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Cincinnati Weekly Times (Newspaper) - July 22, 1886, Cincinnati, Ohio - í I«>il»iii.ill>ái III    »atov iliimiiiKiti    mnmifáii .J-/■    ■ ak-v... \.„.v ■■ itfin» > ir ••* »*f''"    ............ i -o. i . .    \    ^    *■• X ■ 'ÍJ» '*■» f* .'■ ,-íi^ ■■>,-____,>    __.M    - ■J-JMit.. ....JfcJ-T . ■■fr'WI I’- V—'-V . *.-v, ■ . V,i HI «-'I»* ri» *111* I 0>i|W|iiil^y «*•> cj I ivo inrrf A.TI, 1886. • 1 r»er Year, •VMHMI* Él NI* áá . ir ^ m « i # vtLvmnk. nusttATBO rmm toi frAirira. NiN|« i j- .ij’ ■T A. mni»Bt. hi tiM Julf «««rNiiiii» wlMm f IMM ereHed IIm fitli. I M*t ImT < «HiMdNirN tiM pMfc AjmI «tuslag «01 fM wklt«. , 9kéfcwl,»»iwi Wftilwf *4rt|r' ' _jN't^p»t»tyit Mt¥éi *t Ntora, ' lietatrwe# t»«'pe»Hieee AnU ti*» «C UM TfccM «M llirtit <• tt»«4e«)r griMi,' ThMN WM iiirilliN tke trnumtm'* MrtA-> B«t iMn iwr fMW «M ntlMrNd Tlw tlglit M bMVMi i»d ««nh. AlMt M •*»« pMMNt UltNNirti (h« mwtoWB, Wttil M«p «> ll«lllí WXt i««t. With ih« «Isrfc. «ark eaiiaaMNt harWBW, Jkm4 Um «i«« ahNNt her fret. t ■s We eewei eeéii 0lli#T ihsl •erslas# j|e<i fMHliief 4MI mrn mmy^ Bel m eeebeeie lett mptm mf Iwefli ákmá ter Wenre «II Umi • WOWKS Amp t I  .1» ■■■■■■■ SaMMthta «iU nót trlait AoMrlM. ’    y Oomnoé to at waHi m • bf« «para. Bv ftoamary ttnhaaoa to tostnf hMlth. Wlbi Aloott to hard at work «• a aaw teek fka éaatli of Cora Frarl was soasad kr saaosr. Tks Baiperor d (^Isa to tit wttk aoa-MaipUra.    1 Baaorsfl baa I.MO root bsshss la Ms Now. fsrtfarira. Tbs pofNiIailoo of Mfaaaapalla Is sow STsr istjot. Atbas7. ll. to tbs o:dkst towa la tbs AM tblrtssa saloatos. llVrs M oas boras to srsry ata labaM» laais la this soostrjr. **Ba|w* iwsaSf«sat faais** sia ad> vartlssd In Hsw Ysrk. #aj Uobbrll to abotttts saO for Barops «a atwo aNMtbo^ loor. Isatob Bnaosll Lowsll will rstara to Bos> boa sarfj la tbs aatuaa. ColeasI Mosbf will toetora asst sssssf m HkswarYs Cwrslrf.** Mis. Orsdiaw, wMb of Jttégf Brsfbaa^ is tfaaffsroosly IH la Cbisafo. Tbs BOW iNobibitloa law to sMslaf ap Um Mft bototo la Bbods Island. Ito. Lraoaa AbboM m spradiag tbs saao* ■wr la Colorado and Uub. Walt WbltaiaB*« fmbeaailaff volaaM Is Is bs oaiisd Btwrsaibsr BsSfbs. Bx'Attsraof Gsasral Bfswslsr wHl slslt tbs **l*aad of tbs Mldalsbt Saa.* A wsaiss la a sbsras factorjr at Warsaw, H. T„ was drewBSd la a rbt sf wbsf. Tbs Isos tsths Tsxas setilsesa Owsacb tbs droagbt» sstfastsd ate.«IBÍIQ. Tbs adailrsts ot Babslato annaltod a bad sdbto at Usadas, firaass, sataad^. Tbs Ooaatof fsris la bto Basttobsxlls is ksswa as -Tbs Msr«nto of Bsrsoart.** Tbs asvsaib vslasM sf Vsa Baakds Bto-tsry of tbs World to tssdy tor tbs prass. BsffMisr Bsotsrsas irarsssat tbs sost sf oar dvn war la awasy at |B tW.flMIB daMss Osrdoa Bsaastt wilt ratarafroai Bar^ sborUf aad Ofsa ato hsass at JksW' flow beaatlfal are ths maidens of OolptiietMiI Wbo does not admire Ibsir rosy eheek% Ibeir red lips, iheir soft and exprsssire eyes, itndr elrar forebeada, t^lr smooth hair, títeir tall and (raecful dgnre, thefg mosraients so Alii of sfdHi and difiiUyl, lloiy ^aultful afs these wotneii of Gaipazcóa t Who ean resist their eom chantmetit; irllb 4 look, with a smile, they eneliain the will so firmly, and euslare Itie heart so proudly. And amoiif the daufbteri of Qu!> puziMHi, not the least beautiful or graoeful or chartnfnf are the maulens of Donostla, aneient Iz' ump, that, like a while dore, at the foot of a areen bill is nestled outlie Imuka of tlie crystal Ünimes,;J|ulled to sleef) by I lie dreamy lore notes ol the Caiitabrin sei.    .1 Poor Peilro Lártánnl A lew thonlhaagolM wba the most Jorlal, most happy of vouug .mrn; a few months ago hts fkoe hid alwaya a smile, iod Ilia eneeks were always roty; but alas, one day his blue «^e« met the clictnut ones of tlie prottirit maiden of I>onostia: a glance from her sweet eyes struex deep into his heart, and from ihai day poor Pedro became atoohiy and silent; from that day lie began to fade away; tit# eali^ fied from his clieek% sad peace from his heart. Look ai him! lie Is ñiófe like a specter than á man. lie resemblee a corjise that bi^ come from the tomb, where his sins would not let him rest. And sll fbis, not because Maria Loidi did not ’lore him; oli, no--she bad told biro thai a thousand times; but Podro was. a poor orphan, without friends, without a future» and ibW coretous father of Maria op* loned their happiness; and toctown tis misery, the demop of jealousy-was tormenting the tender heart of the youth. The wretched Pedro had loot all hope; he bad resolred to leare his natire land; to fiy to the Other side I of tbs world, to place thb big ocein between himself ami. the one he lored. ThesilK boy; did lie imagine J that aheence from liis country would reetore the calm to bis besrti lie would bars to fiy away Irom his heart itealf, and that was impossiUe. Wharerer ha should go he would w*mskm    .    m    a    ^    ^    ^    ^ carry hare returned to my conntry and hare filled with gold the cheets of <dd Machín, and bar# carried off his daughter, dearer to my eyee than all the hiwssuree of the world. Alas for me! MsHa doee not lore me; the toree this Lois BklarrA These Frenchmen are gallant, ther hare a smooth tongne, they repeat the fist-iertes so aweet to a woman, and 1 do not wonder that tlils Freuchman has won away the heart 6f my Mari^** Ai tbia moment the ronng man entered the street where Maria lired, and tin spite of hts bad temper be' turnea a questioning glance at the window of the maiden’s room. He felt that he could not go without one look more •t tJie face of his angel. On noticing that her window was shut, and see* inr no one at the other windows or existence? How few acquired riebra they dreamed off and eren fWtnnateonee sighed to roturn bafeoitles of tfie house, the young man let bis eyes fall and sighed stoitped. but so great was his etno- 1 Osasral Oraat*s toaiily w01 rtolt Mount MeOiagsr #ilf M. tba aaatyemary ef hie fisalh. Tba buililai toiad sf tbe Touaff Msato Cbrtotiaa Aaaaalatisa at ladlaaapalls baa asarty rasebsa BB.SOQ. Ciarlas Badtoy JW arasr has rssstrai pf Baatotooa Caltofa tbe iefrse ef fl. D. L., fleaerary'Deeier ef Letlere. la Mextoa a mlltor m oMMsd la pay tbiriy-eas sayurma taxaa ew bto arbaat la fatUaa it frsm ms field le tas msrfcsc TbeJflastssatb Army ftorys Asssslsttea srlllboM Ms aaanM UMStlnf at tbeMaa-hmtaa Beeeb Botsl, Coney Islaad, dele t$. OnteCaW eeartoM ea Waefcwettto la-laud. ealy tbffae, Herr Meat, Brauaeeaweif aadfiebeneb,tbe Aaerebletou letoweleca Blssisreb is gulag la GaalStale altead tba aMetlag sf Imparar WiUlaa aad «ss-psrsr Fraaeto deaeph. «misb will uke plaea sa daly M. Tba at wsb^s at the City af Mextoa ate lA girto, aad wbea they aeacat aeuetemer Ibsy aay asmiaw but aadltse Tbs aueers^^Ur Is a astfroci Bs a Meraiag watd reellaed Old Fen Ma, tote OBgraalte ef tbe saMeat Hr. Wil laateixsi Men dug •ui art rel Aeampoi Mbetitute hmipeitae,** Tb# Pith kleétd ■fLi4Lih If me INr dereled psefc I» Phi A betel k ÉM? Mttosoi tbe fUrtheraee ef aaestwHaely ptowpiite boieet ssgaa tbat to run by IhMI    lÉllil^ iMNNri Of ■jj^R Tham wba bava etsa Me heat Iwai will ttWiM iktti M Mi Mitt «fiKflü I«h4. MMi    iftl Wttlk iif kflbilia ||j^^||Pl||g|lll^lj^    -f!    flBÉÉp    átííABmtkJB fortune; lie might find the smiUug ptains of America, and leare behlim thb’stormy set, bat not the leee would he esrry with him tbe stormy sea of his own breast Pbor jpirdrof Slowly, as if in spits of himseif, and wdth udetsM delays, he went toward the post where he bed to embark; be weui like a criminal to the place of hfs exeeutioa. Tbe etreete of tlie eity were deeerted and client; all tha Inhabltante had gone to the pier to eay a good*by to their relatlres and friends and aeiglibors who were to aaJl aeraee the sea. **Uow sad tha elty la,” txclalmod Psdro; **uearlr as sad as my pwa heart Alaa for roe! Maria looked on me with faroring ayaa^ and aren her father waa good to ms* I was Aill of courage. 