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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Ogdensburg Advance News (Newspaper) - March 31, 1940, Ogdensburg, New York I i j Norwood Youcum Canton dial notice 8tatee District Northern i ? new York. Saint be county wv1 at Harold e Mumy erupt by no. 27890. Ftp and filing the Phu chars of said above erupt Tuby ordered by Reed that a hearing be held an the 7th Day of May. At 10 00 o clock in the Fane said undersigned is offices 7-8 Csc a Bank building. Pou. Ork. In said District a that All creditors a sons in interest May Iid time and place and Why the prayer of said Titiner should not be that the 28th Day of 184a is hereby fixed a for filing with said then and legally exe ions to discharge of a that a copy of this dished in the Ogden a a news. A newspaper d District thirty Days e of hearing in said that copies of this or by mail on All Credi a to them at their Tidence As stated thir to Date of hearing 73rd Day of March w. Fuller in bankruptcy National Bank building. Potsdam new York. Tates District Northern Dib new York. Saint county Divi of George Clifford rust Utcy no. 27852-and filing the pet targe of said above Apt by ordered by vat a hearing be held the 7th Day of May 10 00 of clock in the me said undersigned us offices. 7-8 Citi Bank building. Pot a a in said District that All creditors on in interest May time and place and y the prayer of said Roper should not be vat the 36th Day of 40. Is hereby fixed for filing with said m and legally Ese is to discharge of i Quot hat a copy of this shed in the Ogden news a is we paper 1 District thirty data of Haaring in it copies at this a by Razaq on All a Saad to them at Tidence As stated v to data of hear try Day of March Fuller bankruptcy rational ban building a Dan new York. Tes District a Ruthern Dir York. Saint county Devi Aratare rivet by. No. 28228. D filing the path i of said above ordered by 1 a bearing be held 14th Day of May. 00 of clock is the a Aid undersigned vice. 7-6 Cit teens fld my. Potsdam id District st All i editors in interest May of and place and it prayer of said it should not be the 1st Day of a -9 pm Ferng a Tab said and legacy Case la Dri Barg of t a copy of this in the Ogden re. A Tritt thirty Days is aging a school no leg another Advance news exclusive news of events at of Dens Burg free Academy smitten by students for their weekly school Page in this paper. Old Ensbury a dance news leased wire service of United press associations the weather sunday a Cloudy not much change in temperature. Temperature Advance news thermometer at 11 30 last night 37 degrees. Vol. 8.�?no. 10. The mum. A in Ogdensburg. Sunday morning March 31. 1940. »3un4 a a st coat rum k Poat . Stoz Tours. It Price three cents Tigai Board of education tax Decimal of $12.01 is forecast school commission approves nine months fiscal slate Board of education adopts budget combined tax rate of $44 is seen two teachers will not be returned test on Dies group looms police Ward education budget totals $207,754 for nine months of total $111,81157 is to be raised by City taxpayers tax rate of $12.01 is unofficially computed for Board of education expenses one commissioner objects to High salaries unanimous adoption of a total budget of $207,754.81�? $55,641.46 Lees than last years 12-month�?T fiscal schedule featured a special session of the Board of education at City Hall yesterday afternoon. Estimates cover the period frontal of the $207,754u81. Gill.811.57 is april 1 to dec. 31 and include an i to be raised by taxpayers. The $44 combined tax Decimal is forecast on the basis of the Board of a badge adopted Yms Terina a comm and City sad school Oom Moa tax rate of 844 per Aweard Vetna Ttoe la forecast Bye to officials. For school purposes taxpayers to have to pay a a unofficially Camp ated $12.61, while it is predicted that a be City s Decimal wed be $33. With Lonu Letton of the fiscal year today City officials am be Able to dose Belr books and Aiu be Able to estimate reves aos