, came crcepin’ in and put bis cold nose onto my band, I drepped a cup and saucer and broke it into twenty pieces. I told Growler to go out, but iiistid of mind-iu’ me he walked over and lay down at Mr. Allen’s feet, aud in a minute that Lyddy Hall screams out; ‘Sec there, Mr. Alien! Miss Mix has scut Growler to take care of you, aren't you obliged to her?’ and* I felt my face gittiu’ as red as fire, I was so mortified. “I think the minister was partly to blame for what happened next, though there’s no knowiii’, for those girls kcp’ on gittiu’ wilder and wilder every minute. But I saw him go and get a basket of cake ofl' of Aunt Betsy’s table, and then he took his seat again in the middle and begun to make believe eat all the cake himself. Jest as he sot there, with his head l>ent down over that cakc-basket, Sally Stiles puts out her baud aud twitches him by his back liair. “I saw her do it, the forward thing! hut I wasn’t no more prepared than she was for what came next. It was a sharp puli, and there was the minister with his head as bare aud shiny as an ivory ball! and there was Sally lookin’ ready to faint, with his wig in her hand! “Well, she gave one scream that blc talk in the neighborhood regard ing the recent deaths caused by hydrophobia. The matter was talked about ill Zctcr’s family. Sunday the man became alarmed. He imagined that lie was becoming rabid. Dr.. Goodall was sent lor. He cauterized the wound and took a look at tlic dog. The animal showed no aversion to water as a hcvcregc. He objected, however, when a large quantity of water was poured ou his back. Dr. Goodall came to the conclusion that the bite itself was not dangerous. He was afraid that Zeter would work himself into a frenzy in case he was not convinced that the dog was not mad. Tlic doctor consequently prescribed large doses of ridicule for the patient w’henever he suggested that the dog w as mad. The neighbors aud family of the milk dealer supplied the doctor’s prescription. Zcter i« now recovering. QUEEN R^N^^LONA III. How the New SoTeretgn of Madajcas-car Was Crowned. [AnUDanariro for. Tx>n<loii Standard.] The ceremony took place on the plain of Imkhamasiiia, in presence of many thousands of people, principally school children; all the men, tind even the youngest schoolboy, wearing arms. The Queen’s body guard consisted of picked boys from the high schools. The idaiii about one thousand feet long by as many wide, is at the foot of the high hill on which stands the royal jialace, and as the voung Queen ajipeared on one of the iialconies of the palace, in full view of the multitude below, she was received with frantic entlmsiasm aud excitement, while at the same moment a salute of twenty-one guns announced to all that the first part of the important ceremony had taken The next part of the ceremony A l*«>|iiilni‘ I'Mllacjr. Many people think that rheumatism can not iM'cund. IlisentnM><l by a ImuI stale ol lhf hlíMxl whicli ile|iositi pnl'tonoiis matter In lliejujjits and innw*h‘s, canting Isme-ncM, 'tilfiii ).; and snelltug o| the joinU. Mild CMTueiatin:; pniiis, Kidney-\Vo| t a ill eerlaiiilv etl« et a enro. U hcIs’ on the klilney^, liver nnil hi)\\*'ls, stltuiilatiuK them ill a leMillliy uetiun, piiriflos miiU en-rli'hc'^ the ItloiMl and «Itminutes tb« imison from the svslt'iii. tio to ih*; nearest dnig-gl^t, buy Kidney. Wort and be cured. I iidcr a Now Name. iriolii'li'Ipina North American.I Kic trade hut a new name. It Is u«ed by newspapers that don't cars to admit that they urs free.tradc organs in the iiauni ti'rms, so they advocate a reduction of du-ties In tbs dll ;ciloa of “unleiisrctl com-D I cs.” Compare the dmie and fiunntlty of lloo<l’s £arsn| arllla and you have cnnelualve prmil of its sui>erlor sti-ength and chsapness. Tr; lu straight and the la'aehes a ret the cake