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Cincinnati Weekly Times (Newspaper) - July 15, 1886, Cincinnati, Ohio t I •V Í ♦ I i > I ~^i»' •' '’'•* ^.' V A*.x"-.'"iV¿ ■" t ^^    «-.r-J    -;,-'f    '..' -■ T'j^.■*“,fe''J^.'iK-i-^ -«v-lwl.-    ;i'Ji-'i'-; . ■-: ; .-j'^t.-    •    ■♦    ^■' ,    r    tIÍ'iÍÁ-    ■—I'*^ ;'i+f-. ■Jl. ■■•»J^j*'v>^^' “ ■“ * "^'    ■•* -OÍII»- • »•» •> )' A. »«i I. ti tot> ttotoK^I^.--» I l<m»'    ,    WllHII.HIIIlLrT    ’^ to»' WWMrtlHN ito""'w to''-» i* Mi» atoto Vol. xi.liII.-—ivo. as OIXOIIVXA.TI, THU»»I>.A.Y, JITI^Y Iff, 01 I*er Year, m awh STOKt or A WATCH «MM Wffltlaa In ilm fUUn. •T # Airs* ■. »ttwp^    • rip, 4rt0. Um rslii aomm lalluNt— MM fe» tiM wmA», f«t« «• Ato MWt r«a Mm llitt* wavm. Mnw««. —< annllpg. A»ttUt toii Mclltr Imhw vMk hm. I^MMMaprit waM«<l for jMTtliif— mm mmá §m la Mhit MMMfcé 1i¿hM« mmá §a fa pala ^ tlMNHiH «ar «illa In Maartlag-^ Wan br tile HUta arara*, bwala Ifca Tala. Bait, «p. ta tb»ai at taa brfliPi' Oae at iv»t «t>4 a UiMwaMt aaoa; Band, •w**t (taaea* end Malaa klawi^ At IvblaM, atariigbt, at aitdaiglit aad )pfll|l0in9d walla hnof wllh prattjr pic-bicea; tba wlndAirA warn aa «iaiÍHi •• VOKTBBITP' •oap and water oft applied eoald them, and the eortalna were ot apot Im the pawalwoher^a window where tlw old, reedf» manr-key^ Clarionet waelrfnf In Hi frraen, frayml eaae, and whéfw ^ gold wateh waa baag-ing wbteli told the Inqnlaitlre paaaer-by that It bad keen primented by a Qoeen, (h^ waa alletieé after the Wateh had told Ite atoiw, ia our readM leaa floor waa carpeted with ingrain of a neat and cheery pattern, where the aunbeama llkea to , eapccially when baby aported with them—a pattern that waa homelike bv lamplight. The pletnre didn’t tilia. A aweet era were Itifojrpied one abort month Qnoen, ao the Wateh faoe- I Bata. fid*, tbowpb it mtsMd forartr ft*in «#«14 Mt ««ii4f#r    t#    fM4t Kw l« Ite mt« t# »|Miftiii« mtmtrn Ü#«#r t# «MMit nil Ite «kiHl B«7#Mt WUmi l« Ite rtfii, ite imiit mm ihirnMmm Hmm mtm tearto tnwi ««4 t##t mi wm#? Il#f« I III# mi«* Ite |4ii«    «otel««« mm teflii# mntmr m4 r«l Mt Imm ily obaenred card% not the tpboae of a reigning monarch, as the Clarionet at flret aiipfroaed. Ho when fbia deiionement waa made the Clarionet felt more Instly aggriered. aaAaeC* Stop with this. Aaweet-faeed •at in an aaey chair rocking by the aide of the djditg embers in the grate, fur eren to anmméi* the nighi* tt^ eool on the hiiltide. Mer fiaIr was the color of ripe eor«ii,altk^ and her eyes ao bine and .tender, ao true and gai^tle, that eren the roagie artist pirittt^ )nat a little slower when be came to this fair flgnre, lingering lor-ingty as he did his work. **Tlien the door by hia aide opened, !U 1 down like dust upon the collection, **i tor one^ am glad.* ^8o art we.” replied the other ool-laterals sincerely and In unison. **8o ara wo—erery one.” And 1 think itiey were.—[If. Y. Graphic. MATII1MONIAL •a Tte "fwo mr Bm Mm Wtefi Ite m mmm V m Ite |^##lrf #f Wte« I WM jr«#«ttg!* %m ite p#elrf of ol4 «i«a^ -wiM* rn A*n *tri <*Ak, tlMB , > a ktna,'^ lb* •AHirilltM erit*. r«l ,tba ea«B|M jrcan m.im;**, I *b*u ba *trMi* Aa<l wiMi, ' WbM ft# 1 ' **Wtefi I friMi «#«»#♦*• III# ol4 r»#ti % **llr#v#|jr %mm l#r« m4 HomI biilig Tteir Mr#l iu>4r*r Ml##* . Wte« I W«# TMSfff* )i a I Wall b* irmm To f ««H tn« rtgbt. tb« tratb npliold.** **W b«B I wa^oaag I brat no anea 1aa*if«rar gobl.” airees» Thina» Obaerred bf a Mar* rjrina darsraaee. fBoaSoa Glaba.I Only a few weeks ago a handsome team drore,up to my door, and a moment later a lady aiid gentleman en- 1 tered our apartments and asked to be married. The lady waa young, beantlful and wealthy. The husband to be was a edmmon sailor, the odor of tar still strong a|ion him, while erery féatuí^ showed a barreiini^ of erien ordinaiy ahifiti^. I Iim! the'lady to.another part of the room, when 1 asked for an explanation.    