for next year. Formal Aganoa Ademont of the combined rates is expected 4� be made within a few Days. Item of $400 for health services in balance $95,943.24. Is estimated Board wont a name names in american affairs group and reds clashing communists claim committee it invading party a constitutional rights by prying into its membership by Frank a Naughton United press staff correspondent i Washington. March a up a the Dios Costa Ritter mad the com midst party beaded today toward a test la Federal court of the a author try. Twice this week the committee Mccorkle and mias Weigl a has cited party members for con a Fol not be rehired. It is �?o�?op1 been is refuel to legislature adjourns but maybe recalled if Lehman should veto enactments raid 2nd Blind pig 14 seized by police leaves to inference what teachers will go established a Van Winkle status is held a in doubt parochial schools nine months. State Aid. Last year s net budget during those a that amount furnished by tax j i payers was $128.440.61. $12.01, school tax rate a tax rate of $12.01 for Educa-1 crease is noted. Exceptions Are in tier was computed on the basis maintenance of plants which will Cost some $4.000 More and in of file budget adopted for the nine a norths. Last years was $13.81 per .000 of assessed valuation. This its a reduction of $$�0. Rate figures for the new year 4re unofficial however and Are of subject to slight variation. The fiscal schedule adopted by the Board acknowledged a balance a a hand As of today of $2.013.39. Us compared with unspent funds Dewey and Vandenberg for Seaway of its teachers committee which did not Tuune names but Vurhl tacitly Coo firmed reports that Nomo instructors Are a not returning Quot answer questions. Its first citation has been sustained by House members thus authorizing contempt proceedings in Federal District court. But the communists contend that the committee is invading the party a constitutional rights by inquiring into membership and were accepted by the Board of Hies payments and charges that education at its special a morn st5t a seeking to establish an anti Day Hall yesterday afternoon. Economy budget totals $393,700,000, reduce Brenno posts 200 half dollars As bail Bond a # ,13 Are arrested on disorder tion of three millions from governors Fig or conduct counts chief of Uresy Lehman forces republicans to yield on some Points new Highway plan approved police Heads officers raiding squad Albany sunday March is. Up a the state legislature adjourned sine die at 13 33 today. The Assembly completed it schedule first and. A few minutes later the Senate finished Attoa on its program. Police raided a establishment at 310 Pine Street this morning and arrested William x ,. _. Brenno. Alias William Jennean democrats darned to have forced the legislators to accept 0d a charge of Selling Quoc 1 Lehman a previously rejected plans without a License and 18 others for easing new York City a fiscal on disorderly conduct counts. Brenno pasted a bail Bond of $100�?2u0 half dollars which capital outlay which is serve $3.000 in excess of the current i the budget with file amount in parenthesis representing 1938-39 expenditures Genera control $6.019.50 $8.365 instructional service. 8124.c89.60 $174,079.70 i operation of school Plant. $27.847 1 $33.487 maintenance of Plant. Washington. March 30.�? Thomas e. Dewey new York Mancial estimate. And senator Arthur Vandenburg following is a fist of items in wire announced that aggregating $4.685.39 a year ago. A $6.062.40 $2.641 fixed charges largest single item in the new j insurance$3.252.15 $3,500 Fyod get is that for instructional debt service. $23.087.50 $23.563-service. The amount is $124.089.60,1.75 capital outlay. $11.261.25 As compared with $174.079.70 for a $8,18512 and auxiliary Agentis 3939-40. In All but two of the main and other sundry activities. $8.