cut even and 1 lieclcd. I told Italph that night wlion I wa* gettlii’ his huji-per that I dUln’t know as I’d over dono a hanler day’* work in my life, Init for ail that 1 hurried and divs=>ed myself and wan back to church in timo to light Iho lamps, for 1 know weir enough that those girls would prink an<l prink, and so tlioy did. “Well, by eight o’clock cvcrybody’d got tiicre, and the sellln’ bogan very brisk, and as 1 «aid before, If Aunt Betsy and mo had been alone it would liavo gone on brisk to tho end, hnt lawithoiesix creatures just iiKiilcd everything, “When Mr. Alien come in he wtlke<i right over to where I was a IMiurln’ lea and coffee, and made a« though ho was goin* to set there a pucll, and with that Hallv Stiles and the two Davis girls jest crowded themselves down Into the same corner place. locji place the íolíowing day at Audb-.nx /    1“    ,1    1 j 1Ü 1 halo, where is one ol the .^acrcd stones was fit to wa-ke the dead, and dropped    has    to stand, and floor. Growler I    the    foreign    residents    were    in- didn t wait for no second invitation, vited to meet her. Her Majesty is described as quite young, of a most pleasing expression of countenance, singularly dignified aud latlylikc. Slie wore a dress of ivory satin, with much gold embroidery. When slie had taken her stand oil the stone, with the gold crown on her head, the Prime Minister called for a royal salute, hit kirn self kneeling before her with i manner iierfect in gallaiitiy; he is her wedded husband and old enough to 1m* her graiidfatlicr. Then a young Prince about seven years of age made a speech to tlie Queen, welcoming her to her kingdom. Her Majesty then proceeded to the plain of Imaham-asina, which was closely packwl with IKioplc; the hills to the north, south and east were also crowdcnl, and there could not have been fewer thuu half a million of iMiople present. The Queen was conducted to the Chair of State, on a small table by her side being a large, handsoinely bound Bible. A salute was fiitjd,and the whole ]M;oplc assembled shouted their welcome. After this tho Queen rose and addressed her jieoplc in a remarkably clear and sweet voice. She said briefly that she had succeeded to the throne, with all Its duties, which she engaged to fulfill ^ the jieople, oil their part, were to fulfill theirs. She had received the whole island—not part of it—its iKuiiidary was the ocean on all sides; not a bit of this would she give to any one—no, not the breadth of a hair; and woman though she was, she would be like a man in tbc defense of her kingdom. Tlien, turning to her )MK)plc, and stilklng the ground with her golden iwl of State, said, “Is this not so, O my iieople ?” Then came a mighty answer as of one voice from all these i>eop1e, “Izayl’’ “It Is so.” Aud then followed a scene baflliiig all description—the shouts of the jMHipIe, the clashing of siM'ars and shields, the firing of cannon in vhiIuun jilaces among the crowd, while prc-ciw-Iy at the same moment several vivid flashes of lightning in the far west lent a still more impressive air. Her Majesty went on to say that the foreigners who were “tsaru lihovaniina’’ —on friendly relations—with them would be well treated, and, finally, she de« lurod that she only iiM'ognizod Jehovah as her Guil. Upon Him she also rested her kingdom,'and the fear of Him was the hegiiiiiingof wisdom. Tlic representatives ot the various irllies then presented to the Queen a dollar ill token of ullegiaiu'e. and the I’liiiie Minister, who has been the husband of the two former Queens liaviim spoken, the ceremony came to ail end. Her Miiiesty aflciwaid eii-lertained the foreigners and many of her subjects at banquets. he sprung up, took the wig in bis mouth and raced oft'as if he was mad, tossiii’ it and growlin’ as he w ent. Mr. Allen started after