Ail 1 der iBirer has erery room in the bouse carpeted with handsome ttkiiis of this animal. The hide is a brigbt browu on the back and rump, but Aides away into a soft white brown toward the sides and becomes almost a pure white under ttie belly. The tail is tipped with white, and the head, ayes, ears, nose and features art an exact reproduction of the domestic cat on a lar^r scale. The feet and claws are also like thoM of ’’Tom” and “Maria.” curies after i SIOTKa pause, “and told roo the wrong storr. Tb< Abbe Ussi Is daeferoutly 111 of drOfMjr at WeiaMr. Mies Clerelsad «aya abé aerar reads the as wspanera. - "r '    ' Betcbar gats. MS apnlieaUoas a day ffeai laetnie assoeiaibiaa. Tiwse ara sboot asreatr-trs CSbsalaiea atlll bel4 Mr RtrpuMte***. W. K. Taaderbiit bae bata Maekbafled ay the i’arla Joeksy Cinh. Dalay Benlaek. iha aetceaa, It dytag e( eeaeii«pcl<«a at B«w York. The Oer«reaieet ta pajriaf |llt,4n erery year'fer rraie Hi Waablagtea. ■a-PrMMeat Porter, ef Tala, mw sallsd fbr Bnrapt witk bla daegfcler. Mr. Kaiae la aawiy beeeiad m Ibe aaasHiref Btalae Ceenrtr, Bebk M. M-eataa. the Preeea MtokMsr at Waablagtoa. fsu tW.OW a year. Ckweral Lew. Wállaee raeelres $$,§0$ a* year frosi tb* books be baa wrluea. W. W. OwaSraa Ass girea i«.Wl le tba ColaaibliM tTaMefslty. Distrlat ef Celam-bla. Tae Bar. B. O. Matee will saessai JOf. Queen wore uo crown of gold, ller head was content to be crowned with goMeti hair, Imt it was iu her true blue eyes that one could see her royal iiatore. Her life will be crowned, liowercr, by such a erown as Merer was worn oa an eaiihly monarch. Hhe.was the wife of a simple-minded engineer employed hii the Straight-line Road, named George Martin. Ifa used fo own roe, and if erer there was a Queen sIm was one. Do you #snt to hear my real story P* Of eoUrae they did, from the inqiiis* itirs Clarionet up to the IMamond Ring In its relret lined ease. They wanted to hear ti rery mneh, io< after clearing Ita throat Gie Watch began: thaswnployes ef the Strafg exnlaiuad tha Tímenle «A Mgs. te Road, excepting the' flremon and eugineert were on strike, and perhaps this was w hat made Georg* Martin—the hne- band of my Queen—the engineer of and- hi a crib by tiio side of a bea were nestled two little babr girlA Tneir golden euris spread orer the pillow with a grace that art has ncrer learned nor ever will. Their pink checks flpshed with the warmth of their eoTcriugs^ and their bright eyes bidden by four little white eurtsins fringed whh golden silk stieh as no loom dias erer spun, even in enchanted fairyland, wlicre eobweb threadfs are spun by elfin wearers into eleUies. colored by dres ilistilled from rich roea learee an4 pnrple rioleta, golden rods and .peach blossoms, and faahioiied into garments by domestic sprites for royalty to wear. “The tngiiieer sighed and the piO-tore was gone. The walls were greasy, the ftoor was dirty, the night was dark and be wte once more at his post of duty; If was midnight and the Ijoiig Point Water Tank stood np beside tlie lonely' track Ilka a grim corpulent spiMter. On the right Miiail I flsltef f«y #ral Wtili jr#ft«l#r ofiM, wmm tm m *^o# Tm mkicM 1 **Wn«« Ite immmihmm IBími^rw Am4# l#r«terte^ te t««ir/^ *ffter# W«# M IffHlM kl «iT Jr»Tfl H tel I wm /#«»§;*’ coaid wa# that they were bent on iniTm an<I if I didn’t do it aome* mmrrying, one wofiTd^ and at last the knot was tied and I he coople drore a war* 1 haTe littce learned that Jack iiiimo* )    Aneodmte <>i Isiiiooln. ‘    '    ,r^is4ffiiri^a    Fott.j All Engtishiiittii, caitiiig at tlie White llouiéy waa deacanting to Mr ÍAincoiit, who had never been abroad, about tba difTerencea between Englishmen and Americans* *^Great dif- Tlie Baf ti# mi ate Ctiol BT #,«. r, Hnlf 1 ter, hiOf a ter. Hill 1 bmr o&wmrd! Jtitm ma iwfitl ditsh. Choir md    kitéli; Inlfi 1    |Htrb, Ttn)* i#d III# Hiindnd* Tr#hl«Mi to the rl#tit of itiim, \ T«fi6r«4olte t#ri of ttefi, \ ^ Btemt Hi front ói; r^m,. A telldwiHf Mnn lhori(1#r#d|»^ Ob, kbii |»rte«iilDr*« ÍO •B W b«'n tte boi*r«nod titik Ttieirown ttiii# mimI book, Fruitt til# Old Uoiidref|« •. *» \v \ took (crence in some resiiects,” he said, k,. Tte tl#i fir tebiofl; 4te'#M>re, < pr#«M»t R JTsl# wsr# aaktiKt bf#(ter, Mitiir ia te il emmnt jtefwHii#! Mt Ite ###l itef# atsssis i Ur la IM lr##t Vn^artataa Keltte* CCbleaa# Ii#W# J A firmer llring on Bee Creek, PikeCminty, while plowing oxer in ancient Indian roonnd in his field ill rose the great trees ol the marsh woods. On tlie left of Uw track waa >reas Mo. lOL