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Ohio Cincinnati Weekly Times Newspaper Archives Jan 31 1884, Page 1

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Cincinnati Weekly Times (Newspaper) - January 31, 1884, Cincinnati, Ohio Vol. Xl^l. TVo. 5.CIXOIXXXTI, THXJnNüXY, JXXXJXMY 31, ^ 1    1^01-    Yoar, The 01(1 Elm Tree. An 1 Mlt bOIKMth an (till dm tree, the wiml wont wliiKlling Ity. It bent its bnughs and softly breathed the following with a sigh: **I h.ave lived here for many a year and sceu the summer come and go; the spring time with its flowers and rain, the autumn with its fruit and grain, the wiuler w)th its chilling blast, Avheu with snow ami ire the skies arc overcast. In summer time beneath my shade have rhildnui often ulayed: nndoh, bow oft. beneath iny bouglis nave levers re* aewed their plighteü vows, and many a time the old and feeble have souglit my shade to smoko their pipes or ply the needle, and Uius it’s been with smiles and tears 1 have watched them come and go for three ■core years, and luanv u talc 1 oould tell of what in that time befell. But age is rrerniug o'er my Lead ami 1 fear my roots are getting dead; and soo n I’ll w- 1th er    I and detrny like tim AC who «ought mj abadejBuch day." —[Chicago Sun. NKW8 AND NOTE8. EATEN BY A LION. [From the French of Louis Ronsselet.] ‘•Yes, gentlemen, I assure you again that I, Jean Barnarous, now sitting here, was once devoured by a lion; and if you will not believe me lierc is my friend witli the gold si>cctaclcs, Doctor Holbeck, who can tell you whether I am not telling tlic truth— the pure nuadnltcratcd trutli.” At these words all eyes were turned to the man with the gold spectacles, lie contented himself, however, witli one of those modest smiles wliicli leave it impossible to divine whether the smilcr actually refuses to sustain the assertion referred to him lor authcn-titioation, or Avhether he simply declines the lionor of being regaidcd as tliC hero of so cxtraonlinary an adventure. The audience, so boistcrons but a little while before, had suddenly become perfectly quiet. All awaited with visible eniiosity ihc i-ccital of the wonderful story suggested by the declaration of the Harseillais. into the air and fell dead on the ground, wliile the others ran away. ^As I h.ad only a single-barreled gun, 1 could not attempt another shot. ‘•But we were very well satisfied; the antelope Avas as big as a calf, and quite enough to fill the void in our meat siipidy. We proceeded to cut him up, and finding it iini>ossihlc to take the avIioIc aAvay Avith us, avc selected three fine pieces as big as avc could couAenicntly carry. Ilolbeok and I each took a piece, which avc fastcued to our shoulders, and the negro Avho accompanied us took the other. As the evening Avas advancing avc darted for onr camp as last as Avas possible, considering the Avciglit of our burdens. We had already made half tlic distance, Avhcu all of a sudden, AvhilcAveAverc traversing a thicket, AVC heard, right close bosidc us, a most aAvtul roar.” "At last Ave have got to tlic lion!” cried tlie audience. "Yes, it Avas the lion,” resumed Barbarous, Avith liis customary phlegm ; “and I Avould like to liave seen you ill my place. AVhen I first noticed the lion he AA as only ten steps aAvay fronl in the vcrv middle of „ ,    ,,    me,    in    tne    vcrv    miudie    01    the    path; ItaiW If, .quite ,al sf.e,l w.lh I ,e , ,    ^    ¡ rcsalt of his Avoids, sat down again, and Avithout furthcr preliminai-ies began as folloAvs; • Baltimore bas a debt oí 000,000. Ouc of William D. HoweU’t cblldren baa been seriously ill Avitb scarlet fever, but is DOW recovering. There has been good sleighing and co.'ist* lag in Wa6hingt(A» this winter, which It an an usual occur reuce.    , It it assorted that, not withstand! tig all the grand new telescopes, the palm Kw fiizc still belongs to Lord Boste'a in ire-and. "Peace if possible, justice at any rat®,*’ it what Wendell lUiilliiM it most fond of pn-flxing to bis signature for autograph vol lectors. RuUnstein, it is said, is disgusted with the shabby treatment accorded him in St. Petersburg and will probably toon leave Russia forever.    • Alphonso Daudet does most of his writ-in.g lK‘t\vecn his two break fasts—the coflee and roll on rising, and tho meal of meat, t^gs and wine early in tlie ulternooii. A eJergyuiau in Pontiac, .Mich., It is alleged, went to sleep on iho platform at a recent iiniun meeting, and, being r®(pie4tc(l to oflfer II prsyer, nstonlKlied tlio congregation by spriiigin.g to his foct, strctohiiig out his h.iitds, and proiiounuiMg a beuedic-tion. Henri I’lunc, w ho has just died in France at the ago of iiinuty-six, is declared to have boon the last French curvivorof TiAifalgar, in wnieli battle ho served on the Mont Blanc, and WHS taken )H*isoiier when that vcKscI was reduced to a wreck by tbs llrit-ifeli guns. It is relnted of the thii teim year old Boston schixd girl who diisl hist week, as alleged. (if over sludy, that during hgr delirium she rr|M>atcd idige ntlCr piige of history, iind sirug'.rltd with the •notes of music. rrc(|uently cryin;; ••UU, mother. If I could «(Illy get ihesc notes out of rojr bond! ’ Bariiiim'H new white elephant is reported to 1(0. a |iiHguid<'ent «peciatcn of iu kind, of a pale a»h color, with livid mat Icings. 1 ln.ro is no such thing at a white eleph'int puro and simple. The preatot HIMs-iinci) ts ns near an approach to the color as lias yet lieeii met with, and even King Tinsdmw had «(Wie rvhwUHve in patting witli his aaereU treasura, despite the iimoiint of money (n4h1 for it. A great Hw ise marine and pocket eliro-noineter comiH'tltioii is now going on at Oeneca, to Inat over elgbty-tbres days. A stove, in which an invariable tom-|iernture can lie inaintalneU for beveral consecutive (laya, was built. For live days tlic (hronoiiietera placad therein will lie kept III one teiniierature, which will alter-ward 1(0 raÍKcd by degrees at a time fr(»in 6 to ¡k'l < ciitigrade, ami then reduced in like niaiiiicr I'lxnu -‘l.‘i to 50 i>cr cenL Tlie Harvard lliiion of riMlergniduntes on Tuesday evening deliated the question: "Resolví (1, That tlio n>(|iiircnu>at Of Greek for ndmissioii to HarvanI should be abolished.’’ A hccrol ballot on the merits of the (juehtion resulted in' twenty-four af-tiiIllative and Ihirly-twutiogativo votes. A discu (sion ensiled winch was not anpar-cully loliowod with the most inteuso luter-cst. for when it came to a ballot uu the weialit of argument, only fifteen were left to voKi lor the atUrniutivo and twenty-one for the negative. Hfroiig rays ofliglit are day by day rating «lit more and more nftbe ink in the origlnn) parclimriit draft of the iK'claraUou of liidc-fS'iuieuce, which is kept In a glass case in Uie Slate Ib puiliiieiit’s LIhrary. Few of the luniK's are now l(>gible. Near the {Mirch-■leiit is tlie orlgliiul, mi foolscnp {taper. The ink is as tresli as it was when It dro|i-|(cd iiuiii ^eflmson's (|iiill. The many eraniiesaiid liilei llm'.'itloiit by Franklin, Jcliii Adams and otiiers a<c still perfect as to color. *1 be pii|H>r is yellow witb ngo,autd worn lliroiigli wiicro it has been foliW. ivc.rs are again making a noise in the Great luid (ieiioral Com tof Massochutetts. Just now there is a demand for long wool, and the tew sheep farmers that areleltiii the old < ommoiiwealtb are complulc.ing of tlie depredations of dogs; but the 1/Cgisla-ture, an iutclllgeiit memlicr saytf, is uii likely III enact the laws that tlio sheep farmerH want, lor the sheep Industry In the Old Bay state has steadily declined for forty years {uvit, and instead of 40O,UOO ■hcc|). Mas tacliuseits bas only atiout U5, 000; whcn'us of the 4I,UUU farmer (. nbuut U.A.OUO on u dugs, and are not a-king the privllrira of giving |600 bonds cacn for thoin.J'' Hixal'n Knr«ni|)arilltt is an extract of tiie iM'st remedies of the vegetable kingdom known ns alteratives and blisMl purllici <. 'I be down of dome-dic fowl# is Im'Iii made Into cloth In Lyons, Frunce. •MlOll.ll ON (.Ol'i.ll.'> ’Ti(.( Ilia, lie; I.Kpiid, Me.. "It was about fen years ajro, elllier in 1872 or 1873; but the dafc, <l(M*sn’t matter. I bad served luy lull tiiucoii board t)d?.Tuiiouj and, {haiiki to tbc iceomiiicmlation of inv oajitaiii, I cuhiUy procured a situation as iruvcl-iii" agent for Ibc Mcnneval.s. I suplióse yon liavc all heard of that firm— the largest Parisian house in the coin-mcrec of fcallicrs and stufi'cd birds for the millinci-y busino.-s, iu tho Ituc fsuiiit Dciiis, at the sign of tlm Ca-oar (cassowary). The Mcnnevals «md tlmir trav'oliug agents to all parts of the world to buy up ostrich pliiiius, inrralHiut feathers, and rare birds. They sent me out, for the first time, iu eempany with Hollicck', who you sec lieforo you. We wort; oitlcred to the Africaii coast in .soan h of a oor-taiii kind of little bird like a blackbird, Avliicb has it.s breast covered with fcallicrs that look like gold-very pretty, indeed. Our cmplovcr.s wanted to place the.ic on the market as a new oruuiuontal design for ladies’ hats, and we Avere ordered to procure all that avc could find or buy. "ilolbcck bad already traveled a gi*eat deal, both in North and South