him, but the dog thought this was part of the play, so he M'cnt up one aisle and down the other, and then out of the door, and away as fast as his legs could carry him, and poor Mr. Allen behind. “Brother lialpli jumped up and made a grab, at the minister’s coattails, shoutin’ as loud as lie could —‘Stop! don’t run! the more you cliase him the further he’ll go,’ but t’waiit a bit of use—he jest ran on, and ill a minute they were both out of sight. Most of the young men started off ‘to see the fun,’ as they said, and as for that onlucky Sally Stiles, she fainted in good airiicst, which made more confusion. . ^ch a hubbub you never saw! everyone askin’ questions, and laiigli-in’, and tiie girls a boldin’ up Sally and spriiikUii’ her taee with cold water, and Miss Stiles cryiii’, for Sally’s fuintiu’ gave her acch a turn—and in the midst of it all most of tho small boys went aud heli>ed themselves to as iiiucli cake and Ice cream as they could git, aud all without payin’, either. “Aunt Betsy jiaw ’em first, aud made a grab at Johnny Evans, jest as .lie was dippin’ into the freezer, and somehow, between ’em they upset the coffee kittle, and it streamed all ^ovcr everything. “Well, that was the fiiiishin’ touch —wo never sold another peuuy’s worth that night—and at last, scein’ tliat folks was hcginniii’ to go, Amos I lull proi>oscd to auction ofi the hull lot for us. “But Aunt Betsy said, and I agreed with her, that we better save the cake fur the Sunday picnic, and give it a chance to dry, for things was mostly suppin’ wet witli the coffee, and 1 knew well enough Amos wouhi jest make a lot of fuii and then knock tlic hull down to’Mtndv Jones; he’s al ways so sweet uimiii her. “So wo broke up right off, three or four of us slaying to clear up the muss,of course, aud count the money, and little there was to count,lean tell you. Miss llurwooil. “Exttc’ly where tho nilnislor got his wig bfck 110 one ever knew, no more than we even knew about his wcarlii’ one before that evenin’. But he’s been dreadful sliy of us all ever si me, never drops ill of an afternoon to ten, now, and Miss Stiles tuhl me last week that the Davis girls told her that Miss Bruce said that she shoiihlii’t lie siir-prl-ed If he didn’t stay his year out. “Too had, isn’t if, Miss llarwixMl? and all the dolu’s of those girls, too— 1 couhl slap every one of'eiii when 1 think of It. or coiliM*, no sensible woinuii would think (he less of the |M)or mail jest bi’eaiMe he wears a wig, aud such a iiateral one. loo, but a iMHly eau’ttell him so, you know, and so I siippo-c we'll have to lose him. “Anyway, Im gel tin’ more and more disi'oiirage<l with our ehureh iiiutterM, and no wonder, I guc s you’ll 'Mi s Meli. iRhxikml 0 -ad that it wuri really quite touchiiiK. Itldlciile Care ftir Hydrophobia. [Chicago Ncws.j A. Zetcr, a milk-ilealer, owns a largo and vaUiahIt Newfuundlaiid ilog. Wednesday tho animal sprung u¡K>u him and slightly A DOG DOCTOR. How He Pulls Teeth and Attends to Alimenta. [New York Sun.| Foriiiijig a group in a dingy room were a bald-headed man, wearing him spectacles, with a fringe of whiskers around his face, a snarling, shaggy-haired dog and an elegantly dressed woman who looked as if she might cry. On shelves and tables were stufi'ed dogs, birds and queer looking animals. On a hcncli at the man’s side were half a dozen jiairs of forceps aud a lot of dental instruments. “Please, please, don’t hurt Dot any more than you cau help,” the lady lilcaded, tearfully. “Not for a moment, mum,” the man said, as he pressed the dog’s body between his knees and violently yanked o]K5n its mouth. “I’ll be as gentle as possible with him,” He picked up one of the forceps and pulled out one of Dot’s teeth, scraped the other teeth with an iu-struniciit that looked like a nut }>ick and lanced the gums. As