button up and Dull great ooat more eloeeir rn bis eao morn tiahti A ksd ef sell tkfrty fset In ttlekaeee keen atrnek m Mieelgiia at a deatfe e i^in alo riy i.ii of Silemrilie and started Aamnkvrerierfsawf keaatMal MM«etlts eaterMnafe keen dtae-Memi near Ruseea* lead. AnmrallA la Bnglaad a ailitla eMeer ia aevm lee-•gataed »y kie ailiitery ittte aalsaa ia md-hmrm end on dat?, Jallaa Hawthsras kM takeaafleayaere' IsMeertke OM Baeae and yroeada at Moptak Platee, B. J. InOermaay, If falae Intermsllen la three •a a eesrepeptr leperHW to eaa eelleet flamafes el Ms aadier. A Pailedalpais Inda* fcas glraa astfes «to mare leekeleal drfeaase la ttolaw iriB aot to reeof aised. Mrs. Wausrsse, PsotiMr ef Bleiep Wat-fesnea, e# Cotepptm*. o., is lying eerlonely IB at nttabnrt. wiia eanecr. WUUnm Waller Pkelee was iSpeleeied a mamkeref Ike Tale «joHege eerperaiiee. ineshrff MM veiaa eel ef a leial eigjli. The B«w Terk ton ghree n Betel ten CsBSBspsnita wto wtti net to eeedldetee fm leslestton. Blaeef «am are Dmne erein. Tto MaeeeebaeeUe LegMalnrs toe am prenrlalsd tm^m le enlertain PrsBdsat Clefelend in anae to geea nprnsésneat )oiin*ey to Bordertown. Anyway, wbntetor il was, hfs face waa pater than ttiuri and he ke|M a tl^^ter hold npen tlm Imnr an ho peemd into the mist and darlcnoss wbiek aUanst hid the tmek bntora him. - ’Jnst eeeh n niaht aa No. 4 wniit at Lona oxer the hank to Long Ptont Water Tank,’ he remarked lo Jim, the flrn-man. ** ’Pshaw r relamed the latter. -’That’s all right,’ aaawemd the engineer, ’but I wish I was at home with Qneea Betsey aad the girls all the same.’ **Tbea be relapsed lato silence, and the train aped on, whining past amail stations, shootlng aronttd enrres aad oalrertiL while the the rarine, whose waits wera as stralfbt as a stone eonld talL The rodty bottom of this rariae waa fully 900 feet below the raili^ which wér* icnreely lea feet distant from its brink. “It had always been daaceroaahat the saperinteiMiettt said it eoaldit’t he helped. The Hrer, which flowed parallel with the track, was as near the rails on the otimr side, and a bridge of trestle work a half a. ndle ta length WM tee exprasfrn. 1^ thd danger was anaroiilable.    The director* agreed with him and ao did the heed-teas peaaeagera who gars the dangsrs •f their    Hule    thon|^t    so    long taaUons on reached their dest tSoM. ' “The aharp pyM e( George Martin saw the stralfbt rails of the track as Biey came le a point In the ditoance. They also discerned outlined against the lesser htaricnesa of the hórtxod, the blaek eutllnes of the water tank. But they failed te cm the lour deter-mined-looklng men erooclied In (Jm shadow of the woods. Neither did V struck a large slab of Hmeptone beneath the surface. He lifted the Btoiie and found beneath It aran It containing the dust nf a skeletou. In the rault were elso aa enormotis stone ax weighing about flftoen ponnda, many stone arrow and spnar heads, sad a siiignlar reasel of eopper. Thia vessel was wrapped in a masa of fabric woven or knitted of different materiaL Tb the top of Mie cloeely fltting cover wae riveted a stoat ooppsr ring. In the vessel were three ^ ‘ghly poiiehed etonoe, one opeJ, one opfidian, and onw Jasper. The etonen were neerly egg shaped. The tormer and bit aten dog elsewhere In the monnd and disMvcmd another vanlt eontaiaing a badly de-cayed skeletoa. Aroand tbe skeleton were many flan imiflaments, including a pipe of stone an whleh was carved aa expraseiva hhman faee, a eopper ax weighing .nearly a pound, tbma eomwr spear htodt nearty afoot in IctoT» and an lna§Abtnafl, a atrlng of eighty-six eopper lleads, and other ciea. arehmolbglst, secured the entire eollection, em-;ing over éÜU arlielee. He thinks the most notleaablo And of the sort which has been made la reara. passAgo to Liverpool, where to-day the couple live in eontentment, Another singular incident in my career%« a ministÍBr was the marriage of the fatiierof one ot the most prorp-tncnt politieal oAcers' of the Htate. What makes it more interesting ts that the ofTi«priiig was not even aWare that bit parents were lawful husband and wife. While at a public reception a few weeks ago I was Introduced to tlie man ill aue»tidn, and