1 was cheated into dreams of hawplnoss. I darsd fo tell iny lore, ana Maria oonfeeaed hera. Oh, they lie, who say one disa of hap* pilleas too; for Why did I not die then ? What a smiling future lay be* fore me at that moment; it eeeuwd to me as if all man ought to enry my tuck; but wimt a Uitle time It lasted I Thst sune day tbera arrired from San Bebaatian, ihia atraoger, this hateAil Xmis Bidarray. **Tha fiiiher raeelrad him with kindnma» hp eorered him with attea* tion, for hla riehes had amasad tbe decirif of the old man, and f felt tbat he wanted to auury hie daughter to thle Lula. Yet Marla continued to lora me, or at laaet aha told me aa erery day; but at Uie same time she f, •adly. But as he iowercd t rein tiled with joy to see Ufo Msuti* fui Marfa at the threalioid ol tbe door ; •he was waiting for him. Pedrov shook iiké a leaf. As he ap* proached the girl hi« heart beat rio* tentlr,aiHl a Uiousand o|>pe«ing im* pulaea battled in his oosom. At the door of Machiu Loidi’a house tbe yoUng lut so g tion tiiat he eo«ii.d uoisalute bit lored one. She, looking at him with an iu* dcscri babte. ex preMiou» exclat med: *’Wlir> do you wish to leare odr Basqheland ? Where will you find a country so beantitiil aa this which is tbe home of the lucky children of Aitor?^ **At the other, side^of the sea Is a land a hundred timet more beautiful than the foggy country of the Basques. Tiie trees of that fair eounr try produce fragrant pineaplea aad aarory goaraa; deiieioua frnita, not like ilbeae bere—miaerabla berries and sour apples.” berries and sour ipptee aao sweet to the taste of the aooa of this Igad; and what does it matter If the fruitsAiw sour, when our hearts am not ?” i "There the lotos grows to fncoro-perable beauty, tulips and roses adorn the inaroeuse piahts, msguolias per* fume the air, ami the water lllj^ stirs graceAitly on the bosom of the lake.” "Better than these, afeepy flowers I lose the white bell blossoms that adorn our fresh green meadows of Goipiiróca. More pleasing Co me are the golden oelanalue, the parole fox riolet.” their natise land. "Is It possible to fiad a eountry as •ad as this? Toader, all breathe hope; the air tc clear, the sky blue, the son a fire.” "But I lose the white haze tbat rites from our risers, the thick cloud thst caps tbe tope of our mountains, tbe rain that atsells our torrents and floods our pstoinres, the snow that eosers our fields and hills, the pale Sun that warinls us but does not bnrii. Among these the body |S strong and tbe bImMi fresli and the bead clear.” "And the heart cold; is it not so? The women of that clime lose with a passion, snd when ones they gise their hearts, no matter how humble the roan, they do not forget him for one more tasored by fortuna, nor do they treat tbe new loser with affec* tion in the presence of the old one.” "Ah', now 1 see well euongh your wicked thought; now 1 know what you mean ; but ought the Basqué maidens to fail in hospitality ? ought tiiey io appear aiupid oefore a stranger? And if it is natural to Ve> ceise him gracioosiy, ho# mucti more kind should théy bf to the man f brother who sfsits our eonitry—for Luis Bidarray is no stranger; he is t brother; he has Basque blood in his seinA His lathers fought by our side at Hoticessallet, wh^ flte pride of tlie Freiicli was humbled.” "The women born under a tropical sun are not cold like thoeo of this clime; they lose bnrniagly apd laugh at obstadea.” "Go, then, to this wonderful place;; get