-divisions of the new budget a de-1147.80 $9.574.70. Breakdown of estimates a breakdown of these various j 035 $2.035 service other than personal Telephone Etc $400 $400 contingent fund $2.500 $1.976.25. Main divisions follows general control regulative and executive service Board of education and Secretary s office supplies. $25 other expenses of business control. $150 superintendents office salaries $4.789.50 $6,300 they favor development of the st. Lawrence Seaway program on the eve of the Wisconsin primary. The two Republican presidential candidates made Clear their positions on this Issue in letters to the Wisconsin Republican delegation in the House of representatives. Who had requested that Republican candidates for the presidential nomination declare their attitude on this question. Senator Vandenberg replied to helped Lead the Senate Bat with a subtly drawn and not unambiguous report which left to ones Power of inference identity of teachers Quot on the Chute a and which incidentally protected the commission on what looms As a Quot doubtful the committee through its chairman. Commis communist blacklist in by publicizing membership lists. Yesterday the House sustained i problem and making $60,000.000 a eventually available for Highway construction. The we Highway to nov a ill be a a a a a a a a. He brew hts Headquarters in a cocktail Shaker Albany. March a. Up a the a la new York legislature adjourn to provided from unused Grade Cross j. After legalizing parimutuel ing elimination Bonds if the legis a a a were 10 it betting on horse racing author in lature adopts Aing investigation of above rare amendment next year and it is a with but one dissenting vote the a new York City s pub proved by the people. Committees contempt citation against James h. Dolsen. 55-year-old Pittsburgh communist. The committee has also voted a contempt citation against George lie schools and College and adopt tug an Economy budget of $993, 700.000 part of the gop Revenue plan was to appropriate $250.000 for additional tax department pm constitutional others nabbed in a nil held m default of bail Bonds were Helen May Rogers. 19l of 125 Hamilton Street Marvel of Lesperance 518 Patterson Street and George Richards Franklin sooner Thomas d. Brown suggest Hussian born Secretary of de to its Parent Board that seven Western Pennsylvania comm teachers. Now serving probation-1w try terms be to hired and at Ampey Joann Pittee chairman Mart significantly id is. A tex., has requested a Quot the rest Are either on tenure a a not or. Albert e. Or Are not i i51umberg, former Johns Hopkins specifically. The committee University professor who is Sec recommended that the Moses Jane Maryland do strict of i the legislature whih bowed a pkg vees. To increase Revenue from i. In the final hours to governor delinquent accounts. Lehman it a a a Lehman a insistence on part of vetoed this Iten but the re pub 5 Harold his legislative program faced the cans put it Back in their supple a Harrison Avenue mar possibility of returning this sum Menta budget i ref Branno. 310 Pine Street mrs Mer for a special session of state if Lehman again strikes out the j Spruce Street Ai finances. Republicans Fuller Helen Mcadoo Barbara Mars ten. Beverly crowed Oleva Tumbush. And Rita Murphy and the communist party. The citations give the communists an Opportunity to present Richard Klett none of whom has their intention of constitutional completed the trial period of three guarantee violations for a judicial years be retained. Ruling. Dies and Dolsen. Powers with the assertion that nhe Quot blatnber8 certain rest Are either on tenure or Are t1� they would be sustained in a not automatically the committee excluded from court. Tie for Contr motion of the last st. Teachers to be employed next year Lawrence Seaway treaty. I con miss Charlotte Mccorkle. Junior Tine to favor the st. Lawrence Seaway and support or. Dewey replied to favor the st. Lawrence Seaway and always maintenance of plan a Upkeep repair of buildings. $4,512.40 $2.191 repair and replacement of apparatus used in instruction. $300 $300 repair and replacement of superintendent s office supplies. Jother equipment flags Etc so. $200 fs140 