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Ohio Cincinnati Weekly Times Newspaper Archives Dec 18 1884, Page 1

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Cincinnati Weekly Times (Newspaper) - December 18, 1884, Cincinnati, Ohio Vol. XI^l. :\a. 31.CJIIVOXT^>    V1IXT«N1>^Y,    1>X{:CJ1^^3I1X    i:il    1H, 1884. <|1 I?er Year. V i Woii’d W« I!e Willing. BY ALKKLD CHAYON. Woiiiil wc. bj «illln^, ií tlie biiiinmoiis Mine, T« counk-iinar'!): tliiís íifc. lo live the earae Oin.c inoJ e? . Bny vnin nnd jov, and )Mivorly and wcallh, tíüOM daiií UMi) dark «la vA, iüiicse and health, Lived o’er? The new life jiist ns 'he old had been; ‘ To find like friendship and Hie viler men, Aa y.-^tel'iiav? And would it pay? I.ife. li'ke a plar, h rcliehed. as wo (to, from day to day— But stay.’ Not manv a rday is worfhy of recall; Tilt* nefors one by one conic on, and curtains ia!l; ’they CO away: And Bliiftinc Menes, nod niTisic kmR and drear Urates on inc list’ner’s wenrv ear. Wedru«d the pltiy! And *«i. as »liildreii lire of levs and sleep. AI tlie cbifii of life ooines l«-s oud leiw to keep Its here al .vny. And tlM'h lio inniir that lia.vc cone before And caTied hop4>s to a brichlcr «hore, Are Ah} ill); (.limeI Those alwoni lonp. wiih aii'.lons gaze, ljuadiiig iuid liclitiii(t Mie<lnrkost ways. Would cull iiH Intine. Would we be wiliiiic !o iv U'<* tlielr prayer? AU, no! Some day we’ll (feet them there— Soon ‘iai ; VOTKS AM» NEWS. IbM-t mla-r tHlbe hai v*‘Hi time ef tae expresa coiiipaniOM. Jiislin Mot'artby, the novelSat, was fifty-foiir Ytdirs old laet month. A Alaiiie man uiul wifo have lived for five yeaia on one n)>:ial n <la}' each. A nmn' erol Western IKi mcrs are trying to organize u cigtiut <o potato pool. oribe thirty.lour tin iieand newspapers printed in the world, iliirty-two thousand are puhlished in Kiirupo and Sorth America. Eiurlish .Mono nis arc «aid to have comfortable heatlnnurtor« at Liverpool, and a coini'uriabk' bultinoc in tlie Bank of Eng-land. Now that 'I om 0.d»iltrt>e proclaims aloud that he has had enough of Congress, a oon-Icmporary wants to hour the estimate ol Congress. I’r-lessor Bell is r«‘j'orlod to have paid a Bosion lawyer $.V>,(k)0 for his services in the itdephono suit just oikIohI with Bell as the victor. The t 'hoyi'iinc I.*ader says that never during the past live years have cuttle on the ramdics boon so well prepared for winter as tliey are now. It is probable tlr.u the Colonial Government ol New Zoalsind will set aside 10,000 acres of land for iho crofters of the highlands and i'llandsof t^eotlaud. Lieutenant Grccly savs that of his nineteen men who jierishtnl all but one were •inokers, and that ono was the last to die. Ihe seven survivors were non-smoking men. < Texas has now about i> i517,524 cattle, according to Assessoi s’ iviurus. valued ut over fHl,(KK).0(X). The incrfase in number this year has been over 5'A),000, worth |9,-600,000. Congressman-eloct Gibson, of Maryland, is uiuloiibtedly descended from one of the best Viinkee guessing faniiiies. He guessed be would get 2,100 inaj u ity and aolually got 2,10‘i. Among the holiday attra<*tions of the New Orleans Exposition will be a gigtntio Christmas tree fifty feet high, which will be loaded w ith toys and lighted with live hundrt^ candles. Among tlm manulacturing possibilities «Í l^uthern California, 'i'he IjOS Angeles Herald mimtions the innnulacture of paper out of w hut IS known us ‘‘corn grass,’'u kind of pumpas of luxuriuiit growth. Fruu .loiiuuna ./achmann Wagner, a Bicce of Kichard Wtigner, famous both as a vocalist and tragedienne, has opened a •chool fordrumntic singing at Munich, in which she undertakes to prepare pupils for the stage in two years. A Florida paper is responsible for the •tatenicnt that the phosphorescence on the Bt Mark's Kiver ana bur, near the lighthouse, Is now' more lu iliiant than ever known: that at night the iKittom of tlic river can be plainly s»>en wUeu a yierson is oil the water in a boat. Canadian paiicrs report the recent death in the I’arlsh of f^te. Mudoline of Charles Blancbot and wife on the snmc day in the nlnetielli year of their ago and after a married life of Rixlv-nine yours. They left live sons, ono of llioni M'iror of the town; thiily-nine grandchildiru and uiuety grc at-g ra iidch i I d ron. BILL ( ARTWRIÜHT’S CLAIM. BY OUTH Í1AUPKR STEIX. AVhcn Bill Cai-twright struck ore in the the whether origiiialíy fouinlod on facts sliadows, with its stonos and biií-hos or not, he nndoubledly came at last i and all its’ conformations, moved to believe it firmly hirnsclf, ami was. steadily', slowly, silently toward him likely lo become enraged and commit I for a spare—ihon slopped aL^ain! assault ami battery when doubted. |'riicre was sense that the earth Jts'df Finally at noon, Dcecmher 21, just' was giving; way. and the Birnam JosieMode and John Fisher of pofoi-e adjourning for the holidays, W«M)ds that came to I>un*sinanc were “Black Bess” adjoining liad the the canse was de« ided, awarding the i not more terrifying than this slow tonieritv to claim that the drift orl'b»neral land to John Fisher, and : shifting of all tilings stahle; hut it tiiimel which taimed the mineral ex-1    Wdliam    Cartwright just | was no riddle to the mountaineer, tiimie wiiK.i tappeo tiie minciai ex    ^    He    knew that a snow slide, one of tended over the line, and the deposit eompelenev.    ,    those frozen avalanehc' lhat start in therefore belonged to him, everybody M’artwrlght was at the bar of i he i the loosening of a lump of ice, silently in lAtadxdllc predicted trouble.    ¡(«cm saloon when they brought him gathering strength by the lapping of the news. For an instant m* stood ! one layer over another until they crasii slill, breatiiing hard, and deep, iilack i ilown, the emlxidimont of ilcutfi and lines seemed to grow across his fore-1 strength, tossing rocks like pebbles bead. Then all the brute in him |aml snapping thick pines like reeds bnr^{ forth.    knew    lhat one of these was “C'nrsc your eyes I” he screamed at i iremhling upon tlie verge of its spring. (Jariwrighi’s wamlering eyes fell untasted whisky into Ids faeo, "what i upon the cabin and in the hrielVst iu- are yon looking at ?”    ^    jstanl—in a luindrcdth part of the Then whcei’Hig around,* he called ! time it lakes to write these words out to the bartender, “Kd, lend me !—he realized that it lay in the path of y onr snow shoes.”    ¡    the monster and was dooimnl; and in That worthv did not ounsider it ad- j Í'*e    i'i«'otigruity of spirit that vyas visablfi to decline, and sent a bov to'    irtotesijne, a tierce ind'gnatiou his room after them, while (’ariwrighf |    within    him against this b‘os- rnshed out of doors. In a short time ; he rcturoed for tlie shoes, carrying.|^ ,liis Wineliestor reiKiating rifle in his|    As for himself, he had only to step hand, and, as he was slinging them |    ’*•'<1 let the avalanehego by, but over ids slioublcr, the bartender, who' *de fate ol the c^bin elaslied with was really a kind hearted fellow, ven-    of fairness; it as- liircd to ask what he was going todo, t snilcd Ids life long iloctnnesofehance ; Curiivsltles and DIseoveiicv In ih»' ■World of Projfress. SCINTILLATIONS OF SCIENCE oarlion as being the least c.xj)cnslvc ____ j    ami the least injurious to fpniitnrc or articles of mcfal in the room. M. F. dc la Touche, of the Geological Survey ol India, lias written a rc---- j    port on the Langrin coal field, which An application of guncotton is .«aid '    i»    fl'O    .son(hwc>t    Kliasia Idlls, Assam. He says that the eoal-hearing rocks arc exposed over an aii-a of nearly eighty miles «»d he thinks that there is a large amount of coal avaifablc within a short distance of the plains. Limestone is also to lie During a brief residence in camp Mr. Cartwright had briefly expressed his contenipl and loutldng for any and all courts, and illnstrated the.se view’s in a nnndier of little epl.sodes    .    -    .    , that marked Ids erratic career. In a j diflcrence of opinion in a four-handed game of poker at the Miners Best    saloon iie had    tlirown to have been made in .such a manner lhat it will cvonlnally siiiMMsede the use ofsfeainforthepiirpo.se of light 'locomotion and driving small ina-' chinery. Details ot the invention arc ■ witlilmid until .a public exhibition ot | j„ nKuiy imrts of the country, ifc iiiiiiiv ic 111-1,tn    i    in^ei,(juarried in Ihe its utility i.s made, j Writing fmni T.vnn, M.i.ss., a cor-, rospondont renitmis the Scientilic j Am'Tican that, as an insianco of a re-: iniirkable flight of an explodcl l)oih*r, about two years ago a boiler ex- eold season it is»arried tlown to Sun-aniganj, whoi-e it i.s hnrned in holes cut in banks of the river, with dried reeds as Inel. The lime is finally taken to Calcutta. An interval of two one of the players out of the window, knocked another downstairs, and corn prom i.sed with the tldrd by appropriating tlie entire stakes to Ids own use.s. On another occasion Jean Dnprez, a big Fremli freighter, disputeil one of Ids statements, and in the di.setission that fol-loweil kir. Cartwright stanijied him harbaronsly and carried away an ear as a tropiiy. The fact thsit Mine. Dnprez was prcsenf and screamed plodoil in lliat city, and tJie Hying 1 ycar.s, liowevor, has to elapse from the ])orlion, describing a circle Idgli in . iimc the stone is quarried until it is the air, landed íK)d feet from where if i sent to market. Time and money continuon.sly during the engagement did not soften Ids heart nor stay hi> hand. •Tin going to run    that ¡dfenial | •'1'^    ’’«‘'Gige was roused again>t tldef off the daim,”    replied Can-j it because it came so unaware.