one of those women to losp you and be happy, if you ean.” "Happy I Oh, no. I ahall aeser bo happy. When once I; am iu the ship that is to carjry me to America, I shall never take my eyes from the shore, and when at last tbe dear laiMl, where 1 could base been MSMAIIKABLB BTOMY, A OiH _ ose, and tba fragraul ^ "There the' treee are giants, the weoda are thiekeic where mrde of gay jdumage abound.” "la our woods of beasy oaks att4 tall beecltcto we bear, at tbe end df the day, the sweet notes of tbe nightingale. I prefer our blackbird to any painted parret.” "Tbere tbe plaint are immense as lbs ocean; tbe sisloii dlscfoses a limit* |fisa lioriaoB hot at all like that in our ytslrieted salleys.” "Those great |i^alas are sad $ 1 lose the green and narrow fields, hemmed in by high mountains and watered bs a clear risef that rune in’the shade of the leafy ebeatantA” "The risers of that region are not like those of tTrumee, for here we can talk from bank to bank withont rale* Ing the solee; all tba Waters of thb Urumes might be turned Into out of tiiese gyand streame, and not Inmreaea the amount as mueh as a dn^ la the sea at high tidA” , "Ah, our dear risers I Owr gealle Uniniea that eomes down from the roiMinlalns of baantiful Nasarra to kias our Basque plains of flernania and DonostlA Site has drunk tbe tears of sorrow and grief of a hundred generaiione of Baaqnea; our warriors found mw jriger by tMthing in has wases, so oflna colorad by Baequé blood, llw Cruraea ia a risar of our raea.” "Thera they hast grand UMMintaias, giant pllaa erowafag the soleaooee tbat throw up to heasaa ,a torteut of laSA”:,. "But our Jaitklbel ii beantlAil; at tha Ifflocuejit, wfisee break la out of sight, then 1 slfall lisa as In a tomb, lean nsser more ipo^ at anything with joy, and the last bit of happiness will fly from my heart ior- eser.” , "Yon are crying—snd doyen roallr want to go away? Oh, yon siliyi, •enseleee boy, truly do sou deaerse my pics. But I lose you with all my soul, aiMii. 1 shall die of grief H you go awáy. 1 don’t want you to lease me. Gise roe your band and eoroe— my father is waiting for yen. He may be a little hard, but not of etoae as you think him. ‘My dear mother has begned him ao carneetiy that the Eood old man, wbo alwaya liked you, a# yielded to her entárajiee; be wishee to aee ne married righl away. Come, Pedro, ooum. > .1, shall film ears that the palenees of our sna JmMt ool^ttCM of our clime makea^ dlffer-enee to son. I shall atoaei for it all by the warmth of ray heart.” "Oh, forgise me, Maria—>nfy aisgel. 1 was a fool.” "Yes, but let us forget the jMsf and think only of the fntnre. Fraiae to Baungoikoa, wbo gase ne happiness on the shores of the Urn mea, who saw our youthAil games In tbs shade of these trees, and praise to this sweet land where reela the bonee of our fathera” fi AofNMuntlf Died Comee to lAfa. ICaiassSas (Mita) Cor. neayaaal The little town of Yeroon, ia Lamar County, Ala, twenty-eight mllee northeast of here, has furnished a ) first class sensation which has set the entire oouiitry wild. Mollie Pen- » nington, daughter of Geqrgé Pennington, who r^dee four miles from V¿|#on, aged thirteen years, was taken sick on tlie 15(h inst ‘PbyHi* 1 *' ^ cians state that her illness rewrobled hydrophobia. On the 17th Dfs. Reed, Brown, Morton and Burns were called in to see the girl. She presented every sign of hydrophobia, attempting to bite erery one around her, even berseif. On the 18th lust, she somewhat rallied, gained her consciousness, and fold tlmae around her that she would die for an hour exactiy, ami at tbe expiration of that time to chafe her hands ami feét and that she'would come b.nck to Ufe. At the time predicted she died mild physicians present state' that death was apparent, the pulse failing to beat and hertxMly was. oold. Her