soon as Dot reached the floor he took a firm seat oil his hauuchos, braced his feet, i-aised his head and howled dismallv. The lady picked him up in her arms and shed tears.of sympathy. ‘‘He'll be all riglit iiow', mum,” the dog doctor said, as he jiocketed a crisp $10 note and ojKined the door for the lady to pass out. “His teetli’s ill good Older now, aud he wont sutler with his gums.” “I often pull out dog’s teeth,” he explained to the rc|K)i’ter who had 1m!cii watching tlie treatment of Dot, “and more often I scrajic and clean ’em up. I du more of it nowadays than 1 did thirty years ago, when I first began dog doctoring. It’s more fasbioiiabic lor ladies to keep dogs tlian it used to be. Dogs is like little cliildreii—I mean little lapdop. They eats too much sweets, and their teeth gets had, and when their teeth gets bad, why they’ve got to be fixed; so what does I do a few years ago but prints on my cards ‘Dog Dentistry.’ It has brought ino lots of customers. Y'ou ought to sec tho carriages that the ladies often e/>ine in, and the diamonds they wear almost bliju])^ me. They don’t seem to care for motioy much so loug as their dogs is fixed all right. And then they watch me like a cat watches a mouse while I’m at work at the dog’s mouth, and if I ain’t as gentle as a kitten, why they goes for me like a whirlwind.” “Do you ever fill dogs’ teeth ?” “1 never did that, although a loay once wanted me to fill a ]M)t pug’s teeth with gold. I told her that 1 could not do it, aud although she was a regular customer, she went right away and never came near the shop any more.” “What dogs are generally brought to you for treatiiiciit ?” ‘‘Pugs, spaniels and Scotch and Skvo terriers. Black-aiid-tans used to be well thought of, but nowadays ladies don’t seem to care for them much. According to iiiy notions, the best jict dog of all is a cross between an Italian greyhound aud a blacK-and-tan. They are the bcstv watch dogs, too. That reminds me of something which hapiieniMl when I first began dog-diM'toriiig. BoinelMxly brought nic a dog of that breed to treat. I concluded that it needed a dose of medicine, and tried to force sonic down its tliroat. It was no go. The dog bit me half a dozen times and upset seven doses of mcilicinc. 1 lireiMiictl another dose, put it on tho floor and sat down to get wind for another attempt. Just think how surprÍM*d I was when the dog walks up to where 1 left the medicine and licks it up, us if it was fund of it.” “Do you wt dogs broken hones?” “Often. I’ve done lots of queer things with uiiimuls. Oiieu I put u glass eyo in a dog.” “How did you linpiK*ii to do that?” “A lady eustomer had a dog ami a cat which (lidii’lagree very well, aud one day while she was out tiiey fought, and the dog lost an eye. ‘Did vou ever put u glass eye in a dog ?’says she tome one day. ‘No, mum,’ says I, ‘and I never heard tell of siK'h a thing.’ ‘Uaii ii be done?' ^ays ^he. ‘Almost un\ thing cun be done,’says I. ‘Weil, then,” says she. I want you to have a giuss eve made bu- lleiiVy.’ Henry was tho name of her dog. Ho I had to take the dog to a iiiaii who made gla^>í eyes, for om Notliing unusual was found until the searchers entered her ajiartmciit, where, on pulling out the drawers ofl a biire-iu, they found a miuiber of purses filled with bills. Bills were found in lier trunk jiinned to the linings of her die>>es, and also gold amounting to $bt>8 iir Eiiglisli sovereigns. Together with the bills the aiiioiiiU found was $2,-.