^ I wright, Avhose rage had been siiceceil-1 How nearly'ukin it wa.s to his own These incidents    and    numerous oth-    i ed by brutal cooliies.s that sp.>k<i ids j errand ho never thought: lie was sours of the    ssune    general    tenor    gave    ; intent of doing cxactlv    what hesdii. si ble alone of an inquilse to thwuri Is Tlierc n Cure for C'onsnmpiiou? \Vc aiiswiT iinrcbervc».lly, yes! If the patient connncnccs in tune the use of Dr. ricree’8 “G<>ltt«n Mo.li ^11 Discovery,” and c.\orcinc» proper car.;. If allowed to run it* course loo bnig all medicine is ¡mw-erlcsH to stay it. I'r. l*i-rco never deceives apiitieiit i»y lioldimt uni a false hop for the sake of peciiiiinry g.iin. The “Golden Aledical Discovery'’ has ciirod tliouiandsof paticiitH when nothing cIh<' seeiie'd to av.ail. Voiir dniKitist has It. send two slumps lor Dr. Pieico’s uuinn!i-tu treatise on cou-siiiiiplMiii with Diiim rons testimonials. Ad-iiress World's Dispciin.i y Medical Association, BiiQalo, N. \, lncoi-ru|itii»Ic I'qiiine. fllurvurd Laiii|t<>0D.1 Honey doesn’t always make the marc go. Fat man (who is in soinoihlng of a burry ) —I’ll give you to get luo to the station In three minutes. Cahnian (with provoking slowness)—Well, sorr, you might corrupt me, but vou cur.’t bribe that horse. • * • * Bad treatineut of strictiwe •rteu comiilicstos the disease and makes it diflicult oi cure. The worst and most inveterate eases speedily yield to our new and improved methods. Famphlct, refur-ences sod terms sent for two three-ocnt stamiis. World’s Dispensary Medical Association, iiufl'alu, N. x. ei the citizens of Ijoadville a hesitancy about arguing any matter with him. Big-houetl, heavy-featured, coarse of sjicech, brutal’when aronseil and moro.se w hen at rest, of bulldog courage, of iiusslonate nature, and unforgiving memory, the better people of the cami) tolerated him by simply letting liim alone. In view oi’tliesc facts Fisher’s friends were appalled at hi.s suicidal temerity, and nrgod him to wifiidraw liis demand. Tb.'it gentleman replied UM'sfly that he was right and wonhl not be bullied. Curtwrigiit lauglied contemptnons-ly wlien lie licard of Fisher’s claiin.s. and kept on work in tlie “.losic." "IjOuk htrfc, Dill,” exclaimed the harfendcr, “don’t lie a fool. Why, you know it won’t do yon no go<»«l to go and raise a row tlicro now; besides, you ain’t agoing to throw lhat man*.s wife ami kid-s right out in the snow, ar<3 you ? ’ •'What d’y e ’spose 1 kcer fur ids wile and kids?” snarled Carlwriglit. •‘Do yon s'posc that jes’ because a man’s got a fain'ly ho can start 'out a robbin’ folks ? I've stood things like a saint long enough, ami now— ' the disaster—vvithont heroic motives, lie Sliiinciliy dill wImu. a bcro . Wunld, To think was to act. It ¡«said Uial a pebble will turn an avalanclie. A sportsman knows that a breeze will deflect a bullet. Near by wa.s the trunk of an old pine tree. Hespi nng to it like liglitning, and prie-.l it forward 'vilh his rifle. At Die last wrench the stm.k Inokc off short, and he rejoiced witJi the same moiiatrons incongruity lhat he had Ids pistol till. Iy00.se Slones lav about, and once foi-all—I’m goin’ to settle him:. | these he piled against the log to lorm And leaping through his veins i'bort of bulwark. lIis strength was with every drop of blood was a idli- snpornalnral. Ills feet llewj» The less jiurpose, motel doe)) in his heart I    sweat    tell from his fltTehead Next    day    Fisher quietly enjoined him,    and reflecting there each cv il passion. M*'to the snow. The barricade was in the    tlcsjiisetl (.'ounty    Court,    from :    each tiistorted wivmg eaoli sliaftercsl Iloo weak, and the avalam-he taking out any more mineral, and a I hope and nurtured enmity, like phan-1    ''ondng!