physicians dnring the hout applied all available remedies to restore her, and at sixlv-two mindtes exactly from the time slie swooned away she astonished ail by opening her eves and jumping nimbly fruimher bed. hlie said that she had been to lieevsn, and that God had/fcured her. She dieII said that shs was returned to préach to the earth, and cdin-menced there exiiortatious that amazed them all. Ths most curious cirenrastance is that she remarked immediat¿|y that she hid seen Mra . Briermore in hcfven, and hril talked with her. Mrs. Briermore, who lives four miles awsy, died dunug, the hour the girl was apparently dead, and no one had had any oommnniéaüou from that family.    ' At appointed times erenfngs she has boo tinned her exhortations, tell* ion beforehand at what hour God would be with her. Ministers'from all oVer the conntry are flocking to see her, and her dis-coorsM move beé audiences to shouts and teara Men of strong minds say there Is something Supernati|rsl sbont her. She nescr went to school a day in her life, and can npt read her name, and never beard but one aermoa in her life; and the good langoate nsed.by her in her disoonrsra.aiid Bible leacb-Ings strifcee her hearers trith wender. She to uMMnajly suialJ for,ber age, hasaJways beea of a retioent dlsposi-ilou, but wlthia tba last month she has beea In unutnal geod spirits, and talked inoeasantly. , This statemeai Is corroborated bv at least a d«^n men your eorrespoii(C-mii has talkjod to whe‘hove seen.bar and beard her talk. Great crowds are reported as going trom ail over the oouktrv to heer her. *»■ I latest thing In jewelry among tbe rich peopla I don’t mean to say they arc fast taking tlie place of diamond breastpi us, but I will Teuture the assertion tbat it will not be long before they are as common as dia-nionda On the end of the chain is a little pin which is stuck'in the lady’s dreM and used aS a bréaatpiii. The bug meauwhile is allowed to roam around, clinging to tiie dress; but the wearer always takes pains that itdaejt not get on to the neck, or face., It it iipt [loitéiious, but it-is nót yery- cona-fortahle tó have itich^feet as l^ipiigto It clinging to tlie tide. Very few ot them hive been sold in tills city thus far, and those tliat have been dis-|K>sed of are usually kept at home and fastened to a table.” T uUt 9 THC "OFF” 8CA80M. for Saokiiier and thm Pre« serration of Heatcli. Ledflrr.J to      * There is one favorite prescription with physirians in these days which it probably^not to be foniid in the disiiensatories.H- It is a trip to the monnta{ns,|ir the seashore, tp Europe or the lakes—anywhere, indoed, as the patient’s known liking suggests. Without a doubt, travel is beueficial to any person whose leisure and . [loeket permit it, The virtue of the prescription liés chiefly, if not entirely, im the sutidering oí oppresidve labors or business ties and In the relief from tlie monotony of eyery day occupation. The tedium of idleness is sometimes as oopressive, however, ai the dullness of business detail. Wó,rat and roost wearying of all, bowevir^ is the exciting weariness if a life spehc io striving after what can not be accomplished. Many such lives there are, #iid nearly ever active mind and body nigbtiy see repose in vafo. Tbe burden of work incomplete -- precludes or Iwnishes "tired nature’s sweet restorer,” and tleep, which it is said "knits up the raveird sleeve of care,” only makes a yWorss tangle of it But they are the fewer number who can aflTerd to take the prefériptioii which involves tbe expense of raiJ-road far^ hotel bills and misoellan-cons expenses. Among tliose who meet thS pecuniary demand if they would, there are many who see giants ip the WMy^agtd who falter and rali back even after tlieir trunks are packed. One wealthy merchant, this ve^ snromer^’consigned his wife ai¿d ehiidren from the ecsiacy of expectation to the depths vof despondency by The reason he My Mnu-Vfsal' IToote. ■V asKM-at.Asa I fl«4| « B«ilor-tlfielMM« W||M> ksMBCl é tHTini’ AmnnhOQfch «t Bcbe^ «imoBi « du«ee« He ifiHiriitied m tUm c-e*e. H^Mm« Mi«l«r«l Bfyy, when 8€|U««tfBCMB UkHI, «|>rtBF; And, Hirnling itt Uie 1 erranm, A ítMiM» ffUt Gtii Um i-i-i* / Bui BiirfFOB*fi «kin «nd ilncler*# ttoB WcMrketl wonder# ffur tas Yiewiic An«t now ttm 8i«tit Is gocKl eaoUtf» tor mujr m»u to u-u-u. ♦ * * 1 \ : ¡y J' Vfnftmtmful tiiittofifi toot» foF|^ Tuoir Iriotitlfi, mm well mb But lief 10 hope# the world Urmnt tUe reward ii o-oHdl ' i i    ' Afid now retired, nes^nre froBhi|i«riii, lie keeiH hi# hive of    •    - And    OB    Um    liuielora y/ COBtented. !»«# Iim    . .ij* Ct’RnEMT ri^N. iA L- Srmpénhr BV /. a¡ a As «•( latN tiM ■ignt *• Aad tarnsd sar tsess k<wi TIm Stan (liat Mtosrts Sad Vassaa) todkaS mmplf Sava taws. As4 tas pato aiasa larew •• tie etooS < Witkla wlMsa IM«k Bar ilcS* was Icat, AwalHKied Io ths whispsrlsoi love Thiutartltod thastarsjr hsai. . Psr tasy, thair Oslar, sha har ehtts ' Ushaid ta tha*, U radiaas aiaiS, Thaa vhaai a iaintr stor aa'sr saiiiad Ip haavaa* thaa aartaarars sirayasi I    •    ' •at whaa I aart Sba Ssap aatsst That lavfes vithla thy lastre* eysa I Ngsrtisa If that Saates was hast whieh lead lhaa traes the sktoat y* there thy eltesfest sisters Swefi. .Fsrerer toigSt sad atrspf aad trea VaaMvad tpMph teaipssta naa aaSavSU. Cal at as etarallzt A    * ■i WhUst thaSi'i whs siaae saslhsr aaia _ Aad eh that entterttu state reweeed Ts wear aa Sarth a WNsaaa'a hasst - nmrB    Ai    tAm    An$%poúem. (Seatt Aastrallaa AdVertiser.) Theéfyof the hnngrj' to heard in our ttróetd, anti despite 'the works which bare been started from time to time, the nnetnployed arís'still far too nomeroua 'The laboring clasfet are suffering moat aévereir, end tiiis notwithstanding that thousands have left os dnring the past few months for the other oolouiés, the exodus by soa aloUe for tbe preaeat year being róme 3,000 in txeeaa of the arrivals, t'oforton-ately, however, for them selves, there are many among us who have sbi the means to traiMpori their wives and iamflles to the other col-onisa, and theee have to weather tbe sionn here as beet they can, or. If they determina to go themselvoa toave their femiltoe behind them subjected to many priyations and tempte-tkMito to become, ia all probability, the rseipienta of aasiatanoe from the Dfwtltutc Board. Bot at length the labor markets of ler ooloniet seem folly stippliedi New Zealand, from New S^tn . from Weetera Australia, tlie that work to eearoe; and from la, too, oomee a warning that a some difficulty in absorbiug oucands that are pouring in. arklng and artisan claasea find sivee in a sad dilemma The id for their labor haa almost ia Sooth AoMralto, and ikls y aomlng to aa end in the other; Mb ne of tbe spectators on Satur- to know what it was, ared "TFIWluroewn  ........ waa gaittf to Aaranea, Iratoug to aaawerwith taars? If aha loved am ate would have tried to koep me hora or have promised Io ramaiB •ingia truUi 1 might audte a fortuas aaa rstoum to my oouatry. Tho hopo of wlaalng bar would have givan am atrmfth, aad by ilia greea of Jaua-folka I might aooa have bami ridh— riefaarihaa ihtoLoia Thmi laouid tetarnad iadaa wita riebea” "thle feJst riraa hat aaehaatad you with bar soft sraltoto wHh Imr melo-dioua aeeents aad her Ijdwiwimtoas to tba esodulous Baeqnoa How many wbo have listoaort lio now in Um tor-ribla alMtsam <rt tba watora ? And of thorn wIm rsacbod the promtosd land, bow 8Ukay poriibod Io 8 miaar^tlo Ptoree'a "Osidea MeOicai snswmw*#, «MPPB wmWOWflmPMni «MVtMmBMHi fw MTsstlaff tie early fievslepSBsai of pni. meoary itoeaaa lat "neasuapitos ears" wenM net