superintendent s office. Other expenses. $75 $50 compulsory education salaries. $630 $900 miscellaneous. $150 $150 instructional service super visors salaries. $6.112 $9554.40 supervisors other expenses $25 $25 principals office salary of principals. $2,128 $4.13750 salary of clerks. $975 $1.250 of file supplies. $100 $190 other expenses 850 $50 salaries of teachers. $105.099.60 $150.262.80 text books $4.000 $4.000 supplies used in instructions. $3.800 $3500 commencement exer 250 $150 fixed charges insurance $3.252.15 $3.500. Debt service payment of Bonds. $14.000 $14.000 interest on Bonds. $9.047.50 $9.523.75� service far collection of Bonds $40 $40. Capital outlay new buildings equipment $8.580 $6.206.57 equipment of old buildings in i Striction Al apparatus $2.681.25 $1.976.25. Auxiliary agencies and other sundry activities libraries salaries $1276 a0 $l9s7.20 Library books repairs replacements. Puppet is installed Atman Kinoff banking March 30. It top it Wang Ching Wei became the head of a new Jarw Nese sup Norton pm eminent of China today and broadcast at elaborate ceremonies a Promise of closest cooperation with Japan with establishment of a new order in Asia High dramatics instructor and miss Lilly Weigl Trade school teacher neither of whom has tenure status. With the same verbal device it indicated that it is As yet in a rolling to commit itself on re hiring or not re employing prof. Kenneth Van Wemkie. Whose rights Are not immediately Clear even though he has been in the boards strike is threatened in England appropriation. He May Call Thel Chark Massena red Frank believed they had lawmakers Back on the ground Andis Waddington Calvin g. Denesha. Canton Donato Valenzano. 312 Kossuth Avenue. Utica John Perretta Brier Hill Marion Kiah 719 Riverside Avenue and Robert Kurth. 206 Franklin Street. Led by chief of police Herbert s. Myers the raiding squad was composed of sergeant Leo Lebeau and patrolmen Martel Girard Richer and Bell. Hearings in the cases Are Sebec ruled for monday morning. Folie staged their foray shortly after 3 o clock. It was nearly 5 o clock before All had been booked at Headquarters and their cases temporarily disposed of. Advanced their Economy by slash they failed to enact a balanced ing $3.000,000 from the governors a state budget. Serious floods feared As ice jammed streams Rise in Down state territory $200 $200 standardized. Eggo g500 other expenses. $75 tests. $100 $200 either expenses health sern ice. Medical in of instruction athletic equipment. $1.500 $500. Operation of school Plant wages of janitors and other employees $11.662 $14.452 fuel $7.000 $8300 water. $1.350 a pectin $1,050 sl500 health service nurse service $1.216 $1,920 other expenses health sender. $600 $500 transportation of pupils. 700 $700 cafeteria help. Sl680 $2.092-50 <$1.800 Light and Power. $2.900 a school Assembly concert and a Mac Fiji of janitors supplies $2. He programs. $250 $300. Debate on teacher hiring principal of Dace him apr mid. Said he bad surveyed in vere to dwt in the budget fee a Rosment in parochial whoop and tart in a tar Pra tart Ted Quot mod instructional service so too. Com rms Cher Eugene Ladaire warned that the boy re is Beag re hmm by Kai Shek chunkg3ng. March 30 up a the chinese Central government. Injected at least an headed by Generali Sarmo Obiang. Kai Shek ridiculed the Janance sponsored government installed today at banking. A Keck arts Tom t. 8. Washington. March 30. Hts a Secretary of state Cordell Hud Arno once today in a state Mart reiterating the nations condemns tion of Acta of aggression that the a a a Euranie from _ United states wid not recognize Sauna Al Donald e. San fwd that it ote new chinese that a Wou of create tenure far my the japanese Hare sponsored in banking London. Sunday. March 31. Up a the sunday dispatch said employ longer than the three a to a it a Bat strike of 7.000 work years necessary for tenure. Thus if professor Van Winkle with whose services the Board allegedly desires to have Dame. Can demonstrate that