^ Already thin, glassy Sherltr.s jiosse enforced Hu; orilcr. Cartwright came to town lull of rage and a kind of incr.'thdous amazement, and shortly attcrward of whisky. In this condition he made several gory threats, and wa.s promptly placed under bonds by Fisher to keep the peace. After these were given with great diflbulty—for everylnhly believed that he woiiltl iiHtantly commit some dcctl of violence—lie matle no more threats, lint sat for a long time in glooniv silence. For tJie first lime lie had realizoti the strong arm of the law ; then he surprised his adniirci's by remaiKiujt,'with ail oath, that he guessed he’d try the courts u«<bvi« himself. Out of this sprang a litigation which became somewhat la-mous. The disputed claim lay about midway down the side of one of llio.se 8i»irc.s the Continent .divide tlirows out like thorns upon tt branch. Above it into the clouds, and hclow' it into the valley, the uonutain stretcli»*d aw.ay, its vast incline so strangely sjnooih and unbroken by rock, or gulch, or pine, that from certain points it had an extraordinary artificial look a.s Ihongii its tlc>ccnt had bccMi fixed by line and plummet and some cfilossal piece of engineering. The two cabins, that on the “Black Bess” the larger and more habitable, imlicated the claims, and a common lonis off a i»ool. It was a long j sheets of ice, like tJ»c tongues ot the jonrnoy, and he    Hie    ocean    beach    that    come starleil on an easy gait. It was a clear, cold afternoon, the air in its absolute tlrvness and rarclled pnritv, was like a tciescoi-e and cut the sterii ¡ I'cndud at its fonndatioiis. old range clear as a cameo against the '    d>    i»”*»    hke    a    slni'low. helow’ the breakers, shot aronml his ankle.s. A crniu'hing.grinding sound was in the air, as ihonah the universe He He sky. When he got well out of the    |    the    stump.s and braneiuA with camp Cartwright put ou the snow!**"’ debris he earned m his arms, shoes and forged nlpidly along the|’1‘>^’ "’as coming-coming! His ascent of the Mnsqnito Mountains.    I    fl'Jil'f    drawing short. At 4 o’clock he wa« less than a mile,    -«bMie,    a leap, and he Is safe! tioin Ihe pass when an annoying ac-; ***' never made it. llic snow was al-ciiient occurred; his rifle slipped out    him.    An    arm    ot    it    shot of his hand and tumbled into an ice i «ut and wrap|M;d him avoniul wai.st crevicc ut the side of the road. lt|l“gh. He wntlied in it and clung lo «-'t Him overall hour to rescue, it    "’'***    *    ^Doiig    man’s with an improvi^fu lanai, and by jwu im-, um. me aya-that lime the evening hail .sol in. As i lanche rushed down in all the rcsi.si-it was inipossihle to safulv traverse ¡    JO.tKUions ol snow. It the treacherous roadway in tlic dusk, | tore liis bleeding lingers Iroin flic nothing remained todo but    wait for:    ;    it eiirb-<i    wuv«.lii,-o abiu’c jjis the moon. It rose early, and    in a few    I !*'    •"•'    •'‘"'I 'vhirlcd Imii far ofit into hours hung full and Inight above the i *t>í chnrning midst. He threw up his mountains. Cartwright drew his coat;once, as a sxyimnier who sinks closer and hurried uu.    ;    to    «'“‘c no more,    and Ins dving shriek Mnsqnito pass, towards which he |    ‘>‘ut nshed. is not a pass at all in tliecmni- i echoed up to heaven.    .    ,    , ion underijtaiiding of the word, but |.    was    a    htlle    group    in    tlie    cab- ! started. i Dr. (iore, in a paper on the elee-! IrolvKÍti of flnoriiie, clilorate and per-I chlorate of silver, has shown that a so-t lution ofthe.se salts is readily deconi-I posed bv using electrode.s of silver I and an electric curienl derived I'loin la single cell comiH>sed of zinc and ! platinum in dilute sulplinric ucld. Ostwaid suggests lhat in reactions whicli take place under the influence of acids the rapidities of such reactions are proportional to the eleetric condncliviiy of -the acids. Svante Arrhcnins íiad at an earlier period, though the fact was not known to Ostwald, arrived at essciuially the same i*esult. Ajy interesting c.’ü)CVDm^«* ^ eeftaih rruniTect of artificial iieal on vegetation has been made by Barfhel-leiny. He arrangetl a nnmher of I hyacinths in glas.ses in a circle around i Ihe pijie of a stove, and after some ! time he found that the roots a>isnined I a nearly horizontul ixisiiion, or a tli-I ivetion almost ut right angles lo the I pipe. I Monuments and .statnas cast from j relined zinc are given a .«iparkling appearance by directing asainl blast un-Idcr .steam prc.ssnre upon them so that I the sand cuts the surface hut doe.s not I adhere to it. A thin film of oxide is I thus formed, which stands afmos-j pherie cxpo.snre admirably ; yet the : fliin i.s so thin tiiat it scarcely ailmits j of ordinary moasiircmoiit. I The J’erjM'tual Secretary of the j Acodemy of Sciences, I’aris, has un-I nounceii tiiat the International (.'oni-niittee of Wciglits and Pleasures standing for the high coiilraetiiig parties to the Convcutioii for Ihe Meter •signed at Pail5"bli May"20, having at last received the aithciion ot (ireat Britain and the fiirtJicr uicos-sion of Bonmania and Servia, now n'ip'cscnfs an aggregate population ol A paper on tlie movement ol Hyperion, by I'rofessor S. Xewconih, ! has been rea»l before the Academy of I Si>*iuuei*s,    'I'lie    «.