eefitotoatly ladtoate toe eeepa ef Its Isioewee aas oaefelaeaa la eu tke away aiissssa whtoi sarinff to«m a fie-raagsweai ef the liver and Masito ma **l}ie> eevsiy" to a sato sad sura apsaiia Of aU drncatoia    * I, . Ditce .Os Jewwlry. - '    , rrhilhdetphU Ttaies. j va bug aboqt aa Inch in length, tfold band around its body, t in \he window of a jewelry 08 Cbostnut street, has been at-M much attention trom pamers » wanted to know. A reporter thought he knew everything ami H toon eolve the mystery, elbowed •8y through the crowd. After i|g half an hour for his turn, Im isd the bug tor a while, but was ao wiser than befora Tha band aronad the iaaeet ia about one-eighth ef an inch in width. thia band to attached a fiaa foUt ehaia about six incbas long. "Tboaa buga,” said the jewelry •tmo man, *^re brought here from Yucataa and are called the Machette bug. Tbay am 80W oousktomd the for a promised trip, give waa that the Whm II Tf meiii next aotnmn, and be muet stay at home to Watch the market andinrást Perhaps he is right; but poMihly he may only find next winter that lie has lived two years in one year, as he has pften d^e before,, and it may be dl-mliilsliod ths length of his actual days by It .The “Greii Medical Discovery,” flhich will benefit the patient even more than It enricbhs the doctors, to to find a way to get at the essence of the prescription—rest—withont the ak^nce andfegpense which traveling im|Ases. Let it he understood that there is . nothing fo be said against travel, eitonge of sc^ne, and all that, as the means of pleasure, of health and ot iiaprovement, mental and bod-lly. Let all who have the ebance enjoy it. But a little frankness in as-sigqinsr a reason for the reereaiiou of summer would produce the confession ftbat people who can travel do so because they desire, like and prefer it. It rest be necessary it can geuerally be had at home; and it bolidavs are desired, eaoh man can make hit own, by so arranging his affsirs that he can take a week off, or if not a week, a daV, or half a day. If oommpa eonaeiit Seta apart certain tIatM» for the enspenaiua of aetive busipeaa, it to very well done, provided the holldky-makers do not oou-veri amusement into toil, and, instead relaxation, pat themselves ander a harder strain than if they pram at work. The full advantage houra awav ftom work or buaineaasto gained by those who do not misspnud the time. And the independent man to he who cau take bis own holiday whenever be wants it. The theory of rest to to make it a preventive of exhaustion, not a ooUapse after undue inreeenra__ TNo Diphi uf CIserryrole. •St. Joseph SoBd»* Vlsttor.^ Kau^saa, the land of corn and ctm* tentment. iji proltfic glso In fair wo- The Enzltob swaíIov.. “Arf aii’ Art [Ilsrtford Times. ,    , A case of hardware: The'vCCdran tramó. —[Hartford Times, The molb exhibits much taste io dress.— [Boston Transcript.    ,,    v,    . encumbers serve a doubfii purpose— [New Orleans Picayune. i Suspended s -tmaiion—Ths girl in tbs hammock.—[Met ehant Traveler.. Hr. Cleveland mast dot fprlei- that tbs people have a veto, too.—[Bov^ BeeerA The great trouble wita a btizk saw la thal it never wears false M^tfa.—[toiweil Cltfe sell. A lie out of tbe Whole elotK-'. ls likely to be better foan a patched up eti^y.—[Pica-yune.    ' Oue week In tae country makea one atroBg In the ciiy.-^[BarUafioa Fret Prera.    \ If there to saytbiag to be |dUe4 at tbs praaent time it la—eberriea. pgauat.—[OU City Blicaard. Wbea amateur aparrara ooateod fbr a eup, tbe cup abouid be Ip tbe imape ol a poneb-bowl.—[Puck. It to a wise oork tbat knoweth its own pop.—A wlae cow that knosretb bey own fodder.—[Tbe Eambler. Ao boneat dealer will dp ats j^Ttaf aafi aeliing by the aame aoalee. Tbera la ne two weigba about bto».