America and ill Africa, Avhile I Avas merely a new appi-cntice iu the business—that was Avliy they scut me out with him. Since then avc have always been traveling together. Ilolbeck and I arc now inseparable a.s tliccloth of a eoat from thu lining. "Rut to come to my story. "IVc both started from Bordean.x on a vessel which took us to Gabon. As 80011 as vvc got there avc bunted up King Dciiis, the best nuturcd negro on the Avliolc const; and be said to ns: ‘My children, if you Avaut gold birds, you’ll have to work pretty bard to find (hem; liicre are none left here. Y'oii’ll have lo go up the river into thé ibtcrlor just as far as you cam’ *Thanks for the inforuia-iion,’wc replied : ami AVC started up tlie great Hvcr o< 'ialioii. ‘‘All along oil I idiito wo stopiied at the villages; and at every village Ave had to hold long parleys Avifh the chiefs—I ailevs Avhich sometimes lasted several hours—all to obtain a few dozen bird-skins. "Filially wc decided that in order to ■ompletti our stock wc should have to leave the Hvcr altogetlier, and travel into tlie unknoAvn country. Ah I—let mo tell you about that country! It isirt tho sort of eoimfrv one Avould like to retii-c iqioii ouc^s income in. Tho first ]>art of it is all ouc slimy marsh, full of snakes and crociKliles; then, further back, the ground is covered Avith forests so thick that you can seareely get through at all. But then, thos<; forests arc full of the finest birds in the Avorld. On tho Avholo the (iaboii const is ecrlaiuly the worst place I ever struck. The inhabitants are so la/.y tiint they grow nothing, and keep no sort of provi.sions on hand, so that AVC had to go hunting every day for something to cut just as they have to do themselves. 1 tell you it Ava.s a tolerably rough apprenticcKhip that I had to go through. Whether avc wcrchiiutiug for provisions or for birds, AVC Avere nearly all the time iu those great Avoods, where avc Avere surrounded by all iniagiiiuble dangers. "One day, avIicu our proVbloiis bad run short, a negro came to tell us that about a league from the euiiiii lie had seen a great herd of those big uiite-loiies with carved horns which they call doiigals. llolbock and 1 Avent after ihem; but the savage had deceived us—at least so far as the dis-taiK'C Avas eoueerncd; for avc Avere more than tAvo hours returning from the jungle, tumbling over roeks or tiiinps, and wading through marsh did not make mo laugh, fur 1 immediately rcmeuibercd liavhig been silly enough not to reload my gum But 1 did not liave much time to meditate. Ilolbeek, Avbo Avas behind me, fired lii.s gun at the lion, Avlur immediately -    a.b‘>'*’il>le    roar, ani felled me to ihe earth. ‘•Just us I fell I caught a last glimpse of Ilolbcck and the negro— running away as fast as tlieir legs could carry them; and then 1 lost all consciomsiicss. •‘My brave comr.adc knoAvs that I neviM’ bore liim any grudge for tiius abandoning me. He really thought 1 w a.i already dead ; and be could not liaA’edone anything to save me. "Hoav long I remained seuselcss 1 do not kiiOAV; but gradually 1 felt iny-!-elf eomiiig back to life. At first I bad only a very vague idea of what had hap|HMied to me; and 1 made a painful efibit to rise—Avhcn a deep growl came iu ansAver to theiuove-uieut; and 1 felt myself nailed doAVii to thegroiid by an enormous Avcight. The lion Avas lying upon me. "This discovery made me tremble iu every limb; but that Avas iiutbiug to Aviiat 1 felt when I found that Hie fei*ocious brute" Avas actually eating me alivo. I heard luy own bones cracking in his mighty JaAV.s, and I felt my oAvn blood streamiugoVer iiiy neck and cheeks. ••Nevertheless—a strange phenomenon—I did not siifier; I felt no |)ain— nothing but a horrible sense of Aveight ami oiipressiom Then 1 reiuemliered having read or hearil somewhere that men or animals in the eliitelies of beasts of prey arc subjected to aiiceu-liar and prevideiitiai s|>eeie8uf tori>or, wliieli exempts them from all sense of |iaiii. "But if I did not foci the hideous rending of my flesh by the teeth of the lieast, still iiiy bruin was tovtuiXHl by si'.eli uiiuttei*ablc fear that 1 fainted away again. "Vviieii I came to itwasb’ack nlglif, and there was aringof negroes standing round me with torches in their hands. On first ojieniiig my eyes and reuing their grimacing black faces lighted by fiaiucs, I began to tliink 1 Avas in bell—or at least in purgatory; for I did not reuieiulier liavlng ever done anything very wicked. Biital1<M-a second or Iavo I saw tlic good-natured face of Ilolbcck, avIio Avas bending over me and erving like a child: ‘O, my iwor Harbaruiis! O, luy poor Barbarous!’ Then I tried to g«M up: and Avliat was my surprise tolliid that 1 could do so Avithout any difii-eulty! Once on my feet I began to feel my arms, my head, my chest, iii> legs—Avell, tliey Avere all intact! 1 had only a few scratches—no serious wound at all!” This revelation was received by the nudienee Avith loud murmurs of incredulity, and one of the euptuius, making liimself s|M)kesman for the general seiitiineiit of discontent, cried out: "W’hat sort of a yarn do you cull that. Barbarous? You must have beiMi dreaming; and that lion simply knocked you out of his Avay and Aveut hy.” "That’s Avhere you make a big mistake,” returned barbnreus. “Kvery-tliliig happened exactly as I fold you—1*0 that Avheii lIollM>ck returned from the caiii|i to look for niy remains he actually saw the lion eating me as fa“t as he could. The hrut(‘ only left me when he suav the tuiches approaching.” "And Avhat eUc?'’asked the sailor's hearers, quite uoiiplussed at this uoav alllriimtlou. "Why, the thing is as filain a* the nose on one’s face,” said Bari»:ii'ous, in a iiimlest sort of voi(C. "When 1 was knocked doAvu 1 had fallen oii tho young felloAvs of Company E, Tliird Michigan Infantry, of Avhoni I was one, Avere strolling up the Potomac River road, Avheu Ave met a large cab driving toAvard the city. Two colored mcu sat on the drivers scat, ill suits of dark blue Avith large plain brass buttons and plug hats. One of the boys remarked, "They Hiiuk they are some, don’t they. I.ict’s have some fun wiib them.” All agreed, and as they came up avc kept the road. So did they. The team came to a halt, and a Aoicc frem the cab said, ‘‘W'hat’s Avautcd ?” andAvlicn wc looked that Avay there Avas a silver-haired man looking out the door. We told him avc Avauted to take a ride Avith him to Washington to sec Old Abe. Thereupon he stopjied out of tbc carriage saving, ‘‘Didn’t you ever sec himaiul Avas followed bv another man, and then another, until four men stocnl in front of us four boys. I bad only noticed that they Averc fine looking men, Avlicn the first one said: ‘‘Soldiers, I introduce yon to the President of the United States; also the Ilon. E. !M. Canton, Secretary of War; the IIou. Win. II. Sewaril and myself, the Hon. Gideon Wells.” The President stejiiied forward, shook bands Avith ns and laughcl at tho joke, but our situation Avas beyond tlic laughing point, and soon there Avcre four silly looking felloAVs going for camp at quiek-step gait. The Daily Life of the Chinese Emperor. [St. .7.lines liazctte.J The Chinese Emperor is a lad thirteen years of age. He lives iu a state of seini-scelusioii iu the Palace of Jaii-Chicu-Tien, Avherc he is Avaited oil by a staff of jiieked retainers, avIio never approach him otherwise than on their knees. Ills inotlicr visits him once a month, and she kneels while uttering her first sentcnoe. i’on-sidcriiig the extraordinary respect in Avhieh parents arc held in China, no more eonipletc reeognition of the transeeudent eliaraeter of the imi>e-rial dignity can be imagined. His father goes III rough exactly the same ceremonial. The Eniperer devotes two liom^ and a half daily to the study of Chinese, and the same time to Maiiehu. N<»edless to say, tlie Profcssdrs approach him on their knees; but to fuark the resi>eet to letters Avhieh (’lii-iiesc traditions exact even from the Emi>eror, he invites, or rather commands Ihcm to rise Avheii tho lesson begins. He passes Iavo hours each day iu riding and iu archery, and in Avinter lie takes sledging exercise. Eight cuuuehs Avait uiioii him at table, and have orders to prevent his partaking too freely of any of his favorite dishes, as boys, even though they be Euiiierors, sometiines do. He sleeps iu a luaguificeiit Ning|Ki bed, tlic frame of Avhicli is of massive gold and ivory, and Avliich ladongod to his disiiuiruislicd ancestors, K'uiig-Hsi and Cbnen Lung. A Novel Puiiisliiiieiit For Schoolboys. il’all Mull (iu/.cUc.] John Mansfield, the assistant master of thcGreeneoat ScIukiI, Whitehall street, Avas cliarged at the Thames Police Court yestiMday (January 2) Avitli assaulting a scholar uauu'd Perry. The boy had Ihs'ii tVcquciilly punished fur tulkiuj;;, and one day lately, in oixler to disgrace him, Mr. Mansfield caused him to ]iut out his tongue, Avhieh the mastiM' slrajqK'd and tied by a piece of string to a chair. There Avas no evidence that the boy Avas hurt; and some of his kíiooÍ-felluAVs said lie laughed as he stoial AA ith his tongue fastened. 