•uiii-lusiuii    Ur would he saved by bnriiiiig the stone in proper kilns on tho s|Mit. ■ ■    am    - ^ M    ■ — President .T(l«nis' N’wrniw ICsoApe. I Bon: IVrley Pooif.j On one occasion Mr. Adams imperilled liis life by attempting to cross flic Potomac ill a small boat, aocoin-jwniod by his son John and by his Stewart, Michael Antoine Ginst.a, who had entered his scrvnM3 in Amsterdam in 1814. Intending to Nwim back, they bad taken off nearly all of their clothes, w'hich were in the boat. Wlieu about half way acro5.s, a gust of wind came, sweeping down the Potomac ; tlie boat tilled with water and Tirev were ftircml tn ntutudon it and sw ini tor their lives to the Virginia shore. By taking iriiat garments each one had on, Antoine managed to clot lie him.solf ileeenily and started acroifl tlie bridge to IV^asliington. Dnrlng liis ab.'^once JMr. Adams and his son swam in the river or walked lo and fro on the shore. At last, after tlu'v had been uhont three hours undressed. Antoine made hi.s aiq>ear-ance witli a carriage and clothing, so they were able to return lo Washington. Mr. Adams pnreiiused that day a watcli, which he gave Antoine to replace one which he had lost in tiic hoat, and he aliuded to the adventure in his journal tliut night as “a hu-iiiiliating les.son and a solemn warning not to trifle with danger.” A few' weeks later a Bovoluiionary veteran named Shoemaker, who had been for thirty years a clerk in the General 1‘ost Ottice, went in to bathe at Mr. Adams’ favorite .Rpot, the 8ycainoix;s, was seized with eranip and was dtbvVhed. •'Th#? ’ boity"inr~itot’m-covered until the next nmrning, w hile Mr. Adams was In flic water ; but the incident did not deter biin from taking his solitary morning biitlis, which lie regarded as indispensable to health. The Gi'owtli of Paris. [iirnoklyii Kt»(tle J Tho fortifications of Paris arc rived at is that all theooiijnnclions ol j threatened, not hy an enemy this Hyperion with Titan tak'j p'ace nciir|;j,np^    by    the    Parisians fhcm- door. The huf-hainl looking i pn nion a shallow Inrrow across the crest ol j    ,    ,    ,..    . the ninge at itsdizzio.st point. Wrapped in everlrt^ting snow, ex- wile with a habv in her arms, and posed to the lenipostnons winds, and t'hildren ])ccring out iroin behind lier flanked death to the stillest times. (he aposatnrii of the latter satellite, j The point of conjunction oscillates lie-(.rr-ro** iwo on either side of ibu upo.«atiirn dining tlic period of the revolution of the periastnrn of Hyi icrioii in iclalion to that of Titan. With regard to securing jmrc, hcaltlifni milk, the follow ing opinion hy I*rofc>sor Fe«er, ot Munich, has •iiilvcs. 'Die city is outgrowing its old zone, “"'t fortilleations are in the way. 'I'lie i*oom they occupy Is required for hiiildiiig purimscs. According to a Freiicli architect—an au-thoiHy on these qnestloiis—Paris re-quii'OS IDO.GDD additioiiul rooms to lodge the 7U,GiX> families of worktng- by an awful cluisinof ice, it is dress. As tlie woman looked it I uttein|)t it in winter, save at i seemed lu lier that a great hlacl: epee- Of sueh was that ! that cylled to things her mind ill some sacred chi Id- been quotoil by N'. Gerber: “Ji is dc-    i    men    wln> «ran    not    at    present    fiinl suit- j sirablc lo prevent the sale of milk    I    able    aeeonimodation, and    he    has    had ¡which i.s below a I'Citaiii standard as eonycrsation witli one of the Minis-i good milk, even if it b(? simply the . uiiHdnlleruU’d jirodiict of single luii-i iiials ivdiieed through iioiittb'ierit and faulty b'cding. (frdinanees pa.ssed trail zigzagged away from up the niglit;vetus Cartw right crept along;    tilings    her    sacrca clilli!- filope until it finally struck a stage he cliitdicd the black rocks with his | ¡i'll fanO’    pictured    whm;    she road a mile and a half away. This ! fingers and dared not stand erect for ] pored over All Baba and    Slieliei'«»zade in turn,wound upwards and ever up-1 fear tlic furious blast would tear him jé*’‘*    '«''kiiess    above, wards above timber line into the bodily trom ilie ground. Stowdy he j    vanished    into ancient snow and never-melting craw led, the only living thing in the below. She prcs-cd her bain mist.s, now a crooked streak, now a I stupendous solitude among tlic eloud«, line, and now a tiny thread in the and w»Mi a darkness blacker tiian (he distance, until it crept over tlie giddy skies above, deeiier, denser and dead- pinuacle of the Bockies at Mii.