remarked thatyearsago 1 had married his father to aá estimabie young woman. The son, after a roohient’s rcgectiou, left the h^ttBe, saying that he would investigate the matter, but wliéther he did or not, i I can not telj. It was I You Americans do things that would nev^r for instance, would never owii^'booU.” an English gentleman think ot doing. Now, an English gentleman think pi‘ blacking his “Ah, indeed I” said Mr. Liin^in, “wliosé would be biaék ?” Again in 18111 iie was greatly bothered by the pcace-at-any price men from the North. Tlicrc was et|>ecially one old fellow from Massachusetts, very bland and wholly bald, who was tbe thorn in tbe Presidential flesh. Mr. Lincoln managed to get rid of him and his Quaker ap{>eals by one devioe or another till his ingennity: was severely taxed. OnV day; when the angel ot mercy had been boring IXr# Ih# premntnr*é gimre, Fi«fliie«l niB fMirhforlc In SottHfilHM    keyb t# teur Out tti# <>14 Ifint4r«4. mwifUy te lurRfHl hifl b«eM« OmbteS liiM tiMi off tO0f rMClr. Tiien from tte m rrAminf te •ntitereil. Oh! Ite wlUt    tter    wraughM Qtitl# lo lii#eiid Itejr Som# iun# itejr mmm. Inh noL—• KgI m# Ok! •^f^hrlBlUn A4Boe#l#a criiicBMT mtn. years beforé that the husbiind, hav- .. him about half an hour, to tbe delsv — * — . .1 ... » articfea. Professor MeAdaau; af saa Iho loasa dirt, flmhhr stirred •a the trMk at tbe curve, 'lliev did flsMislklag new In tfssst stsriss is ftfers-ei frem Dairsli, wfcars a vtotato fksai tto ettor world aso fcsen dstoMM ta «a ato of Imné#h pM#to## Tto CMaalo iaseaiaksro of flaaoto too wseietodiy aaderpeid, ito toft to «am not koine akle lo make msrs ttoa akont sixty «eats a wssfc. N « said a Msstgia Csagraaamaa wIB to tot to tosas St tto asat Nstolsa iw «s fooasa that tto garden saséa toasatiakis asnstltasBio pronto ta to wsriklssa Min Clara Berton, Prssiiial to tto imsrtaan BeflCrsas flasiolr. srtotoa kasa « asor toai« fto semstlms^ will loo vs Wsskingtsa to a fkwiaya tor ttofatofls toast, la to akssat two sir «roa montas. Wkllo Ctorlos Basto, to flpragaa, W, T., was takiaa a totds.to soda mtorflrom aa Ito kstOs «xptodsi and «a pai- ■at aitopor oraa tferawc iam ktofaaa wMi isrso saonxk to Isaf out one to ktoofsa. JndBiC sldssl siattf sf Osaaral Ttomasw it ai fto gravs*s krtofc al tto toi TbosMa tomssissd to Tirglola. Tbia wsrthf wm man was to aarvtos lo tao oonatryto «at ato kroutoM op tto ksy aflsr ttoir mstfcit*s ass to. A yoaag womaa to M saislssh. Oaaaia, ormstag a BsM bsato a dlsiaal oratoto a rtta, aad tosa IMt a stlgki Maw an tor tba alnoto favtslbM traek which stretched oat in two threadlike lines before tbe fly lag engine. “On the tide of a hill there wandered a valley, which narrowed el pleeee eo thto the roedway was crowded for room. Then again It wldenod oat lato aamül vaUoya dlvld-od ialo meadowA wheat fleldÁ grove* and pastures, whHo tho ¡detnresqno bouses of the farmers dotted the bill-sldee. Jost at the entrance to this valley,on tho flrsthlU. whleh gnardod tho wAy like a aoatiaoi, was where the Qneea lived. ’Tlwlr lawB sloped gpatly lo I narrow hit of woods; through I leaves la snmaMr toie eenid ealeh not tee that the rails bad been moved; that they ware laid nnfastened on the Hot ao that the ellghtest movement would seettor thorn llkic straws tofore the hnrrieana, while tbe train woald dish with lightning apeed over the emtonkmeat Into tho ravfne below. On earn# tho trata, nearer aad nearer. The four men drew eioeer end doeer togncber, waltod end even held their breathe in eonl-eommoalog anglety. la on* seeond all would bo over. gllmpee ol tlm llghto of tho flytag fraia, tooklag like a oompaav of WIH-' tbe-wlape on a race for Urn, ao rap- did they flash past thetraef. Throagh the santo leaves he eoald set the Jigbted lamtp that the Qoeea always left fa the ftoat window lo cheer him an kis lonely weir. Kvmi la that paesiuf gllmpet the lamp talked to kirn as only a lamp la ike window can talk. It told Mm to harry oa; to koop a bravo heart; te keep bla head elear, Me eyes sharp, hie ears keea, aad to reiaemhor ek ways ihto somo one wee walelitng for him, waiting Ihr Mn^ aad prayiag. too. **1110 lamp did ool eooflao iteeir morriy to eoavmr meeeagee to aad Ito IB the gloom, like omBmoap)aoe otoe- even thongh these mmsegae • mmm mm “The newspapers issued the following afternoon eontelnod tho following dispeldk: ’Nxprme kala No. 10 wont over the embankment at Long Ptont Water Tank at midnight last alghl. Engineer Martin was fa eharg*. There were over forty perseas killed by tbe fall, and auMiy of tbo olhors of tho handred who wot* on tho train wIB die (tom It^rfoe inflicted.”