'I'hc magistrate said ill this case it did not seem that there had been any real ]iunish-ment. The boy apjieared to liave been A’cry much given to talking. I'uiiishmeiit had iiut dune any good, and the master Avislied to degraife him, the same as by putting a rool's cap oil a Iviy’s head,or iyiiig the arms of a iMiy given to fighting. If the Ixiy, hoAvcviM', had not |>ut his tongue out vuhiutardy no poAver on carili Avould get it out for the purpose of its la-liig tied. The degnulatioii of the hoy Avas intended as an example to the school. The Huminous Avould be dismis-ed. COLLECTING BROKEN FOOD. mv face, and the lion imaglind In slumps, aiKi Availing tiirougii tmirsii-;    ,„o,    aa    hen    he    wa^ grass and rccds betore avc lound the herd at last. It was com- jAoscd of just three animal'< and    ^ htoriii of upplaiisc greeted ihi* of just three animab and no more; and they Avere grazing ill the middle of a great ojmoi -(puee, abotit tl ree hundred yards nAviiy from U (. They seemed to lie very Avnry, so that it Avas no me thinking of trying loge* «ny nearer to them. ‘‘Ilolhcek, AvliO wore spcetaeles then just as he does to-<luy, could not have hita mark fifty paces off. So I had to take the chance iiiywlf. 1 Aveut on iiiy knees, look a long, long tdm and fired. To our great joy one of Hu aiitchqies made a tremendous leap iiiiexpected coiielusloii, and all |u'c(>-eiit roM% glass iu hand, to toast the sailor Avith a long shout of "Bravo, Barbarous !■ hurrah fur the Mar->i'ib lal traveler!” But Barbarous slninly aiiswcrcd, Avitli a siiiUe of trium|ili: “We", Ityld )ou the truth at the ntart, didn’t I ?” IloAv They Met Air. Idiicolii. I.MIIIthit 'IcIciri HIII. I ( Ml the Fourtli of July, I8fd, four d Dream On. AVIiilc Iho m(M>iilM<uiiiH Airi|(ht Hro |ss>|(iii;; Thruugii Iho ivy-iiirluiiivd |(mik , Uy Ihrii' iiiolhdv ru(lii(ii(c blocpiti:: tlvvry olijrcl III the luiiu 'AVIlh )( »ilvin jjcny, Un sin «II, li.irlih/! \A Idle tlioii'rl dichiiiij, Aiifrol* |hi)’(' ah'l lit'iplii Around uiuriul thoir wuldi iim kiopii i; TUi'oiiili the »l|cnyi(;rld: 'I hen (In uiii lai shilc )siii inii). Ml! UoMHiii mil •'(•iiii Iho Kroiii tho ilrcitiii* of i IiiUUunmI',. dsj’,; ( loud* till' full hon/iiii liri-iiklot' Soon will iiioci 11.) viiiilhful Kiuit A* you Mi'iid lifc’H WHj. Soon thy hcarl will fed ihc al'hliiu Thiit ho joy can kill nr ciilin; I hori-hod hiiiiii'» I heir losvo Iw Uik iifr, llii|(( H lliKt h('\cr ('(lulil hnin; IimIiii, TIk'u dioiiih oh w hilc j Oh inu>. Soon the honra Ilf I'hllill.oiMl flylnir, Kroih your liaiioii iit dioimi joii’ll wako, And the Hitind* nf wdta a dirldnK Oh your wiiithfitl yoam will hri ük, Ar from liny to duy Von will lr> hnt vain Iho trjinii To Iind lliiit hliM no ono oaii know ; Inr friof |# livmy, joy i« dylny, lu Ihl* wonry world of woe; Xhoo itKiAiii on whllo yon msv. oc; llo y ....... - IJtutin Met III I hy. Itub the (fiini* Well well with Ko/iHl(»iit AAbcii they lH;('oiin' s|s>ngy or Uetnebml froui the iiecks of Ihe teeth. Ix‘t till III bleiil lieely mill 81» leeover their tone anil lieallli. Tlils Ni/.islont 1* the lient reiiiciiliil n^'ent lorilis-ciiK'-tl giiinn liml t«s-lU, Try it anti karii. Children AVho Get Waste FMIbles From Itestaiirniits. [Chioaco News.] Four ragged, dirty-faced children came out of a restaurant situated in the business jiart of the city about 8 o’ckH'k on tho coldest morhiiig of the j season. On the arm of each Avas a cheap basket, the contents covered Avilh a toAvel, Avhich evidontiy needed a liberal dose of soap and Avatcr as much as the faces, liaiids, and. Avitliout doubt, the bodies of tlic bearers. The little, thinly clad gamins Avent to the nearest alley and engaged in a conversation among themselves Avhicli Avas unintelligible to the listener. Each one gave a clcAv to it, hoAvever, hv lifting up the dirty tOAVcl-eovcring and critically examining Avhat Avas inside. Doiiosiling tlieir baskets on the frozen ground, they looked in. Pce])ing over tlic shoulders of tlic Avobcgonc lilHc ones, the obsorAcr saAv that the baskets contained an assortment of what is known as "brokcn’’victuals. Scraps of bread and all kinds of moat: halfpicked bones: legs, Avings and breasts of turkey, chicken, duck am) goose Avcrc heaped up iu a reckless profusion, suggestive of that interesting article ihiOAvn as hash. The four nrciiins seemed jileased Avilh Avliat they saAV, aiut Avith a comical sort of epicureanism proceeded to ])ick out little chunks and bits of the nic.ss, which they ate ravenously, and then the quartet started away, A visit Ayas i>aid to the restaurant from Avhich they had emerged, and, in ansAver to a question, the proprietor said: "There is nothing surprising to me in the occurrence, for it happens every day. Those four and sometimes iavo ot lie IS come every morning lu me for food.” "What do yon giA’o them ?” “Instead of tliroAving overyfhiiig into the swill-pail, onr cook haw oi-Joi-h to save tho clean Accaps, Ixith of meat and bre»‘l t those scraps AVhich have not Ix'cii mauled over by customers, but such as the latter leave which, though they may be broken, arc yet fit to eat.” '    “ "Do you give them aAvay indiserim-iiiately to Avhatcver children eoiiie?'’ “No, for ill that ease avc would have a Avliole horde every day. These aii* all eliildriMi of Ihc very poorest classes iu the city, and it is a couiiiion habit for the parent or parents to send Ihe children out on a lour of this sort oA'cry day. The youngsters fake certain restaurants as their own siiecial property, so to sjicak, and only go to tlio.se. Each gang of them has a certain terriloiy^aml slicks to It. "My idea is that clean «ci-aps might as Avell be given to the iMxir as to lie pitched into a barrel and carted ott'by the swill wagon to be fed to hogs and cows.” A call Avas made at «CA'oral resliiu-rents, and it avhs found that basket F«fter basket of cold victuals av as gÍA'eii away to such eliildreii and to old women Avho came regularly every day. And another fact Avas stumbled on at a iiuiiiIkm' of fusbionubic doAvii-towii restan renta. Each niorning a Avagoii belonging to a e<M‘tain soiitli-side cliarilalile iiislitutiou makes a tour among the iMMter class of oaliiig-liouses and hotels for the ])ui]h)m‘of eolleetiiig serajis for the iMMiefit of the inmates avIio live on theeharity of the iustitiitioii. But the inmates get a higher grade of leavings, 'i'hey are given the remains from the carver’s table—food that the eustomers of the restaurant or hotel never see. Habitues of this iM'tter class of hostelries require certain ciHh, and they have to be accommiHlated so that, in carving a roast or foAvl, there is ahvays neces-siirily H certain nmoniit of Avuste. It is Ibis Avhlcli is given to the insiitii-tioii referri'd to, and is there made np into giMid, Avholesome soup, stcAV or liiisli. 'rnie it is that "one half the Avoild does not kiioAV hoAV Ihe oHum’ half lives.'^ A Htoey of llie War. [Nn-livilli; Aiiiitícüii.I In a South Na-liville street i ar a fcAV days ago Iavo or three geiillemen Avere talking alamt case# of mortal agony, Aviiere the sufieriiig became so great tliiit the siill'erer preferred deatli, and one or Iavo cases Avere nien-lloned Avhere, under the pres-iire of pain, the vieiiiu had Uirged to be Killed. "I Avonder Avbetlier anybody ever killed a per-on under those • irciim-staines, to get them out ofiiM*eiy,’’ said He’ reporter. Said a iiromiiienl lawjer of Ihi-city AA ho Avas on the ear: "Let me tell A oil oinethillg, .li|sl after one of Hie bloody battles of the late Avar, the ('onri’dcratc army aa:is retreating. I’niler a tree hy the mad-'Ide sjit a poor ('oiil'edcnile Mildicr, diot ill half a do/cn place>,, aa IHi hotli leg^. and both arms broken. He wa# crying mu in his great agony, Ih'u-glng some one for (iod’s -ake to kill him and end hh sun'ering. A com-|iaii\ of I.oul- iaiia 'I'igers avhs pa-siiig l»y, and one of (hem, hearing the cries, Htejiped out of (he ranks ¡uid drew Hie large knife he carried at his side. The Avouiided soldier Avns a Hender, middle-aged man, und had no AVhiAcrs, exiept a small goatee. Taking him by the goatee, the "tiger ’, raised liLs head and deliberately i ut ■ bis throat from ear to car, Av i|ied the ' bloody blade on the grass and stepped j back into his jilace, b’aving the dead : soldier leaning against the tree. Dojr    ___ _    — you believe that ?’’    , The rpjiortcr Avas Avatehiiig the I    < enis ami a 31oral. s.nokc ,ui'i ui, n-oM, I,»    "k:, auotlier geiiHemaii resjsinded : "It N«t a Miiiki'tiirMiiMin}'one Avould have to be a migbfy good man , 1,,*,'',*'"'’^.’'    ‘y* ♦    . 1 1    »    ÍS    /    o    I»i(i>i> y A I >, Ilon I you Uiiiik it ^llilllc« tllHt told it*    ^    .............I. ... "And I .should Avaut some corroborative evideiiec’,’’adib d the reporter. •‘Geiitlemeii,” said the narrator, ¡    simrie nmi c.-isiiy told. «I.: .    ........ «i..    !    U'lt lay it to lieiirt. U oon of mine! litv. , ot tills city, Avas iii the ,-,1.4.    j It dllOIlM i'l-to its ilu,;.,, II, q., hIioI'I ii I'uiie? AVquld you like to know how ciiiiio this clinngt For the worse to a Itraiul new silver lUuieí ranks and sjiav the oecurreiice.” No one sui,] a Avurtl. 