-;quito pu.ss and dropped by degrees into the valley of Lcadvillc on the oilier side. John Fisher had moved his w ife aud five children into the larger cabin, and had that w hicii is nine points ot the law’—possession lior than the gorge beiow, anniiid about hi.s heart. closer lo her and looked aiixiou.sly into her linshund’s eyes. “It was the slide,” he wlihpered, aw'csomely, “and if it hailn’t turned somehow up thm'e fhoi'c'd ho none of At last he was over, and, resting a |    Hie    tale!” moment, hurried on. Tliero w as a I “Providence turned it,’’ sa!d the partially level stretch for some dis- woman, “lor tliii-is (’hristmas uvc.” The Providence that move* in a iancc and llion the dc*eent began. An ______,    hour more and he stood on the zigzag ¡ mystcrions way, (hat inti rliiiks each Tlie case got into the C’onnty Court I trail: half a mile dow n the slope di- "'•ivlng leal, each lliiitering snow -and on the Noveiiiher docket. Cart-i rectly bclow'him he saw (he lights of ¡    ««t;li    breath    of    w    iiitl,    cueh    act wright, w ho had realized suiiie money j (he eahin window', :uid pauscil, willi j*“nl iliouglit into the changelcsss law from the sale of ore befure the inmhle, i a ninrderous gleam in his eyes, to Hint never swerves, nor lalt<;r<, nor had stayed in town since and divided look at the luck.s of his Winchester, j delays; the 1 rovideiic; that holps the ids attcóilion between faro ainl brood- Tlie inooa by this lime w as riding ¡    «|id turns the iiiipiilses ot ing over his wrongs. Wlicn pinned' higli and (iiriied the siiow-lield abovt Icrs, wlio iiitornied liini lliat Ibc (Government was disposed lo take np the (|neslion of the demolition of the ior-tilh alion.s as soon us certain pres.sing for ihe i»r(‘Vcntioii of adiilleiatioiC matters were sotthsl. It. would be a would be iiowerlcs.s if it lie lawful j popular move, if only for the large tliat milk may be ailulleralcd before i amonni of employ nlcnt it would pro-ils prodnetioii in llic Ixidy of the aiii- vide, mal hy injudiciuus treatment and feeding.’’ An architect tlins reeoimuends tlic use of co]tpcr as a roof-covering in place of tin: “B'e always sjM-cii’y the use of copjier for eoveriiig roof>, when we can iiidnce owners to allow us to do (0, on aeeonnt of its dnrabitilv, tihhoiigh its, cost is about JjiU per square foot over the luiee of till rooting. When we r.'flei i |*r«‘N:(l«‘iit uiul fieiitttor. [St. IhiuIs (iiol>t!-l>«'uiuri'Ht,] The siijrceslioii that it wouUI be a lowering; of (llirnil.Y lor Mr. .\itlnir to iiceeptthe ollice of United .‘^iHles Senator alter having been l’i>sldeiit is not siiRtaiiied by the liiecidciitH ill Htieh re«|wct. S«;veral ex-i’reiildciitH have held Milsller iilaccs tbaii lhat. The tir.st Ad ans, Mudls'Ui and Monroe were all three nn iiibeis nf.'^tiite t.'omiiltu- iliat a (ill roof requires eou-tani rc-1 Donul Unuv* uiious nfo i retiriiu; iroiu the 1    •    i I *    z 1 PrtHhU'DOv* iuiil Ui^* iHit iiam .‘fl'»crv4*u ulRO pairs, and painting at least ( Very tw o ! yg ,I I,,,l,„    in his cminiy; years at a eusf ol L'urhvonts a foot,    jiinney    Aihun*    wüh    cheUii    to    tie  tpiiney Ilmis;; so.Ill idler lie enisjdM he President, duw'ii on the witness-stand he udinit-led that his drift extended over the I.eh'W and all around liiin to a glistening, gho-lly w bite. 'i’lio skv had line, blit swore savagely that Fisher! none of the dome-like look of low er ¡ had changed the boundary stalces in ! altitude-, hut sireteheil on and on in i Hie dead of night so a- to take in the I the dark hlue ether to a falliomle-.s j ‘«lisi'overy. Truth compels me to forever, and in this ininien-iiv of; stale that this «torv of Mr. Cartwright's bore some of the ear-mark-of being the inspiration of the mo- qiace the (’liristnias Mars hnng like a million lamps. Tlie di-laiit pial>> >tood in a cin.wlcr of jet-like shadow s ment, and was received with more or! and ttie black oiilliiie ot the range less su^pi<•ion hy the learned judge. Fisher made bis btatenieiit, iiitrodneod a surveyor w bo eorroborutcd him, and the case wa.s taken under advisement. This pi’obahlv would not have been done, exicpt that a rude sy.siem ol cquiiy prevailed (here, and, although the facts were against Curtwrigiit, it was generally conceded that it was a little rough ou him to use tho fortune he had stuinbled iqioii, and for another man to receive all the benefit of Ills luck and labor. Possibly for this reason the court was loath to pass uiiou it, and it tiragiied on undecided until the very last day of the term. Aleanwhile Cartwright Iiad told the story of tlie chauge of the etakci loli equcutly (hat, w as bill tiered with a -ilver tlircad. As (!aitwngl)t gazed, with somc-tliiiig perha|)S of subtle, magic of the scciic creeping in uiion him. he gave a -uddoii .start and tlircw a w ihl look at the icy field abov<;. It sifuetl to him that á small busli or beaten dow n tree Hut cast a black shadow uhont a quarter of a mile up liad moved in some mysterious tvay, and was iimch nearer to him than * it apja'areil before. lie paled a little tlirongh Ids bronze, and stood like a statue, looking Hiat way. Five minutes passed—ten—ami Hicii, heavens! what witchery of Hie night was that ? Tlic whole vast field of ice and snow, with its myriads of glittci'iug poiuts au.d world of lealli itself to work ii>> saving end. And it WHS Christinas c\e.