* Here the Wafeh stopped. ’’Welh’* inqnifed ite tSsteoers in nnlsoi^ *«ow did the eogtneer eoato esri Of the aeeidentf” *T alaroet forgot Hmt,* ooattaaod the Wateh. “Joel as the eogiae was a lew verde ftom the leoeeaed mile he lototod al ma. As he did so his eapmrleoeed gyoe eoaght a lampeé af the manleroas deraogemeat With tbe •trmigth of a glaat aad the speed ■cmek My m PMMng Otar. fL*»e*« ltaMa.1 As a ganUemaa, a weU known pub- lie ofleiai, waa peering (tom SC. Janme Farit into ftll Mall by the gardeo wail of Mailborookb House, on Satorday lest, Jnoe at a qnar- tor to fl In tbo aftenseon, he eoddenly received on the right bolder a vio- leat blow, eeeompanled by a load eracklihf aoise, which eansod film great Daia and to atamble torward aa bo walkod. Oa reeoveriag his footing and lamiito ronml losoo who had to nneereatonionriy sitmefc him to fonnd that thera was ao ooo oo Bm ing burled his wife, retired iu seclusion with only a hou*ckeeper to assist in the niajiageinentof the house, and they lived as such for many years. One afternoon a neigblmir visited me and inquired whether 1 bed married tbe couple^ but 1 knew nothing ef their marria^ and told him so, but H was only a few weeks ^ater that 1 was visitod by the hosband and his honsekeepor, who expressed a desire to be wedded. “Have, you your cer-tiflcate?” 1 asked. No; he bad noim with him. but protuissd that if 1 wouM wait a few moments be would obtain one, as be had made application yeara, previous and had been granted bis pa|>ers. He posted home and retumea with kis eertiflcats. old and yellow with age, but the legal in-stmment, aad they were married on the epot aad the son was the legal tof-spring of that marriage. I have mot eonplM who would not be HMrried with metal ringsi, aad I have cat eirelee (tom the groom's ffoves, 1 have known of the ohnreh key bei^g the Bnbetitnte for a ring; of e <l**kytoan's sU^Ing a wedding service ueeause a Stodaing ring was a diamond instead to the ordinary kind, and no end of trouble being eansed by a wedding ring, wbich the bride mia^ tmsted to be braes, being placed on bar flnger, aa<i 1 reetll an laatanee where a common curtain ring answered tbe purpose of a more siutabN and costly ono- > Tiie question to fees is a most Interesting oue, and fp my experienoe M ministey 1 hare received almoet everv earn, from a silver d«dlar to a check for 1100^ and almoet every conceivable gift, from a copy of tbe chureh ritual, elegantly bound, to leee portable but more valuable evklenoee of appreciation. Matrimony fa a grand Instltnlioa, my boy, and It my ad vie* were tafiea you wonid eater il of important bnslness, tto President •iiddenly rose, walked to a closet, aiid tOojk a térge bottle from it. “Did yon eveir try this for balduesa ?” to asked, exhibiting the bottle for tbe visitor’s inspik;tlon. Tto visitor admitted that he never had. Mr. Lincoln sommoiied a servant, bad tbe bottle wrappea np, and gave It to the astonished philanthropist with the injonotfon, “Now, o mb some of that on your head, eraeverv; keep it np. Thev say 'twill make the hair grow. Come tock in aboift three months and report.** The grieved diaciple df Penn found hiniseu out tto door with tto hair reatorer under his arm before to had tinm to foirtr reflect. U»Bppre<«»ted GhillmiSrf. íBbr': VyriBT Voonkj om Corwin aseertad one day In oommittM room that it waa never > lo Interfore betwoea bosband aad and in enppnrt of 1 narrated aa instance ■Í } at oooe. enrred when, be wav animated by tto ardor and chivalry of youth. Traveling in a IHtie-fireqaented rural district ht cams upon a cabin fiom behind which he toard the angry voice of a man mingled with tbe screams ef a woman, and at regnlar lu.ervaÍ8 a hickory singing through the air a#' if ' well laid on. He rode round to get sight of ' the cause to all this cllmor, qrhen be mpr a burly-looking fellow thrashiuk hit nifejike (toy with a atick too formi-. dable to be within the nmaulug of the statute. On seeinx our friend the belligerent saependod, the; “shower of timber’* ceased to fall, and there was a great calm of a lew momenta’dnra-tion. Tto young man, wfiOse wrath had suddenly waxed hot against the cruel hustond, cried out, “Yon bmte! yon raeoall throw dbiVtt that whip, touch that woman agai Bore tbsn on* belii^et’eBt iOctrrtate rot f IVnrtb of July pur.eli.