he is protected under tenure rights he will automatically be re employed and this under term of the same Resolution which will unseat him if he cannot establish Hist Nure status. Teacher before Board although there were in reporters present. Or. Van Wink appeared before the Board aft a its meeting and it is beb ered that he element of doubt into minds of its members that he can be removed and notwithstanding the fact that the school commission is said to Hare of file a resignation purportedly signed by professor Van Winkle last year heavy Rains in Central new York causing Rivers to overflow Banks woman killed q when car skids on submerged Road Ai cd Jedi charge Leheny and Tioga Rivers rising rapidly i _ Ftp cause. March so up a a Winter s heaviest snowfall ire jammed a Tver throughout Centra and creeks and up Tate ers in the huge Vickers aviation. Ltd. At Birkland was threatened monday. The Vickers Plant which is operated by Vickers. Armstrong. Ltd. Manufactures several make of planes vital to England a War efforts. The dispatch said a Corr it tee a a bringing report of farm Atod of worker in the Plant had sent a strike ultimatum to Kingsley i Buffalo. March 30. Up it Emest j. Murray. 23. Of ska Neate was ies was arrested Here tonight of a ter be had allegedly tried to pass blamed for the conditions. Onondaga Creek principal Syra b1 chock in a downtown garage. New York were Rio lne rank do a to Case flood menace Rose 42 inches a police said Muray is wanted at night foreboding Priow flood. At least one death waa attributed to the rising Waters. Serena Large waterway began in 17 hours a huge ice Jam in. Ghery River. 12 Miles Olean was causing the water to Syracuse. Canton. Wolcott and the ale Watertor a on similar charges West of Wood unless Trevor Westbrook manager of the Plant is reinstated. Air Battle is of por Ted off Jutland overflowing Belr Hank during the Back up. Flooding lowlands for a seven mile stretch Road sad Lowland. Henry rain a officials of the Olean sewage in Central new York brought fear disposal Plant said the Allegheny of flood reached its highest level of the mrs. Carolyn tit Geram. 40. Erf year rising three inches hourly. Buffalo was killed and her Hus-1 at Albany state Pohs warned band critic adv injured when their. to be prepared for Anjean skidded on a water covered eventuality. Deadly Gas cans lost on Highway Esbjerg. Denmark. March 30. Up a an air Battle was reported tonight to Hare been fought oif it Tad i the Bonds Quot Jattar to Dapne Cut us a the j Sion of the last school year but criticised in Raul no ten tier but be joined with by Coj Leagai in wot big to yet into offset recommends Haas of the Tench of y and so As gtd to to cab at Lenca to Ststa do at beast Day of mba. Uzbek. Pfc Nancy letters were read Fror mob Rig bar p. 5 Garand had Fitz the 3>v. Clarence Devon a tub pointed oat that few Board of edges tvs bos writer of Power per srm adre a set Boruty to Rogn lev Weott Kyj Emu Thoai Sunok and a the sane rime they requester that service be a it dad to st. Potot Sod Belr crass and to st to says. Is e. Free Isis of it is he said that or. F d. Eari received so jct far health work to to tothe so Boot. The Winch there Are 226 pm pm a. A offer to supervise health work a parochial schools Tor $800. Law Quai. Has been submitted. Or. Free said. In View it rids the Board included $400 to its. A. _ budget Tor the Narr Jee it Sarn nine ast tit or to norths. It is beb Esad by dem Ratkai of finials signed a new which in Hight of recent egg Nioce. Must be viewed As on in Manly. A in a no Tan Art Forth now that the Quot Manth to Manthy employ mar of or. Van Wemkie Serif Jed in the _. _. A pm tract which prevail my Legal Taylor Case 1� pm a m i Lviv util m re mtg i served to gig Bat tenure rights. State of allege. Pm. Marbel thu few Board s per risk is in up a state police tonight and of Reful vhf la. Is brought Forth that proof a tog As ewer in their a Arr Vas wide s Potito 9 Resad erts along the Mast said they were Able to see the planes carpark involved but there was no immediate confirmation of the Battle. A danish coastal boat had gone out to the scene to determine if and planes bad been forced Dawn Ltd the water. The boat bad not return la at . Fan put it in. Cal. March 39. Up a two one Pound cans of deadly fumigating Gas has been a lost Between san Pedro and the of United states quarantine stations Highway sever Miles West of can f a landslide dosed Highway 30 a Public health officials said tonight Andai Gua late today. 