—[Cliieago Herald. Tlie    IteiKMiili    I lie Itiif'K'i's. nv 1 1 1.A V liKi i.i;; «in to. S)imlini*-i. when I li-.n ili(i|i]i;>i| |.i-l,” n, llrapftl lail Ai;i|, lUMirittM: ;,'lo i|li. niy eron’cimt iniim uill «'U't.',» TiiC nifinxr.t vf Riiulln r I'oinit. W lu re i f-iinitij. liiioi i in in.if iKSir i« ihiitie A fit'd'i'inp:nf li:{!il iili<l >.|iiii|i'. •Mill xi;rliiii*.: (i. nlu .i hr    ll.'    U    ItMtcr A'.raui't lilt hiwqli--I' l’it.K' > A(riiin I fuller In my ilfeíMi s I'lii l.viiiR ill my iriinti e U'll; I -eem to se<‘ lljt; IniiTohl U'i.ni-.\ii(l Miilienn I ¡irteiH ovci'Im'mI; Thu lionn l K klinil fMLeiio hiini I heiir .•’pjitin itiiii sff: him uouic Kortli from hw iinnl-« a'leil li!m);iiir liousu, ill Ilia blnek umt yi;llinv i)l“nu.‘. There, siiinimT-(luwn«. lu sleep I ‘lirrctl, AikI wove info my liilr dreuiii'- wooí Thcehii'ttTluK ot Iho martin hinl, Or ntln (Irojiw |>att«irinz on tlie roof; Or, half awtiko iimt h;ilf in fuar, 1 HHW tlio ipldcr siiiunin;; nrHr Ills pretty (.•a»Ue. where the lly Should come to ruin by and hy. Aud tliere I fushloned from my liridD Youtii’i iihiiitDg rtrurturtr m the air. 1 did not wholly inilM in vidh, For iome were laetini;, firm and fair; Ami I am one who liie« to tay .My life hns hehl more Kold ilmo crny, And thiit the •ulendnr of the reitV buraiMMd tnj eitrly irc*m’* lUeiii, t arviiui as to the mmibcrof coat.'-, tin eo-i of reliairs for six > ears, logother | "nd . (laihimd *¡ien; lor a p.-rlo.l of soyeii- II ives v. ah inwih; Townssliip Itoiul Mvoi'kCer cost of co¡)i»er. (icorge T/aw’soii, of Dalliou-ic (’ol-h.igr, Halil'e.x, Not a Scoliu, writes as lollowsoii wa-ji- as Hy-killers: “In lilis [lart of the world wasps eiiti r In his apprf«'i.Uiv.> iieljf.ih'oH the samo your il'i.il be qii.t the U liilc House. So far MS diiiiiity ih IoiH'eriieil, ilierci'ore, .Mr. Artliiir need h'ol le'sitale lU/oiil tiikliig He; .New y.iik .S* ii.U'irslilp if lie eioi k*M. it and dwellings by the opmi w iiidow.s in ! ""'ihl hi"’As a luiuer of faei, summer time and hunt ili' s nnmerei-    ''¡.^-.rerHiinj; ihaii aiiyex ITchldcut fully, leaving the dead in hundreds >us evti yot s> etii.t.___ on the Ihiois, ready to he swept into a dustpan. This oce'irs only in the country and w lo re WH'jis" iie.sls are in.'tir liy." ^ \\'e«twood q'iolcs iV:ini St. .loliu's "l.ctlers to an .MiKu'icaii I’ariiMU'” tiiat “I'he Ann i¡<-ans, aware of their (w a.q)s’) -ervic!' in de.slroving tlle.s soiiietiiiies siispciiu a lurnels' ne.sl ill 111 -ii*parlors.” At the requl.siiioii of the I’rcfeel of Police, I*ari.s, !M.\1. Dujunlin, Beau-melz, Pasteur and Boux perforiued experiinciits with the view of ascertaining what would be the best gas for disinfecting rooms in wlilch >a-tleuts sutl'ering from contagious i Is-eases had sojounicd. Tlic.-e genllc-inen have come to the coucinsiuu that sulphnrous acid gas would be Hie most cllieacioiis tor such a pni jKi.^e, but, instead of simply bnniing sul-pbnr, as is usually done, they recoin-mcud the burning of bisulphide of Plaint of thr Mother-iii-Ii«w. BT R. J. BfRDlITTK. Who i* it WOOS niy tlaiifflitcr Joii);, Ami bre.ika in\ résl with iiudniKht song; Ami aa the winter idowlv pod, Bnrua .varde of gn< aud fon» of coal? My «on— lo-Iaw. Who takes my durlinic from my id<le, Á hnppy, IniiRhiiKr. loving hridc. Ami to ihcir cultage by ifie hi-ook Takea me aloug to wx-U an I cook* My son— iu-lsw. Who is 11 thut irum time to time Ktnko* nu> lor oollRr. Half nn<i dime* And then, niih bunmr scant ami inenn, Cads me old Gr.nmy Bouibuzm;? My sou— tn-lnir. Who iingcts at the f.rutive cup, W’liile lonely I for him mt np. And mci't him groping for the door. Along the Riuootli piiuuui lloorv My ton— In-Uw. Who, when he lukes n aniumer trip, Maaaai's to give “in.vnimn” tlie Mid: Thai while o’wr aen and Until be'.'l ronm She mimla hi« ehlMren ten at home? Jify son- in-law. Uh|>T;iI (-'uuiluil. WA-HtNuro.v, D. G.