—[Picayune. W ben a wooiaa waota to drive a ben the •hakee her dreee at ft. Clotg sfemea, aa It were,—[Eaaion (Pa.) Free PreaaJ Lawyera eaa aUr np atrito aid eraato bosineee; but tow doctors aavg fee kaaek ol making people siek.—[Piea.vgne. A A woman at Peekafelll, N. T., triad to ■Mwltv her iuMhand. aae threw a minoe V { Fieh to a geod brain l«wd. exoept in tn-stanoea when It doesn’t hnd aaythiag to aaalmflate wiib.—{Burlington : Fms Praea. Borne men have ao much gsaiuS rbst they ean’t do anytaiBc but sit i^wa ta tho shade and think about it.—pexas Sifk- inrs. .... Fogg—“ W|»at are you doifi «owP* Boggs—”! am oa tbe boarda"^ Fv.gg— ”Wbati Aetlngp’ Boggs—drtotag a lumber wagon." An auibority says "tbe bead/kS well an the banda yboaid be used whee piaylng base ball." '''Fhe bead is used. ^ steps many a bail.—[Puck.    .    ) Tbe gentlemaa with tbe elov^ti IS very! likely to be lound In eomgaáy wtti tBe gentleman with the elovea i breath.— [Burliagton Fr* Preea. Fond Father—"Don’t yen think I ^ngbt. to have my daughter’s voloe cultivatedP*'', Tortured Guest—”1 taiak yon ought fe have sometbing done te It.’’ i    ^ eoets bat little to llVe 'accordInV to fee s \ demands ol nature, tbe main «XpeAM^ la living aeeordinf to tbe requiratooats of faablon.-[Hebrew Btaadard. Flipkine was passing along Um otraet and aaw a trunk outsids Uis doer ol a deal, er bearing tbis leg* nt: -•Tbie sisy^ $10.’* "Sedo V* *aid llipklna.—rBeoM#‘-Trav. eller. i "Youag mea believe In ootbial iowa-day A" oaid Hra. Ramebotbam, wife adeeg sIgA **W by, there’s my nephew Tom, wbo wee brougbt up as a Ch' ietiaa, ’’-[Pune A II fee wtveoeir PresKtoiite aad.of 4 oMoero are bmmairul by virtue sir Í and brave men.;    Kansaa as plump as a pgrtridge, as eoy asa qnati; healthy, heiriy, active, im dependent and happy aa the jüig sum flowers of whieh the State is so justly proud. And there is a spot 'in Kansas where female loveliness seems to have been cryataJized and cooron-trated, as it were. That elysinm is very a^ropriately named Chwrry-vale. Cherry vale! Vide of cherries! Name auggestive of coral lips and rosy cbeekA One’s mouth waters wtwu he attempts to pronounos the luscious words, and tw thinks of ruby tmsures hall bklden in bright foliage, delicious, hot hard to get. And the maidens of this modern paradise are just as pretty and sweet and plump as the fruit wboee pfaise we sing, for, in the languaM of a newspaper printed in that Utopian village, "Neither hastie amr ooraet to worn in Charrvvato.” buabaads’ ofiloear bms tbeu beat feat ot everybody «to**, alus! mSaS fo^ it seldom lasts ovmr ftmr years.-* Pilos. Cnstemer (In rasUnrant)—"WAitor; 't|ij« ebfeken sonp bas ntim 'ratis featbera ia il." F arter—"Yoa, aab. ii vo* want soup mad* outen oblekea old euougb to ho bald, aaa y^Ml bavo to n to somo odder ’stabUsk-awat.** .•    ! Í. .    '    ' Proffoaor—«^Hoto r yngnlsrly von nod yoor bvotbor reoembi*/ gaeb other, kllss « > Angelina !" Mias Aug*^! na—”!• tbnt a pfimeut tar ihg br«Hber. ^ a compliment to me!’*’ tlm Pcofv««or-’-Oh, a caSBsStomnaw* aoMher. I assure you." Wo have talked a good deal alxntt eda* oatiag girla tO.beeoaie wives nnd mothers. Baa It ever ooeurred to Keen Him ot faalo eollegea feat ft would be/ a good iblug to train youag men to become good busbaads and fatboiaf—[Sprtn;;i -Id ( Uaen.) Uittoa. "Yes," said tbe old man, "my aooa ars very amaiuona, aad they am getuas sjong srell. One to tbo captain ol n lowboat nnd fee ofeor to a pbynlelan, nad oaeb ia trying bin boat to sea wbicb osa make tbe most monoy." "Ahi’’ said fea Usteaer, "a ourl of boal aad tow match, as H wcra." toa Courier. » I I Baekaebo to ailmoot immediafely rsl by wearing oak of Carter’n amnrt Safi 8ellamM.Sa Bnefcneko Piaeters. rry Sus aafi ks Iras frsm palsu Frto« M «sum» : .1 ■^f.1 - r r JÍ / yi

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