'I’lic ivjiorter rephieed his cigar ami Avent on smoking. None of (liem Avould dispute the authority given, and they Avciit on thinking. Hoav She Kept ilie Secret. [New York .Jounial.] "We’re bound to be «‘qiial to you mcu,” said the Malm's Avife;"v,o formed a secret so< iety of la.st uigbt.” ‘‘Imlced!" said Hie wor.'diiiiful master, composedly; "Iheu I liojM.*, my dear, your ])rojcct Avill be Miccessfiil. Is it a benevolent society orAvhat?*’ "Tbai’.s none of vour bii-iness. It’.- For a hn;rht hravc I,oy w ilh » w ir-h to shine. I draw Iroiii inv iKS-kct’n coiiiicr (•(•nt— See. th(-re jq the -«crct; th.-    «lime, Proiqied in Ihisiiocket liy nicidi uf, Has rubiK-d itjraiiiti eo|‘i| er ail this time. Aud tl,e roni is ncvrr a w hit more while Nor improved ;it :dl hy itscomii.-iny. AA hile the s.licrilinie comes out lexq bright. And its lahie i.s iine-iioncd. ;i.- voii see. Now flie 1110r.1l fur bn s is ,e,”v clcnr. You hC( it. mv souy' AA'ell lav it to hn.irt: And see, 1 dro|i tlie silvi r licic.' And (he copiicr lliere; let iliem U- aj'iirt. [the tOY'S soi.ii.ouv X •! our OAVU ' '**’•    isclear    as d;iy. llul I ihuii'th! I was goin;: to ;rct Ihnt dime; He jrivcs me the monil—t'cit’s dnd*- way— -•And pockfte the muney e.crv time. ~ H.iriiei't; liiuu. CT'KUKNT rex. I’erbaps the saii.-age is t/ie connoct , iiig link—betAveen man and dog.— a secret sotMcty, and avc vc .sworii by | rp, .sidemn oath not to da iilge anvtliing p    e    • ndfUin» to it.”    '    *    !    *^    ^ "Very good, my dear,’’ observed | of readv-made iMiotsAiougiit for b’mi-ic Avorshiiiful master, returning to pelf.—t>*c\v Orleans l*icayuue. isiiaiier; ‘T’m sure I do not Avisli \ jnan in Uochc.ster has such a cracked voice that lie rarely saysany- ibc bis you to violate your ojitli.” “It Avonldn't matter if you did, I i thing Avithout hreakiug his word.— wouldn’t. You keep y our scimcis (dose i [Hochester I’ost-Exjiress. euough—and to think ot that stupid |    sPoe    trade ought to lie a goixl Mrs. FiirhcloAv! ishe ((mid    one. for it i- generally ladieved that neither the grip iior the sign. It look j    p,ot gear are soled heforc [Oil us au hour to teach her. \V lieu I guAc j    i,|nc,vl    iu    the    store, her the sign she avoiH I make jt Hiis; i.;.' Avav, ha! ha! Her stupiilitv would i c. 1    •    •    1    d    t    i( .....  i.    .1...    ..... Avas this way—give me y*mr hand •* I. p.,J,..,,, -minulc—there, sdm would have it that j ^ Avav, AvliBc U AViis this nay ; and pn s's word ! she eoiildii’t keep it in to go to initted •hoifX!, at once.— All Indiana family that iis<>s hl.ick tea becati4('they aruiii uionrniiig, are prol'.ably as sincere mourners as though they Avore crajie on their hats.—[I’eck’s .'sun. "SU-li-li, ciiild. Young ])(;ople -bould im silent. Aslieu oilier \w'o\>\e ar® lidking.” "Theti whm -abuB young But Ave managed ; {H>opletalk, nianima':' Old {H'oplcare understuiul at lasU Ob, never sib’ut.”—[Texas Siftings. A society called Hie "Sons of Bevo-lufiou’’ lias been orgaiii/.ed in Ncav 'S'ork. It is a more liigii-soiinding name tlmn organ grinder*, but avc infer tliat the object is Hie same.— [.Norr. Herald. One beauty of |»ay iji t a man a bet ...    ,oo.>    4-11    iof a hat is that vou can buy Hie man a of breadsiiifis cximrted 111 188.1 tails    ^^.5,,    nnlmcuuing as only    iMdilud the re|(ort fur talking politics ii to a cb'rgyman iu 1882, nolAvilhslaiidiug the dciM-ea.sc of 1 the puljiit.—[Boston I'osf. iHó,8()0,(K)'.) in valiieof AV heatexjioiTed. ^ Nearly 3,(KK) bills liaA’c already Fm tliereAAasaii iiierease of ♦fi,270,-    introduced in Congress. This Hi( pnssworu: sneeoiiuiii i Kee|> it in her memory for Iavo minutes. Over ami over again 1 told her it Ava-, ‘Bejiist and fear not,’ and s),e would have it, •SAVf’ar not at all,’ or ‘Do unto others as you Avould be doin'l>y,’ bal ba! Wu. ulimiwii tU>oMiair«‘«l of guUing it Hiroiigli her heaiL to make her ye>, Aveare going to have a flourishing NK-iety, and avc eaii be as .secret uIhmH it as you men can be about yours.’’ ItreuHstun's. [Now Y(»rk Tribune.] The ofiicial statement of the value BOO in value of fiour, |*2,B)B.0(X) in n o, |10i),00i) in onts, and ¡|!*27,:{(KM)00 iu corn—nearly )|k4B,(K);),(K10 Avorth of corn and meal having gone out last year. The ref urns fur the last half year, however, are less satisfactory, for they shoAV clearly the effects of mischievous siM’culation. The dc-iMease in value of bn'adstiifl’s ex-IMirtcd for the halt year is $:tO.UO(VKK), ill siiitcofan iucn’useof fIl,(i(K),0J0iu corn. In Avheat alone the loss is fH.fXK),-000, aud ill fiour uearly    MKK). NotAA ithstamiiiig the enormous accumulation of Avhcal, from the crop of 1882 proliahiv .’’m.BBIMKK) bushels, and from Ihe cro[i of 1S8.