—Mrs. .Mary K. '^lio'.'d, 1110 .Maiwliuul uvcmi-’, Wa-ldngton, 1>. t'., states lUiil for scvral years site had Kiitf r<\l terribly ’.villi fucml neuralgia and fouhi tinil ii«) ivlief. Iif a recent attuck, whieli extruded to tlm neck, shoulders und buck,,the pain w HM int* use. She res iivcd 10 try* .lacobs Oil, the great puin-re-licver. K'.ibbiii< Iho parts afieclcd, three liiiKs only, ail i»aiu viinlslied a* if by inagie, anil has not rcluined. Great scholars and critics make n good showing iu print hoeause they have comiiositors to do their siMilllng. —[New Orleans Picayune. Nothing Is so tellable as Ayer’s Cherry rectoral for colds, vought, In abort for niiy and|Hll ucrangeiceuts of the rcspirntory or-gniiB, whiob tend toward conauuipiiuii. Iu all ordlunry eases it is n certuiu cure, and It ufTords »ur« relief for taihmn niid con-iumpiio vtB in advanced stages. CITKRK.NT FUN. The modern society drama is all kiss and make up.—[Pittsburg Chronicle. A shoe manufacturing cotnpauv is not asolelcss corjiovation.—[JlciThant Traveler. The tea that always tastes hitter to Hie tyiv—Advorsiiy. — [New A'oi'k .roiirmd. Some signs of an early fall—Tho hunana peel, the coal hole cover and the slippery sidewalk.—[X. V. Journal. Tho dicHoii.'try definition of a kiss is “a salute w ill» the lips.’’ A stolen kiss is a loot of the lips.—[X. V. Journal. A lieavy irsimusibiltly—Holding a Teuton hahy in yoiir lap.—The battle ofilaystings—A farmer inahornePs nest.—[Jingo. Frog leg croquettes ai’e a late thing at fashionable ro'itan rants. There will be many a croak ate in this way. —[Lowell Courier. “'I’hat inisei'able dog of yours howls all night long.” “Yes, 1 know it, but lo make up fur it he doesn't play on tho piano all day long.”—[Texas Sifl-ings. FasJiionablc w alkiiig sticks are to beYery hFnrr ThlS'vrtrrtinr. ir'will now bi? simply iinpoa.«ible to toll the dude from the cane.—[Burlington Free Pi*oss. I.n.xnries? Why, thcv come from the l/itin word lux, meaning light. And will! do luxuries lighten? Your pockotlxHik. boy, yotir jiocketbook.—. [Burlington Hawkeye. The reason women, os a class, don’t smoke its not V»t;v«uso they can t keep their moiitiiN shut long et»oiigh to prevent a cigar fi*om going out— [Lowell Citizen Bachelor. The President will nut have his hat on during Hie iiiaugnration I'ereinouy. To be Frank about it, he will not liavo his Hutton after inauguration, eitlicr.—[IX'Hxiil Fiyc Pix'ss, A Fonda (X. Y.)|Woman committed snieidc rather than dress k turkey. And yet. it seems she hud been dressing a goose all her life. Women aro so illogical.—[Boston Transcript. A i^T'qOOti Bochester girl lias eloped witii a sevenly-five-cent man. Probably some lieiress np that way will he goingotf with a man with a trade dollar.—[Ijouisville Conrier-JonruaL GoneriU Gvniii. fPliilH(i»lpbi;v North Amurirso.l The nstion owes more to General Grant Ibaii tOHuy living nian. It probably owe« Its Hxisieiice, as it i» to-day, to bis i^nuiiis and untalt.Tiiig trust in toe irresistibility of prra veriiuco in a good caii*«. To say that tlic iiHliou esn discbarge this debt with iiioiiey is to lM;liitlclhe whole matter. I'he ide.i of p'.'iisiouin'; lii.u w as not foumteii in any Mich view, but was iiitondeil to* dii'oci the :itt> uliun of t'nngress to tbe iiocea-ily of furtlicrrecogiiilion of bis gr;»t d «‘rvlng. In no otaor eomiiry would so lllustiious a cbici he |>ennittrHl to sep.xrMte biins'.lf fru.n Ili2 iiiiliiary estnblishiuent. His uiiiuo lietoiiií» ou Hm urinv roll, and Coiigi'i'ss sikoui I lose no ttiuo in plutdng it on liial roll. H is no wromrlotli; i»isi»y who won tunic durtiig the creai cnil wsr by ilieir biuvcry and p.ilrlotic d-'V.illon to 8;iy tliHt the iniister roll is not iKTl'-'ot so long as the name of G ner.»l Grunt I» so ooiispieiiuiisly wunllnii. Do Vou Know a .Msii whose wife is tioiil'Uxt witii del-IIilv, nerv-oiu-iRss, liver foiiH'litlnl or rh-uinatismf .Just tell Ifni it is a pity to P‘t liK l.iily siill'er Hut way, whA lírown’s Irou Hi:, tors will iclieve lier. .Mrs. L. It. EL'dli, DcXter, >le., s i.vs: “Hrown’s Iron Ititl-rs eiireil me of d> bilitx aud i>.sipitutio;i of Hm . beart.'’ -Mrs. It. MeL.iir,'lilin, of .'^oar-tiomiijli, .Mo., s:ivs tba bitlei» ( ured her ot • di'bllliv. Mr*. iLudiuz, of Wiiidli.im Uen-' ter, in Urn s.ua ‘    say»    it eured iier of ' .|izziii'>ss hi tlio head. '*o it h.is uuietl tbousaiid» of otbor indies. A Xashville editor takes a bull dog w ith him w hen lie goes out. Souio day that editoi’ will meet a loathsomo coiitemiiorary, ami it will be tho making of that dog.—[Courier-Jour* nal. _ The pain and luiserr sufierc-d by tboso wbo *re afflicted with dyspepsia are iude-scrlbsblk. The distress of tbe l»ody it equaled orsurpsssed by tbe cuufusiua suit tortures ol the mind, thus makini; Its vie-Uins suffer doulde affliction. Tbe relief nhiub ie aiven by Hood's Burnapurillu bwe caused tbousands to l>e tbunkrul for this 5rest medioine. It disiicts tbe euiises ot vspejieia, and tunos up tbi* discative tr* |tiuB. Try Uood’a ttaisupat Ula. I

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