—[PbU*(ielphii Ain«rle«ii. That RAW (•iB-intne style nf áttlre is very sufgestiv* of *n Inportnnt Tesme eltv; 01 course we refer te(}Ai-vest-oa.—{Pittshar| TelexrApb- Tbe heraklic device of tae Sesitb fhaiilr, of VlrglRla, te eeid to se s eluV iueb, ami the Htotto, “Thue d<Hh Poker>liAantiM.“— [Burlington Free PrSas. Tbe heeiAllst orstor declAres that the] “wARtenly tried men in tbeir rMXe.“ TbS feet Is that asost of the “trifd’’ horislisu are la Jril.—|Chleace Jderoal. A Minoespolto duoK ha* laid aa sgg 9% iBchss la olmuflifereBeB cae way hy tR tha other, and toe Bt. Paul papera aroatrlv* tag ta sttaittlAt* thetr owa iuohs to «am Uar laudsUe oggssnioa*.—[Pittabnrg Tst* ograph. Mias Bnae Clevelend. when she bsnamsi odilorot 'the Chioego wagasHie, Literary Lila, will have to 0* oa the wateh fsr Cbl* ease IseC fa the flhetry eflered. —[Oesaha B,*rald. Our poet* lenglo .meter.—[<«i* cago later Ooeaa. “Weader what Pd heiter aame too.** Said Jehhay, thevghtfuliy, aa to watehed hla aew dapple eott driakiag eagerly In tht brooli. “1*11 lell y«u,** mid ais somftos Willis, eagerly, “call him Preearved Pmlt.“ “Why Peshervad PraltP* “Be. ean*e,“ replWd Wlin*. “be*a attoh a dry dappta.”—[Texaa Ufiiaaa. I f.n*w Tora Jearael ] A d«my iBAiOea a* toAek AaU taa— A ehióiae m gtwmm wit* a jmaed mt tea— Ma«le (re* wiUi the eeent or tbe olee yoaeg ama Aetd mamá Ua taTortta braab Aid eh*. Bhecried: “Oh;'gsUf U«*t Iccfc mf mr eaf1e*W A *hre«K> wgiean vitb * ihmimI erSan— look ato* ItAe the reet ef the gvite,' «be eoatbed 'hw hair «Uh tiue ctNab, I •etu lo bn I eadledf: “If adaai*. I bep*“ -ehroiao le aeet wttb e aooo'l «f tea— Nir aul.|.oC-oll-work dea'tebhoaee aty aabi or I tvMr wtib ay tetIK atm aamkma eaib fie*.’* OMAOLK. reoMat bat Mounil nod tbe po> eoiaa oa duty at tho pfwk eodefft. Ou rooehiof Iwum the ehoalder waa •ohmitfod to exaioteatioa, hat ooih-Ing vat at flret dlaenvered to acoonnt for tho pnla ia it. Bat ui a Httlo whilo the eervaal who had takon Bwny tbo ooto to hratoi broog ht it hack to point oat (Mni ovmr the right ahoalder the onp waa pressed dowa flat in n ioag; sttni|^ Unn, exactly na If n hot wtf* hod Men riiandr drawn aefom tho elotb. Ttie aoeident la therafom nzpininnd as having boon ennséd by Iho sxptnalon to a minute «■■*11 I theufhl ho pnllnd baek tho lover ra-venlnn the did not come throagh tbe esun, not lud never tnnnhed throagh tho eyes; the brain before going straight to the boart, which tho moM expert alee-tiiclaB has nnvnr yet aooompUsbnd with his subtle fluid. “It badottoroad atlll atore wovdtr- oagla^ callad to Ma Art-raau to Jou Md thnu he Jumped Maiaelf.’’ the toek. Inverilgmiea stowed «at a riflelful gUta, posaneand by lamps toilet tod eat hsr diem an rinaaly m a nrnf ever alac* Aladdia’a Bom raner, and had Just greaed her eeseei. wlan lamp, and aH lamp* ar* wlsn, A tramp aetod Isr some«tof ineto al atanver " mmanrhht to «ettoee, UL Ttoneokef- toied to give Mm tne denen flrtod egga k to weald eat itom all. Tto tramp apead and ttoefgawere eetheCsreMm. Alter Mv-hHimten toeatf’Sae spMVnMnf el bread aad eama eeriHasa. to b# arieep. AaangiT Tsxss Mdsr ran tJwengb to* atreeto of «. Louis (to eihir eveniag, Wrned a eeers éf pureeea^ and waa bmtd nely allsr «a pistol thels tod tosn flred at Mm. He was Mt as efton Itol Ms Mds UtoattoVA andM was snggmisi tom ton eeraasn to asm to a Janlstop. A #My« VteyMEÉ###    fomm m timtm toeksd Itoe anamnl, toe MmiaBa. wW IhWv wm WPWWtNPMI JWlPite W m&m MMI^ fhwt le to sepem M resm an aSttoea lap ttRtei Mmi HMMite# et m silkiim #é#í^ Wmü wMfct H nnsa bm iise; the to#d« it Is gmijm id|mtom|A|rAm|^    Imyy^myi    ikjem    m. lamp, ana an umpé disf^ys this marvmuns Mbtove- monto to mbakind exoopt at Mght tiiae, and only than #kea tkat apori-asen of maaldad tn whom Itahowa tkis gift caa aen its geatin raito through the window panes of home. It must bo bla borne; too. Its «harm to brokam in any other plane. “Besides the power ot talking H eooH i^nt at never a mortal urttol tod el “Tm glad of that,* ohenrvod Ute Clarionet with a righ of reJief. “Was “Not la tho toast; ha« the lar •toppsd mo at tht very seeood.” *^ow did you eoBM here?