‘ItíS. The sean'hers were aliout to leave the apartiiieiit when >Ir. Pow-rie, one of the party', felt some hard liiiiiiis in the bed, and, riiijiiiig the tick open with a knife, lie jnilled out bag after bag of silver, which were thrown into a basket, ami when all was extracted there was as much as one could lift. The money was taken to (lie village anda queer variety' of coins were disjilayed. There were old Mexican and Spanish coins not circulated iu Canada for over forty y'cars. When all the money was counted it was found that she was worth aiioiit $ló,üüO. Most of this fortune will go to Joliii McWean, a cousin of the old lady, who came from Scotland about a vearago. How to Malt0Si ifatcii. Two lovrrs onrc, on an awar^ion, olher iiiiiocent iliNttrxion, l)rsin»un all new tliiiitrs to .M<e, Wiitit tliii)n::h a Bie tn.ilch fH<-torr. The fl> ing wheel*, the ilnrt, tlieilin, The uni.DOWD flitting o)il an<l in. The vst» of iT»1 tMrtHi-ean Are, An<t weinl hliie flame» ami mlor* «lire, 'J'otlwir huge wontler iliti e«»n»|«ire. What need of much )iothcr.ng To iniike »o very small a thing? They urnw'.e eoiihl ke*-n their fne'>R rtraigbt, To i*««e Ihmg* yo nt enen a rete. “Oh, I.uev.” eried ttic laughing ewsin, ‘vSiine folk* «IV; fools, ’ti» very n ain. Now, if I were to lunke a matrh, Methinks I'll do it with dwpatrh.” •JVo*,” «impcred Lney. “so wtmhi I— Sitv, .lobii («he looke«l down}, let’s wo try!” “All right." the swnin responded quh.k, “You he I he ki^lphur, I the—sthk. Here goe»!” He g«v« n «oumlingsmack, IVhich sue with unetltxi vehoe*! hack. The thing was done—do *|iooning in it--They were engagwl within the niimite. Long mny they live. « ithuut n srrati-h, To prove the perils of« luiitrh. —[Ittirlinglon Free TreM. *    CVRKKNT    rt’N. Hon« of Ui»^ lie*». On wing» that hriish tho iimrning «lew I seiin h the meadow» over. Ami in injr w«ywar«l flight I drink The brenth «mi life of elover; The w ine 1 alp la dew.tlU.lllotl For «ummor'a biuy rutnw, III neclHraweet that dwell» within The waving fleid« of clover. Throngh all the golden day*- of .lime A thomuind knighta wer«' » -nll»i'e«l, And «» lh«y rharg«««l adown Ihc fl« l«l', A milllou »hlel«u wen' slisltered. A million shield» of clover hloom, (    In    meadows bright ami stinnv, ^    vhuUcrod    on    iltelr    native    lieidh, j    To    yield ajar ol bouojr. ; An«l through tho wintry dart wiy hosrl 1 Weavco slrange and mystic fanole». Before mow's ayes In gla4M>m« guiso, I Tho light ut •umiBcr doiMMs; Beneath a cloudle»» sky Umy so* I TIkO eloTor llehU kii«f taaay— ,    ,    I The sighing woods and voifet mom scratched ' Tb« Vlvtot oml ptoay. UBET. The Tricks Tlioy Play on Tcndcrl’cct Out There. [Bill Nyc.j AtUbet, M. T., during the cold snap in January, one of the most in-liuman outruges known in the annals of crime was periietratcd upon a young man w ho went west in the tall, hoping to make his pile in time to return in May and marry the New York heiress selected liefore he went. While slopping at the hotel two frolicsome young women hired the liorter to procure the young man’s jiantalooiis at de.id of night. They then sewed up tlie bottoms of the legs, threw the doctored garments back through the tninspm and squealed “Fire.” When he got into the liall lie was vainly trying to stab one foot (hroiigli the limb of bis pantaloons while be danced aroun.d on theotlicraml joined ill the general cry of “Fire!” The ha)l scoiiied tilled with |M;o|)Ie, who were ruiiiiing this way and ihat, ostensibly seeking a mode of egress from the Ihiines. but iu reality trying to dodge tlic mad etl'ort.s of the voung man who was trying to insert himself ill hi« obstinate pantaloons. He did not tumble, as It were, until tho night watcliman tire extinguisher and pUyoooii him. I do not know what lie played on him Very likely it was, “Sister, what are the wild waves saying?” Aiiywav, he staggered into his room, and although Tie could hear the audience outside in their wild, tumultuous encore, he refused to come before the curtain, but locked his door and sobbed himself to sleep. How often do we forget the finer feelings of others and ignore their sorrow, while we