1 Between Breakabeen and Middle instant death awaits any Ore s ice Jam dynamited Burg m Schoharie count opening the cans. A heavy rain was falling at route 66. Between Hudson and. _. Canandaigua causing a Small Chatham. Is closed to traffic with ass Klimt lows Ltd amok which runs through the three feet of water Over the Road Western part of town to overflow at Bunker Bridge its harks. Workmen dynamited ice a the Tioga River is rising at the in the Brook in an Effort to allow. Rate of four inches an hour and is the water to flow Normal still going up. The state police re a sustained thaw following the i port. Asks assistance Rachel Tutor. And i Belr a either protected or nth. Protected Rains Cal of pow Syl v 4ma Rivers to risk Mart 30 cup a Spring ram and thaw my toe and now tort Tuere and ssi eams War will be intensified Churchill save in address condemned Man Tendon. Of Erk to 1 granted reprieve Letona action Wal delay is j trial i mobeta that Fias a meat wll Aba care Tor 1 Nailer Ranf by utne a a a _ a a w it Vunk i or Wuy a Trif ppm Piti we we mint. Rom . A be pro Majar Lye Adima said Nogle a Mac state Redepe boating cow $ in ppm Oato to a mos out a Toff Tomima l i of cow a arrive. The Bnard a Pruva an of a a us he Mac tar a a toy a. Isdaer of a hartal team 7� Taysor pm was i tug mud-1 tte1 tear Tom Omi Ito aha re i had tired porn to the to tout it a Arete and fun pts iat Aan Stiar t11 cd Wonhar 9 Jan 1. Pro Jar Tor Gunni to Tao ear it a jux Toto a Retaw of my from a Haria Eai Patrict and Pat 15 feel jars Eneboe pc Yeaw Quot the throw of a a a 1 alar tto to Fol -8 at a rare cod a Tob be a tour a Pierre d to d water res 4e Street. Us ring upward through Western e�yfl.1fcetr Tir per aos How Teri get. In mag a aay in Burdno teak a Imda a of the mod Jaceta fab Reg right Rte Lotard a his Maria Sparr he de to desc for by Taa of Odd not stand to sate the Tey Terr to 5t<r? Cibek at Linew was dared fit it is re Parr at am by Ufler Ely a toe they thud p pm Nill we Lex Toto Toa tracts at the rate of six Yodhes Onbey the Seeh War web file of wet them Ivr Crabtr i a Mamoer Akk it 1 a or next year d. Ian m Al s. A Afir Ohomer Wod there w or Weed Tor tar Gores of the kor Tofu to ag-1 Iti ails. Stephen Terter. Cunov to it res Pef ated a oust of i Rueoa. I Rottee aha re is or h lot that Rab it the be do a a ,1act Intess Teton the the Coo a revs a tops Ard Al As Dha Irmaa at the Swanee aril he or it de w the Bitet Tor Jetor Tea amp it 9 l but of set air a Tezy rtt wag Sobb a tagged is Tbs a. Run Werener w it Terf h Ste a a fir agr Tea. New York. Man 30. Up a Mackay Rad of reported tonight that the steamship King Edward in the North Atlantic bad asked for As stance to mediately because of a broken rudder head. Ships in Tho Vic acty were asked the go to Tea err a do wants As i Rimce. Up a fun a Ever it Lead a he vet Frei text we _ lord of do wry i to or tween the area j ii Milf torretto in of conf kit. Our affair s with j _ Albatt. Many of the Kur Peoa a tree of a Ler and not the Geri Var. A Oueis go re Enito it a Letin an. Actg st to in a peace Ltd a a Furre m the Bead am it is Bare Nafene that we with to std see a a Reiri Evad Carl cum Amer Fem. Rear rioted erf the Mure nreki�3� Are Waradi a or of a Noi Ioe sergeant. Church emphasized the Dan 1. Toward Russia. Of ass fir fiery a Gere faced by Neutral states and 3�?� l the Germany and warned with coat Aarder lius utom. Tapes the Tutor Azard Power. J r rests w tip band Hafif. Mangrai 38 of pus Mae bid Beir Obrer or Paul a Rand Ere if n rec teen get the Gar ;