* “1 was etotoa from hfo bureaa drawer, for after that my Queen said I ahoald never wmrk another day.** *#tolea P* nzdiaiaMd tlw Clnrioont: iv don’t y<w toil tht pnopit wIkmb yon briong «0 Was m Mohiile, -rWasMhfhm mino.j “Ate you a hoodtof naked small boy of his neter’t new hatband. “Idmklknow what that Is,’* spoadnd the bápto Mtoo, pattiig boy oa tbo head. “You most be,“ paratsted the small hoy. “1 domt koow what you mesa ex-ee^.“ *nToa are my riatdr’a hoaband, aloH youP* “Yea of eearse.** “Wen, Ibex you are a hoodie, ’caum siatnr eaid a boodin haabaud would euteb htr evory tiaw.” tAom. [Taat Koagk (ll«ht*BS> Letter } But mottutaia lioaa, owiag td their torodty aad great anmbers, must be eoBsidered tho most dangerous and atom dmtraetlve Wild animal we have. Bo bold have they beoome Of im# Uiat eattleama and the Territoriai autheritlaa, too, have been compeltod to give bttentkm to the ravages committed by them bmwta among the flocks aad hmda A lively war of ex* termination baa been going on a^Bst itom for some time. The Iforritory oflcra a premium of 98 on every scalp hroaght ia tobe poached, and some ot the eountiee add to the ladacemont by oflering on tholr own aecoanta a aim litlto earn addition to the territorial bounty. Ill wear it oat over your own ugly avage, yob f” W1 A this valiant deflanee you f” ho caraami you aa should respond to but tbe injured tody hereelf. Turning her blowaed hair out of her (hoe and giving her flat a portentpns shake. , Ws art aet partleulAr sboat Uks Chiaese if    . tot CoBfTSSs muatgo—boBM.—[C*mt*rtdg« ChrBBiele.    ■f'    " CoBpfBSSlBBBl garSOB Beads srs elstrlh Bksd for rslslax vetee, aot vocotablee.^ .[Boatee Herald. StrawB aeea ta toe*# pari* aewedeifS almpir Ipdi^to waiei way thf drHtfcaUee go.—'[Obloage Herahl. laqaérlag Peel—The epif wcwd wo ees toieb of toat ravmo* wito'dparlca te Idlec —[WaebiBgtOB llAteaot. Wkeie mmm “maa waata but llMlt ton balow” toreo ocbera aro wKbla balUaf dlotaaoa who waat all—[Cbloago Ladger are, you ereeter. v gawky iV e 8 aa gdod as you good-ror-nolhiiig Barasf Othbs lAksé Mgb ground ) / Olittnpiott Kl## mt Eli# C#«i#try« íHurUsgtM^ (III.) Bjr#:) A Springfield belle was visiting in this city not long ago; and reeeived a large share of reapectiui homage from the leading society yonng gentlemen. She oommands jattontlon not only for her pereonal eharins and gi^tceá, hpt (br her mental culture and Tivtoknm oonvefeatloh. Before leaving- the problhiUon qtMtetUn; on toe foaoc.—[OateVsitte (Texas ) hid vanea hna. Ths oaU for Attornev Oeneral Oarlsnd’i reelgeaüon seemst* be heard ovorvwbar exoeui to    if asblaglon. — [Beltlawsi The oewbovA with lots of spare on Qieir haods dnrina the tlie voung lady waa deserlbitig 111 alntod since the paliittra art was nowB. Quick at a flash, the which had i ptorend the darkanm aad •atoted the eng^an’a eah am about with iavtoibli poiuto and bruahm lo pnribrm thnir work magic. TWir work qrM ao aoooar oommsaqad than mMed. Tho walla of the onto witíi Ihdr dirty wia^owa oo varea wltb groaao and oil, tho poltobnd ttokl invwri; the foagt; too hart aad thowhmlatd thonagian wma gens; SMt Ik    WW9 “Caal make them aaderriaiM.* “I eaa tril thnaa,” bravely cried the CHtriowst, “ikad 1 will right ME” “Have you any watobea to aeil P* ta-tnrraplad a voion foom wlthla the store. “Yes,** repltod thn pawahffoker reaching lor the felattMr ai this tale. “Why!” exclaimed the cariomer, “that’s laiiiA It wae elolea ftom bm •OBW time ago, aad I can prove IL” A ceecmd lator a poRoemaa eutmed the door, aad It wm not loa Mow to Oes BehSU rfhsas imiaga.J “1 wish 1 had bmnmv, I weald like to be a eolid man,* reauurked a Tcxm Inebríate to a (Head. “There to only oMn ehance for yon, Cok>iMl.