revel in some great joy! II j in ark able Bad Luck. Such l)«d hick vvoB never exiM*rlence<1 by any lottery company, as has lately attached to the Henry Collogo Lottery. See the BtHtistics, showiiuf 60 iiiaiiy large prizes sold in so short a time. This proves their drawlniis are fair Is'yond question. They always have olcrcd |liO,t K) in I’riz 's at their draw lax, Mureb ‘¿7. Tickets have always lasen ho1«1 at the low price of S2 eich. AddiesJ.J. Douglas, Covington, Ky. I DUcouraffiiig Youiliful Uenliis. [MarutlM)ii Imlepemlcnt.] A Marathon amateur, who w rote to the manager of the Madison Square Theater to know if there was an o(K‘niu:4 on the stage there for a young actor, recciv<>d a reply tliat there were rt;veral 0|M‘nings in the stage tliere, ami if he would coinc on he would drop him through one of them with pleasure. Oat ill Arizona. Hon, A. W. Shelton, Associate Justice 8uprvin« Bench of Ari/oiia Territory, writes tt« follows: “It afl'urds me great pleasure to say, from niy piTHonnl ol)s<*r-viitlon. and yo’u know tho si'ojie of su«‘h has l)cen v«Ty eilemletl, that .^i, Jacolis 4)11 is the great Mini wt>mlerful eun<|ueror of puiii, ttie sovereign eurefor all isslily aches and pains,and 1 cheerfully h«>ar thlsiestimony.” Queer fVvnii^iineiit to <'iviliz«tion. [I'htla'telphis North Anierirnn.] The battle In tne H«iuilan again de. iiionstruti's the su|>eriorlty of civilization ov«>r harliarism. Th'i cniis'? which can destroy ihc most men must prevail. Ttio Three iirac»*» are representrtl with iwrfeclly dcvelO|ss| I'oriiis iM'aiily and health comliimsi. So deeajtsi-pHAlnsl ni«n or vvoin.m ean Iw lieiilUiy. Is'enu^e <ll''CMtii)ii iiiiist hi« fei't. I'se St)/.IN||||||, get In idthv U'eth, u'«mmI dlg«‘stion and u sound Isvdy. ' Kev ivc ;ilid will'll it VV!l^■ tilii»hed I l4)ok It l«) the three giaei'H. tip* lady’s lioip'c and pul it in.’’    =.    .-----.'77,    . ••WJiut biiiiheiii'd tbeii H’    ' 'G'''    g«.s»lp    alsiiil    the «.hidst, n liui imppi IP <1 llini.    i father and son, in ihal the youiigei, w “Why, lleiify vvoiihm’t have It at :ill. Me-I'l'ul, lied it out w ith hi*. i»avv. VVe trie«l to make him wear it, Imt it was no ii-e, llciirv was a p•l^it¡ve •log.”_____ A Woiiiuit MIm'i’s I'iflciMi TIioiimuiuI. Di'iroil I>«■«• I’r»'.»,! IhoIm‘IIk M'Weiiii, uii elderly woman, W'lio has lH*en living iu the vll-lago of Ef-icx Coiitci* for the last thirty years, died last week. It w^" rumored that (ho old lady wa.s pos-Hcsgcdof a large aiuouiitof tiiniiey and that ^hc Iionrdctl every cent she obtained. Blic wa* always very reticent aud never associated with any of her iielt^hbura. After her death It was decided to ecarcU her dwclliug. h^^l^tolle'^, iiu In Um' )lult' '«l of dull H|M'uk<'rs III tin- lluiik«' of I ontinoii», alwti)» ifcU up mid    tin' iitoiiieiit his dÍNtinsiiÍNlied hitln r    on IiIh leas to niakt; <i N|M.ei h, T'ue ohl 1111111’» liiteHt iiionI etli'i'tlve ninn , h w«n his replv to a lulNired ellort of D)rd .(««nu álaiiiici». (iludHtoiic Inaril him lliiuimit, and e\-ilaluicd "Bo»hl” apparently torgeliingand vet renieinlK'rlng Manneis. Wlnr.-uiN.n .Hanin'i's linontinently left, inakinu winu ia deici llH'd us a “frigid how ” to ««ludnmnc ou his way out. Clergymen, lawyer», pnhllc »|)eak:: rs and singert cnnflrm the opitiioii of the general public In rigard to Ay r's < hcriy rectoral. All say it is the ts'st leiindy that con be prtM’ured for nil utft'ctions of the vocal organs, throat and lungs. A voter In the city of Huston bears the iiainc of “lileronymus I'app.” Mothsr .SwBu'a l^oriu hyrug, tastclvos, cfect- IVSilftO. If Prince Bismarck will conic to tliia country and blow out the gas l>ofore retiring, all will bo iorgivcii.—fNorr. Herald. Ashes of roses complexion is the latest correct idea. It can be obtained by early morning exereisc with a coal sieve.