Í fully 42(MKNM>BO bushels iig.iilist UII eslim.’ilid coti-j sumption of •207,Bt)B,0<K) lm*lie|s |oi is alKiiit Ihe iiuiiilM’r that Avill be presented to some of the memlMMN licfore Coiigifss adjoiinis.—[Norr. Ilcnild. Tlius far ArkausnAV lias bud 110 AA inter, and Htc coal dealers and overcoat men arc cumplaiuiug of hard times. The AvidoAvs and orphnna, lioAveA'er, seem to Iieur u\) umlerthe alllietioii.—[ArkaiisaAV Trevidlor. "Why don’t you get up a* early ts •you u-isl loa feAV days ago'?” angrily uiked a Avife of her la/y husband. "Because, my dear, its ileep year,’’ he griuned, «s he turned oA’er for another snooze.”—[XeAv York Journal. The buckhone of aa inter is hroken. We luiAi: this upon tin’ authority of sevi’ral Avell kiioAAii liar*. Tliere-fure it can Is* depended upon. Noav is Hie lime to lay in u iieAv stock of f(Mid and-ci’d ill this countrv, Avhich ' coal and overcoats.—[Boston Trans-Avoiild leave 17S,()(I(MK1!) bushels for; criiit. I export, the averagi’ export ])rieeof| Arabi I’a-^lia savs his greatest aiiihi-j AvIieat taken out during the last half    is to qM’ak English fliiciillv j year has hceii II HI», against fl 12 for |p.    fiiligcutly, and is luid io , Hie same jiart ot 1.S.S2. llie eon-e- i„. umKiiig giMid progreis. Hi‘prob-queiiee is Hial out of 17H,HHH,(IH0 forj.jpiv u aiits to be able to tell t .laiNloiio ale, Ave have siieceedcd iu selling only (¡H,21(i.‘2J2 bii-liels imludiiig Hour, 111 Ihe first lialf of Hie crop ye(U. 'I'liis IciiAcs about 1 lH,HLKMfK) luislieli yet to be sold, or to be 1 arrii’d over to next year. Hollil C iiiiroi't. VIai i aiiiio IiKi'h to t.iki’solid eoinforl. and It luiiy be ( ii'oAcd »>y l AciAdiie wljo kisqisj Uidiiey AVort ill tlx' Iikiikc und tiikcH u n>w « di»HC(j III tlic licht oy iiiiUdiiiH of an attack o| j Avitb the iicav year : .Malaria, Itlii iiinatisiii. Ililioiisncss, .lana-j ih>av idcklcs, A tic j dice or liny allcclioii of tlic l.ivcr. Kidneys |    Imve    Im'cii    ;i jorBowclsi Ii is a piirclv V( in taiilc 1 oin-j ! |»oiind of rods. IcaAcs and Ix irici known|® • tiaxc 8|H‘clnl AaliM’ in kidney In tilden. .Added lo llic-e ale n nndies aetinx' diK i Uy on Itie Bai'I and IhiwcIs. Ii removes Itie cause (d iliseahc nnd loitllies ttic sysUmi .('.;ainst new atta( ks. he thinks of him.—| Bo-toii Iliitler'H .Mission. i l'toladel|iliia I'lcm.l Benjamin Bnilcr deiiicH most empiiatieal-I ly tlie’HtatenienI Hint lie in in Wio«lii4ii:ton (iin tly lor tin* |iiii|Hi(%e ol imshing IiIm Imsiiii. liiirovvn im|ii('snioii i» Hint Ins niisHion tin re Is solely to urgani/0 a new bas** laill ellll). eid-l may Im' a danijeiims ltdnK,nr not, do|>«'mtin¿ n|Miii the means at hand to combat If. It 1# a w ÍKO |,recantlon to |iroAide (luiiliiHt cmerKcni'lc# that are liuhic to ig iiu' in every fa?#ily. In anddeii attacks of »‘ohl. crmip, Hsilitna, Ac., .Ayni’s < licrry I’is'tor-III will |,rnM‘thi'(|iiiekeMt and most ettecllvc cure nnd ymir Ih h‘. lileiid. The Mniiieh Academy of tho Fine Arts iin-lmli H umontf Us .'ilJ impils lor tlie win-tor emirHi> lorty-lwo tiom the United ^•‘liiteM, u lurKcr niimh'cr than lioin any cunairy save I'rnssla. Mlol'idl o.N too I'll A< Ht.,'m»l.mt ivIkI 1 AA liaf I’ost. •*T1’i*8, I’l®    h’* over.’’ -aid .Mr. By riiesiiioiikeA.    "riii si, k of lugging around Hiosi^iirii'ks lied up in pajK’r to make folks think I've been Imyiiig |iresenfs, It'soiie of the most iVigiit-ful bores of civiliratioii.”- iBo'ton 1‘ost. A very cent-ible necklace comes in It is made of itcAV iiicklcs.    A    neckhu (• of Ibis kind imhI {)resent for 1. Nickle-us to give, Init it’s loo lalo lo lliliik of that iioAV.—11K'lroil Fix'O l‘res(. WImmi old Mr*. IMiiatdior i*ead jliat (be piddle hangmaii of .Austria Inid ln'eii luuiilcred. she Hioiiglitlillly oh-wvwtl tkatiioduidif the crimiiiiil Avaa oisr of th® haiigmau’s oaaii aícHiiis Avbo bail Ih’cii buiigliiiclv execiilml.— I Norr. Herald. 'I'be I’rovideiice Telegr.im -ay s tlio Avay to siM’ukof a imt-oii mysteriously miirucri’d is to say "t'onnecti-c'utted.’’ And Hie Avtiy los|wakofa man broken in fortune by dissipation and high living is "Sprauiied.” — [ilarlford I’o*!. "Why is a uonilmdioii to a public olHi esoollcn called aii empty honor, father ?” a kcd a Imy of an old jMdi-llclan. "Bisuirc, my am.” wu tho solemn replv. "it nirely f iil tociiijdy Hie jaickelsof the victim of the noiii-illation. -I K\( liang,’.’’ \ neulcctcd cme.'ti is a nil :.iis id h ivina this wmid, winch Ur. Bull"» • ('iif.li c ilia »l»idT,

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