“ “What to that r “Go to Alaska. It to emd eaoufh there to flreese wMifcy. That's the only cdiaaoe 1 see for you to booom* a solid num.” away in Gooige Martia'e jpoeket, meet Menkiag tts exM arlth the w g bofors oomfortobly t amart Wsad aad Beilbdnaan esasMasd with tos atoar inarsdlMls astd la tbs bset plastars aioM L'nriar*s A W. * B. amneo or Ito Joyoan Hefctai^    ^ ^ tosswrkei. “Wrib* observed thn^ariooM to hto IbUowa alter autot had entiled «IfOMe am hsmg «séi eT papur moatba; gala a haadaome largem for thexMnlvee (aot to apeak of Um fan aad sport thev have) by hontlnf aad killing mooatala Hons fturn Novem-bm to March. The eow puncher, with aa eye to buslaesa, flrst draws OB tho tonritorial treaaurer for pB; ho thoB haalto a bill to the eoonty for someihlag more, and Anally eelto the bktof to a (brrier for what it to worth TMre wera 144 BMaatoin Hone killed and paid for la Moataaa la ite; 161 la Ite, ftnr whleh I1N88 eame oat ol the territorial treaanry, aad this yeai the flgures promtot to ran np to 100 qr thereaboat Moaataia lioae ia thia aectioa attain a prodigious sIm. Sbedmene are often killed measorlug nine leet frdm tip to ^ and weighing not for from toO to lOo ponnda Many aaore measuring ftbm 10 to 11 feet are (re-qoeutly bagged, and occaaioually a monster reaching 11 feet ia the clear, and perhaps longer. Is brought down by some lucky and daring bnntor. l^M bide of Ibie animal makes aa ex-celieat rug. Brarcely a ranch la tbe whole Rwky Mountain regton ia without a mountoia Uoa akia upon the floor. One cattle ranch oa l^w- to a triend of mine, with whom she had visited, the “Bloomington kise,” me she was pleased to tena the ealuta-tions which eome fortúnale bat bold admirer waa permitted to give. 8be said “the flret time she was kissed by a Blcomiugtoniaa she 'folt like a kig tub of roeea swiaimlBg ia hooey, cologne, auimega and crauberriee. Hhe aieo (Wt a» H semeChiug was running through her nerves on feet ol diamonds; escorted by angds, shaded by boneysnokins — and the whrie spread with melted rainbows.” . Um laws tost forbM tos huMliag mi ler> mtgm pmmpen Bbeuid be bei*B<l«d eo as U Bl«o oxelads forelxB UoraMiis aad Aaareh lesa.—[Caleesé JoursaL    ./ •paaker CaftialB is efraM bis Praelds» tial booMlet win aWswot Mr. Clcv(.4aM*b bb leoUoB. It i* Jima aUout eaieU eeougb n ba vetoedNew Teak Tribuae. Sir Cbarlea DUIi«Ab defeat iu tbe Partto ewetary eooieet ooout* oae axaiaeS Hr Gladscoae, but le a trlmapb for Mnfftlel deoeacy.—[rblUnielpbiH lequtrer. Tbere’e ao asa ia talklag of wbeat omr-aera, or lard eoraora, or eit eoraora, at tbla aoaMw ef to* year. Waat evervbody wauM la A eo^ ooruer.—[Vorib Aawrl-eaa. TM drift *f pobltc aoaMment to thesi Statoa lb wbiob probiMtton or loeal smUm la eaattaiaaMs to uaquoettoeabiy la tht diraetioa of bich Hoswst.—t I’iiteburx Csan T A ByMxaeato aolvMtoa Olsd. rj#toflfltoMa tíHUisiAfldi t The liaee of one aramber of the Salvation .Anny Mve nt Inutt tallea in plensaat pincen. Om of the Mightmt and prntttoat, hnviag gone to Plymouth to eoBvnri tho town, met with auoh •neceen na a prencher titot, at tba teg-geallon ai many prominent nttisens, ihU) hnn bnnn iadaood to leave the army aad to eetabliMi hnreelf as an Indepnndnnt miniator la a rimreh ot hsr own. A genileman who nflbred to eacort her home was rather taken aback with the response: “I have oome to Ptymouth to eatch aonls, aot beam * An Iwtportnnt Arrant. TM arrest ot a eneoiciotte ebaraofst •pOQ bla graeral appearenoe, aiovoMoeli or oompanlonacip, witboot wattiag enUI be kbb robbed a travwlar, Sred a Mttoe, of manlored a (etlow-man. M aa Important toaotloa ef a abrewd detective. Even mere iaipertaa: Ik the. arreet of m dftsbso wbick. It aOt ebeeked, will bilgkt and de-atrey a fcuaiaa Ufa. Tee frequent eonffb, lose of aapeUM, feaeral languor or doMti-If, pallid akla. aad bodily aebos and pnlaa, aoaoaee* toe *pprueob of ptttaio««ry eoa« •umpaoa. wbfoh*la proasptiy arroatod aad peraiaaeutty eared by Dr. Pteree’e “Goldee Motteal Oloeevery.“ SeM by druggiota. Mrs. Mar? CMby, ef Vfoaaa. Me. at toengh •eveniy<«lxkt year* oM, kan Jw nersonaUy weraad out bar read inx i r 'f / •.Í . r ) J* tT

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