—[Hartford Post “Are the sails on the ship of state made from the Presidential canvass?” asks a young wtatcsmau from Br4X>k> h 11.—[N. Y. Coniincreiul. A man that needs forty cent* worlli of whisky to give him an ai>-pclitc for a fifteen cent dinner always lias the dyspepsia.—[Cleveland Bcnti-ncl. It is not very conipliineiitary to this rounti'v that (ieorge AVasliington is the only man in all its history who has been known as a truth teller.— [Boston Transcript. We hoard of a man tho other day who was .said to be nie:iii enough to steal a coat of jmiiif. But lie cau’t equal the party who tiinl to steal & <h)g’s paut.s.—[Oil City Dcrriek. “I have jii.st retiiriiod from a tour thruiigh Cork,” as tho cork «'row remarked iijioii lieiiig removed from the stopjM?r. As'hc siiielled strongly of spirits nobody doubted bis word.— [kx. “Wc never sleep,” is tbc motto of k celebrated dctertire fimr. TWf 1» probably the reason such stupid work in the «detective lino lias boon done about this city recently.-[New York Graphic. “You ouii not make your figurcf i oine uj) to the scratoli liy constantly using the ink eraser,” is what the bank examiner said to the cashier when lie discovered a heavy defalca-tloii.—[Cliristittii at Work. Don’t know us it indicates any-tiling in a man’s favor that he receives the largest mail of any member of tlic lM*gisluture. Bather look» us though his coiiNtitiiont.s were writing to him to quit making a fool of liiniself.—[Boston Post. A woman has finally been admitted to practice law in Coniiei liciit, and the country can lean back and take a rest for a few w(N*ks. Wc didn’t know tliorc was uiiy law in that State, but iiiaybc she can find some somc-W'lieio.—[iX’troit Free Press. Before roller skates were iiiventeil a walk in March succeeded a skate in February, with the same old thrills. Now, however, for young and old, whatever particulur |)assioii may be arou>ed 011 skates can Ik* (rifled with all the year round.—[New York Jonr-nul. So v on arc engaged to Dr. B.; ii must he very nice to be engaged to a diM'lor. Every time be calls, you know—and of couim) that must bo very often—>ou feel as if you were golMiig for iiotbiiigwliat anybody eUo would have to pay llireo dolTai'sfor.— [Harvard I.aiiipooii. It is proposed to iiitiiMliioe a bill Into Congress making it an ofTonso |)tiiiisbablc by line and iuiprisonmeiit to reqtiiro «'onviots to work more than ten lioiiis a d:iy. Much ti law will exclude tlioin from tin «*diior¡al staff»of daily iie\vs)Kipcrs, altboiigli tln'v may richly di’scrvc such u putiÍNliiiiciit.— [Norr. Herald. A Now York “society’’ organ -ays that (lie woriF: “papa” and “iiiainiiia’’ liiivc Ix'cn NO appropriated by oidiiiarv people that‘’tliey^nie now aii> thing hut fiisliioinil)!,’ ill g«M)d »,»iety.” Fie-liionulile s,)c¡(‘tv ¡^ altogether too liigli-toiie,!. Ill many in-lane)'’,“|Mipu’’ uiul “inaninui” tln*ins,'lvi*«« iii)* no longer loleralod in “fa^liioiiuhle" «0-I'loly. 'I'In'y are t)M» plain ainl nnus-»miiing—iiinl give »'vnlen)'«* of poi-Nes-ing hniins.—[Irtwr. H< nil)l. A Carliah! glrtllia- a is'conl ))f li"v-ing <’at)'U thirty-five griddle l aki'sgn a wftg'*r, ro'i'iiily. This, )>f I'ourso, u<')'urre<l since 'Mutlliew Arnold's )le)‘lurallon llial the wunien ot Ann r-iea aiv delicat«’, "piritiielle ) r)'«tures. It Is very d))iil»lfnl if tin' a|s>sile of “swei'tiD'-s and light’’ liiin»elf, with till his inti’lligein'c ami il)‘ep jaH'tiiv teeling, emibl init himself ont-'icbt ot thirty-five grlvhlle cakes luone inning. [Norr. Ilcrabl. Tli<> bullet that killed tJi'm ral Warn'n at lUe battle of Hunker Hill lain the |»mmk‘S-tlOD of Will. 11. Moultiguis of Boston, Nonietioily waiita to know ahv Dr. Bull’s 4 ougU 8vrii|) Isn't a)lverU»«d. JbalNian must be blioiL

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